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Client Newsletters: Do They Belong in Your B2B Marketing Mix?

KoMarketing Associates

For some, simply sending out emails with current promotions can lead to great click-through rates ( anything over 3.5%) and a decent ROI. However, for certain B2B industries, a little more curation is needed, hence why the client newsletter continues to be a mainstay strategy for email marketing. Be an Industry Resource. Share Events or New Products. How does this benefit them?

10 Insightful Leadership Resources for Content Managers


Many are promoted up through the ranks and simply don’t have the knowledge, skills, or ability to communicate effectively.”. He provides activities that can help you reprogram your brain to accentuate the positive and release the negative for maximum business success on your team. We highly recommend HBR’s weekly newsletter subscription. EntreLeadership. Do Over.

How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Read


You’re sitting around a conference room, trying to figure out how to best engage your leads and customers, sell more products, or just “stay top-of-mind” for your target audience, and someone decides there’s a solution that can solve all of those problems at once: an email newsletter! At the very “least,” you could engage your company’s evangelists -- and they could help bring in business.

7 Places to Find Quality Email Newsletter Templates


If you had to guess, how many email newsletters do you think you're subscribed to? If done well, though, email newsletters can do wonders to help you build an engaged subscriber base , keep your business top-of-mind, and nurture leads that are already making their way down the funnel. In fact, an often overlooked component of the newsletter creation process is the design.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

It also helps maintain relationships with vendors, agencies, and. suppliers, and can help facilitate corporate communications and build company culture. be a great resource in powering content creation. The studio helps unify the company around a. In fact, Beebe’s only real criticism of the first cut was a self-promotional shot for Marriott. resources.

17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


Now you need to distribute and promote it. There is a myriad of methods to promote your white paper, generate interest, and help it climb Google’s search engine rankings. Here Promote your paper in your blog’s sidebar or widget or with a call to action at the end of the post. Newsletter. Promote your white paper using online press release distribution services. This

How to Utilize B2B Online Marketing to Promote New Solutions

KoMarketing Associates

Oftentimes, B2B marketers need to focus on promoting what they already have to gain new customers and strengthen a loyal following. Below are some of the channels and mechanisms B2B online marketers can promote a new product or service to target audiences. Email Blasts / Newsletters. App Notifications. Custom Social Media Graphics. Content Marketing. Final Thoughts.

How to Build an Email Newsletter that Wins Business

Hinge Marketing

” — Hinge Email Marketing Guide How can you build a winning email newsletter while avoiding the common mistakes many firms fall into? 1) Position your newsletter for success. Crafting the right value proposition will help get people on your list — but it’ll also help keep them there by making expectations clear. Email is dead, right?

How to Stretch Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Resources


Instead of looking at your nonprofit’s marketing resources (or lack thereof) as constraints, keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities for creativity. Here are some examples: Create a regular newsletter with curated content. If you’re looking for additional tips, check out this list of 5 tips to help you build your process from scratch. Be a Curator, not a Writer. No problem.

3 Emails Your Business Should Be Sending

Vertical Response

For example, you may offer advice and how-to articles, as well as some promotional offers. Newsletter. Many of our customers ask us about the difference between an email promotion/campaign and an email newsletter. Your newsletter should always offer readers valuable information. What to include in your newsletter: News. Promotional Emails. Images.

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How to Promote an Event with Social Media

Paul Gillin

As a frequent speaker at events of all sizes, I’ve had a chance to observe some of the best practices conference organizers used to promote their events through social media. They help you publicize to a local community. Create a Twitter hashtag and promote it to your colleagues and registrants. Content from past events is your best promotion for future events. Do that.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. Focus marketing and sales resources within chosen vertical. how we invest our resources. B2B Marketing. Look for.

The Go-to Guide to Creating Email Newsletters People Actually Read


Most marketers have been there -- you’re sitting around a conference room, trying to figure out how to best engage leads and customers, sell more product, or just “stay top-of-mind” for your target audience, and someone decides there’s a solution that can solve all of those problems at once: an email newsletter! Okay, let’s say you’ve found that you should do an email newsletter.

How to Create an Amazing Content Resource Center

Modern B2B Marketing

Without an effective distribution and promotion strategy, your otherwise brilliant content will sit idle, unread and gathering dust. That’s why a thoughtful strategy for distributing and promoting your content is essential. This can include email promotions, paid advertising, social outreach, and so on.  Why You Need a Content Resource Center. Some Examples. SEOmoz.

3 Tips to Promote Your Giving Tuesday Campaign


Giving Tuesday is right around the corner and everyone is looking for an edge to help them raise more money on December 1st. Support : Giving stakeholders the resources and tools they need to raise money on your behalf. Create a communications calendar that includes your blog, email newsletter and social networks. Last year, Giving Tuesday raised a whopping $47.5 million.

