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Email Marketing ROI: Measure with Ease Using HubSpot


HubSpot’s marketing automation software makes it pretty easy. Here’s a simple three-step process to help you measure the ROI of your email marketing campaigns with HubSpot. Tip: I wouldn’t attempt to include a percentage of your monthly HubSpot cost when tracking email marketing ROI. Step 2: Use the Sources Tool within HubSpot. Takeaway and Other Tips.

How to Organize a Digital Marketing Team – Lessons from Hubspot

Fearless Competitor

The staffing plan idea got me to thinking about lessons I’ve learned about organizing digital marketing teams from my experiences with Hubspot and I ( @fearlesscomp ) was even a featured guest on Hubspot TV with Mike Volpe and Karen Rubin (see image below). First a disclaimer: I don’t actually subscribe to Hubspot any longer. Jeff Ogden on Hubspot TV.

Tracking Email Analytics Outside of HubSpot


While working for Synecore , a Minneapolis-based inbound marketing agency, it was inevitable that I would have to become very comfortable with the ins and outs of HubSpot. You see, Synecore has been a Gold Level HubSpot Partner for some time now, and I have developed quite a relationship with HubSpot's marketing automation platform during that time. HubSpot is a great tool for numerous reasons, but one of the biggest has to be the integrated analytics found within the platform. HubSpot makes it easy as pie with tracking URLs. What is a HubSpot Tracking URL?

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 7 of 9


Power the Bottom of the Funnel with Sales Enablement, Deborah Farese, Hubspot. Here are 6 tips to help your company power the bottom of the funnel with sales enablement: Prioritize leads and help leverage triggering events. First and foremost, you need to understand your buyer persona, i.e. name, demographics, goals, habits, and needs. A triggering event surfaces pain. Check us out !

HubSpot & Salesforce Sign a Partnership Pact Through 2020


I’m thrilled to announce that HubSpot has renewed our ISVForce relationship with through 2020. This is great news for HubSpot, HubSpot’s customers, Salesforce, and Salesforce’s customers. Nearly 20% of HubSpot marketing software customers use’s CRM product. Personally, I gotta tip my cap to our friends at Salesforce. Ditto there.

3 Productivity Lessons From HubSpot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah


This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. Since he co-founded HubSpot almost 10 years ago, the business has grown from $0 to $181M in annual revenue. Below are the three productivity tips he uses to get stuff done. But science backs this tip up, too. What are your best productivity tips? To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.

12 Awesome HubSpot Resources That Won't Cost You a Dime


Over the years, HubSpot has developed a number of free tools and programs that we love to share with others. 1) HubSpot CRM. HubSpot CRM comes with a searchable database to simplify researching and prospecting, powerful browser and email integrations, and impressive enrichment capabilities. HubSpot's Academy is a tuition-free way to get inspired and learn new things.

How to Use Snapchat: A Detailed Look Into HubSpot’s Snapchat Strategy


After reporting more than 100 million daily active users , and over 8 billion video views a day, we decided to give it a go: The official HubSpot Snapchat account launched in March 2016. We'll start by going over the basics -- how to set up an account, create a Snap, leverage effects, etc. -- and jump into some tips after that. Helpful tips: To skip a Snap, tap the screen once.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


Find the answers to these questions and many others here in more than two dozen expert LinkedIn guides, tactics, tips and infographics. How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully: 10 Tips to Know by Social Media Today. 6 Lessons from HubSpot’s LinkedIn Company Page by Business Insider. 11 LinkedIn Marketing Gems You’re Missing Out O n by HubSpot. ** 5 STARS. ’”.

Useful Tips from Inbound Marketing Summit and Hubspot User Group

Customer Experience Matrix

I spent three days last week at the Inbound Marketing Summit and Hubspot User Group in Boston. hubspot lead generation inbound marketing innovation social media marketingThese featured a flock of first-rate speakers who presented more useful information than I can jam into a single blog post. That said, here are highlights from my notes. Sorry Youngme, but I still detest IKEA. Let's face it: the reason most people buy there is price.) and 4 to 6 p.m.; these yield 20-40% more connections than calling at 10 a.m.

Why We Unsubscribed 250K People From HubSpot's Marketing Blog & Started Sending Less Email


A few weeks ago, we deliberately unsubscribed 250,000 people from HubSpot's Marketing Blog -- people who had opted in to receive emails about new content we published on the blog. Tipped off by low engagement rates, email clients may deliver email from known-graymail senders straight to recipients' "junk" folders. We're crazy, right? We must be crazy. What gives? Graymail. Graymail?

34 (of the) Best Google+ Tips, Tactics and Guides of 2011


Google Plus Tips, Tactics and How-To Guides. Google+ Pro Tips Round-Up: Week 1 by Business Insider. ” Google+ Tips, Tricks and Tidbits by The Search Agents. The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet by HubSpot Blog. ** 5 STARS. Google Plus Tips & Best Practices by webbROI. 12 Google+ Marketing Tips From the Pros by Social Media Examiner. ”).

