[Google, Satisfaction] The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know
    For example, Google and Oracle are primarily B2B companies. 5) B2C (Business-to-Consumer). Learn how to crowdsource a blog post using Google Docs here.). 38) Google+. Sometimes referred to as "keyword phrases," keywords are the topics that webpages get indexed for in search results by engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Speed Matters: 5 Tips to Make Your Website Load Faster
    – A 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction. Here’s Google’s commentary on speed as a signal in their search ranking algorithms.) In fact, once you flip over the rock of website speed, all sorts of alluring data appears. Page Speed Tool #2: Google PageSpeed Insights. Quickly.
    [Google, Satisfaction] You’re doing a terrible job with search and social
    The initial conversation generally almost always reveals that the client feels victimized by Google. They’re looking for the easy solution (generally, buying more backlinks and optimizing tags and copy) but Google has evolved quite a lot in the recent past and things will never be the same again. Google hates abandoned content.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 87 New (Really) Marketing Automation Stats
    We have not changed the URL to keep the integrity of inbound links. DemandGen, Customer Marketing: Improving Customer Satisfaction & Revenue Impact , Oct 2014). Of those, 71.6% use Google. Sites listed on the first Google search results page generate 91.5% of all traffic from an average search. They’re getting old.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 6 Essential Social Media Lessons From Top Executives
    Even though Arianna Huffington ’s LinkedIn profile isn’t as robust or as publically accessible as it could be (at the time of writing, she doesn''t have a vanity URL or any other work experience listed prior to The Huffington Post ), she expands her presence beyond her profile by publishing regularly to LinkedIn Today.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 2014
    [Google, Satisfaction] 60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know
    Examples: Salesforce.com, Google. GA: Google Analytics. service by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website''s traffic and traffic sources, and measures conversions and sales. Find out why HubSpot and Google Analytics don''t match here. URL: Uniform Resource Locator. 60 Common Marketing Acronyms.
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    [Google, Satisfaction] Taking Full Advantage of Google Ad Extensions: Tips for e-Retailers
    By now we’re all aware of Google’s Ad Rank algorithm placing more importance on Ad Extensions, but there’s a big difference in using them and using them well. Include links to your Satisfaction Guarantees, Warranties, or Sales. The post Taking Full Advantage of Google Ad Extensions: Tips for e-Retailers appeared first on Fathom.
    [Google, Satisfaction] How to Build a Perfect B2B Product Page
    They clearly state their differentiator without tearing down any individual competitor, and they back root their claims in data -- customer satisfaction rates, number of URLs indexed, and so forth. There are a number of good resources out there on how to build effective ecommerce product pages. Today''s buyer is self driven. Your turn.
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    [Google, Satisfaction] 31 Spectacular Web Design Guides, Techniques and Resources
    Jim Gilmartin details 10 “dos and don’ts” of website design, specifically “to help increase the satisfaction quotient and reduce the frustration quotient of most site visitors especially Baby Boomers and senior visitors,” though the advice applies much more broadly than that. Maximizes social engagement? pop-ups.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Combine UX and Call Tracking for multichannel testing
    Whether that's at least using Google Analytics to correlate data or getting out of your cubicle and talking to people on the street about your product, getting this information has several benefits: Team focus on the needs of consumers. Better customer satisfaction leads to increased profit and growth. Usability.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Six Ways to Search-Optimize a Blog
    Many of the same principles apply to optimizing a blog for search as for optimizing a business website : use keywords in the body copy, post titles, subheadings, permalink URL, image alt tags and meta tags. Furthermore, some of these are virtually worthless for search (e.g.  Fresh content. Syndication and blog directories. Social media.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Best Social Media and Digitial Marketing Research and Statistics of 2011, Part 1
    by MediaPost SearchBlog Social media sites now drive more traffic to many popular sites—including Comedy Central, NFL.com and Netflix—than Google does. ” She quotes Wedbush Equity Analyst Lou Kerner, who has called Facebook “‘the second Internet,’ with time spent on Facebook and page views surpassing Google search.”
    [Google, Satisfaction] Is Google+ a good bet for your business?
    When Google+ was launched some people had the opinion that it will destroy Facebook in a short time period. Within the first weeks which have been running under invitation only to get an Google+ account, Google+ as been able to register more than ten million users. Go to Google and register a G+. 2. That’s for sure!
    [Google, Satisfaction] SHOCKING: How to Destroy your Business Reputation? BUY leads!
    checked his website and guess what? - An Alexa Rank of only 2,170,186 (means about 5 -10 unique visitors daily). - 13 Google Indexed Pages (lesser pages means, lesser chances to get indexed and found on the search engines). Today as I went through LinkedIn a group got my attention. The word “Business Suicide” went through my brain. Boooom.