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Five Killer Content and Social Media Marketing Resources

WindMill Networking

Usually, I just add a few words to relate the article to the topic du jour.  It occurred to me that readers might appreciate more of a deep dive into some of the important works in the field.  So I thought that I would include a rundown of the top pieces of content that I have found to be extremely helpful, and takeaways for each.  They are all great resources. And… a fourth: shared.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. Focus marketing and sales resources within chosen vertical. how we invest our resources. B2B Marketing. Look for.

Your Guide to Email Design

Vertical Response

In this guide, we cover the dos and don’ts of email design for commonly sent emails including email newsletters, sales emails, welcome emails and event/invitation emails. And, at the end of the guide, you’ll find a toolkit with time-saving resources. Email Newsletters. Email newsletters are a great way to engage with your audience. Use harsh or bold colors.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Small Business [GUIDE]

Vertical Response

With her help, we’ve outlined five ways that email marketing can help your business. 1. By sharing information about your business through emails, you help customers see how valuable your product or service is, Bastian says. Keep in mind, promotional emails aren’t reserved for only things like, “Don’t miss our 50% off sale.” Newsletter.

Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic


That being said, there’s a very fine line between effective content promotion and alienating your potential audience by being a spammer. If you’re facing the challenge of building a new site’s authority and audience from the ground up, your first weeks of content promotion can feel positively pointless and frustrating. How much time does your brand dedicate to content promotion?

Stop Selling, Start Helping: 5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Content

Modern B2B Marketing

Stop Selling and Start Helping. You can make the switch by changing two letters – just turn “selling” into “helping.” ” That’s right – selling brings you a customer today, but being helpful creates customers for life. Here’s the bottom line: You can create magnetic content that wows your buyers if you focus on helping, rather than making sales.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. Focus marketing and sales resources within chosen vertical. how we invest our resources. B2B Marketing. Look for.

4 Uncommon Ways to Help New Customers Discover Your Business

Vertical Response

Here are four uncommon ways to help new customers discover your business: 1. When creating content for your website or blog, ask yourself ‘Does this help the reader learn something?’ Sites like these are typically supportive of inter-business promotion so definitely add links to your social media handles and website details in your post signature. 3. advice.


20 Go-To Places for Truly Awesome Newsletter Templates


If you’re using email marketing to promote your content , you’re certainly on the right track. Other estimates put the figure much higher, at closer to $57.25 for every dollar invested in newsletters and other forms of email outreach. To help you design an email that makes a serious impression, we’ve curated 20 of the most powerful resources for your program. MailChimp.

The Importance of Creating Marketing Resources to Improve Writing Quality

Content Standard

This is why creating simple marketing resources in the form of writing guides for inexperienced writers (and experienced writers) is so important to produce high-quality stories, all while making communications more efficient. Our hope is to create marketing resources that will actually be used. Will this marketing resource be irrelevant next year? You create, by hand.

[NEW RESEARCH] B2B Manufacturers Stuck When It Comes to Content Marketing

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If you only have a verbal strategy, please take the time to put it in writing (our 16-page guide on documenting your content marketing strategy can help). I’m a huge believer that you’ll never get to where you want to go if you don’t have a road map. You are wasting precious time and resources. Are you experimenting with promoted posts but not getting far? What went wrong?

Ten Tips for Cross-Promoting your Content, Part I | B2Bbloggers.


We now need to be thinking about a wider ‘Library Marketing’ strategy that looks at the entire content resource in the context of the conversion funnel. wrote about this on the Content Marketing Institute blog recently, but wanted to pull out one specific discipline that I didn’t emphasize and that feels particularly relevant here on B2B Bloggers: cross-promotion. Can work wonders.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Email Newsletters

Marketing Action

Most email marketers are fully aware of the benefits – and the challenges – of an e-newsletter. These regularly scheduled email messages go on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. (I don’t know anyone who has a yearly email newsletter, but I guess it’s possible.) And of course, they give you a chance to regularly promote your products and services. Too little time.

6 Content Challenges Facing Enterprise Marketers (Plus Some Helpful Solutions)


Value can be translated into something that is educational, entertaining, helpful, unique, brilliant, visual, inspirational, informative, or even emotional. Before you even create content, consider the audience and persona it''s meant for and where you plan to promote it. Extra Resources and Examples: 16 Companies from "Boring" Industries Creating Remarkable Content. right?

3 Ways to Expand Your Content Marketing Strategy Beyond Blog Posts

KoMarketing Associates

Other marketers have had success with giving white papers as a bonus to new clients or those that have signed up for a newsletter or email mailing list. Email Newsletters. Email newsletters are a great way to put a focus on providing information as a trusted resource, without explicitly trying to sell the recipients specific products and services. newsletter archives.

