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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Standard web analytics tools provide only a very narrow view of social media activity: clicks through to your brand website. The analytics tools built into social networks provide a bit more detail, though only within their own platforms. These tools can help you find out. 1) Socialbakers. Identify key influencers to help build awareness. ” — BuzzBlogger.

9 Criteria for Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Tool


Social media monitoring tools are increasing essential for companies of all sizes as the explosion of social media content renders manual monitoring efforts hopeless. With almost 200 social monitoring tools (and new entrants still coming to market), available at a range of price levels from free to if-you-have-to-ask-you-can’t-afford-it, how does an organization select the right social monitoring tool for its needs? “Free&# is always a popular price point, but in the world of social media tools (as in many other areas of life), you get what you pay for.

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11 Free Sales Tools to Pump Up Your Pipeline


But when your job depends on finding new leads, collecting data on leads, having meaningful conversations, managing opportunities, and helping close revenue, any time you can save on these tasks is worth its weight in gold. Some sales tools can cost up to $30k per year, and even more if you’re looking to use it with everyone on your team. What’s Your Favorite Free Sales Tool?

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Top tools to keep your contacts in order. in theory


LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an island. It’s not playing nice with any other tools. LinkedIn’s being a dick. It’s cut off its API from being used by all the other CRM platforms — dickish — and have tried to kill their CSV export tool — dick! mean, LinkedIn is ground zero for sales, for selling, for hiring, and for getting hired.

Social Media Marketing Tools For B2B Marketers

Tomorrow People

It’s true; the right post on a LinkedIn group might generate more leads than hundreds of costly PPC ads. At the time, there were impressive social media marketin g tools on the market, such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Wildfire. As B2B marketers, we felt that we were missing out - so we decided to build a tool to fill in the gaps. Campaign Based Publishing. Real Analytics.

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What is the Social Enterprise?

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Walking into’s massive Dreamforce conference recently, a long banner greeted you. So what are the tools a social enterprise will employ? Facebook and Twitter are fluffy social media tools that are consumer oriented and not enterprise class,” he adds. R Ray Wang. Welcome to the Social Enterprise,” it declared. Michael Krigsman.

What Salesforce’s Acquisition Of Radian6 Means for Sales People

Sales Intelligence View shakes the SaaS world again with this mornings announcement that they have acquired social monitoring company Radian6 for $326 Million. Radian6 works with clients like Dell, GE, Kodak and UPS to help monitor, analyze and engage in ‘hundreds of millions’ of social media conversations. linkedin radinan6 Salesforce social sellingSales 2.0

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LinkedIn Prospecting Techniques to Fill Your Sales Funnel

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

LinkedIn originally started out as sort of an online resume, but as membership grew, savvy B2B sales hunters realized it was a powerful prospecting tool too. LinkedIn has Quantity: LinkedIn has 175+ Million professional members. Still many salespeople aren't familiar with all of LinkedIn's prospecting capabilities. LinkedIn Charter Customer Survey, November 2011.

The Social Media MBA: Part 4: Top Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

WindMill Networking

Social media has also shaped technology that can help drive business. App developers are eager to provide the social consumer and the social media marketer with the tools to accomplish daily business and personal tasks. This is an exceptional time management tool! Focus: Engagement and Measurement LinkedIn allows you access to your LinkedIn account on your smart phone.

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11 Features to Bring Salesforce Chatter to Life

It's All About Revenue’s slick demos show how users can seamlessly collaborate through it’s micro-blogging system Chatter. At Behind this seemingly simple tool, there are an exploding number of features. Here are 11 tools to help you make these slick demos a part of your life. 1. LinkedIn. Sales & Marketing Alignment Chatter email Facebook Labs HootSuite Lead Scoring sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment Salesforce Seesmic Twitterby Andrew Sinclair | Tweet this. Auto follow people and records. Share email.

Going Big on Small: Joe Payne on HubSpot’s $32M Round

It's All About Revenue

The pattern of conversations will look something like this: First there will be a burst of emotion (observers will shout congratulations from the rooftops and laud HubSpot for attracting Google Ventures and as investors).  And as niches go, HubSpot’s is a compelling one:  They sell demand generation and web traffic tools to companies with fewer than 100 employees.  LinkedIn. Demand Generation Eloqua funding Google Ventures hubspot investment Joe Payne Venture Capitalby Joe Payne | Tweet this. billion page views for our clients. Facebook.

6 Brilliant Uses of Video

It's All About Revenue’s CRM Demo Video. knows video because they know what viewers want.  We want the lines between entertainment and education to blur.  This is a concept that Black & Decker’s training leader Rob Sharpe used to his company’s advantage when he inspired staff to create their own how-to videos, designed to help contractors and DIY’ers make optimal use of Black & Decker’s toolsLinkedIn. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?  Simplicity became high art.  Really. 

