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Which Comes First: Lead Nurturing or Inside Sales?

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For a long time, “ lead nurturing ” was thought of as something you did with the leads that sales didn’t want. The theory was: leads come in, the sales team gets the hot ones, and the rest go to lead nurturing. Today, of course, a comprehensive lead nurturing strategy is much more than that. Do you agree?”.

5 Ways to Expand Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox

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Email may still be the workhorse in how B2B companies build relationships, maintain awareness, qualify leads and nudge prospects along the sales cycle, but these days, it pays to think about “lead nurturing” as more just an email campaign. But direct mail doesn’t have to be a “batch” process. That’s not because email is going away any time soon.

Measure Your Way to Lead Nurturing Success

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Demand Gen Report just published “ Top B2B Marketers Measure Lead Nurturing Effectiveness to Boost Performance ,” a special report in which they address the whys, whats, and how tos of measuring lead nurturing’s true impact. That, ultimately, is what lead nurturing is designed to do – move leads towards opportunity and close. and so on.

White Papers are Not Dead. They’re on Life Support.

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The original purpose of white papers as a B2B marketing tactic was to produce objective information, packaged as quasi-academic research, that might validate a company’s or product’s value proposition. White paper sponsors sought to educate, inform, raise comfort levels and eventually initiate sales conversations with prospective customers. Blue Paper?

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5 Reasons to Gate Lead Nurturing Content

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A client asks: “I notice that you’re recommending we gate our offer content behind landing pages as part of the lead nurturing campaign. If you send the prospect directly to the content (say, a white paper) upon him or her clicking in the email, how confident can you be that the individual is expressing an active interest in your topic? Here’s why: 1.

Lead Nurturing in 6 Simple Steps

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Tweet What’s the quickest, cheapest way to implement lead nurturing? I get that question frequently when I talk to marketers about lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is pretty easy to understand, but hard to execute when you have little time or budget. I thought I’d share my barest-bones lead nurturing strategy. Set up your nurturing database.

Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

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Tweet I was asked by a reader to provide some examples of what lead nurturing touches may look like. Lead nurturing is something that’s fairly easy to understand, but for many, it’s become a frustrating thing consistently execute for two reasons: Lack of content. I’ve found that many marketers get stuck on not having enough good and effective lead nurturing content. My advice is to start accumulating and building your lead nurturing library now. How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content ?

Can You Predict Your Ideal Scenarios For Lead Nurturing?

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"Sales Checking For Leads" © All Rights Reserved Kenny Madden. Depending on which reports you may read when it comes to lead nurturing, approximately 60% or more of B2B businesses do not have a formalized lead nurturing program. Which begs the question: why are companies slow to adopt to lead nurturing? Reasons. Follow @tonyzambito.

6 Best Practices for Setting Up a Lead Nurturing Program


To paraphrase an old saying: You can lead a prospect to your website, but you can’t make them buy. On the other hand, you can improve your chances considerably with a lead nurturing program, helping your prospects every step of the way. Easily 50 percent of the leads that your marketing team unearths are not yet sales-ready ‒ but rather than dumping that half of those prospects in the rubbish bin, nurture them to increase your haul of sales qualified leads. The best practices for setting up a lead-nurturing program include: 1.

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


This year I've been talking a lot about Nurturing. It's a critical component in the sales and marketing process; yet, most companies aren't implementing it effectively—that is, if they are at all. To be clear, lead nurturing is not an isolated activity or stand-alone “campaign” as so many in the industry have described it. Lead Reengagement. Lead Nurturin

The Link Between Lead Nurturing and Buyer Experience Marketing

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The new buyer experience economy has resulted in shifting the economic value of many sales and marketing tactics over the past couple of years.    One approach whose value is on the rise is that of Lead Nurturing.    This makes nurturing a key element of preventing buyers from disengaging from the buying cycle. Image by kardboard604 via Flickr.

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 2 of 2)


The marketing word of the year is Nurture. Nurturing is one of the most effective, yet underutilized, activities in the sales and marketing process. Of the few companies that do try to incorporate nurturing programs—well, let’s just say they could use some help. The selling is just getting to process later in the cycle. Voice nurturing! It’s 2015.

Implementing Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns; Free Templates That Help You Plan


Lead Nurture Planning. Considering that around 80% of leads never turn into sales, you need a proper lead nurturing plan, including lead scoring, with the goal to transform those leads you do have into potential sales opportunities. The benefits of lead nurturing are: Automatic lead qualification, meaning increased sales productivity.

