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Savvy Buying of B2B Data

Acquiring Minds

One of the more exciting opportunities to come along for B2B are the on-line and user generated data sources like Jigsaw , NetProspex , ZoomInfo and others. where the user is incented to provide contact information “in trade&# for like information as well as on-line sources where the web is scraped and info from various URL’s is captured. Resources. It’s tragic.

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Information Literacy and Big6

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Student sample - Eleanor Roosevelt. InfoTech at SPSD - Find 3 blacklines that you like - Find 3 interesting teacher resources - then go to the Big6 Ready-Made Projects. Backward Design - Jigsaw in thirds: Overview, Step 1, Step 2. Sample class wiki. Sample class blog - See Sargent Parks at left. Review Citation Maker - Create Works Cited list of resources. ** Project Ideas - from Newsbanks Resource Center on Big6. One schools Big6 Projects: sample and review - Kindred School Big6. Newsbanks Big6 Resource Center. Sessions. Session 1.