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Google integrating G+ Pages and YouTube Channels


It’s Google’s hub, from which YouTube, Google Business Pages, Google Mail, and even Google Apps for Business (which looks like it’s rebranding as Google + Business — interesting). Case in point, my own vanity URL for my Google+ profile is not only but is also too. Google+ as Social Layer.

4 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel

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Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that so many businesses are turning to YouTube to create a video presence. We’ve created a list of four tips to help you make the most of your YouTube channel. 1. Improve your profile. Your YouTube page is a representation of your business. You also want to provide relevant information about your product and business.

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom


And there was the constant balancing act: include too much information, and nothing will get read (it will seem overwhelming). Combining rich content with careful organization and search capabilities,  they enable PR pros to provide the media, analysts and bloggers with a vast amount of information without seeming overwhelming. by TomPick and guest blogger Maria Verven.

Top 30 Most Useful Facebook Blog Posts of 2010

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While I limited my similar top blog posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to 20, so many people had so much resourceful information to provide on FB that I felt the need to expand this blog post to include the top 30 most useful articles this year.  Personal Profile Tips and Tricks. Jazz up your profile through a few nifty tricks.  The end-of-the-year is the perfect time to do this.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google+

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The “plus” in Google+ is the skeleton key that opens the doors to the wonders of the Googleverse: YouTube, GMail, Android, Drive and more.You can trip on the high resolution images, the awesome photos and gifs and spend days reading insightful posts. You can follow whoever you want on Google+ as a personal profile and a Business Page. By Ray Hiltz, {grow} Community Member. semantic).

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Creating a content marketing plan — without any content

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If you’re like most people, you have a profile on LinkedIn and haven’t done much with it. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and helpful so people can learn about you.  In the “specialties&# section of your profile, list your keywords! Pass on links and snip your URL’s! You’ll need to weave these keywords into your micro-content. Twitter.

How to Generate New Keyword Ideas

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What that means for marketers is how someone searches on Google may not be the same way they search on YouTube or even Google mobile. What I like about this tool is it gives you suggested search queries for Google, Bing, YouTube, and even App Store searches. It shows you what information people can’t find on your site that they actually want and think is important.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: 8 Tips for Perfecting Your Copy


Instead, frontload your captions with the important content or text calls-to-action -- and leave any hashtags, @mentions, or extraneous information for the end. Clickable URLs aren't allowed anywhere except the single "website" box in your bio. Learn how to create UTM codes to track your URLs here.). Then, simply insert the URL of your choosing into the URL box.

Unique Ways to Build Your Email List

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As an easy solution, you can simply include a link (if it’s too long, use a URL shortener like ) to your sign up form on all of your printed receipts. At the end of every video you create, include a slide at the beginning and/or end that contains a URL to your sign up form. On every YouTube video you upload, include a note, box, speech bubble, etc. So far, so good.

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5 Ways to Generate Leads from a LinkedIn B2B Company Page

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Create images that are 640×220 pixels, upload them to your page and add a unique URL, preferably to a landing page, and you have free ads. Prospects don’t always like filling out contact forms because they never know who is going to contact them, but what if you could show them real people, with pictures and everything, that they could connect to for more information.

25 social media listening aids to increase your hearing


Addictomatic : Focuses on a variety of platforms such as: Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Bing News, Delicious, Google,, etc. You can search through a tweet archive for URLs sent via Twitter, including results for full URL links, shortened URLs, and URLs without the “www” prefix. Does your business listen? Topsy is a certified Twitter partner.

3 Online Marketing Elements The B2B Organization Should Not Overlook

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Some of these areas, as identified by, include: Making sure the contact information on all local listings is correct. Moz Local is a good tool for this purpose, as it scans the top local directories (including Google and Bing maps) in order to make sure your business information is correct. Size Doesn’t Matter. B2B Can Still Be Localized. Final Thoughts.

15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About


To turn on notifications for a specific user: Visit that user's profile, and open up one of their posts. All you have to do is go to your own profile and click the "Options" button (a gear icon on iPhone/iPad and three dots on Android). To clear your search history: Go to your own profile and click the "Options" button (a gear icon on iPhone/iPad and three dots on Android).

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn


Claim your vanity URL. Make your profile look more professional and easier to share by claiming your LinkedIn vanity URL. Instead of a URL with a million confusing numbers at the end, it will look nice and clean like this: [link] Do so by going here and clicking "customize your public profile URL" down on the right-hand side. 2. Rearrange your profile.

Google+ 201: 5 Steps to Get Started with Google+

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Fill out your page profile by editing the business contact information, adding images and video, including a link to your website, and a clear, detailed company description in the ‘About’ section. Make sure that your Google+ page is complete and interesting before you start promoting it. 3) Claim your custom URL. Your custom URL can’t be changed.

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How Your A/E/C Firm Can Build a Rewarding Presence on Pinterest


Before you begin creating boards on Pinterest, it’s important to optimize your Pinterest profile. Therefore, you should ensure that your profile is informative and appears professional. Make sure you have a business profile. Pinterest recently unveiled a new type of profile specifically for businesses. Connect your profile with Twitter and Facebook.

B2B SEO Mistakes Webinar Follow-Up Q&A – Part 1

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If you missed it, you can access the full video of B2B SEO: 10 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making [YouTube] now. Before merely “deciding” that some links to your site are “bad,” we would encourage you to get the full picture by pulling your website’s inbound link profile. What steps can I take if I have bought links in the past to clear up my name with Google?

