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  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 2012
    [Hubspot] How to Improve Your Email Marketing With an Integrated Approach
    Using integrated marketing analytics ( like HubSpot's ), you should be able to see a list of email subscribers and leads who have mentioned your company on Twitter. Many email tools, like HubSpot , enable you to create and host HTML versions of your emails on the web for people who are having trouble viewing email in their inbox.
    [Hubspot] The Anatomy of a 5-Star Subject Line
    Because HubSpot has a great sender reputation, and we were sending out an email from a real person, including “free” in this line didn’t impact the email’s deliverability. Let''s face it: Every inbox in the world is cluttered. your email''s probably feeling pretty full right about now. So as marketer, you''ve got a lot to compete with.
  • B2B MEMES  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2011
    [Hubspot] Do B2B Editors Get Twitter?
    Hubspot’s Dan Zarella says yes —provided it’s 22 tweets per day. As with other business-to-business content creators these days, there are few trade press editors who don’t have—and at least occasionally use—a Twitter account. But how many use Twitter not just for promotion, but for its most valuable benefit, social engagement? Curatorial.
    [Hubspot] 7 Brainstorming Tricks to Inspire Brilliant Ideas
    This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. Coming up with fresh, new ideas isn't easy. And when your job requires churning them out on a daily basis, it can be easy to hit a wall. Not to mention frustrating.). That's why brainstorming sessions can be so helpful. The goal?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 2013
    [Hubspot] How to Succeed in Sales Today: Start Helping Your Prospects
    What''s constantly debated at most companies (including HubSpot) is: "What is the difference between a regular salesperson and an exceptional one?" Here''s how the HubSpot sales team puts our helpful sales philosophy into action. 1) Form Real Relationships. Getting into Sales can be high risk -- but also high reward. Follow @DukesJ.
    [Hubspot] B2B vs. B2C: How Content Marketing Changes by Target Audience
    HubSpot's seen these results firsthand. When discussing content marketing, industry insiders tend to speak more to the experiences of B2C companies that are targeting consumers directly. company trying to reach decision-makers at another company requires a different mindset and strategy. Intent. Messaging. Channel. Pretty impressive, right?
    [Hubspot] 25 Helpful Sales Blogs You Don't Want to Miss Out On
    I don''t know if you know this, but we here at HubSpot kind of like blogging. So naturally, we''ve written about some of the best inbound marketing blogs on the internet (on our blog), but we hadn''t taken the time to find some of the best sales blogs out there. while some may be fresh new voices for you. Predictable Revenue, by Aaron Ross.
    [Hubspot] Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Pre-Sized Templates]
    Shortening and tracking features are available in the HubSpot software and in tools like bitly. When people arrive at your Facebook Page, where do you think they first look? I''ll give you some hints. It''s a visual piece of content that sits at the top of your page. Its dimensions are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Still not convinced?
    [Hubspot] 9 Agonizing Business Skills You Need to Grit Your Teeth and Learn
    For instance -- there''s an expectation at HubSpot that I will be available to help anyone in Sales if they need me on a call. When I was little, I decided I wanted to be an astronaut. Then someone told me astronauts are really good at math, and I decided it wasn''t for me. couple weeks later, I thought it''d be cool to be a farmer. Inbound
    [Hubspot] How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data]
    To help answer this question, we pulled some blogging data from HubSpot''s 13,500+ customers. "Blog early, blog often.". In the inbound world, these are words to live by. After all, blogs help businesses attract new website visitors and convert them into leads. The question is, how often does a company need to blog? Overall. Company Size.
    [Hubspot] You Should Be in Pictures; Tips for Integrating Visual Content into the Marketing Mix
    E.g., in the article: Why Marketers Should Invest in Visual Content Creation , HubSpot reports: … a Shareaholic study revealed Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined ; only Facebook and StumbleUpon generate more. There’s been much buzz recently about the use of images in social media marketing. 
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013
    [Hubspot] The New Cloud Stack: Here's What the Company of the Future Looks Like
    For example, he doesn’t mention HubSpot or any other cloud-based marketing software programs, but those surely are part of the “new enterprise,” along with identity management services like Ping and Okta, and mobile device management services like AirWatch and MobileIron. know what you’re thinking. Trust me, this is a big deal. But how?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2012
    [Hubspot] How Closed-Loop Marketing Works
    Below, you see a screenshot of HubSpot’s traffic by channel, brought to us by the marketing analytics tools of HubSpot's softare. Full Disclosure: HubSpot software allows you to implement closed-loop reporting.) This article is an adapted excerpt from our free ebook, An Introduction to Closed-Loop Marketing. Let's find out!
