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10 Ways Customer Stories Help Companies Sell

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Here are 10 ways that customer stories help companies market and sell better -- from lead generation to closing deals to selling more to current customers. 1. Get traffic to your website – Customer stories are innately keyword-rich, helping bring potential buyers to your site through web searches. Read on to see all the ways that companies benefit from customer stories.

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25 Ways To Promote Brand Awareness For Your Small Business

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Be faithful to promote the same message over and over again to help it stick. 4. Whether on the blogs of potential customers or fellow businesses, comments can help get you noticed. Practicing the Golden Rule is more than a way to make business connections; it also establishes your brand as one that’s generous and helpful. Be Authentic. Be Unique. Be Consistent. Use SEO.

10 Requirements to Deploy Successful Online Content Marketing

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However, it also helps define TOFU and middle of the funnel (MOFU) content. Content marketing is a really hot topic these days and is considered the foundation of any good inbound marketing strategy. In today’s competitive online business environment it’s a must for search engine visibility, social media marketing, lead conversion, brand building and referral traffic.

8 Ways to Make Your Content More Like Personal Conversations

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About the Author: Dan McDade is President and CEO of PointClear, a prospect development firm helping B2B companies nurture leads until they're ready to purchase. We're pleased to present this guest post by Dan McDade of PointClear. Read on to hear Dan's suggestions for creative ways to infuse your content with conversational elements. Personal connection. Understanding. Serving.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

cultivated every internal asset that could help them. outside help when needed. that’s proven to work—one we’ve refined after helping. that sports an audience of over 300,000 readers. “We want to try to help marketers first,” Fishkin says. If you can help people solve their. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. emerge.

How To Be A Better Listener in Content Marketing

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Just knowing that this info will be delivered has helped me focus on Twitter in a more productive way. " Having this change in attitude has really helped. She's also a B2B content marketing consultant who has a passion for helping companies use content to connect with their ideal buyers. signed up for industry-related emails, but I hated all of the clutter in my inbox.

Beyond Buyer Personas: Connecting with Today's B2B Buyers

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The original intent was to paint the entire picture of the buyer experience to help inform an organization's future strategy for business, sales, and marketing. The seven models above combine into descriptive buyergraphics, showing buyer realities in visual and graphical forms that help organizations strategize and take action to best connect with potential buyers.

3 Quick Ideas to Improve B2B Blogging Productivity

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To help, we created a Google spreadsheet in which we listed all possible CTAs sorted by topic. ” To help with this effort, we created a roadmap of our key posts that our editorial team has access to. This may sound like overkill, but having this person focused on titles has been a great help. And, you want it to result in the best possible outcome for your organization.

After The Trade Show: How To Stop Your Leads from Disappearing

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If this sounds familiar then maybe a few simple techniques might help. Even if you don’t think you can make an after show offer, having a set of prepared brochures that you can send out will help to keep your brand fresh in your leads’ minds. And then nothing happens; your leads just vanish into the ether. Why did this person come to your stand? Lead score. Then use it!

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

It also helps maintain relationships with vendors, agencies, and. suppliers, and can help facilitate corporate communications and build company culture. The studio helps unify the company around a. Ultimately, a strong content methodology can help get you there. and triggers, which will help inspire different content types and formats that can be. help address?

Three Ways Personas Improved My Marketing

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That told me I needed to create some content around such integration to help me reach CMO types. All of which helps assure the rest of the hard work I’m doing (creating content, lead flows and scoring rules, and analyzing the results) won’t go to waste. In this week's guest post, Bob Scheier illustrates the value of buyer personas. Read on for inspiration! Irrelevant?

What I will tell my kids about jobs

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Clayton Christensen shares with his students a set of guidelines that have helped him find meaning in his own life. In his essay How will you measure your life? Second, how can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness? Third, how can I be sure I’ll stay out of jail? Though the last question sounds lighthearted, it’s not.

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5 Keys for Better Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing

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Read on for concrete tips to help unite sales and marketing. Doing so will help both marketing and sales improve their operations and ultimately boost the company’s bottom line. Aligning those schedules will help get everyone on the same page. Those people can share valuable opinions and insight that will help marketing do a better job at nurturing leads until they are “sales ready”. Share information – Likewise, marketers have access to a lot of information that can help the sales team improve its results. What can marketers do to meet those new demands?

4 Steps to Creating More Effective Content From the Buyer's Perspective

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wanted a vendor to offer content that helps me make decisions at each point in the buying cycle. Then, create buyer personas that truly reflect what people go through when buying your product or service so you can develop the content that helps them with their buying decision. The moral of the story: It sometimes helps to sit in the audience. ” What a great rule!

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

to help you get that promotion. We want to try and help marketers. helpful to keep your goals focused on the audience you want to serve. helping people tell amazing stories instead of polluting the web with me- diocrity, and in the power of ditching intrusive advertising in favor of great. But while freelance resources can be a great help, it’s. Introduction 3 II.

If Content Marketing is the Titanic, Could Low Marketer Confidence be the Iceberg?

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The Research: With help from American Business Media and the Business Marketing Association, Junta42 and MarketingProfs surveyed over 1,100 North American B2B marketers from diverse industries and a wide range of company sizes. We're pleased to present this guest post by Tom Pisello, also known as The ROI Guy. Effectiveness Less Than Expected: The ROI Confidence Gap. Engagement Quality.

