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Marketo Inspires, Do You Do The Same? Marketo Roadshow 2015


The Marketo Roadshow is rolling into town on Thursday, July 30th and we’re happy to be there as Silver Sponsors. Starting a conversation through dynamic content lets you deliver more value to your audience, and get more information in return. How else can you capture important information? Start By Being Interactive. The problem? So what’s a marketer to do? Start Small.

10 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

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Author: Katherine McAdoo As an interactive content designer, I like to compare myself to a baker. You provide the fruit, and I’ll whip up a mouth-watering pie that you just don’t want to stop consuming. I am frequently handed pieces of static content in different stages of completion and asked to throw in something special to make it an interactive content experience.

5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Content

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recently came across a blog post by Scott Brinker of ion interactive, explaining why they bet the whole company on marketing apps. He sees interactive web experiences (fueled by these marketing apps) as the fourth wave of content marketing. As the fourth wave of content marketing, this interactive content is the future. The Fourth Wave of Content Marketing. have no idea.

MobileIron Harnesses End-User Demand to Drive Mobile IT Sales Leads

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Spear developed a multi-step demand generation program that combined online text and display advertising, mobile landing pages, social sharing, and automated email response powered by Marketo , MobileIron’s marketing automation platform. If end users want your product, but their IT department makes the purchase decision, can you leverage that demand to drive IT sales leads?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

But as B2B buyers complete more of their journey before ever interacting with a. sales agent to the information manager and broader business ecosystem. This report was compiled by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer, co-founders of the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer. social media, data analytics and adwords; and companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. B2B Marketing.

[Infographic] The Marketing Power of the Internet of Things: Connectivity for Better Customer Interactivity 

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And your audience is eager to improve their lives with these devices and provide marketers with information for more personalized communications. Author: Dayna Rothman The Internet of Things, IoT as it has been dubbed, is a topic that every marketer is talking about. But, what does it mean, and more specifically, what does it mean to marketers? View the infographic in a new window here.

How to Reduce Unsubscribes Using Subscription Management

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I’ve written previously in this space about how to reduce unsubscribes by giving prospects and customers the option to update their contact information rather than forcing them to opt out of email entirely. Or if customers want to receive critical product updates, but not information on training classes. Maybe what they really mean is “I’m not interested in this topic.”.

3 Reasons You’ll Drive Better (and More) Leads with Interactive Content

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You probably already know about leveraging your marketing automation with interactive content. But did you know that according to DemandGen Report’s 2013 Content Preferences Survey, only 5% of buyers are willing to provide detailed information in exchange for whitepapers? That is why many marketers are incorporating interactive content into their overall strategy. This:  .

The Marketing Nation Roadshow [Interactive Map]

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To find a Roadshow near you, check out our interactive map below. Simply click on the nearest arrow on the map (or just tap, if you’re viewing this on a mobile device), and you’ll see the date of our Roadshow, the exciting speaker you’ll be hearing from, a link to more information, and (just for fun) an interesting fact about each city we’re visiting.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

But as B2B buyers complete more of their journey before ever interacting with a. sales agent to the information manager and broader business ecosystem. This report was compiled by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer, co-founders of the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer. social media, data analytics and adwords; and companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. B2B Marketing.

Data Touches Everything at the Marketo User Summit #MKTGNATION14


I’m almost done with the first day here at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, and I have noticed a trend, and it centers on data. The first session I attended was called Marketo & Salesforce: Helpful Audits, Alerts, & Workflow for Rapidly Growing Companies and featured our newest team member Jenny Robertson sharing her experiences from  Navicure , building out both Marketo and SFDC workflows and rules to help solve some very common data quality issues. It comes back to data, however — the elephant in the room for personalization. What has driven rise of Amazon?

How to Woo B2B Buyers With Interactive Assessments


Sometimes called a persona or personality test , an assessment is an interactive questionnaire structured to match people with specific personalities, patterns, or identities based on their responses. And that interest is borne out in the results marketers see: a study by Demand Metric found that interactive assessments convert on average 2x better than static content. Unconvinced?

Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) This is the 1,000th post to Marketo’s blog.  It seems fitting to commemorate the occasion by revisiting our very first post, “ Modern B2B Marketing Defined ”, and commenting on what’s changed – and what hasn’t – since August 8, 2006. We live in a word of information abundance and attention scarcity – and the pace of information creation is accelerating.

Revenue Performance Management: An interview with Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-founder of Marketo

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Jon Miller is VP marketing and co-founder of Marketo , one of the marketing automation solutions supported by AcquireB2B , our B2B agency specializing in driving more leads and sales with B2B marketing automation. Revenue Performance Management, or RPM, is a strategy to optimize interactions with buyers across the revenue cycle in order to accelerate predictable revenue growth.