    [Hubspot] How to Integrate Inbound Marketing With a Traditional Sales Team
    HubSpot has tons of statistics on how inbound marketing drives leads and revenue at lower costs than any other marketing method. Todd Hockenberry is the owner of Top Line Results , a HubSpot certified partner in Orlando, FL providing sales and marketing services for small- and medium-sized companies. It''s not my job.
    [Hubspot] 11 tips and tools to jump-start your SEO
    Marketing Grader  from HubSpot can tell you. Photo credit: Sean MacEntee. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine for particular keywords. If So what are you waiting for?
    [Hubspot] 14 Funny Brands You Can't Help But Follow in Social Media
    Another B2B company to grace our list, HubSpot partner IMPACT Branding & Design definitely gets the value of comedy, offering a great balance of educational content and a few laughs on its Facebook page. There are quite a few factors that go into what makes a brand "followable" in social media. Or maybe they're just ridiculously funny.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013
    [Hubspot] How to Turn One Idea Into a Bottomless Backlog of Blog Posts
    You may have even learned recently -- say, in this previous HubSpot post ;-) -- that odd numbers created more effective lists, so your first title becomes, "11 Social Media Etiquette Tips for CEOs.". This situation sound familiar? You have an idea, then lose it, then come back to it again. Look, I know first-hand that blogging can be hard.
    [Hubspot] New Marketing Data: Top SEO Objectives
    This is not meant as a data tease, because HubSpot has licensed the Target Objectives excerpt from this MarketingSherpa report, and you can download it for free here. Connect with HubSpot SEO has proven to be an effective tool in achieving a number of important marketing objectives. Free Download: Learning SEO From The Expert.
    [Hubspot] 5 Steps to Build A Sustainable Social Strategy …And Accelerate B2B Lead Generation
    Hubspot’s 2013 Inbound Marketing Report. 4. I am just back from seeing my daughter off as she sets out on her next pursuit. Before she flies out, we spent some family time this past weekend in the city that never sleeps, big, bad, bold and beautiful NYC. We stayed at The Chatwal, New York and it was a wonderful experience. engagement.
    [Hubspot] 5 Ways Blogging Can Advance Your Nonprofit Career (and 3 Ways to Get Started)
    As a professional blogger, Hubspot is a key source of advice and education for me. The second best thing to being a Hubspot customer is being a free subscriber to its marketing library and a regular visitor of its blogs. As part of my work, I speak to a lot of nonprofit groups. Blogging is not part of my job description.".
    [Hubspot] The Somewhat Surprising State of Online Advertising [New Data]
    For HubSpot, for instance, online advertising is a much more efficient advertising expenditure than television ads. Online advertising. What do you think of it? Annoying? Effective? Come a long way? Waste of money? Don't even notice it? And when you're answering, are you answering as a marketer, or as a consumer? Or (gasp) both? TV ads?!
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015
    [Hubspot] 7 Quick Ways to Free Up More Time in Your Day
    To help you manage this growth, we're giving away the HubSpot CRM for free. When life gets stressful, there's one quote that I always like to remember: "You have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé.". But the truth is, freeing up time requires you to do more than identify what you can't seem to accomplish. Check out Focus Booster.
    [Hubspot] New Data: You Should Email Your List More Often
    Connect with HubSpot In yet another surprising finding from my upcoming Science of Email Marketing Webinar , I found that the conventional wisdom about sending frequency could be wrong. For more discoveries like this, don't forget to register for the Science of Email Marketing webina r! Live Webinar: The Science of Email Marketing.
    [Hubspot] 6 Lessons For Awesome Email Marketing From Threadless
    As HubSpot has been preaching, if you offer remarkable content, you will get found online and grow your business. To get us started on this path, check out HubSpot's interview with Liz Ryan , Director of Email Marketing at Threadless: 1. Connect with HubSpot Their product—the Tees—are also their content. It bombs?