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10 Most Popular B2B Lead Blog Posts of 2016

B2B Lead Generation Blog

The year 2016 is quickly coming to an end and the holiday season is a time for reflection and preparation. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular and shared posts on the B2B Lead Blog, chosen by marketers, just like you, to help you get ready to have a great 2017. My methodology was compiling the aggregate social shares across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. 1.

Fast Growth Marketing: From 0 to 500,000 Users

B2B Lead Generation Blog

first met Fowler when he was co-founder of the cloud-based contact management platform Jigsaw which he sold to for $175 million (now Our goal with Owler to become a must use tool that gives a lot of very crisp information in a way that people can absorb it. After you sold Jigsaw to why didn’t you decide to ride off into the sunset? .

“Revenue” Turns One

It's All About Revenue

It’s an effective tool for creating brand awareness, even thought leadership. It’s not enough to put out one type of content, which is why we put out thought-provoking articles , helpful hints , opinion pieces , customer stories , interviews , event coverage , book reviews , eye-catching infographics and fast responses to breaking news. LinkedIn. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.

The 4 Stand Out Aspects of Salesforce Summer 11

It's All About Revenue

While this release is not heavy on features by standards, the company has been on an acquisition spree as of late and the Dreamforce keynote only a few months away, so I expect to see a lot more in the works.’s development of numerous features and tools. believe that Chatter will be an integral part of all products in the future. With’s acquisitions and investment in collaboration and productivity tools, they’re clearly developing a full suite of tools to help people collaborate and connect.

May The Force Be With You: 4 Takeaways From Cloudforce 2011

It's All About Revenue thinks the SaaS industry is ready for a re-launch. Cloud 2 ” is now the fundamental underpinning of’s application strategy. Social, with collaborative tools built right in. Salesforce has been arguing for years that customer service starts by searching Google, asking friends on Facebook, and Tweeting for help on Twitter. is committed to building a powerful development platform. At Cloudforce, again showcased the ability to use the platform for rapid application development. LinkedIn.

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Next-Generation Marketing Automation Systems Target Small Business

Customer Experience Matrix

Before jumping into the new systems, it helps to define a set of standard features to measure them against. I’ve written about this extensively in the past, so I won’t go into great detail here. nurture campaigns), and share leads with a CRM system like Synchronization with and SugarCRM are due by mid-2014. continuously updated) as well as static.

New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

Customer Experience Matrix

I’m revving up for the next edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) report, which will include six first-time entries. I’ve already written about two of those, Inbox25 and AutopilotHQ (formerly Bislr). Here are thumbnails of the others. That puts it firmly in Infusionsoft territory, and perhaps even towards the lower end of that. You get the idea.

Do Your 2016 Sales & Marketing Plans Align with Your Company Goals?


Most companies start with a master marketing budget template then break down each channel, market or program category individually into sub-budgets such as demand generation, events, content development, market research, and so forth. 2) They analyze the ROI from existing programs and tools Next, it’s time to analyze the ROI from each marketing effort and your martech stack.

AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce: Unpacking what it means for B2B marketers


If you engage with these leads through other marketing channels, like LinkedIn or email, their impact is not considered by AdWords. So if you engage with a prospect on AdWords, LinkedIn, and Email, and then the lead converts into a lead, each channel will claim full credit, making it look like you generated three leads when in reality you only generated one. What is it good for?

Seven Simple Ways to Screen Marketing Candidates — Just by Looking at Their Resumes

CMO Essentials

Modern marketers pride themselves on learning the latest technologies to help make them more productive. Whether it’s Google Analytics, WordPress,, HubSpot, or Canva, a good candidate will list out the technologies they’ve mastered that are relevant to their work – not just marketing technologies, but related ones, such as content management systems and CRM tools.

Mi6 Quick Tip #5

MI6 Marketing Agency

Tracking emails is hard enough but what if they use Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook? Fortunately there are some tools that help you address this issue. We’ve been using Nimble for the last six months or so (Sidebar: I’ve used, Google Contacts and Gist over the last year too). Bringing social and email messaging together. Picture too blurry?

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

B2B Marketing Insider

To answer this question, I looked at a variety of factors including twitter followers, profiles that included “B2B marketing,” the focus of their tweets including the hashtag # B2BMarketing , as well as a variety of social scoring tools using the keyword. Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter? And I quickly found that no list is perfect.). Powerful. Complete.

Tapping Social Networks for Business: Interview with @ClaraShih.


After all, Shih created Faceconnector , an application that pulls Facebook profile information into’s CRM application. So when you have a powerful tool like Facebook, where contacts are updating their own profiles, and which lets you connect with people on a human level, that also helps facilitate business relationships. How can we help you Make Good Media?