    [Google, Satisfaction] How to Take Advantage from Mobile Marketing & Location Based Marketing
    Is mobile marketing recently a part of your inbound marketing strategy? More and more people worldwide use mobile devices daily to access the web, to shop and to network on social media sites. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have apps out there to make it dump easy to communicate and update the network from the run. In March, 27.3%
    [Google, Satisfaction] Social Media Marketing Daily Tasks or How to eat an Elephant?
    Most people who are interested to market their business on the web and especially in social media become overwhelmed of the necessary tasks which need to be done to achieve any serious results. They feel that they need to handle an avalanche of information and requirements to get the necessary steps done. And I fully agree with this. Be creative.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Bloggers, Stop Thinking… “Just Do It”
    Forcing a blog post based on keyword opportunities and Google Trends is inhibiting your writing. I’m willing to bet 9 times out of 10, a blog post that is written from emotion and necessity will trump engagement over a post that is written from SEO opportunities. Thinkers can understand needs but they make plans to do them. Don’t Plan…Write.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 4 Powerful Reasons to Start Your Corporate Blog
    The Technorati Study: “ State of the Blogosphere 2010 &# shows Corporate blogs have become a powerful business marketing tool for companies. Companies like IBM use blogging to get seen online. Every person there who wants to write a blog gets the chance to write about the things they are interested in, not only about IBM related products.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 10 Great Ways How to Reach Global B2B Customers with LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has about 100 million users from all over the world and the majority of 56% comes from outside the US. As the biggest business related social network, LinkedIn offers large opportunities for B2B to get in touch with future and to stay in touch with recent business partners. To list all of them would lead to far. Twitter stream. Overview.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 3 Ways how to use Online Video for Business Lead Generation
    The average internet user is watching 30 minutes of video online daily! These people mostly lookout for entertainment. This opens wide opportunities for your business to get your products and services in front of potential future buyers when they are looking. Videos made as product pitches are not a good bet to attract interested people.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Ten Simple Steps to make Twitter your Business Leads Machine
    3rd Go to Google Alerts and set Alerts for your name, your company brand, your products, your best customers and your top ten competitors. Social media has become an important communication channel for businesses online. That leaves only one conclusion, that your future customer is active in social media as well! Leave your comment below.
    [Google, Satisfaction] How to reach 43 percent of all online consumers with your brand message
    Are they able to find you when they research on Google, Yahoo or Bing? Stats show 43 percent of all online consumers are in social media. Is your business there too? 78% of online consumers research online before they buy! They research preferred in blogs and their social networks. An average Facebook user has about 130 friends. Start a blog.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 3.5 billion Reasons for Content Marketing on Facebook for Lead Generation
    More than 3.5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, videos, etc.) shared each week on Facebook. Facebook is accessible in 70 languages and has about 750 million users worldwide and there is actually 1,5+ million active business pages online. With its massive global reach Facebook has become some kind of a state by its own.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Study shows: 20 of 100 of your customers are researching on Google
    More interesting is that 20 percent of searches on Google each day have NEVER been searched for before. Udi Manber, Google’s VP of Engineering, gave a brief 15 minute presentation where he also explained that 20 to 25% of the queries we see today, we have never seen before.”. What does this mean for your business?
    [Google, Satisfaction] Overtake 33 Percent of your Competition by Measure your Marketing ROI
    If you are in B2B than this data could be very interesting for you! Do you measure your marketing ROI? If not yet you should do it as soon as possible. To measure the marketing ROI is easier than you think. What does this mean to your business when you are selling primarily to B2B? So you should start right away to improve your market position.
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    [Google, Satisfaction] Social Media Recruiting for Businesses Made Easy!
    As social media popularity is growing, the business opportunities for companies grow also. Social media has become a powerful communication channel for businesses to gain attraction, to educate their target audience, to offer support and service or simply to stay in touch with recent and future customers worldwide. But not about them self!
    [Google, Satisfaction] 47 Percent of your competitors are not using Social Media for business
    Hiscox surveyed US small business leaders and found out that 47% do not use social media for business. Furthermore 24% of the surveyed stated they do it when they have the time and about 14% indicated they don’t know enough about it. Maybe they do communication through telepathy or any other exciting media. I am just kidding, let’s get serious now.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Social Media puts your business at risk! Are you prepared?
    Like Google Alerts but for social media. Google Alerts. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) Build your dashboard with Google Reader. good way to build a dashboard is Google Reader. How about your business? Bad news spread faster. What do you think?