    [Hubspot] Call Leads Quickly: Some Stats and An Argument
    Companies like Marketo and Hubspot believe in a long process of lead nurturing. This method is what Hubspot, Marketo and other companies espouse. If you''re Hubspot and you''re making over $50 million a year, you probably can sit back and wait for people to raise their hands. Both sides are viable. One side is aggressive.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2015
    [Hubspot] Beyond Responsive Design: How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users
    For example, at HubSpot, we know that a visitor on a mobile device is very unlikely to fill out a long form on one of our landing pages. You’ve weathered Mobileggedon. You’re confident that your website and blog will look great on mobile devices and that Google’s algorithm change won’t hurt your search listings. Congrats! We must adapt!”.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013
    [Hubspot] How a Sales Coaching Program Can Grow Your Business in Turbulent Times
    Join Walter and fellow CloudCoaching International Co-Founder, HubSpot SVP of Sales and Services Mark Roberge, and CSO Insights Managing Partner Barry Trailer on May 22nd at 2:00 p.m. Selling is hard work. By focusing the sales manager’s behavior in the right ways, you can create a system that revolutionizes entire teams. Area 3: Managing Up.
    [Hubspot] How to Structure a Kick-Ass Marketing Team for Any Company
    Analytics: Your marketer doesn't need to be an Excel junkie, but they should have a working knowledge of the marketing funnel, know what questions to ask and be comfortable doing some basic tracking and ratios using tools like Google Analytics, Excel or even HubSpot. Connect with HubSpot Here's how: Talent. That could be a book!).
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, JUNE 30, 2014
    [Hubspot] This Week in Content: 7 Ways Content Marketing is Like a Relay Race
    Small Business Trends interviews Hubspot senior channel consultant Timothy Dearlove, who challenges marketers to “be remarkably helpful,” even if that means taking the long way around. If you’ve ever trained for a marathon, you know just how much work is required to ready your body for the grueling 26.2-mile trek. Search Engine Watch.
  • WRITTENT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2013
    [Hubspot] Does SEO Copywriting Limit Creativity?
    Hubspot. SEO copywriting might seem boring and uncreative at first, and it can at times be very repetitive. But balancing search engine optimization with content marketing does not limit creativity. In fact, this unique combination often requires and strengthens the writer’s creativity. Image Credit: Kukhahn Yoga/Flickr. Search Engine Land.
    [Hubspot] 9 Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages
    Like Free People, HubSpot’s email tracking function, Sidekick, sends an email to their subscribers who have not been interacting with their emails. One of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is delivering relevant content to followers who want to see it. Thanks to the CAN-SPAM Act, we know that we have to give people a way out.
    [Hubspot] What Is a Transactional Email? [FAQs]
    We do this sometimes here at HubSpot -- a visitor downloads an ebook, they receive a thank-you email that also includes a link to the ebook, and we then insert another ebook or offer they might be interested in reading along with it. What Are Transactional Emails? Just what kind of action are we talking about, though? email marketing
    [Hubspot] Leveraging Big Data and Creative Content for Customer Engagement
    This trend is evident in the explosive growth of companies such as Hubspot and most recently Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp. HubSpot and Salesforce are two company examples that are attempting to meet this challenge for internally for themselves and for their client base of marketers. What do marketers need to penetrate?
    [Hubspot] How to Generate Topics for Your Corporate Blog
    recently attended the HubSpot Inbound conference ( and wrote a recap in a previous post ). As a content marketer, I spend a lot of time writing, thinking about writing, and trying to get other people to write. I don''t have to tell you that sometimes, it''s just plain difficult. But unfortunately that''s typically not the case. Often
    [Hubspot] A Content Shock Parable: The Consumer View
    Related Stories Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy Pimping your posts and the myth of the 80-20 rule Four key marketing lessons to propel us into 2014 How to beat Hubspot at its own game Sponsored Content: Edge of integrity or the salvation of advertising? But eventually, there is a limit. 5,611). McDonalds.
    [Hubspot] Nine Practical Guides to Public Speaking and Presentations
    ” 7 Tips to Transform Your SlideShares From Good to Great by HubSpot. And something most of us could improve at. How can you get and keep a roomful of people engaged with your presentation? Visually optimize the content you deliver? Effectively use humor? Some date back nearly two years, but all are still relevant and useful.
    [Hubspot] Consider SEO Beyond Your B2B Website
    If this doesn’t make sense to you, check out Hubspot on LinkedIn , where 132 out of 215 employees have inbound marketing in their titles. Hubspot is an inbound marketing company and they have used this subtle approach to influence the search results of this term. Tags: Communications Hubspot SEO Company Description.
