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From Crumpled Atlases to GPS Systems


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Social lead validation—the missing ingredient from most inbound LinkedIn marketing programs


The Chief Learning Officer at PeopleLinx , CEO of Social Selling Link, and Co-Founder of Business Development University and Social Selling GPS tells clients: “With each new connection, determine if they are someone you’d like to speak with and tweak the LinkedIn message slightly: NAME, it is nice to be connected on LinkedIn. All sales leads are not equal. Let me show you what I mean.

Digital futurism, machines that learn, and the end of (our) jobs


Granted, Batman’s GPS was a bit cumbersome (see below), but hey, nobody is perfect. The holiday season and the first few weeks of every year is a time to reflect on the old and getting ready for the new, with no shortage of predictions about what the future will bring us. One of the things “the old” can teach us is how bad we are at predicting the near future.

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10 Marketing Tools We’re Thankful For

It's All About Revenue

GPS Enabled devices - Once relegated to the phantom ‘wish list’ for marketers, it’s great to now have the opportunity to know what’s up, who’s nearby, and how you can capitalize on the location of your audiences to deliver value. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Marketing is evolving in many exciting ways. With the U.S. The Cloud- Big things are happening thanks to cloud-based technologies.

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7 Elements Of Customer Understanding The C-Suite Must Master

Tony Zambito

based logistics firms were required to tap into localized country transporters with GPS tracking. by Yarden Gilboa. Changes in customer and buying behaviors continue to rock the very foundations of many industries. According to recent surveys by PWC, Forrester, IBM , and McKinsey, disruptive trends in customer and buying behaviors are expected to continue over the next five years.

Facebook Place Tips: The Next Killer SoLoMo Tool for Businesses?


Unlike Wi-Fi, GPS, and cell towers (which Facebook will also be utilizing to connect larger areas with Place Tips), beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to pinpoint user location. One big advantage of BLU beacon technology over GPS and Wi-Fi is its energy efficiency. Place tips will show you fun, useful and relevant info about the place you’re at. Time will tell.

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How Mobile Marketing is Changing the World of B2B Lead Generation


They harness the power of GPS location, audio recognition, QR code scanners, spatial recognition services and even smartphone cameras to serve professionals. In many ways, smartphone access is responsible for B2B marketing’s growth. Lead generation has been boosted by mobile’s astounding data connection, and multiple industries are taking charge with innovative marketing approaches.

Machine Learning is Marketing’s Future: 3 Ways How


What might seem out of reach today can become widely accessible tomorrow – just look at the GPS system, or drones. When you hear “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning,” what comes to mind? A complicated technology that demands deep domain experience or a degree to use? This was once the way technology worked; only a select few had access. But innovation has a funny way of changing things. We’re seeing this now with marketing technologies. The result: more precise, efficient marketing that adapts to the journeys customers travel. A more tailored approach to outreach.

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IF you haven’t THEN you should use IFTTT for social


IFTTT can connect to my Android (or your iPhone ), keep track of my GPS, and then, when I reach a perimeter of my choosing, as tight or as loose as I want to the White House, then my Android will alert IFTTT and a tweet will be sent. ” Well, first, it’s pronounced like gift without the G; secondly, it’s a material conditional binary operator… if this, then that.

Martin Lindstrom on instinct and competitive advantage

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Some years ago, while driving from Poland to Vienna, my GPS broke down. Some years ago, while driving from Poland to Vienna, my GPS broke down. By Martin Lindstrom , {grow} Community member. Forget about buying a printed map. They’d vanished in the two decades since I’d last looked for one. Remarkably, I arrived at my destination without a single wrong turn. They simply were. I asked.

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The Ultimate Content Marketer’s Social Sharing Checklist

Haley Marketing

When you head out on a vacation to a new state for the first time chances are you load an address into your GPS and develop a series of steps to get you from Point A to Point to your End Location. I’ve heard it dozens of times. “I I get it.Our company needs to be active on social media. But what should we be doing? By nature, your blog and website in general are static entities. Facebook.

Interesting Infographics: Be More Competitive By Nurturing Big Data


This infographic, from Clear Ci , explores some of the best places to harvest data today, including social media posts, transaction records, Google search queries, digital pictures and video, and even smartphone GPS readings. The term “big data” has become one of those tech buzzwords that people seem to love. That’s a lot of data – in fact, there are 2.5 Big Data home infographic

Actionable Research: A Roadmap to a Successful Rebrand

Hinge Marketing

You have a road map and a GPS device. You plug your current and desired destinations into the GPS while also looking at the map. The map shows all the different routes that you could take to get to your destination, but the GPS has a highlighted route of the best way to get to where you need to go through the least amount of traffic. So what is actionable branding research?