Is it Still a Revolution if it Comes with Instructions?

B2B Marketing Unplugged

In this case, it’s Radian6, recently sucked up by  A quick trip to the book’s website   reveals a very, very concerted effort to sell speaking engagements and consulting.  So whatever value may lie in its pages, it’s wise to view this book through the skeptical lens of a content marketer. But we’re not so instead we are told to “engineer a new bedrock”  by having a nice culture and remembering that every employee is, heaven help us, an ambassador. Then they share lists of tools we can use to bother our co-workers and customers. Oh, crap, you did.

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How I Work with Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers

Fearless Competitor

We’re glad he’s back (worth reading his story of recovery and attitude on the blog here ), and reinvesting in the growth of his business Find New Customers from a new home base in Tampa, Florida.(Actually, What apps/software/tools can’t you live without? The more 1 st level LinkedIn contacts you have, the more see your updates, so it is good to connect with people.

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Lead Qualification Best Practices: Sniff: “Inspect What You Expect”

Modern B2B Marketing

This process happens before an initial call and helps our Sales Development Representatives prepare for a relevant conversation with a lead. It’s a combination of checking web resources, information, Marketo Sales Insight , and account background to better understand: Who is your prospect? All the information I needed was already within

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5 Ways Sales & Marketing Can Bond at Dreamforce

It's All About Revenue

Nothing helps you speak the same language than swapping stories with your counterparts. 3. New products and tools galore abound. LinkedIn. Sales & Marketing Alignment Adobe Dreamforce Dreamforce 2011 NetApp sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment Salesforce salesforce.comby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Dreamforce is one of those unique events that bring together sales and marketing under the same roof. After all, there are great speakers to check out, new products to explore, amazing parties to attend. That’s a shame. Catch A Couple Of Sessions Together.

Bizo and DemandBase Lead B2B Marketing Automation to Web Advertising and Beyond

Customer Experience Matrix

I had a fascinating chat earlier this week with a client who described his vision for using DemandBase to tailor messages to Web site visitors from target accounts, using Bizo to further tailor messages to individuals by title, using all this data to synch inbound and outbound campaigns in Eloqua , and eventually driving everything with predictive model scores from a tool like Lattice Engines. Equally helpful to me personally, it reinforced my intention to write about Bizo and DemandBase, both of which have recently briefed me on their latest product extensions.

LeanData Grows Customer Base by 400% and Releases Update to Account-Based Marketing Suite


This will ultimately help marketers be much more aligned with sales and revenue objectives and have a more engaging, personalized relationship with their audience.”. “We’re very inspired with the pace of customer implementations, and their eagerness to deploy across their entire sales and marketing teams,” says Dan Ziman, Chief Marketing Officer at LeanData. Marketo ( MKTO ) provides the leading marketing software and solutions designed to help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing.  Solution Includes Account-Based Nurturing for Marketo. Download. View PDF.

50+ Expert Resources for Internet Marketers

Marketing Action

Whether you’re heavily involved in the world of SEO – or maybe it’s lead generation that is more your thing?  – whatever your focus or status, the resources below are sure to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Free Tools from WordStream on Free tools and resources for online marketers from B2B Marketing

Dreamforce 2011: Marc Benioff on the Birth of the Social Enterprise #DF11

It's All About Revenue

But each year, the biggest draw is talks CEO and cloud computing forerunner Marc Benioff gives. It gives a glimpse into the products and features will unveil throughout the week. In other words, it was about building applications that help connect to other applications (data management companies, social networks, etc.) LinkedIn. Share email.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM), so why do I need marketing automation ”? Similarly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s website claims “familiar and intelligent marketing capabilities” that help you “market more effectively, improve productivity, and gain actionable insight into your marketing efforts”. Thanks to Jep Castelein and his LeadSloth blog for helping with this list.

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The Sales Game Has Changed: Here's How to Adapt


In fact, what calls the Social Enterprise starts with developing a Customer Social Profile and interacting in modern ways. Let's dive into how the sales game has changed in recent years, and the tools sales professionals have used with success to adapt to this new landscape. Tools and Technology Sales Professionals Use to Overcome These New Hurdles. The result?

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How Data Science Is Transforming Sales and Marketing

Marketing Action

In recent years, predictive analytics techniques and technologies have helped elect presidents, discover new energy sources, score consumer credit, assess health care risks, detect fraud – even target prospective buyers. Lots of really smart people are using sophisticated science to help us solve all kinds of tricky problems. What in the world is data science? 

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Pinterest FAQs, Browser Bookmarks, and More in HubSpot Content This Week


From checking out the best content on the web for inspiration, to leveraging tools that make you more efficient, to reading up on advice from industry experts, there are quite a few educational resources online that can help you become a better marketer. You could also find some good stuff on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like. Well, for starters, there''s experience.