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Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Third-party resources and content can also be effectively utilized to bring you an aspect of credibility through the halo effect. Direct mail examples: personal letters, dimensional mailers, books, post cards, newsletters, press releases, white papers, event invitations, research reports, case studies, success stories and third-party articles. Keep your emails brief, relevant, helpful, informational, but not promotional. Newsletters  — Print or email, or both, with articles that address customer challenges. What can you send via email? What can you do online?

Building Your Content Brand In The Content Marketing Arms Race


We’ve used it to promote our own services (the B2B Content Marketing Workbook has clocked up over 1,000 downloads to date) and we’ve used it to help just about every one of our clients jump out of their crowded markets. Add resource sections. How can we help you Make Good Media? But now everybody is in on the game. Today, not having one is unthinkable. Two choices.

5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Learn to Love Facebook


You can also use your posts to promote lead generation offers. And you can set up your Facebook page to promote your email newsletter. Tools like Formstack  can help. That can help with recruiting and give your employees some incentive to stay active online, too. Being more accessible on Facebook can also help your sales team. Um … maybe not. Facebook Live.

Creating an Email Newsletter


They churn out the usual self-serving promotional hype that's easily ignored in our marketing-saturated world. One of the simplest yet potentially most effective tools in your client-oriented marketing toolbox is an email newsletter or ezine. To be sure, there are advantages to printed newsletters, especially among us Baby Boomers who tend to favor hardcopy over electronic delivery.

After the Webinar: 7 Steps to Ongoing Audience Engagement


Post and promote the on-demand recording. Make sure that your team promotes the webinar via email and social media for the next 30 to 60 days. After that, make the on-demand webinar a call to action in a blog post on a closely related topic, or offer it in a newsletter. This can help you create webinars people actually want to attend, or feel a bit vested in. 7.

10 Traits Buyers Seek in Salespeople

Your Sales Management Guru

They teach salespeople to explain how, “your product or service”,  can help achieve key business goals. Top performers focus on helping buyers achieve their business goals. Are you helping or just selling? 4. Knowing their customers will help you sell them. 6. Serve as an information resource. Need more sales management resources? Listen. Tell the truth.

Mid-Year Marketing Check-In with Measurement


Take time to review your performance in the coming weeks with the resources provided in this post. Even the most seasoned professionals may find this list useful to help generate thought provoking “why” questions about your marketing performance. If applicable, how have newsletter sign ups performed year to date? Use these questions to help you determine your own performance.

8 Lead Generation Ideas for Startups


As a startup, you have to be smart about your lead generation strategies because you will likely have fewer resources to spend on marketing functions. Here are some lead generation ideas that can help make life a little easier for your startup: 1. It’s recommended that you choose at least 3 or 4 different social media channels to promote your brand. Get your CTAs right.

12 Ways to Promote Your eBook or White Paper

Savvy B2B Marketing

To help, here are 12 ideas on how you can promote your white paper and eBook (I refer to eBooks below, but these ideas apply to white papers as well). Including on any appropriate resource pages. Including as a related resource. LinkedIn LinkedIn can be a great place to promote your paper to a targeted audience: Join LinkedIn groups where your prospects congregate.

How IntraLinks Used Social Media to Generate Twice as Many Sales-ready Leads as Any Other Channel

B2B Lead Generation Blog

In just four months, it has helped IntraLinks achieve: Deeper brand penetration into its marketplace. A 50% connection rate with potential customers on LinkedIn. In February, Johnson enlisted the help of a B2B social media lead generation agency, to develop a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn. This is what will give insights to your prospect and isn’t self-promoting.

9 Email Marketers Explain Why Nobody Opens Your Emails


You craft the content and sent out a weekly newsletter like always, but your open rates and clickthroughs are falling week by week. We asked nine entrepreneurs why newsletters, which may have had high/steady numbers in the past, would have declining open rates. Email newsletters are part of the reason email as a whole is diminishing." Can’t figure out what’s happening?

Using email effectively in your content marketing


Informative trumps promotional. So this: How To Use Email in Your Content Marketing – March 2016 – Andigo Newsletter. is preferable to this: Andigo Newsletter – March 2016 – How to Use Email in Your Content Marketing. Promotional offers. Though if you have a large enough list and the resources to act on the findings, you should be testing constantly.). Layout.

How to Build Trust Online: 7 Little Ways to Create a Trustworthy Website


Essentially, the responses to this question get sorted into the following buckets: Those who respond with a score of 9 or 10 are considered loyal enthusiasts, or promoters, who are likely to fuel your growth through continued purchases and referrals. You can now arrive at your NPS by simply subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. Death to Stock.

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