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Wikipedia Management for Dummies


While reddit and Wikipedia are probably two of the most influential and powerful media platforms online today, they’re also the most intimidating because so many of us in the PR and marketing world have been not only burned but sent home tarred and feathers, never to go anywhere close to either of these sites ever again. How To Manage Your Wikipedia Page from Chris Abraham.

What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You About SEO Techniques

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Have you ever found yourself sucked into a Wikipedia rabbit hole, going from one topic to another? With its plethora of useful (and useless) information, Wikipedia has become a prime source to learn about new topics. Unfortunately, since readers can edit pages with whatever they’d like, many people often receive incorrect or misleading information. Getting Indexed.

Personal knowledge management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Personal knowledge management (PKM) is a label for the effort to integrate personal information management (PIM), focused on individual skills, with knowledge management (KM), which takes an organizational perspective, in light of expanding knowledge about human cognitive capabilities and the permeability of organizational boundaries. Personal Content Management - taxonomy processes and desktop search tools that enable employees to organize, subscribe to, publish and find information that resides on their own desktops. About Wikipedia.

Cognitive apprenticeship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This model is supported by Albert Banduras (1997) theory of modeling, which posits that in order for modeling to be successful, the learner must be attentive, must have access to and retain the information presented, must be motivated to learn, and must be able to accurately reproduce the desired skill. About Wikipedia. Contact Wikipedia. Donate to Wikipedia. About Wikipedia. Cognitive apprenticeship. To combat these tendencies, cognitive apprenticeships â??â?¦are Collins, Brown, & Newman, 1987, p. fadesâ??

Optimizing your site information architecture (IA) for Panda


Photo credit: Wikipedia. I’m talking about creating clear information architecture (IA) that shows Google (and your users) the relative importance of pages related to the same keywords. They will choose a white paper within that topic area if it suits the information task they are trying to accomplish. But sometimes it’s not that easy to retire pages. Conclusion.

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20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

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How to create infographics that wow the Web and drive crazy traffic (by Robin Richards, director of information design at who else but JESS3). by Joe Chernov | Tweet this You may have noticed that over the past month or so, several influential social media professionals changed their profile pictures to funky avatars of themselves. That project goes live now. Right now. Share email. Reddit.

Social business, the forest and the garden: Your intranet is not the Internet


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Altavista, Geocities, AOL, Google, Amazon, WordPress, eBay, Hotmail, Wikipedia, MySpace, Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest all had their days of glory. In the meantime, this is what happened to Wikipedia: Wikipedia Growth – Source. Internet Marketing Google Intranet WikipediaWhy does that happen?

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Top 5 Social Business Myths


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Information wants to be free. Information, of course, does not “want” anything by itself, and it’s an umbrella term that includes all sorts of items. The fact that digital information is so easy to copy and distribute through social media does not mean that it must be delivered everywhere. The same way that viruses (the DNA- and RNA-based ones) can be easily spread, but we don’t want that to happen for obvious reasons, there is plenty of information that must be carefully controlled and distributed.

What’s next? Social Media and the Information Life Cycle


Image via Wikipedia. Analyzing the current landscape and the evolution of information markets by borrowing from a product life cycle framework may assist in developing some educated guesses about what the future may bring. This is the third post in this current series discussing the differences between making and moving information and knowledge versus physical goods.

Why you should consider centralizing your search keyword lists


Photo credit: Wikipedia. When all five roles are using the same keywords as the content strategists and information architects (IAs) who work on your website, that’s when the magic we call content marketing happens. IBM’s audience doesn’t gear its information needs around an event and campaign schedule. But that’s extremely unlikely.

Re-Inventing Organizations: Taking “Mad Men” into the 21st Century


Photo credit: Wikipedia. We live in a business environment characterized by network driven ecosystems, 24/7 access to global communications and the ability to access and analyze vast amounts of information. Are clients trusted partners who have access to information and engage with your organization? We live in more global, fast paced, information rich era.

How your enterprise social platform enables the information marketplace


Photo credit: Wikipedia. To better understand where the business value is, and to shape its usage to maximize that value, try to see your social platform as an internal Amazon site, but with a twist: instead of moving retail goods such as books and electronics, you are actually moving information. If users are just browsing but not buying, Amazon would be in big trouble.