    [Hubspot] How to Write a Blog Post Every Single Day
    To get to the bottom of this, I spoke with my teammates here at HubSpot. If you''ve ever been in a content creation role, you know that there''s lots you can do to make sure you''re creating great content every single day. You can''t just wait for inspiration. You''ve got to be prepared, motivated, and focused -- all at the same time.
    [Hubspot] How Google Constantly Changes its Search Algorithms for the Better [Video]
    At HubSpot, we understand the importance of SEO for inbound marketing , and we want other marketers to 'get it' as well. Connect with HubSpot The inner-workings of search engines are a mystery to most. Let's face it, Google's and other search engines' algorithms for ranking search results are pretty darn intricate. Marketing Takeaway.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014
    [Hubspot] Want to Improve Your Email Deliverability? Watch This Video
    Hi, I''m Bryan with HubSpot. If an email gets sent out to your list, but it doesn''t show up in their inboxes, does it even count? Usually, the answer is no. You''re trying to get people to open, engage with, and click on your emails -- getting delivered is the first step. And it''s a big first step. Read the transcript below.
    [Hubspot] How to Improve Your Website Experience: 10 User Testing Tools to Try
    Here's what Littauer had to say about HubSpot's website. This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. When our jeans no longer fit, we buy new ones. When our coffee pot starts to make a funny noise, we beeline it to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a replacement. The best part?
    [Hubspot] Why You Need Social Media Followers Who Won't Ever Buy
    Connect with HubSpot Which is better? 50 qualified social media followers , or 1,000 followers, many of whom will never buy from you ? The answer may surprise you. In social media, reach is of critical importance. In other words, in an online world, social reach shouldn't be a trivial factor for businesses leveraging inbound marketing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 2015
    [Hubspot] UPDATE 16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns
    HubSpot customer Bonafide uses this email in one of its lead nurturing email series, and it's a great example of a principle so many email marketers forget. If you're reading this, you probably have an email address (or two, or three.). And for help creating effective email marketing campaigns of your own, download our free guide here.
    [Hubspot] 4 Ways Amazon's New Facebook Integration Impacts eCommerce
    Learn from HubSpot's VP of Sales, Mark Roberge, as he teaches you how to grow your eCommerce website through inbound marketing. Connect with HubSpot A number of factors influence consumer purchasing decisions; price, availability, and customer service to name a few. More Purchases Due to Mid-Transaction Influences.
    [Hubspot] How Guest Blogging Grows Your Business and Improves Your Search Ranking
    Also, based on a recommendation from Dan Zarrella, Hubspot’s Social Media Scientist, we now publish very early in the am. “Guest blogging not only brings links (for search ranking), it brings an audience for your content marketing.” ” Brian Clark, @copyblogger , a content marketing expert. Do you write guest posts?
    [Hubspot] 2011 Trends for B-to-B Blogging
    Research from HubSpot shows that small businesses with blogs have twice as many Twitter followers as those who don’t. My blog is an integral part of our total overall marketing program. We use it as the hub of our lead activity and think most B-to-B companies should be blogging as part of their overall marketing efforts. There’s much more.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Hubspot] Got a Trade Show Coming Up? How to Use Instagram While You're There
    Bonus: If you''re a HubSpot customer on the COS , your landing pages are already mobile optimized! 4) Amplify Your Reach. Think about the last time you put together a booth for a trade show or conference. You checked off every item on your to-do list so you could have a flawless booth. Hate to break it to you, but you still forgot something.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015
    [Hubspot] How to Prove the Value of Inbound to Your CFO [Free Kit]
    Click to Tweet: "New kit from @HubSpot helps marketing leaders prove the value of #inbound #marketing to the C-Suite, especially CFOs. If you''re a marketing leader who knows the value of inbound marketing, you may have already implemented pieces of inbound into your overall marketing strategy. Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO). link] ".
    [Hubspot] How to Expand Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Beyond Just Email [SlideShare]
    Multi Channel Lead Nurturing from HubSpot. Lead nurturing is a critical part of a marketer’s job, especially in the B2B space. Forrester suggested that a B2B buyer’s journey could be anywhere from 65-90% complete by the time he or she contacts the vendor to move forward with a sale. This is where multi-channel nurturing comes in.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015
    [Hubspot] Plain Text vs. HTML Emails: Which Is Better? [New Data]
    For the click rate, we dove into data from over half a billion marketing emails sent from HubSpot customers. In the world of email marketing, opens and clicks are everything, which means email marketers are always testing ways to improve these metrics. the list goes on and on. Here's how we came to that conclusion. Beyond Deliverability.