    [Google, Satisfaction] The sense and nonsense of Social Media Groups
    Groups can be a great place to get In touch with your audience. But which groups make sense and which are a simple waste of time? Most social networks offer groups where you can become a part of the conversation. But do you need to be a part of every conversation and every group? Seems not to be a vlauble source for anything. The more the better.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Is your health care institution prepared to communicate in social media?
    When people are looking for products and services on the web they go to Google first to do their research. As the next step you should set alerts through Google Alerts to stay on track what’s talked about you and your health care organization. When they research about services you also have to offer what will they find?
    [Google, Satisfaction] Show me the social media Return on Investment
    When your audience researches for products and services from your industry they go to Google first. Simply type in your company URL address and see what’s coming up under these above search options about you. When you are done, repeat this with your best competitors URL address. Social media is a communication channel.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Learn from the ‘PEANUTS’ social media expansion approach for your business
    Any business can profit of going piggyback with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and several other social networks. Today the Iconix Brand Group, have announced ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social media expansion. They are expanding into mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps worldwide. Yes or no?
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] The pros and cons of promoted Tweets
    More and more advertising money is shifting to social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer various opportunities to advertise a company targeted to their audience. Twitter announced to start displaying promoted tweets in user streams. Twitter is also planning to release a self-service platform later this year. Pros of paid advertising.
  • INBLURBS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Facebook’s Online Education Center for Businesses
    Facebook has over 700 million users worldwide. It has become a powerful part of marketing and communication for major businesses and thousands of small and mi sized businesses as well. B2B and B2C companies profit from it reach and various marketing opportunities. Facebook has started Facebook for Business. Facebook for Business. Facebook Pages.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Hotel Industry increase revenue the smart way. Participate in Social Media!
    They go to Google search to find them! The use of social media for business is a great way to get seen from your target audience. Hospitality industry is no exception. Specially where it come to the most important point of any business “Service”, the Hospitality industry is living of it. This is the most important measure! Mobile devices.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] USA Today reports: Social Media Future is NOW don’t get left behind
    USA Today reported in the article “Social media finds place in classroom” that New Milford (N.J.) High School is encouraging social media Facebook, Twitter and YouTube use for educational purposes in his classrooms to communicate with students and parents. What does this mean for businesses today and in the future? Sociel media is no fad.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Interested in Marketing Help but Marketing Challenges NONE
    The most traffic, about 60% we receive from Google to our blog articles. Do a test drive and type some of the most popular keywords and phrases in to the Google search and see what’s coming up. Every day we generate leads through our various landing pages online. We offer helpful information for free download. Being seen. Traffic.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Inbound marketing targeted low cost lead generation and where to start?
    When businesses become aware of inbound marketing strategy they don’t know where to start. The necessary tasks which need to be done to do an effective sales lead generation online sometimes look overwhelming for most of the business owners and company marketing professionals! But on the end there is no easy way with inbound marketing.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Google+ abilities of real time marketing and lead generation
    Google+ launched on June 28, 2011 and had about ten million users 2 weeks later! Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz. And Google has failed in the past with its efforts to come up with some king of big thing in social media. For example take Google Wave or Google Buzz.
  • INBLURBS  |  SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Make the Most of Social Media Marketing
    There is no doubt about it; social media is here to stay. While the thought of venturing in into the realm of social media can be intimidating, the thing to remember is to start small, start with a purpose, and work to grow your social media marketing strategy over time. The Facts. In fact, in 2010, 9 out of every 10 U.S. 2010 U.S. Where to Begin.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 6 Tipps how to Increase Website Traffic with a Corporate Blog to generate more business leads
    Every company tries to reap in the most out of the available set of resources. Businesses with a small budget have to consider different plans to attract more customers than expensive campaigns and celebrity endorsements. cost effective way to get attention of the target audience is corporate blog. Dataram Successfully Leverages Web Strategy.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] 5 Easy steps to get found on Google from your potential customers
    Is data Google’s new advertising trump card? Get found on Google – Kindle Publish your way to Success! Businesses online uses latest marketing strategies to enhance their customer base through Web Marketing. How to contact to the interested parties on time and in which specified manner so that better results could be attained?