Develop a user-centric content strategy instead of worrying about SEO

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We find this exceedingly amusing, especially when we demonstrate that yes, our websites are being found for most of our major keywords ( we're #2 behind Wikipedia for "rfp" and "request for proposal"). A strategy that doesn't ignore the things that you should be doing (such as meta information, rich snippets, alt text, title text, page titles, etc), but that also doesn't go "search engine crazy" by thinking "what would search engines think of this page" and try to game the system with links, key phrases, backlinks, etc. We get calls every week (and perhaps a dozen emails a day!)

The 10 Best B2B Videos

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The company writes, “… the animation is continuous stream of clear and relevant visuals punctuated by consistently enlightening and interesting information.” These three videos, along with the brand new State of Wikipedia , are all part of the same “family” of JESS3-created digital shorts. Content Marketing animation B2B b2b marketing Beagle Research Eloqua future of revenue JESS3 Microsoft NetSuite Revenue Performance Management RightNow SAS Institute SFDC Short Tale Awards State of Cloud Computing State of the Internet State of Wikipedia video viral video Zuora

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Information Literacy and Big6

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Introduction to Information Literacy. Information Literacy. : What is "information literacy" and why is it important to our teaching? Information Literacy Overview. Information Problems worksheet. Essential Question: How do formative evaluations guide the information problem-solving process? Information Seeking Strategies: Consider your options. Essential Question: What are the best sources of information available to solve a problem? More URL Information. Surviving Wikipedia". Use of Information Part I: "Organize or Die!".

Tips For Dealing With Information Overload

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Friday, May 9, 2008 Tips For Dealing With Information Overload I sent a couple of people the following question: “What are your top tips for dealing with information overflow?&# More a defense mechanism than “dealing with information overflow."». Taking on the information overflow means doing so in approachable chunks. Wikipedia. Like this one.)


Forget Link Building: Time to Embrace the Google Knowledge Vault


If a team of Google researchers has their way, link profiling may become a thing of the past, replaced by a centralized, Google directed, proto-artificially intelligent algorithm that taps into the company's vast (and growing) Knowledge Vault to rank websites based primarily on relevance and factual information instead of the number and quality of incoming links. Isn’t digital marketing fun?

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing — according to Wikipedia , “social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” Content Marketing — according to Wikipedia , “ Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.

Real Substance or Merely Content

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This is how ad-click driven search engines derive their revenues, but it does nothing for delivering the most relevant information to the searcher, which in this case is your potential and long term income. anything to do with marketing of your product to the customer. Here, we will argue the difference between simply content or wholly substance. For that is the question.

Tips for Optimizing Google’s Knowledge Graph Box for Your Brand


There are many ways to use Schema markup via JSON-LD to provide machine-readable information about the content on that page. That’s how we have “defined our entity” to Google in several places, including Wikipedia and the NAICS code in our JSON-LD script above. Wikipedia is the holy grail for obtaining a Knowledge Graph Box. What’s “Worthy” of Wikipedia? Great!

The Dirty Little Secret of Media Relations


Photo credit: Wikipedia. When reporters speak in public about how they gather information and decide which stories to write, they tend to sound like scientific researchers, claiming to spend long hours objectively sifting through data until they find stories worthy of coverage. Every media outreach begins with information, the more the better. Information you can share.

Blog Content: 4 Ways to Make Your Blog Unique

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By providing information that is uncommon enough to intrigue a visitor. Normally, they are based on real information and designed in a way to give it visual appeal. Anyone can build a so-called infographic without using true information. Detailed Examination – When researching a particular subject, some may skip over information that isn’t pertinent to their post.

Internet resources on information overload and productivity | ManagingIO

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Ideas and trends to tackle information overload. Internet resources on information overload and productivity. s a list of useful websites/ resources I came across that deal with information overload or closely related subjects. Blogs/ Websites with focus on information overload. Blog about RSS, webfeeds and information overload. NY times article pointing to the $650 billion cost estimate of information overload published by a US research firm. Information onslaught - IO is even bad for your health. . Too mu ch information? - ManagingIO.