    [Hubspot] Quick Summaries of 5 Marketing Books You Should've Already Read [SlideShare]
    Below, you''ll find a SlideShare featuring five books I think every marketer should read if they haven’t already and a list of SpotNotes -- HubSpot’s very own version of quick-hitting book notes. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t read enough -- especially when it comes to business books. Yes, you do. Cialdini.
    [Hubspot] Paid Advertising 101: Understanding Search and Display Advertising
    If meteoric growth is any indicator of positive business sentiment, then the latest numbers from IAB suggest that paid advertising is paying off for brands—big time. According to a recent report issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the second quarter of 2015 alone generated a record-setting $14.3 year over year. Read on. Bing Network.
    [Hubspot] How to Easily Create Custom Pin It URLs for Pinterest
    short description ( HubSpot recommends between 100-200 words ). Nowadays, many marketers -- especially those in the ecommerce space -- are using Pinterest to achieve their business goals. After all, Pinterest boasts the highest average checkout value of all social media referral shoppers. Want more control of the Pinning experience?
    [Hubspot] How to Get Past the 10 Most Debilitating Sources of Writer's Block [SlideShare]
    Getting Past Writer''s Block from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software. Writer''s block. We''ve all suffered it. Whether we write once in a while or every day, love creating content or absolutely hate it, we''ve all experienced this productivity killer. And it''s not just a mild frustration we can brush off, either. Yikes.
  • SAZBEAN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013
    [Hubspot] Boost Your B2B Marketing Efforts with TwitterChats
    According to Hubspot, “Most Twitter chats have one or more organizers who moderate the discussion and set the day and time for the conversation. Most Marketers use Twitter as a broadcast medium, creating bite-sized nuggets of interest for their prospects, clients and industry. These are know as Twitter chats. News & Notes
    [Hubspot] Quaero Featured in Recent Article on CRM Systems
    By tracking leads via Hubspot and, the company was able to do this. "Customer relationship management (CRM) vendors often claim that their software can do practically anything, from revealing which leads work (and which don't) to who your best customers are to which products are the most or least profitable.
    [Hubspot] How to Run an A/B Test [FAQs]
    If you''re a HubSpot Enterprise customer who is following along with our example, you can use these instructions. If you''re a HubSpot Enterprise customer running a different A/B test, here are other resources to help you out. 5) Promote your test -- but maybe not to everyone. Why don''t you head on home?". Ready to run an A/B test?
    [Hubspot] The Best Quotes From Oscar Wilde on Writing and Creativity [SlideShare]
    The Best Quotes From Oscar Wilde on Writing and Creativity from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software. Getting stuck in a writing rut is the worst. There are few things more annoying and frustrating than looking at a computer screen, on deadline for your latest marketing project, only to have the cursor tauntingly blink back at you.
    [Hubspot] Top 111 B2B Marketing Posts and 34 Hottest Topics for 2010
    22 Educational Social Media Diagrams - Hubspot , May 24, 2010. Hubspot Review - LeadSloth , July 12, 2010. The Ultimate List: 300+ Social Media Statistics - Hubspot , May 13, 2010. Here it is - the very best posts and the hottest topics for 2010. Congrats to all for making the list! Do I Really Need a Content Strategy? Why Free?
    [Hubspot] WTF Is the Future of Business? Brian Solis Has an Answer
    Folks at HubSpot know him as a pal who will be speaking at our INBOUND conference this August alongside Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, and Nate Silver. Have you ever wondered what the future of business will look like? The future of business won''t be like that. Marketers are the ones who create experiences. Suddenly all eyes are on you.
    [Hubspot] How to Search Engine Optimize a Blog [Infographic]
    Connect with HubSpot Blogging is a powerful inbound marketing tool not just because it helps you educate prospective customers. Blogging also provides search engines with fuel they love: fresh and original content. The folks over at SEOmoz created a great infographic dedicated to blog SEO. Marketing Takeaway.
    [Hubspot] 15 Bizarre Cover Letter Blunders to Avoid at All Costs
    " This is one of HubSpot''s perks -- free beer and books. Most job seekers'' cover letters are merely an introduction. An accurate overview of experience highlights and a way to request to be moved forward based upon your qualifications. And then there are the other kinds of cover letters. " Not a great way to start a cover letter.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012
    [Hubspot] How to Integrate Inbound Call Tracking With Online Analytics
    HubSpot users, for example, can visit the App Marketplace and install HubSpot RingRevenue App.). It will then add that to the caller's lead record in HubSpot. For HubSpot users, this dashboard lives inside the HubSpot RingRevenue App. On one side of the wall -- the click side -- life is rich with data. Best of All?