Get More out of your Marketing Automation with Interactive Content

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You have a marketing automation system in place, but are you getting the most out of it?  By layering interactive content into your marketing efforts, you can drive more leads, enhance profile building and scoring, and improve nurturing. Interactive content is content that creates a dialogue with your audience that leads to an exchange of information.  Why interactive Content?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

But as B2B buyers complete more of their journey before ever interacting with a. sales agent to the information manager and broader business ecosystem. This report was compiled by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer, co-founders of the B2B Marketing Zone and Social Media Informer. social media, data analytics and adwords; and companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. B2B Marketing.

The Writing’s on the Wall: Starting a Conversation With Interactive Content


Last week, SnapApp hosted our first Boston Marketo User Group in our new office space ! Along with SnapApp, speakers from Wistia , Uberflip , and KoMarketing presented to a room full of Marketo enthusiasts on how to amplify their marketing automation platforms with different forms of content campaigns. Putting Interactive Content in Action. Starting a Conversation.

Cut Your Lead Forms in Half (and Double Conversions) with Interactive Content


Keep reading to find out how you can use interactive content to offer shorter lead forms, increasing your conversion rates while gathering all the prospect data your heart desires. . Visitors are also less likely to provide real data for more sensitive information -- check out Marketing Sherpa’s graph on the most and least accurate areas for form-submitted information: .

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Should I Remove Offer Content from My Website During a Campaign?

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By doing so you’ll broaden the appeal of the information and make the appeal of downloading each individual asset from your Website less attractive. B2B Marketing Copywriting Creative Demand Generation Interactive Design Landing Pages lead generation Offer Strategy landing page design lead nurturing best practices lead nurturing strategy marketo landing pages

How to Optimize Your Website’s Resource Library for Lead Generation

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At worst, resource centers can be tough to navigate and difficult to search, leaving visitors frustrated and only too happy to seek their information elsewhere. It was the ideal choice here, allowing us to empower user interactions like commenting, resource ratings, social network sharing, as well as any future functionality.”. See thumbnail at right.)

How We Built Our Content Marketing Stack to Drive 10x ROI


There were roughly 150 tools you could use to manage how people interacted with your brand. Think of it like a web browser that you can trick out with various technologies—with companies like Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, Act-On, and HubSpot stabilizing your add-ons. One is the multi-platform model, in which several big martech platforms interact.

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Opening Keynotes Inform & Inspire at Marketo Summit 2012 (Live Blog)

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by Dayna Rothman Marketo User Summit has officially kicked off! 1,400 attendees file into the Grand Ballroom at the Hilton to hear our first keynote speakers–Marketo CEO, Phil Fernandez, former Cisco CEO and Marketo board member Sue Bostrom, Debbie Qaqish from the Pedowitz Group, and Alexandre Pelletier from Aquisio. foundation of data –who are your key influencers?

The Missing Link Between Media and Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Validate prospect information in order to inject quality, actionable data, and thereby increase lead velocity and lower media costs.  Once you decide to directly inject prospect data from your third party media sources, it becomes essential that the media-driven data you’ve paid for is validated, cleansed and formatted for your marketing systems (Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, etc.).

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One Small Step for Marketo, One Giant Leap for the Marketing Nation

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Phil Fernandez Today Marketo began trading as a public company on The NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “MKTO”. Large-scale trends, such as increasingly self-directed consumers and broad and instant availability of information online, are changing the role and responsibilities of the marketing department in most organizations around the world. B2B Marketing

What Are Interactive Galleries?


According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners – in fact, the brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text. “ So why are you still writing ?” And secondly, interactive content – which provides a more engaging and faster experience – combined with the above stats makes galleries an obvious tool to add to your marketing toolkit.

Marketo Marketing Nation Summit – Learning Starts Now


Spring is my favorite season for many reasons, but one of the top reasons is the annual Marketo Marketing Nation Summit #MKTGNATION where like-minded marketers that are passionate about all things marketing and especially marketing automation, come together to share knowledge, experience and insights that are helpful for all marketers. This live interaction is an invaluable part of Summit.

Live Blog DF 12: Content and Social Marketing Secrets from Copyblogger and Marketo

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Marketo’s Thursday session shares more than just best practices as Jon Miller, VP of Marketing Content and Strategy at Marketo, and Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger Media share how both companies have become pioneers in 2 very hot topics–content marketing and social media. And it is social that has helped create even more sources of information. Content! Great stuff!

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Are White Papers Dead?

The ROI Guy

Evolving to Interactive White Papers The good news is that a solution is available to make white papers the king of content once again, by evolving them to be interactive. As a result, IDC reports that Interactive White Papers generate 3x more leads than traditional white paper fueled campaigns, and result in 150% more qualified leads per campaign.