Keep Your Customers Coming Back in Times of Content Overload

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Getting the Most Out of Free Real Estate Wikipedia is regularly a top Google result for brands and many customers will check out a company's page before visiting the brand's very own website. His strategy for crafting, publishing, and overseeing content has led to an online presence that is engaging, informational, and successful. Joining us is simple. Content Marketing

Prospecting to IT Buyers: How Nine Data Vendors Stack Up


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Buyers of information technology (IT) are one of the most valued audiences targeted by business marketers. Internet Marketing Offline Marketing Business Harte-Hanks Information technology NetProspex ZoomInfoGlobally, these professionals spend $3.6 trillion on hardware, software and technology services. My colleague Bernice Grossman and I recently investigated the availability of prospecting data available to tech marketers for reaching this desirable group, and we found some surprises. . The results of our study can be downloaded here.

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When, Why and How to Gate Your Content for Maximum Results


I swear I read this on Wikipedia somewhere… ). of the people who saw the page to hand over their contact information. That’s absolutely a good start, but we’re missing information about the quality of these leads. In other words, we don’t have information about the quality of the leads generated from these two different approaches. Just kidding. Pretty freaky, huh?

Why internal Social Business Platforms matter


Image via Wikipedia. There’s also an argument to be made that in the consumer Internet, knowledge is also handled efficiently: sites like WordPress, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Pinterest provide magnificent mechanisms to capture, filter/curate and distribute knowledge efficiently. Social Media Marketing Facebook Google WikipediaAnd perhaps a fork.

Top Instagram Influencers


No profile on Instagram, information from Wikipedia). From Wikipedia). 10 People Who Built (or Strengthened) Their Personal Brand Using the Small Screen. Social media influencers hold a great deal of power. These people aren’t just racking up the followers; they’re building a brand and expanding their global reach. Why Instagram? All signs of approval (e.g., Adam Braun.

Mapping the Social Media Landscape

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The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Mapping the Social Media Landscape Infographics, according to Wikipedia are “graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge&#. It’s also a wonderful way to communicate your message. The problem is finding the right one.


Keywords Matter, Keywords Don’t Matter – How To Make Sense of SEO Evolution


Here’s the definition of semantic search, according to Wikipedia (and Google, too): Semantic search seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable dataspace, whether on the Web or within a closed system, to generate more relevant results. For more information, check out Critical Rules for SEO Success.

How to Refresh Evergreen Content (and Reach a Big Audience)


It may not include information that’s new or trendy, but it should provide good advice, be entertaining, or solve a problem for potential readers. If it reads like a poor man’s Wikipedia article, it’s probably not something your audience (or Google) is likely to dig. Good evergreen content is always relevant to your target market. Does it deliver value to readers?

The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


A query like “best time of year to plant a maple tree” is informational, while “best place to buy a maple tree” is transactional. Type in any keyword or phrase and see the top related search terms on Google, Wikipedia,, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo!, Also find contact information for domains, successful AdWords ad texts, and negative keywords.

Content Marketing Graphic: What’s Missing in this Visual?

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I found this little clip through a link on Wikipedia…it’s really neat, don’t ya think? Have you found useful tools, resources, information or connections through content marketing? What’s Missing in this Visual? Don’t get me wrong, I love this explanation of what content marketing is, how it works, and the difference from traditional marketing. How do you do this?

Eric Got Me Thinking About The Next Buyer Revolution

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Image via Wikipedia. In many ways, it is a buyer’s revolt against years of having to first identify themselves before they can get an ounce of information. Marketing and sales functions as well as operations are still geared to the days when a buyer had to pick up the phone and let it be known they need information. Image via Wikipedia. Organization Infrastructure.

The next generation of bloggers is here. And they are computers

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Nearly 10 percent of the articles on Wikipedia were not written by humans. ” We may very well look up from our desks a year from now and see that Content Shock — the overwhelming information density in a business niche — is simply overpowering any attempt to stay ahead. Nearly 10 percent of the articles on Wikipedia were not written by humans. Brainstorming?

Your website is wearing mom jeans and shoulder pads


Pearson Education reached out to me to read and make make notes on Mike Moran’s and James Mathewson’s upcoming book, Outside-In Marketing. I go through it, paragraph by paragraph, and write notes on what comes to mind. After three chapters, I am both excited and delighted by both how much I have learned and how much I already knew. Even Your Clients’ Names Change.

5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Differentiate Their Brand in Google Search Results

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When you “Google” your organization’s brand name, have you noticed a more comprehensive set of information? This result is a combination of Knowledge Graph and Google Maps information, typically appearing on the right-hand side in desktop searches but at the top of most mobile results. Information on how to manage this process can be found here. Be Patient.