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Attract your buyer persona with article marketing to generate more business leads
    Article marketing or we can say content marketing is a very interesting way to attract customers online. Article marketing is a great way to generate business leads for your businesses. Writing customer attractive articles helps in bringing new customers for your business and by generating quality leads. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Why to connect your corporate blog with social media
    Connecting your blogs with a platform where you could attain more exposure sounds extremely interesting for any type of business. Building and maintaining online blog helps you in staying current with the social trends. How to promote your brand in social media using a blog? Blogs helps in generating targeted web traffic for your business.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Facebook Video Calling for Real Time marketing with social media
    With its new Video Calling feature powered by Skype Facebook opens another opportunity for companies to do marketing with social media. With Facebook Video Calling businesses have the opportunity to meet their customers face to face in real time and to chat and to interact with them instantly! To stay up to date, please subscribe to our  RSS Feed.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] 6 Facebook Page Business Advantages to support your social media marketing strategies
    Facebook has surpassed Google with search requests and is now the most trafficked site on the web. With its 700+ million users, Facebook is reaching a worldwide audience. study conducted with 180 businesses discovered that 67% of the B2C and 41% of the B2B companies have been able to win new customers through Facebook. Facebook.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JULY 4, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] 5 Easy ways to get ROI of your social media marketing campaign
    When you are engaged in social media conversation than this can be very beneficial for your business. Real time engagement can help you to facilitate your customer service, improve your public relation and your brand. Your engagement in social media should also reflect results for your revenue. How about your social media marketing?
    [Google, Satisfaction] Study shows adopt social media in internet marketing or fall behind
    A recent Jive Social Business Survey where 902 executives have been interviewed about their opinion of use of social media in internet marketing shows that social has made it from personnel to mission critical for business. The personal use growth has accompanied with the professional use. Important resources: Is social media worth the risk?
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Location based marketing social media to get in front of your audience
    Location based marketing integrates mobile advertising with different mobile technologies. Location based marketing is used to pinpoint consumer’s location and provide location specific information, to attract customers to products and services, on their mobile devices. Studies show that people who use location based services are: — 80% male.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] How companies are using social media for marketing research
    So you can observe the discussions on your competitors pages and gain important information on what they are doing and customer satisfaction. How to do social media for marketing research? In fact this is the first part of a social media marketing strategy. What their customers are saying about them and much more. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Low cost lead generation with Inbound Marketing Strategy
    The quickest to get traffic and leads is PayPer Click marketing through Google, LinkedIn, Business.com and Facebook. One of the biggest challenges for businesses is the generation of qualified business leads. Today businesses have great opportunities to attract business leads to their website. With PPC you only pay for clicks made.
  • INBLURBS  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] LinkedIn endorsement and follower count to get the most clicks for your paid advertisements
    As you maybe have heard LinkedIn has launched a Personalized Ad Platform , which makes ads more attractive. These improvements doe really benefit marketers. About LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site and is mainly used for professional networking. Quantcast reports LinkedIn has 21.4 million monthly unique U.S.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Inbound Marketing with or without marketing strategy to reach business leads goals
    A strategy is a great way to have some kind of roadmap which can guide you through the opportunities and pitfalls of internet marketing. To achieve your marketing and revenue goals you need to know which way to go and what exactly to do when you establish an internet marketing strategy. How to have a flexible strategy? But do not obsess about it.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Inbound Marketing, the science of showing respect to get more revenue in exchange
    You can set alerts with Google Alerts and stay informed as soon your search terms are mentioned anywhere on the web. When you want to grow your business you need to treat your audience with a certain level of respect. You need to show them that you care about them and not only about their cash they maybe could spent with your business.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Inbound Marketing to gain the trust and respect of your buyer personas
    Trust and respect are important in real life and much more important in today’s anonymous times of internet and internet business. Trust and respect comes before the sale. When people trust and respect you they are more willing to listen what you have to say. Be helpful and try to assist where ever you can. Tweet this on Twitter! =.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Small Business SEO Strategies
    Sure, it won’t allow you to boast at dinner parties about how you’re top of Google for a high profile search term. What’s the biggest mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to SEO? Personally, I would suggest that a common problem is being unrealistic about what can be achieved. Ignore massive corporations!
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] 6 Smart ways for local inbound marketing for restaurants
    They go to Google search to find them! So you need to get found on Google to get more business! Local directory listings, GOOGLE’s: shopping, places, recipes and Google AdWords. Restaurants are mostly dependent on local clients. How can local internet marketing help to increase customers and revenue for restaurant?
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Inbound marketing or think globally and work locally
    The best and easiest way is to get your Google Places listing first. Make your listing in Google Places. Just go to Google and type your city and local directory. This is very easy and a great point to start your local marketing! Research long taile keywords and include them into your content. Do you know Groupon ?
  • INBLURBS  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011
    [Google, Satisfaction] Your inbound marketing and failure
    You can get blogging ideas from customers email, forums, social media, and Google news and so on. If you think you can do inbound marketing without any failure then you are dreaming. Means you will do failures. But let’s change the position and take a look from another perspective. This is not the goal to be 100% perfect!