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Marketing Automation, Set It and Forget It

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If you’re like many companies, you employ a marketing individual or team to collect your contacts information and execute campaigns in somewhat of a batch and blast situation. Ultimately this information allows the marketer to better target messages and promotions to individuals based on their stated and implied interests. 10 best practices that utilize marketing automation: Contact Registration – Capture your customer or prospect’s information at every chance you get. Marketing automation, what is it? You can scale your processes. Probably everyone.

Afternoon Keynotes Energize at Marketo Summit (Live Blog)

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by Dayna Rothman What a packed day here at the Marketo User Summit! Carefully orchestrate sales interaction. Listen to what their customers are talking about and create interactions around their interests. Create interactive game and quizzes to drive engagement. Be sure to follow The Marketo Summit on twitter at #mus12. We are trending in San Francisco. Awesome.

Rockstars Create Innovation In The Nation: Marketo Summit Recap


The age of human-to-human marketing is upon us and at the Marketo Summit in San Francisco, this energy rippled through the three day summit. Marketo believes in a ‘Marketing First’ world and announced their plans to become a Customer Engagement Platform. Instead, they need to engage and interact with their buyers. As Marketo refocuses the platform on allowing you to do ‘Marketing First’, they will be looking to their launchpoint partners to help deliver and make the marketing ecosystem balanced. What Type of Interactive Content is Right for You? Meme Hillary!

7 Hot Trends In B2B Marketing Analytics | - B2B.


Are you measuring each tweet, blog post or other interaction? You are able to get different metrics such as page views, interactions, quality of posts and detailed insights into your fan base. HootSuite – This tool is an integrated system that allows you interact through different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and more. Where are prospects coming from? Social media?

How SnapApp Is Prepping for Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2014


Here’s the best part: all these engagements can have a lead form that integrates with your marketing platform: Marketo, Eloqua , ExactTarget , Pardot, Act-On, and HubSpot-- it all can be done! See It In Action At The Marketo Summit! We’re attending the Marketo Summit from April 7th to 9th in San Francisco and have begun our own marketing campaign using interactive content.

Lead Nurturing: Unique tracks and impactful tests

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet I was recently interviewed by Marketo for their Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing eBook, and I wanted to share some ideas that didn’t find their way into the guide as well as some additional thoughts on lead nurturing with you. Become a trusted advisor by adding value with each interaction and sharing relevant information. Think relevance. Sowing + Nurturing = Reaping.

Interview with Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights

Buzz Marketing for Technology

We were looking at optimizing targeted landing pages through Siebel for different search behaviors even then before some of today’s well-known marketing automation services like HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce were even established. Since you collect the profile information of a prospect when they subscribe it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to target by role or vertical or need – whatever will give you the biggest uplift and different points in the lead nurturing. think content personalization is the biggest opportunity into 2016 for B2B Marketers.

Tying Multi-Channel Marketing Programs Together with Interactive Content


Fortunately, interactive content can easily bridge gaps to push content to virtually any marketing channel you can imagine - all the while measuring behaviors and generating leads within the native channels, interfaces, or devices. With interactive content, however, one engagement type can be shared on any social channel, measure additional shares, and even collect leads if a lead form is included. All the while, all this information can also be fed directly into marketing automation platforms like Eloqua or Marketo. Social Sharing. social campaign? Email. Webpages.

First Look at New Marketo Release

Customer Experience Matrix

I’m going to diverge just slightly from my current obsession with usability to talk about a conversation I had today with Marketo President and CEO Phil Fernandez, who previewed the 3.0 Major themes were greater access to detailed information, more precise targeting, and tighter integration with In Fernandez’ view, this reflects a fundamental philosophical difference from his competitors: Marketo sees marketing as reacting to prospect-initiated behaviors, not executing company-driven interaction paths.

3 Tips for Achieving Alignment Between Marketing and Sales in the Field

Modern B2B Marketing

Here at Marketo, field team members are mapped directly to regional and industry-focused teams and meet with them at a regular cadence, typically weekly. Field teams stay busy, and keeping them up-to-speed through multiple channels (regular emails and weekly calls, for example) will assure that they stay informed and in sync, too. 2. Meet regularly with field team members.

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20 Ideas from Power Users to Power Up Your B2B Marketing Automation

Modern B2B Marketing

At Bedrock Data, we recently launched a Marketo Power User Series featuring 20+ Marketo Power Users and their backstories about how they got started in marketing automation and their best practices, tips, and tricks for getting the most out of a marketing automation platform. Without strategy, people, and process, Marketo is just another email tool.  Program Optimization.

Segmentation, Social Media Drive Lead Nurturing Success for iDirect

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First, the company invested in Marketo , a leading marketing automation platform that integrated well with the company’s CRM system, After interviewing a number of firms, they hired Spear Marketing Group , a Marketo solutions partner and a full-service agency known for its work in both demand generation and lead management.