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6 Tips for Easy Ebook Promotion with Social Media

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Once you have done that, you can feed your blog into your profile, add videos, books from your bibliography and reviews. If you use a shopping cart like KickStartCart or a list management of any kind, you (or your VA) can easily set up a page, or widget that can easily capture their information and send them a free download. People love YouTube. Really? Yes, your Amazon house.

Five Facebook Advertising Features You Haven’t Tried Yet


Multitudes of visitors come to your website everyday, but only a small amount of people actually leave their information or purchase a product on the first visit. Once you add that piece to your website, the pixel will track visitors and send information back to Facebook, including general information about the browsing session. Guest post by Mike Bird. Image credit: Revinate.

9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos [+Free Templates]


Bonus: If you need help creating cover photos for all your social networks, we''ve created free templates you can use for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your Cover Photos are the right size, download our template for Facebook Cover Photos here. 3) Don''t hide content behind your profile picture. Seriously.

OMG: You Won’t Believe What BuzzFeed Is Doing to Advertising


Using an oscillating, anonymous hash in a sharer’s URL as a UTM code, Pound can track its content’s journey like an overprotective parent tracking his teenage son’s phone. As the name suggests, Hive’s goal is to make sharing information about which content works instantaneous. At BuzzFeed, even the data scientists are masters of memes. So we went to see them.

List with a Twist: 50 Creative Tips for Gathering Customer Emails

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Your list will be most effective if you gain trust by not sharing subscribers’ info with other firms and creating emails with useful or exclusive information and valuable offers — not just sales pitches. 32) Offer a free e-book or informational guide for signing up. Note that requesting too much information too soon discourages sign ups. 40) Create a video about your business, adding a URL to your opt-in form and posting it on YouTube. order information or shipping updates) include a link to your email sign-up. 34) Conducting a survey?

37 Fantastic SEO Guides, Tips and Tactics


Optimize off-site content (for example, on YouTube and other social platforms). The act of searching for information will blend into voice-assisted programs, with geolocation targeting supported by data.” From Google+ profiles to Facebook info sections, you can display keywords and all of your business web properties (website, Twitter, YouTube, corporate blog, etc).”

The 45 Inbound Marketing Terms You Should Know [Glossary]


analyzing the trends, and developing actionable insights to make better informed marketing decisions. In exchange for his or her contact information, a website visitor obtains a content offer to better help them through the buying process. Started in 2011, it’s a network that allows individuals to create their own personal profiles along with pages to promote their business.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2


Frequent best-of honoree Kristi Hines reveals techniques for evaluating your competitors’ strategies and success on Facebook, such as using the “ link.getStats console that will give you basic statistics about any domain’s popularity on Facebook” and viewing a competitor’s raw Facebook data, information, categories and more through the Facebook Open Graph.

A Complete Guide to Social Media-Based Lead Generation for IT and Software Companies


In the midst of this social media revolution, Information & Technology (IT) and software companies have been creating better and faster business solutions every day. First of all, create an audience profile. Are they getting their information from LinkedIn? Generating this kind of information will help you craft your subsequent content to fit your target market’s interests.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


analyzing the trends, and developing actionable insights to make better informed marketing decisions. APIs are a series of rules in computer programming, which allow an application to extract information from a service and use that information either in their own application or in data analyses. The place your page visitors will supply information in exchange for your offer.

How to Find and Target High-Value Keywords for Your Business


That kind of strategy is really only a luxury restricted to those with pre-existing ample website traffic, sizable social media following, copious brand advocates, and a list of high-profile customers. What’s awesome about this tool is that it includes not only, but also all Google localised search languages, as well as YouTube, Bing, and the App Store. Sweet! Clicks.

Want to Take Your Content From Good to Great? 10 Signs You've Hit the Mark


Every single minute , more than 200 million emails are sent, more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and more than 220,000 photos are shared on Instagram. That said, unless you can give it your own unique spin or add information you’ve found on other websites, you should probably be questioning why you’re producing the content in the first place. Not to mention the 2.5

25 'Boring' Companies With Brilliant Social Media Cover Photos


In a world where 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text , it''s probably a good idea to optimize your social media channels with visuals. And one of easiest ways to take advantage of visual content on social media is through your cover photos -- sitting right at the top of your profile, they occupy a huge piece of very valuable real estate. YouTube.

How Should Our Staffing Firm Use LinkedIn? Part I

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This includes your business name, company size, URL to your website and more information about your company, including the value of the service you provide. Your page should feature your company logo as the profile image and a banner image that matches your branding closely, and adds visual appeal to your page. How Should My Staffing Firm Use YouTube? Status Updates.

How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare]


Keep your copy succinct by removing the horrendously long URL you''re sharing from the text in your post. Any user can click on the generated thumbnail or title for that URL to navigate to the blog post, web page, or any URL you''re linking to -- so no need to include it in the copy of your post as well. 4) Increase post word count. Select Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

List with a Twist: 50 Creative Tips for Gathering Customer Emails

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Your list will be most effective if you gain trust by not sharing subscribers’ info with other firms and creating emails with useful or exclusive information and valuable offers — not just sales pitches. 32) Offer a free e-book or informational guide for signing up. Note that requesting too much information too soon discourages sign ups. 34) Conducting a survey?

22 Effective SEO Tips to Optimize Your B2B Website

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Information needs are different for B2B buyers, so the type of content and how it’s optimized will be different for B2B. Within one hour of us uploading a  demand generation white paper for our company, we received a Google Alert informing us that Google picked it up on Scribd. Create a LinkedIn Company Profile – Take advantage of a free LinkedIn listing for your company.

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