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Why Marketing Belongs in the Boardroom

It's All About Revenue

" Randall Rozin, Global Director, Brand Management and Digital Marketing, Dow Corning says he thinks of marketing as a GPS for the organization. Credibility in the boardroom is measured in hard numbers. For marketers, earning a spot alongside the CEO and CFO comes down to being able to demonstrate how they add value to the business in terms that decision-makers can easily understand.

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The Secret of Lead Generation For the Complex Sale — Part 1


After all, they don’t have a GPS that tells them the exact steps they need to take to get there. Become their GPS. Top executives are visionaries. They know where they want to take their organizations. But it’s not always easy for them to show their team the way. If they don’t know what they want, how can you sell them? A Tale of Two Sales People. There’s a problem though.

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The fitness gear and tech that will make me strong and skinny in 2016


Over the last three months I have been so busy with actual work that I have put a pin in the obsessive calorie-counting, the obsessive step-step-stepping, the recording of anything even remotely resembling a workout onto a GPS watch , a fitness tracker, or a smartphone. Then, there’s the obvious next step: accountability. But even these are communities, both online and off. My lumbago!

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37 Big Data Case Studies with Big Results

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

ATLANTA FALCONS : Use GPS technology to assess player movements during practices, which helps the coaches create more efficient plays. By Rob Petersen, {grow} Community Member. In less than a decade, Big Data is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Who’s using it? How are they apply data? What are they achieving? Here are 37 Big Data case studies where companies see big results.

What Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Learn from Amazon

It's All About Revenue

Mobile presence technologies like GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth beacons offer retailers a tremendous opportunity to connect the digital and physical worlds for retail shoppers. Despite 90% of retail sales still happening in brick and mortar stores, it’s clear that Amazon and other data-driven e-tailers are changing the face of retail. In fact, our recent research of 1,000 U.S.

Sometimes Marketing with Technology Isn't Always the Answer

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

I don''t know about you, but I know my life revolves around technology: my laptops, my iPhone, my iPad, my GPS. I could sit here for an hour and type about how much I rely on technology, but you get the point. Most people use technology as a means of communication, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, text messaging, FaceTime, you name it. We all rely on technology for communication because it''s so convenient. While there I met a handful of great new contacts and when I wasn''t networking, my head was buried in my iPad jotting down notes and ideas. but then I gasped.

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New Year, New Email IP Address?


An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical number assigned to any device connected to the Internet – your PC, tablet, or smartphone, your Nest thermostat, your refrigerator, your Whistle GPS pet tracker , and so on. Which one is better for your email marketing sending? Before we dive into this discussion, let’s cover the basics. What is an IP address? Depending on what?

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6 Freaky, Funny, and Scary Abilities of Computer Organisms

Chris Koch

Anyone who’s had a first-generation GPS-equipped phone remembers how quickly these tiny chips sucked the life out of their phone hosts. I intended to write this blog about some of the amazing, helpful, and scary things that robots can do today, but even a quick look at the information out there demonstrates that robot is already an archaic term, like calling a car a horseless carriage.

Five Marketing Metrics that are Definitely NOT “Worthless”


” But that criteria would ignore many “interim” metrics that, while not directly bottom-line related in and of themselves, are important guideposts to designing and executing financially successful marketing plans—similar to the way a pilot may use GPS or visual landmarks. But like any good thing, data simplification can be overdone. ” Twitter Followers. ” True!

Does Your Law Firm Need More Than One Marketing Plan?


One device enables you to text, call, email, take photos, download and listen to music, access GPS and more. In the complicated, fast-paced world we live in, there is an increasing desire to have “one thing” to satisfy multiple needs. When it comes to products, the smart phone is a perfect example. Carve out a niche! What about branding? Don’t you need a plan for that, too?”

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The Ultimate List: 50 Local Business Directories


Navteq GPS 50. As a local business, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Quickly disappearing are the days when people would go to the YellowPages to find local businesses. Today people are turning to the internet as a way to find trusted business recommendations. One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories. Google 2. Bing 3. Yahoo! Yelp 5.

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For B2B Mobile Marketing Strategies, Distraction Never Looked So Good

Content Standard

In addition to content with eye appeal, mobile strategies including click-to-call buttons, one-click functionality, streamlined registration, and GPS-enabled driving directions can facilitate action from consumers. Mobile devices are windows through which retailers can engage consumers in new, exciting ways. But that’s not the only question to wrestle with. Content Strategy Marketing

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The Hidden Costs of Content Marketing

B2B Marketing Unplugged

So let’s pretend you mucked it up and nobody has actually seen or heard of your precious content because your website is out of support hours and your Slideshare account is lonelier than the HR department on a Friday and your Squirrels couldn’t find it on your intranet with a talking GPS. Hey kids, want to shoot your leads right to the bottom of the funnel just like that? Creation. Curation.