How to Fascinate -- and Better Connect With -- Your Audience

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Perhaps that’s by helping them convince others within their companies that it makes sense to further explore the options you’ve presented. I’ve previously written about how marketers can deliver better white papers by applying the “triggers for compliance” laid out in Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

6 Ways To Win As A B2B Social Media Turtle

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If you’re reading this post, you’re on the Savvy B2B site, one of the starting points that helped me the most. This week's guest post is by Billy Mitchell, president of MLT Creative based in Georgia. Read on for the first in his multi-post series on how to succeed with social media marketing. It’s time to come out of you shell. Content –Create, curate and convert.

Savvy Week in Review: April 27

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This post will help you get it. TGIF, people! Another week, another tasty selection of fabulous posts from around the blogosphere. Welcome to our smorgasbord of the best B2B blogging tidbits this week. We hope you enjoy them and then go unplug for the weekend - spring is coming into full swing all over the place and you ought to go out and have some fun in it. Are You Worthy of Social Media?

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

on non-audience-relevant sites in the hope of getting more con- tent out there and the vain hope of helping our SEO.” can open access to the necessary analytic tools and resources, and the right analytics help content marketers devote their time. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective?

6 Ways to Align SEO With Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Ways to ask that help prevent the request from coming across as spammy include: Suggest a link in the context of relevant conversations or content. Explain how the link would help readers of the recipients’ web page or website. While keyword research provides the foundation for every search engine marketing initiative, content marketing delivers results. Meta descriptions.

Analyzing the Competition Where It Counts

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” Research conducted by and DemandGen Report found that almost 95% of recent purchasers said the solution provider they chose “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.” Engaging with prospects and customers in online forums and communities in a helpful (i.e., Content marketing. Buying experience.

4 Reasons to Use More Numbers in Your Writing

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Here are four ways numbers can help your writing. 1. In short, using more numbers in your writing can help you attract more readers, deliver more value to those readers, and more effectively compel them to take action. Read on for his thoughts on the power of using numbers in your writing. common theme in marketing commentary lately is the shortening of attention spans. We love lists.

Email by the Numbers

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Determine how to help the audience address that concern. It’ll help your success rate and protect you from the SPAM police. We're pleased to present this guest post by Michael Selissen of Case Mountain Communications. Read on for his seven steps to getting started with email marketing. It was one of those, “How do you like my new sweater?” Set the goal. Execute.

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Would spending more money help? tools can help companies maximize their efficiency. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction II. Methodology III. But brands.

Prospects DO Judge Your White Paper by its Cover

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About the author: Stephanie Tilton is a content-marketing consultant who helps B2B companies craft content that nurtures leads and advances the buying cycle. I’ve written quite a bit about white papers in my blog posts because they are one of the key content assets I develop for my clients. That's why this study from IDG Connect caught my eye.

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Create and Deliver Content Like a Publisher to Accelerate the Customer Buying Process

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About the author: Jim Burns is the Founder and CEO of Avitage , which helps B2B marketing and sales organizations establish and operate a "continuous content publishing engine" to create , manage and deliver content. We're pleased to present this guest post by Jim Burns of Avitage. Read on for insights into how one B2B company mindfully repurposes its content.

Personality: The Missing Ingredient in B2B Marketing Today

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Find New Customers helps companies with 50 to 5,000 employees and complex products implement lead generation programs to improve the way you find and acqu i re high quality sales leads according to David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Whether it is kitchen appliances, law schools, copiers or automobiles, the fact is they pretty much all look alike.

Savvy Week in Review - January 21

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Motivating Buyers: A Social Media Blind Spot - by @richbecker This post reviews the 10 buyer types in an attempt to help B2B marketeres identify their potential buyers and optimize messaging to reach them. I f you are in the northern states, are you feeling that winter doldrum hit? Have any other favorites? Let us know in the comments! Happy Friday, everyone! They're short and punchy.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. With marketing now responsible for helping to nurture and. B2B marketers will see how sales people can help.

49 Social Marketing Terms Explained for Newbies & Social Media Challenged

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know I will add more with each class but I also thought it might be helpful to the Savvy readership. I was given an unexpected eye opening gift a few months ago. I was asked by the owner of a local women's online forum to present a series of workshops for women business owners on using social marketing to grow their businesses. So many successful, inspiring women enrolled.

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Six Mistakes to Avoid In Selecting a Marketing Automation System

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This will ultimately speed your implementation as well as helping to ensure you select a system that actually does what you need. 5. This is all helpful both in your general planning and in forming a judgment of whether you’re equipped to succeed with their particular vendor. 6. Read on for insights into the right way to choose a marketing automation system. Not really.

Savvy Week in Review: March 30

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Radian6 distills its eBook of the same name into 5 categories and 50 steps to help you produce content your social community is likely to share. Even though temperatures have returned to “normal” for us, we still have a bit of spring fever. It’s that time of year when we want to get everything in order! Happy Friday! by @jchernov of @Eloqua. Relax. by @JayBaer. Should you?

Establishing A Formal Approach to Thought Leadership: Interview with Chris Koch

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While a subject matter expert can put forth a hypothesis and point of view, it’s the storytelling capability of marketers that helps get it across in an interesting way. Marketing then helps test the ideas with an external audience, including vetting ideas with industry analysts, and getting market feedback via social media. 5. And this is clearly resonating with the market.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

how content marketing helps generate. strengths, and where do you need outside help? “ The entire ecosysystem is competing. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. Why This Guide 6 III. Marriott, then 76.

4 Lost Copy Opportunities that Handicap Your Brand

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It’s bad enough to have your visitor get an error message, so why not make sure that if they do it’s at least friendly and even perhaps helpful. The devil is in the details. One rotten apple ruins the crop. chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The Big Things are important, but the details can have just as much impact on a person’s overall impression of your brand.