  • SAZBEAN  |  SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2011
    [Hubspot] Top Internet Strategy, Marketing & Technology Links – Week of July 8, 2011
    The Ultimate 8-Point Checklist for Remarkable Content (HubSpot). Here are the top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of July 8, 2011… The Secret 10 Step Guide to Giving Good Social (Louis Gray). Does privacy exist in a world of social networks and sharing? GigaOM). Are We Nearing The End For The SEO Business?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2014
    [Hubspot] 24 Event Planning Details That Everyone Overlooks
    To help make sure you don’t let a tiny detail slip through the cracks when you plan your next (or first) event, I’ve compiled this list of event planning tips from some of my esteemed HubSpot colleagues. It’s a worst case scenario: You have dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people at your event. And guess what?
    [Hubspot] Guidelines for Writing Your LinkedIn Company Page
    HubSpot does a remarkable job with their products and service tab, combining what they do with special offers. LinkedIn company pages are like a personal profile for your company. Your company page is a mini-website for your company, but it’s located on LinkedIn so it’s easy for LinkedIn members to find. The About Section.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012
    [Hubspot] An Introduction to 7 of the Most Popular Social Networks for Business
    Just look at how often HubSpot posts on Twitter to get our content some visibility in the news feed! In a HubSpot study last year, in fact, we found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. People expect different type of content on each social media network. Twitter's Superpower. Think again.
    [Hubspot] Content Marketing in 2014: Are You Prepared?
    HubSpot, for instance, started blogging before we even had a product. The growth in content marketing this year has continued to gather pace. Of course the reasons for doing content marketing stretch a lot further than just acquiring links, but this is just one chart that highlights how popular content marketing is becoming. Scaling Content.
    [Hubspot] The Ultimate Guide for Mastering Long Tail Search
    You may have advanced keyword analytics tools at your disposal, such as HubSpot's Keyword Grader tool, that allow you to get more granular with your long tail search efforts. Next, search for long tail variations of those terms using the 'Suggest Keywords' option in HubSpot's Keyword Grader tool or by using Google's Keyword Tool.
    [Hubspot] How to Turn Your Liberal Arts Degree Into a Top Tech Startup Job
    That''s why HubSpot is offering the 2014 Inbound Business Bootcamp. The bootcamp, to be held at HubSpot Headquarters on February 7, is a day-long series of classes for top college seniors interested in jobs at technology companies in the Boston area. Now you’re about to graduate -- and s#!%’s ’s getting real.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015
    [Hubspot] 7 Reasons You're Not Getting ROI From Your Content
    HubSpot customers can use the keyword tool built into the marketing software. Content as a marketing strategy is reliable and cost-effective, but only if it generates high-quality leads. To succeed, you must not only create and promote content, but also analyze and optimize the content. The Fix: Measure the Basics. What is that next step?
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2012
    [Hubspot] Social Media Customer Service Is Failing, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week
    Here at HubSpot, we've been super busy preparing for INBOUND 2012. While we at HubSpot do love our social media metrics , we can see his point when it comes to customer service. The HubSpot blog once again has the honor of bringing you this week's Facebook update. Weekend? What weekend? Do you agree with his thoughts?
    [Hubspot] TMI? How to Personalize Your Emails Without Being Creepy
    you can said "I think HubSpot would be interested in X, Y, Z.". Years ago, I would have been shocked to receive an email that said "Hello Rachel," but today it would shock me to see an email that didn''t greet me by my first name and feature content tailored to my individual interests. it''s very possible that we can over -personalize emails.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2013
    [Hubspot] 15 Inspirational Resources to Lift You Out of Your Content Rut
    So, when you work for a content creation machine like HubSpot , you have to work hard to find inspriation to produce high-quality content. As an inbound marketer, I know two topics that go hand-in-hand: Content creation and inspiration. Trouble is, it''s difficult to do the former right without the latter. Quora’s mission statement ?