How to Find New Customers – the highly acclaimed white paper

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Lead Generation Companies | How to Find New Customers. This classic white paper, originally penned many months ago, has won broad acclaim, like this CEO. “ I think this white paper is excellent. &# The Funnelholic called it a “must read.&# I discuss this white paper in the video clip below. But since it’s widely acknowledged to be the simple guide to B2B lead generation and it’s free, why not download it now? Your information will be shared with the sponsor of the white paper, Marketo , but you can easily opt out.).

7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing Best Practices

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Give 3 to Sales and nurture the other 7 till they are sales-ready too. This is how you do lead nurturing best practices. Lead nurturing defined: The process of sharing valuable (to them) information to earn their trust so you become the preferred solution (over time.) What are lead nurturing best practices? Grab the offer below.

A Simple 2-Step Technique for Improving Lead Follow Up

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In an era when “demand generation” and “content marketing” are virtually synonymous, most B2B sales leads are the result of a prospect downloading or requesting content. That latter group becomes fodder for ongoing nurturing, in the hope that further education and brand awareness will ultimately result in conversion to qualified leads. There is a better way.

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The Awesome Power of Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing moves the needle in B2B marketing.” “On average, organizations that nurture their leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI over those organizations that do not.” Here are some of the appearances of sales lead generation expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. The Importance of Lead Nurturing – SalesBuzz Radio (The Brooks Group) (see comments on the show below.). 5 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing – Webinar with ” – Brian Carroll.

7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing is the process of sharing valuable content (to them) with prospective customers until they are ready to buy and trust you. According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead. Quality leads matter. No registration needed.

Lead nurturing: How to combine email and phone calls to close more sales


When your marketing efforts start to pay off, delivering a boatload of quality leads, it’s exciting. Your sale is not won yet. You’re just at the starting gate of your demand generation process. The bare bone fact is: Leads do nothing for your organization’s bottom line unless you can convert them to sales. Lead NurturingYou want to celebrate.

5 Common Stages of B2B Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing provides a structural framework for delivering specific types of content that answers buyers’ questions when they ask them. While every lead nurturing program requires some tailoring, we outlined 5 common stages a prospect will go through and the kinds of content you should deliver. This is the stage where a lead becomes an opportunity. Welcome.

3 Cool Lead Nurturing Programs You’re Not Running

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In that time, I’ve seen lead nurturing go from “nice to have” to a hard-set business requirement for major, fast-growing businesses. While there’s something to be said for the standard use case meant to educate prospects, lead nurturing can do so much more. The “Introduction to SalesNurturing. Not only does it automate marketing processes , but it also alleviates some of the pain sales feels when trying to build relationships. The “Competitive SaleNurture. The“Free Trial” Nurture. Stay tuned and you’ll find out.

The Awesome Power of BtoB Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing moves the needle in B2B marketing.” “On average, organizations that nurture their leads experience a 45% lift in lead generation ROI over those organizations that do not.” Here are some of the appearances of sales lead generation expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers , talking about lead nurturing. The Importance of Lead Nurturing – SalesBuzz Radio (The Brooks Group) (see comments on the show below.). 5 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing – Webinar with

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3 Reasons why lead nurturing and scoring have NOTHING to do with software

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B2B Demand Generation | Lead nurturing and scoring. Want to develop and deploy a world-class lead nurturing and scoring program in your company? Here are three reasons why Lead Nurturing and Scoring have NOTHING to do with software. Lead nurturing is about telling a great story – from Problem to Solution. right? WRONG! Keeping it fresh!

Beyond Lead Generation: How to Use Content for Sales Enablement, Lead Nurturing and Retention

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Author: Caroline Watts Many marketers consider content to be primarily used for top-of-funnel lead generation techniques. Content can help your sales teams engage more deeply with their prospects, can improve the success of marketing automation , and can help educate and retain existing clients. Convert Mid-Funnel Leads. Enabling Sales. Closing. Content Marketing

How Smart Lead Nurturing Can Grow Revenue


Forward-thinking B2B businesses develop strategies for nurturing their prospects. In fact, Jeff Coveney believes that what sounds like a simple process actually is very challenging for most organizations. Too often nurturing also is focused only at the top of the sales funnel – ignoring the rest of the lead’s journey through the sales lifecycle. Coveney and New-Waterson, who both are Marketo champions, described how the best lead nurturing is a combination of technology and authentic human interaction. “It’s Better customer retention?