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The Evolution of HubSpot's Email Marketing Strategy: An Insider's Story


Over the last eight years, lots of things have changed in HubSpot''s marketing. By the time I joined HubSpot and started our email marketing program, we already had thousands of people we could email -- a lot more than you''d expect at any company, let alone a startup no one had heard of. How to Generate Leads with HubSpot ). And our monthly lead numbers? Email Metrics.

Infographic: The State of Marketing Automation Maturity

The Point

B2B Marketing Lead Management Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation Uncategorized hubspot marketing automation best practices marketing automation software marketing automation survey marketing automation tips marketo Marketo agency Marketo consultant Marketo partner pardotAre most B2B companies getting maximum value from their investment in marketing automation?

7 Real Marketing Interview Questions From HubSpot's CMO


Now, I've held off from publishing these for a long time because I think great hiring is a key ingredient in my secret sauce, but the desire to do great inbound marketing by sharing tips with the community and demonstrating thought leadership has finally won out, so have at 'em. Pay attention, blog readers: I'm going to let you in on a few of my best kept secrets. My Interview Approach.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


Find the answers to those questions and many more here in four dozen phenomenal SEO guides, tips and tricks from the past year. Expert SEO Guides, Tips and Tricks. Facebook’s VP of Growth Gives You Tips on Growing Your Product by KISSmetrics. 7 Hot SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogs by RazorSocial. 21 Industry Experts Share Their SEO Tips For 2014 by Reginald Chan.

12 Quick Content Marketing Tips and Trends

What Works - What Doesn't

Featured speakers were Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at online marketing site MarketingProfs , and Brian Halligan, CEO of inbound marketing software vendor HubSpot. Among the ideas and tips they tossed out for making the most of your blogs, Tweets, emails, videos, etc.: . 12) f you can’t think of anything else to write, do a “Top Tips” list. edgy) helps.

29 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Infographics of 2013


Find the answers to those questions and many more here in more than two dozen of the best Twitter guides, tips and helpful infographics of the past year. Twitter Guides and Tips. 8 Places You’re Guaranteed to Find Great Content to Tweet by HubSpot. A Simple Tip to Get a Huge Increase in Engagement on Twitter by Twitter Tips for Beginners.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2


Facebook Marketing Tips & Techniques. by HubSpot Blog. 10 Best Practice Tips for Facebook Page Content Publishing by 5 Foolproof Ways to Generate Leads From Facebook by HubSpot Blog. Facebook Advertising Tips. What common mistakes should marketers avoid? How can Facebook be used to support an SEO strategy? ” The solution?

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far


Find the answers to those questions and many more here in almost three dozen of the best social media tips, how-to guides, lists and reports of 2012 so far. Social Media Marketing Tips, Tactics & Techniques. The delightful Heidi Cohen presents seven social media marketing tips in Dr. Seuss style, among them “‘Today you are you, that is truer than true.

How the HubSpot CMO Screens for Top Marketing Talent


Feel free to take some tips from my approach and adopt them for your own hiring process. At HubSpot, we like to use the acronym "DARC," which stands for digital, analytical, reach, and content: Digital means they live their lives online and are familiar and comfortable with blogging, social media, and the web in general. And now, let me get to my point. Don't overlook this. how often?

Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Get the answers to these questions and more here in some of the best Twitter guides, tips and tools of the past year. 13 Twitter Tips for Increasing Engagement by Sazbean. 8 Ways to Not Get ReTweeted by HubSpot Blog. 26 Twitter Tips for Enhancing Your Tweets by Social Media Examiner. ** 5 Stars. 50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far).

Slides and Video Cover What You Need to Know About Search

Paul Gillin

Thanks to Mike Moran , HubSpot and McDougall Interactive for permitting me to steal from them. B2B search Social Media social networks Tips Facebook google HubSpot Mike Moran Paul Gillin Search Engine Land Search engine optimizationA client asked me to prepare a one-hour seminar on the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), and I thought it was worth sharing.

4 Lists That You Need To Be Tracking In HubSpot's Social Inbox

B2B Ideas @ Work

Recently I have been going through the HubSpot Certification course and picking up new tips and tricks along the way. HubSpot’s Social Inbox is unique because it’s integrated with a host of other tools in HubSpot’s software (like contacts, lists, campaigns, and more). Just to be clear, HubSpot’s Social Inbox incorporates social media publishing, engagement, and monitoring tools. This post will only look at maximizing Hubspot’s social monitoring capabilities by taking advantage of it’s integration with the lists tool. So what are lists?

20 More of the Best Twitter Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2012


Twitter Tips and Guides. 9 tips for managing Twitter in just 20 minutes a day by Nashville Business Journal. Twitter Rolls Out Cover Photos: How to Add Yours Today by HubSpot. 6 Tips to Get Retweeted More Often by Search Engine Journal. ” How can you grow and maintain an active, relevant Twitter following? Spend your time more productively there?