  • E-QUIP  |  TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012
    [Hubspot] E-Quip Blog: Making the Compelling Case for Change
    HubSpot. Tuesday, May 29, 2012. Making the Compelling Case for Change. When the pain of change exceeds the pain of staying the same, change is unlikely. That quote from sales trainer Bill Scheessele has proven true over my 20-plus years as a change initiative leader. In my last post , I outlined six steps to effective corporate change. Posts.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 2014
    [Hubspot] How to Work Less and Accomplish More: Career Principles to Live By
    HubSpot has what they call SMART goals and FranklinCovey has Wildly Important Goals. This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Insiders. If you’re a business owner you’re probably trying to grow. We all are. Your time has to be planned in advance.
    [Hubspot] Social Media Readings: Nine Things to Get You on Track
    Let’s start with this new one from the good people at Hubspot. We’ll end with this simple blog post from Hubspot. A long weekend looms here in Canada, with another just behind it for my American friends. Time to put some duct tape on the kids, some beer in the cooler and kick back with a good book. But that’s my issue. What the Plus!
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012
    [Hubspot] 26 Social Media Marketing Hidden Treasures You Never Knew Existed
    For example, HubSpot might find lists of marketing thought leaders that we can follow! For example, because I interact with HubSpot's content, they frequently come up on my newsfeed, and that of my friends (even if they aren't fans of HubSpot). oh man, is there some cool stuff there for marketers! Use Advanced Search.
    [Hubspot] 7 Ways for Your Company to Break the Ice with the Blogosphere
    Consider this 2011 HubSpot study where 69% of businesses surveyed attributed their success with lead generation directly to blogging. D oes your organization have a blog? Though it seems the evidence that blogging pays off is everywhere, some companies are still struggling to get a blog up and running.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 2012
    [Hubspot] Pinterest vs. Google+: Which New Social Network Is Worth Marketers' Time?
    If you’re not a B2C or product-oriented business – or you’re like HubSpot and your product is inbound marketing software -- it’s a stretch to find a use for Pinterest. Connect with HubSpot And why should they be? And we have! Great. Two more social networks brands need to figure out how to use for marketing.
    [Hubspot] Why ToFu is Just an Appetizer
    great example of this is HubSpot , creator of the term ToFu and MoFu. According to HubSpot , companies that excel at lead nurturing achieve 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. Spending boatloads of money on marketing and not getting the return you expect? When I first met my wife, she was a vegetarian. Increase Your MoFu.
    [Hubspot] 17 Brilliant Sources of Content Hiding Right Under Your Nose
    We have a couple here at HubSpot, one of which is an internal wiki on which we post, among many things, educational pages with content we think others might benefit from. For example, we launched HubSpot 3 at our marketing conference, INBOUND 2012, during a keynote address. Creating content is a pain in the puppy. And an infographic?
    [Hubspot] Getty's New Free Stock Photos Come With a Price
    Or, HubSpot has hundreds of stock photos you can use any time, any place, with no attribution or iframes needed. It''s not fun fighting off lawyers when you thought you were using an image under a fair use clause. Where do you find images if you think you''re going to get sued, anyway? Find an image you like, then click on it.
    [Hubspot] The Average Large Company Has 178 Social Media Accounts [Shocking Data]
    At HubSpot, we decided to make this change ourselves just yesterday when we merged our @ContentCamp Twitter account with our main @HubSpot account. Connect with HubSpot Yesterday, Marketing Pilgrim reported data from Altimeter Group that the average large company has 178 corporate-owned social media accounts. Wait, what ? Smart?
    [Hubspot] The Secret to Increasing Blog Subscribers & Boosting Traffic [Data]
    We took a look at 720 HubSpot customers with at least 50 email subscribers to get a better idea of how these businesses use their blog to attract and convert prospects. It probably won't come as a surprise to you that business blogging is an indispensable component to seeing success with inbound marketing. That's right. Here's what we found.
    [Hubspot] The Marketer's Guide to Getting Started With Content Personalization
    However, with enough profile data, a customized social interaction at the right time can be a powerful marketing tool, and tools like HubSpot''s Social Inbox can be extremely helpful in personalizing responses and delivering real social ROI. Content personalization has been a hot topic for marketers over the last few years. On-Page. Email.
  • SYNECORE  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Hubspot] 5 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Blog Posts
    One of the easiest ways to measure success is by leveraging a third-party marketing automation software platform like HubSpot. If you aren’t measuring the success of your blogs, there’s no way to know if your hard work is doing any good. The best way to measure the success of your posts is by looking at the 5 essential metrics outlined below.
  • SYNECORE  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015
    [Hubspot] 5 Ways to Personalize Content for Anonymous Visitors
    With a CRM like HubSpot, you can create “smart rules” that allow you to deliver content that is tailored towards your visitor’s specific location. Believe it or not, you can actually personalize your web experience for anonymous visitors. Although it sounds strange, it is possible to personalize content for people you know nothing about.