    [Google, Satisfaction] How to show short term social media ROI to your boss?
    To calculate the value $$$ of the generated social media traffic which hits your landing pages, you could research the Google AdWords Keywords pricing. To show a short term ROI out from social media is important to keep the activities motivated and long lasting. In the long term social media brings massive branding power as well.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Mobile Marketing Goes Online?
    Then the whole thing became more sophisticated with tools like Google AdWords, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and e-commerce. By Alexander Gregori. Not so long ago marketers were excited at the prospects of a new tool: online marketing. Suddenly the whole world was connected and marketers had unleashed an animal.
    [Google, Satisfaction] A good Page Rank on Google only doesn’t bring you revenue
    To have a good PR – Page Rank on Google is not enough to be successful with your business online. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are actively indexing content from social media. huge amount of traffic is also no guarantee for a successful online business. You need to have the right traffic , and a huge amount of it.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 5 ToDos for your Social Media Success in 2011
    Google Latitude. You should focus on major trands to market your business. Here below are 5 todo's for you to be a step ahead of your competition! 1. Shift your employee recruitment to social media. Let your employees find you! The same rules which apply to attract new customers the social media way, also apply to attract new employees.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Effective time frame for successful Inbound Marketing
    Set alerts in Google Alerts and SocialMention with your keywords. Answer questions and ask questions about possible product improvement and satisfaction. Inbound marketing is an very effective way to lower cost per lead and to attract new customers. How every marketing strategy it is not done by themself. Monitor. Participate. Promote.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Tips on How to Get the Most out of Social Media Marketing
    Bit.ly (a URL shortening tool). 4   Google. Next, I search Google News for a short list of topics to be shared with our audience. If a link is particularly long and takes up too many Twitter characters, Bit.ly is also open and ready to go for creating short URLs. Keeping There is no right or wrong, just satisfaction.
    [Google, Satisfaction] 4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook
    Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Business Mobile 2.0 Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction , a popular social CRM and customer support platform, recently launched a Facebook version of its application so your customers can ask questions and get support right on your Facebook Page.
    [Google, Satisfaction] B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark
    But one thing does seem annoyingly true of B2B marketing departments compared to their consumer peers: B2B departments dont learn. A new CMO walking into her new job in a B2B company ought to be able to ask for the Book of Learning and be given a big, fat ring binder (or wiki URL). Judging Categories Previous winners How can we help you?
    [Google, Satisfaction] 3 Steps to Turn Happy Customers into Cheerleaders
    If you have a few minutes, please visit any of the sites below and leave a comment or review about us” Then there was a list of some shortened URLs that led directly to the dealership’s profile on various review sites like Yelp and Google Places. Provide short and easy to type URLs with your message asking for their review?
    [Google, Satisfaction] An interesting interview with SAP’s social media director
    Otherwise, our objectives tend to be at the top of the funnel so we look at a variety of brand metrics such as competitive share of conversation in key solution areas and brand sentiment as a proxy for customer satisfaction. phurl_urls' doesn't exist&source=shareaholic" rel="nofollow" class="external" title="Tweet This!">Tweet
    [Google, Satisfaction] How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI
    It may be possible to calculate a payback through extensive customer perception or employee satisfaction analysis, but why bother? There are other ways to measure return (for example, improvement in customer satisfaction scores), but unless those outputs can be measured financially, they really don’t qualify as considerations in ROI.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Social Media: The Journey Begins With You
    Below are some of the metrics that you can use for measurement: Followers/Connections Impressions Clicks Sales/Registrations It is recommended to use these two free tools for tracking your campaigns: Google Analytics – use those on your landing pages to track site metrics such as traffic sources, time on site and sales funnel.
    [Google, Satisfaction] Content SEO
    What URL is that video directing its traffic to - does it follow a natural progression. Longer sales cycles due to more complex products and services and business purchasing processes often require more information. The operative word in that last sentence is “start&#. How many off site? How many off site? How many off site? Sub domain?
  • JUNTA 42  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2009
    [Google, Satisfaction] 100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010
        Laurent Francois There'll be more & more Social Media and content strategies at the hyper-local level; citizen consumers interested in their neighborhood are already keen to ask Google what they've seen in their preferred shop or street. And, the role of search is expanding beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo.
    [Google, Satisfaction] PLE
    Look for the link on your sites "Settings" page, click refresh to add you URL to the queue or "upload" if you want to roll your own. Communities - display name, site name, site ID, site URL, and tags. Check out the one of the coolest new things we just got involved with here at MBL HQ, Get Satisfaction.