How to Get Salespeople Aboard the Social Media Train

Paul Gillin

Whispered tips from insiders and competitive intelligence can make the difference between closing the deal or losing it. B2B marketing Social Media Tips HubSpot Jeff Hoffman linkedin sales Twitter One of the most common frustrations I hear B2B marketers express is about the difficulty of getting salespeople interested in social media. I think they’re worth sharing.

HubSpot's Strategy for Winning the Marketing Automation Horserace

Customer Experience Matrix

Back on September 20, I posted various tips from the Inbound Marketing Summit and HubSpot User Group. Naturally, the conference also included public and private discussions of HubSpot itself, but I thought those were best shared in a separate post. The conference yielded a clear picture of HubSpot’s business strategy for the coming year. HubSpot originally focused on “top of funnel” or “inbound” marketing, which boils down to helping marketers to attract Web traffic. allowing other companies to offer functions and services to HubSpot customers.

11 Actionable Writing Tips [+Examples]


Here are 11 actionable writing tips to help you do just that. Example: It’s a good idea to blog often since 92% of businesses that blog multiple times daily has acquired customers through their blog ( HubSpot ). Do I really need to expound further on this tip? Which of these 11 actionable writing tips were your favorite? Image source. Be Statistic-Friendly.

8 Tips for Giving Great Peer Feedback


8 Tips for Giving Great Peer Feedback. I asked my colleague, HubSpot Marketing Director Rebecca Corliss , what advice she gives for providing great peer feedback. HubSpot Sales Blog Editor Leslie Ye echoed this sentiment. The last constructive criticism I received was from my cat. Can you believe that? Luckily, that’s not the case when giving feedback in the workplace.

24 Exceptional Email Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tactics


General Email Marketing Tips & Techniques. The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words by HubSpot. ” Answers to Your Top 11 Questions About Email Marketing by HubSpot. Wikus Engelbrecht offers “insights and practical tips on how to integrate and manage your cross-channel voice and leverage (email, social and mobile) in unison to get better results.”

22 Noteworthy Content Marketing Guides and Tips


Rebekah Radice offers a dozen tips for “creating compelling content that engages your audience and inspires them to share that content,” from analyzing competitors and knowing your ideal reader (starting with a customer persona) through sharing success stories, sharing newsworthy content, and building an email list. by HubSpot. by HubSpot. Image credit: Intergage.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 1


Facebook Marketing Tips and Tactics. Five Top Facebook Marketing Tips by LiveWorld. Though it’s no longer news, Jonathan Richman here provides one of the best and most comprehensive summaries of the changes Facebook made to Pages earlier this year, as well as tips and techniques to capitalize on the new features. 20 Tips to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook by HubSpot.

6 Tips for Executives to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Here are a few tips to align both teams: Foster communication. Both departments should utilize the same sales enablement tools, such as Salesforce or HubSpot, which shouldn’t be too complex. It’s no secret that sales and marketing teams sometimes don’t get along. One department blames the other, backstabbing business politics ensue, and then your office is full of frowning faces and sneering comments. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Constant transparency is essential. In any leadership situation, the wheels turn smoothly when everyone feels that their opinion has been heard.

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18 Tips for Planning a Flawless New Product Launch


At HubSpot, I work on the product marketing team, and we're responsible for launching all of HubSpot's new products. 18 Foolproof Product Launch Tips. At HubSpot, we write a mock press release before we launch a product. In the screen shot above you can see some of these elements in action on the HubSpot Ads product page. Let's walk through them below. Pre-Launch.

5 Tips for Mentoring the Millennial Generation in Inside Sales

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Here’s a glimpse of what kind of tips you’ll be able to read in this guide: Trust them. Instead of passing around an employee handbook with boring rules and gruesome punishments, use a simple guideline, like Hubspot does: Use good judgment. By the end of the decade, millennials will encompass 50% of the workforce. Not only will they be employees, they will also be customers. They’re changing the workplace with adaptive views on feedback, mentoring programs and socialization. They’re vocal about their beliefs and ideas, and are confident that their input matters. Be flexible.

Videos For Marketers By Marketers: Introducing HubSpot's New 'How-To' Video Series


At HubSpot, our marketers are outstanding teachers. Not to toot our own horn, but they have a ton of tips, tricks, and hacks that can be used to help other marketers meet and exceed their goals. HubSpot How To - Come Up With Blog Topics. So in an effort to spread this knowledge, we've decided to start a weekly video tutorial series called #HubSpotHowTo. million words? And more!

Dear HubSpot: My Mom Is the Only Person Reading My Blog


Dear HubSpot, I work for a company that has an extremely long sales funnel, in a field that almost every business uses, but nobody wants to talk about. If the network you''ve chosen is one of the big three (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter), I''d highly suggest checking out this post for tips on crafting excellent posts on each network. Sound good? Is it just a time thing? Thanks!