    [Hubspot] Unveiling The Pipeline Marketing Technology Stack
    Overall, the most popular automation tool is Hubspot, but Marketo is the leader for medium-to-large companies (Datanyze). How on earth do marketers keep all of the various marketing technologies straight in their mind? And how are CMOs supposed to figure out the best technology stack for their company? The Stack, Explained.
    [Hubspot] How to Use Internal Linking to Improve Your Website's SEO
    You can see this in how HubSpot ranks for the term ' how to use facebook for business.'. Connect with HubSpot Great content and attracting inbound links are major elements of your SEO strategy. Why Internal Linking Is Important. How to Leverage Internal Linking. Ways to Improve the Internal Linking on Your Website.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014
    [Hubspot] How to Insert Google Calendar Invites in Your Marketing Emails
    For example, instead of "Webinar Placeholder," we''d use something specific such as "Webinar: Inbound Marketing 101 With HubSpot." Conferences, workshops, product launches, webinars, networking hours -- they''re essential. They help you get in front of your target audience and have some much-needed face time. action=TEMPLATE. More content.
    [Hubspot] what's your marketing approach?
    The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking What’s Your Marketing Approach? An interesting post by Steve Johnson talks about marketing not being a list, but rather an approach to solving customers problems and helping buyers to buy. United States License.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015
    [Hubspot] How a Good Content Strategy Can Repair Your "SEO Problem"
    Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot’s co-founder and CTO, summed up this point nicely in a post on “We’re in dire need of some SEO help,” said the owner of a small, successful business located in central Texas. “I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong, but something’s clearly amiss. But too often, the “SEO problem” isn’t SEO at all. The result?
    [Hubspot] Shelf Life of Social Media Links Only 3 Hours [Data]
    Connect with HubSpot When it comes to link sharing in social media, it turns out it's not about where you share it -- it's about what you share. Half Life Research Results. The mean half life of a link on Twitter is 2.8 hours. The mean half life of a link on Facebook is 3.2 hours. hours. The mean half life of a link on YouTube is 7.4 hours.
    [Hubspot] 2013 Year in Review: Top 6 focus areas for B2B marketers this year
    In this blog post, Ellie Mirman, Head of SMB Marketing, HubSpot and Shreesha Ramdas, General Manager, Leadformix, discussed five tactics for generating leads using LinkedIn. In 2012, the top focus for B2B marketers was understanding and leveraging social media. Topic #1. Use social media to generate leads and connect with prospects. Topic #2.
    [Hubspot] The Ultimate List: 100+ Twitter Statistics
    Free Download: Marketing Data: 50+ Marketing Charts and Graphs HubSpot has complied over 50 marketing charts and graphs on topics including Lead Generation, Blogging and Social Media, Marketing Budgets, Twitter and Facebook Download the ebook now! to have access to these charts for use in your own presentations Connect with HubSpot
    [Hubspot] Lessons From Giving Tuesday: How to Run a Successful Online Giving Campaign
    HubSpot has a lot of content development resources to help you create your calendar here and here. 5) Take part in Google Hangouts. For all that 2012 offered, GivingTuesday 2013 was even more successful, raising 90% more in 2013 than in 201 2. In a previous post, we shared 12 notable highlights from this year''s Giving Tuesday. And why not?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2012
    [Hubspot] 7 Expert Email Marketing Tips You're Probably Missing Out On
    Below is an example of a dynamic list in the new HubSpot Email tool. Many email service providers, including HubSpot, enable you to create a plain-text version in just one click. If you’re using HubSpot for your email, we’ve built the functionality you need to easily execute these tactics right into our tool.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013
    [Hubspot] ESPN May Well Be the Smartest Media Brand on the Internet
    Nate Silver is already a rock star, but I’ll bet that in three years his operation will be twice as big as it is today. I’m not sure if this is what he’ll be talking about at HubSpot’s INBOUND conference, but it’s less than a month away and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be hanging on his every word. Legacy Media.
    [Hubspot] 12 Realistic Ways to Make Your Social Media Data Actionable
    Tools like Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and even us here at HubSpot help pump and process this data, but it’s often ignored as it surges into the office. Social media continues to rain data onto the market. mean, what are the actionable takeaways from all this data we're collecting? Word on Social Data. What's the rate of growth?
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