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What, When, and How to Measure Your Twitter Marketing

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Twitter’s analytics platform offers a buffet of targeting information, ranging from platform activity and GPS locations to strategy-specific tools—for example, a feature that helps you market to followers of a particular account. One benefit of having a social strategy is that you get instant feedback on your marketing efforts. It’s so easy, right? Dig into Psychographics.

Geofencing? And other ways to target ads to trade show attendees without being there.


Marketers can take the GPS capabilities to feed ads to people who are geographically ready to make buying decisions. Heading out to trade shows and conferences are one of the best ways to generate leads. In fact, research has proven this to be true. Most industries have at least one key event that your prospects attend. Your competitors will likely be there, and you need to be too.

Audienti merges SEO, Advertising, and Influencer Engagement services


That said, the Audienti software is GPS for your Online Brand. I have had access to Audienti for a couple years now, back when it was called OMAlab. If you have a brand site you want to turn into Google catnip, Audienti’s for you. The service not only stalks all of your online profiles, including social, but helps you identify and creep all of your competitors, too. Like this post?

Pokémon Go and the virtual future of storytelling


Combining augmented reality, GPS, and mobile devices, it creates a social experience enabling players to explore the real world. Not playing Pokémon Go yet? Think it’s just for kids? If your specialty is digital marketing, and you haven’t tested it yet, it’s time. The game is wildly popular. Why Gaming is Good for Business. Virtual Reality and the Future of Marketing.

14 Stress Management Apps to Relax Your Mind & Body


3) GPS For the Soul. The GPS For the Soul app was created by Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra , both outspoken advocates for emotional well-being. Stress and anxiety -- to some degree -- are natural parts of everyday life. These stressful moments can range from uncomfortable and annoying ( even motivational ) to completely debilitating. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

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How Mobile Wallets Can Change the Way We Buy


Many of these apps will store coupons or membership cards, and can easily pull up the discount or card you need by using GPS to detect where you are. The following is a guest blog written by Angie Picardo, a staff writer for Nerd Wallet. In recent years mobile wallets have grown into a more common sight when checking out at your local retail stores. What’s Out There? Follow @SyneCoreTech

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B2B Marketing Plan Best Practices: 5 Simple Rules to Follow


It’s the equivalent of starting out on a cross country journey without a GPS. “We’ve tried a lot of marketing tactics but nothing seems to work.” ” “We start out the year in one direction and then completely move in a different direction when senior leadership gets an idea.” While not all aspects of marketing can be quantified, many can.

The Future is Solomoco: 5 Predictions for Digital Marketing

It's All About Revenue

I pulled out my phone, did a search for area coffee shops and immediately followed my GPS to a cup of java. by Sheila Lahar | Tweet this Is the future of digital marketing “solomoco”? At the recent Vocus user conference, I attended a session about the future of digital marketing. The speaker, Tim Reis, Head of Social and Mobile Solutions for Google – Americas sums up the next few years for marketers and businesses in general as “solomoco”: social, local, mobile, commerce. Reis gave his perspective on what we should expect to see in the next five years. Here it is: 1.

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[Ebook] 3 Best Practices for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Modern B2B Marketing

Proximity and location: Leverage technologies like GPS, iBeacon, and geo-fencing to deliver relevant messages or offers. Author: Ashika Balani With rapidly evolving digital marketing and the proliferation of devices, marketers are faced with the challenge of staying ahead, or simply keeping up, when it comes to capturing and keeping their audience’s attention. How can they do it?

Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Here


Think recommendations on Netflix, Google Translate, software powering self-driving cars, and even GPS map services such as Waze. Chief marketing officers have one of the hardest jobs in the corporate world. According to research by the consulting firm Russell Reynolds, it’s only getting harder. Now, another technological breakthrough is on the horizon: artificial intelligence (AI).

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Here’s How Your Staffing Agency Can Jump on the Pokemon GO Craze

Haley Marketing

The “augmented reality” part is how the game interacts with the GPS feature on your phone and provides a real experience. Striking when the iron is hot. . When a craze sweeps your city, state, region, country or even the world, we need to take a step back and quickly think about how we can relate our business. The latest craze (and that might be an understatement) to take over is Pokemon GO!

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