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5 case studies — Social technology impacting management

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The intersection of technology, Generation Text, and corporate culture will have vast implications for recruiting and retention, training, compensation, HR policies … nearly every company-employee touch-point in fact! With this backdrop, you can imagine how interested I was to read a report from McKinsey on a competition they held to identify how Web 2.0

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Policy and 14 Corporate Social Media Policy Examples

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Find a system that works and educate your employees. This will provide the basis to train all of your employees on how to responsibly use social media. Social Media Governance Online Database of SM Policies. why world wide web I hadn't looked at it from that perspective but it does present some challenges.&#. Using Social Media Helps Protect Your Brand Name. Yahoo!

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012


This year, colleague Cheryl Burgess and I changed things up a bit, opening the award to nominations but focusing specifically on outstanding men and women who work for technology companies and are active on social media. Austin, Texas-based Susan Beebe works in Corporate Communications – Social Media Management at Dell. Then I was recruited to work in the Exhibitions Department.

What is Work Literacy?

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What is Work Literacy? Karrer and Michele Martin have just launched Work Literacy , which is: "a network of individuals, companies and organizations who are interested in learning, defining, mentoring, teaching and consulting on the frameworks, skills, methods and tools of modern knowledge work." Enterprise 2.0. (5). government. (8). training. (3). Web 2.0. (22). What is Work Literacy? Scribd - Assessment 2.0. How do you make training useful? Tags: eLearning , knowledge , training , workliteracy.

B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

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One section might be on SEO and keyphrases; another might be on offers, promotions or campaigns that have worked or flopped; there would be a section on the state of relationships with the most influential bloggers and analysts; one summarising the results of all the multivariate tests that have been run; one on landing pages; one on email response rates; another on social media. Learn more.

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Pros and Cons of Blocking Social Media at Your B2B Company

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The research, completed on behalf of software security company McAfee, drew from more than 1,000 companies’ social media usage at work guidelines. On the other hand, another McAfee report shows that 40% of businesses have recorded an increase in productivity after allowing employees access to “Web 2.0 While this blog post is certainly no argument in favor of blocking social media sites at work, there are cases where caution is warranted. tools,&# and 75% hoped to increase revenue by using these tools. Pros of Blocking Social Media Sites.

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A Seismic Shift in Epistemology (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT

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Comments on this article can be sent to the author at and/or can be posted to the web via the link at the bottom of this page. Web 2.0 Since almost any piece of information can now be found online in less than a minute (along with inaccurate and biased data), what core knowledge does every student need in order to prepare for twenty-first-century work and citizenship? The term Web 2.0 Whereas the twentieth-century web centered on developer-created material (e.g., Interactive media that facilitate these Web 2.0

Six degrees of separation in instant messaging | Emerging Technology Trends |

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‘This is my conjecture — more work needs to be done on that.’&#. This research work has been published by Microsoft under the name “Worldwide Buzz: Planetary-Scale Views on an Instant-Messaging Network.&# The results of this study will be presented at WWW2008 , the 17th International World Wide Web Conference which will be held on April 20 to 25, 2008 in Beijing, China. The Greening of Training: How Sustainability is Reshaping Organizational Learning SkillSoft. Collaboration 2.0. Enterprise Web 2.0. Hardware 2.0.

Connecting 2 the World

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I started to wonder how we would update this based on work literacy skills we are trying to develop. Give students a time limit to complete the exercise that forces them to skim (tell them the assignment is to develop their skimming skills) Change the font and format so key words stick out (including the last sentence) Have students work in groups to do the activity (someone should catch the last line) Does anyone have other suggestions? The British Government has outlined the learning goals for children in the Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. Web 2.0

Connecting 2 the World: A new framework: Part II

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It has been my contention that workers at different times in their career may have different needs in terms of work literacy. Using the diagram I created, I thought how these categories might be used to assess training and technology needs and how different groups might use different tool sets. As a result, they are more apt to use their social or socio-cognitive skills to accomplish their work. This group may also need to work on their cognitive skills as they may not see the need to learn new things, instead relying on their social or social cognitive skills.

The complete knowledge sharing guide. |

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Whether you work at a multinational corporation, run a small business or non-profit, or are self-employed, you can benefit from putting these knowledge sharing principles into practice. While setting up some favourites in your web browser is a great start to creating a network of resources, knowing the people who know the information better than you goes a long way. government.


Digital Natives in Our Midst | Advice and Opinion

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Web Services. Training. Governance. s anyone under 30 working in your company, youâ??ve re working for you. s organizations and management systems are not designed for either the new way of work that information and communications technologies have enabled or the new employees these technologies have helped to create. re working in. ve never before seen sub-groups working across organizational boundaries to advance the interests of the sub-group at the expense of the corporation,â?? I work with a lot of Digital Natives. Web 2.0.

Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

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I’d like to say I’m getting this codified down to a common process such that each workshop is easier to repeat, but the reality is they are each governed by some of their own unique characteristics. Here are some random thoughts from a collection of these experiences and feedback from conference speeches: 1) Features are NOT user experiences: Warning…if you ask someone about desired user experience and they say wiki or forum, you have work to do. 5) PMO required: ok, if you are just doing a team blog, maybe not, but that isn’t the work I’m focused on.