Lead Nurturing Isn’t a Stage in the Sales Funnel


Take a look at an excerpt from a Leadspace Radio via Sales Lead Management Association with Carlos Hidalgo , CEO and founder of ANNUITAS. First of all, we have to understand that the funnel isn’t a buying process. I never heard a Buyer say, ‘I’m in the sale acceptance stage of my buying process.’ We eat it up. I’ve said it before.

Taking Stock of Your Lead Management Process: 5 Key Questions

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Key to designing an effective lead nurturing program is taking stock of your current lead management process. Note: it’s critically important that representatives from your sales organization have a seat at the table for this initial discovery process – not just management, but the people “in the trenches” who qualify, respond to, and follow up with sales leads.

7 Tips for Using Buyer Personas in Lead Nurturing

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Sam Boush is the president of Lead Lizard , a B2B marketing agency that helps enterprise clients get the most out of their demand generation tools. Full disclosure: Lead Lizard and Act-On are partners.) One of the agency’s strengths is lead nurturing. The focus is on the buyer, not on your company’s sales funnel. Tip 6: Bring in Sales. Now what?

10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-up Campaign

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Research has long suggested that the majority of leads generated by trade shows never receive follow-up by company representatives. A 2010 study concluded that fewer than 70 percent of exhibitors have any formalized plan or process in place for how leads are followed up after the show. Prompt response to show leads is critical. Any response (e.g. But don’t overdo it.

5 Ways to Segment Your Lead Nurturing Campaign

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Relevancy is one of the key factors in generating a consistent response from your lead nurturing emails: the more relevant your message to the reader’s job function, industry, interests, and stage in the selling cycle, the more likely he/she will be to respond. Lead source. Don’t dump all inbound leads into the same bucket. Take advantage of it. Job function.

16 Proven Ways to Get Better Opportunities Now (Part 1)

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When I’ve talked with marketers about their b2b lead generation results, I’ve heard statements like, “We’re generating a ton of leads, but they aren’t converting” or “We need to increase lead quantity” or “We need to generate more qualified leads.”. I’ve learned it’s not about generating more leads. Create a universal lead definition. .

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Lead Nurturing For Professional Services

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Lead nurturing is often something of a mystery to professional services executives. That’s where lead nurturing has an essential role to play. Lead Nurturing Defined. This initial phase is often referred to as lead generation. The third phase of the business development process is closing the sale. Lead Nurturing Best Practices.

B2B Content Marketing for Lead Nurturing and Retention

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But content can do more than generate demand; the right content can also be invaluable to a successful lead nurturing campaign. Relevant content can take marketing automation process to the next level, and it can also help sales and account managers build better relationships with prospects and customers. Lead Building the Old Fashioned Way. About Caroline Watts.

How Do We Find People Who Are Ready to Buy Our Product?

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For example, if you offer prospects a broad, educational white paper on trends in your product category, you’re more likely to generate a wide spectrum of leads, some more qualified than others, and many who are only mildly curious about your solution. Does that mean you should only ever use late stage content? No it doesn’t. But don’t limit yourself to those offers.

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Never Waste an Opportunity: The Value of Lead Nurturing

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Lead Nurturing 101. Lead nurturing starts by collecting contact information in exchange for something the visitor deems of value, but with little risk. The goal is to encourage both return visits and eventually, sales. Each of these examples serves as a way to engage with leads and bring them back to your website. Lead Nurturing Automates the 3 Points.

Agencies Anonymous: 6-Step Program to Overcoming Lead Nurturing Failures

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Now that I got that confession out of the way, let’s admit it: Lead nurturing is not easy. Nurturing practices vary by company, industry, and buyer persona. You’ve seen the topic in countless blog posts, webinars, white papers – you name it. So, how do companies nurture leads successfully? What about your processes and proven methods?

Why Sales needs Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

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B2B Demand Generation | The Benefit to Sales. If you’re in BtoB Sales, you may be thinking that this great content stuff and demand generation talk belongs in marketing. Now let’s talk about your world in Sales. Let’s examine a Sales scenario to illustrate the power of content marketing and marketing automation software. The point we want to make clear is this: The primary beneficiary of content marketing and marketing automation is Sales. Sales Scenario 1: Without content marketing and marketing automation. Sally sends an email.