[Google, Process] A Simple Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post
    It is, well, as long as you have the right process. Luckily, I've successfully applied this approach multiple times -- and I've learned a thing or two about how to drive the most traffic, shares, and engagement in the process. Not to mention, Proven is now ranked #1 on Google for search terms like “hr blogs”, “best hr blogs”, etc.
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    [Google, Process] An SEO’s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords
    Not likely.  We’ll discuss methods to research based on the funnel stage, specifically bottom-of-funnel keywords in today’s blog post. Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing Funnels and Keyword Research. Top of Funnel: Awareness. Middle of Funnel: Evaluation. Modifiers. Buy +.
    [Google, Process] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Reference content can include research, surveys and guides. Is the buying process seamless—are.
    [Google, Process] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Reference content can include research, surveys and guides. Is the buying process seamless—are.
    [Google, Process] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Reference content can include research, surveys and guides. Is the buying process seamless—are.
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    [Google, Process] Neuromarketing: Using Neuroscience to Supercharge Results
    Marketing researchers us it to track the brain’s flow of blood as a person responds to a variety of visual and audio cues. With this method, researchers are usually examining the deep parts of the brain typically associated with pleasure. Research can help you discover this information, so you can tap into it and drive great results.
    [Google, Process] Virtual reality for B2B marketing may soon be reality
    I hadn’t paid much attention to virtual reality for B2B marketing (or anything else), until the most mainstream of all mainstream media, The New York Times , gifted more than a million subscribers with Google Cardboard. Google cardboard may be a low-tech solution for a high-tech smart phone. That was in November 2015.
    [Google, Process] Marketing Minds: Chris Pinkerton – VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research @ Mediative
    Chris Pinkerton VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research  @  Mediative Chris works with teams of marketing, branding and technology professionals to improve a companies interactive marketing, online sales, and clicks to bricks approach. This interest led me to cross paths with a digital marketing and research company called Enquiro.
    [Google, Process] AEC Marketing Fundamentals Can Still Have a Role in Winning New Business
    According to our research into the relationship between visibility and expertise, we know that more than two-thirds of AEC buyers seek out high-visibility experts because the buyers themselves lack the appropriate internal expertise. Here’s a common way this process works today: People search online for answers to their questions.
    [Google, Process] 20 Content Marketing Tools to Rely on From Start to Finish
    Google (Site:, Keyword Planner, Search Console). When generating new content ideas, I typically start the process with Google. Once the scanning process is complete, the tool will generate a percentage based on the uniqueness of the content. Google Drive. Google Analytics. Here are 20 of my favorites. Quora.
    [Google, Process] How Credit Unions Can Use Blogging to Attract More Members
    Research your targets by talking to other members in the same stage of life, talk to friends and family, and do research online. Do a little keyword research (great tools: keyword.io , Google, HubSpot's keyword tool.) When starting with new clients, one of the first questions we ask is 'are you prepared to blog weekly?'
    [Google, Process] B2B Marketers Lose with Inbound Only Strategies
    According to Google, 42% of researchers use a mobile device during the B2B purchasing process. B2B marketers, it’s time to wake up and smell the content marketing opportunity outside of inbound. In some cases, strategies outside of inbound might actually be easier for online marketing newcomers to take advantage of.
    [Google, Process] Introduction to User Experience for Marketers
    Formal surveys, often fielded in partnership with a research firm with access to a large database of people using competing products. Tools to Organize the UX Process. Happy reading! The first time I worked with a user experience designer was as a product marketer at a small business software company a few years ago. Analytics.
    [Google, Process] 6 SEO Strategy Basics Your CEO Should Learn
    Is it because they’ve always had experts on their teams to whom they can delegate SEO research and activities? Everyone wants “better, stronger SEO” but they need to know that it’s a process, not a commodity that can just be purchased and installed. She needs to you to improve or fix her site’s SEO.
    [Google, Process] B2B Website Strategy: Best Practices for User Experience
    Before we dive into the process of developing your website, let’s explore the strategy that pulls it all together. According to research into 500 professional services firms, firms that obtain at least half of their leads online grow the fastest. Research your audiences. Every business needs a website. Make it inviting. Voilá!
    [Google, Process] 8 Tips for Giving Great Peer Feedback
    This article would be stronger with most research to back its claims.”. Your peers and colleagues want to know how to improve, and if it’s your job to help them in that process, you owe it to yourself and your coworkers to have the most productive conversation possible. 8) Embrace technology. Can you believe that? The promising result?
    [Google, Process] The Secret Ingredient to Effective B2B Content Marketing Performance
    Content marketing initiatives lose steam (or may fail entirely) because the acquisition channels for necessary for distribution are not nurtured alongside the content development process. Third Party Referral Analysis via Google Analytics. What successes or obstacles in the content marketing process have you encountered?
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    [Google, Process] The Disrupt Factor: What Makes Great Design So Disruptive?
    While the film, produced by InVision , is still currently in its premiere season, it will be released for digital download through Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon later this year. What role would you say storytelling plays in a disruptive creative process? This post, The Disrupt Factor: What Makes Great Design So Disruptive? Realistic.
    [Google, Process] How B2B Vendors Can Generate Trust and Credibility With Their Website
    Here’s how you can apply the scientific method to your content creation process : Research, Test, Improve, Test, Repeat. Research your users’ content preferences. Create a content asset according to your research findings, put it out there and measure the results. What do B2B buyers actually want from your website?
    [Google, Process] Creating a Cohesive Healthcare Strategy with SEO, Social, and Paid Search
    Using Google Analytics to show top conversion paths across organic search (SEO) , paid search (PPC) and social networks can give you a solid starting point for doing so. For a while now, the steady digital marketing mantra has been “Content is king.” This holds true for healthcare marketing and is unlikely to change anytime soon.
    [Google, Process] Easy Marketing Partnerships That Work: Why Every Marketer Needs a Marketing Guild
    Or, if your group is geographically diverse, set up a Google Group for open communication, or get on a Hangout and get everyone acquainted. You’ll end up with something like the Tri-State Homeowners Marketing Guild, or the Research Triangle Growing Companies Marketing Guild. You might ask, what the heck is a marketing guild? Isn’t it?
    [Google, Process] The Hashtag That Could Tilt the Marketing Automation World
    would come up with powerful data—but only after hours and hours of research. In short, the many pain points inherent to marketing automation can make the whole process feel like a nightmare (albeit a necessary one). It gets everyone on the same page and puts order to a messy process. Don’t let it happen to you.
    [Google, Process] How to Make the Most of Your To-Do List: 7 Styles to Try
    The first generation of online calendars came along in the early 2000s, which eventually evolved into programs like Google Calendar that could be synced with their smartphone counterparts. It matches some research performed by a productivity app called iDoneThis, which found that 41% of to-do items are never completed. His answer?
    [Google, Process] Will the Era of Knee-Jerk Content Marketing Ever End?
    Or maybe Google, Coke, and Mashable fans had Retweeted it? As agile marketing takes hold with its “sprint” and “scrum” terminology in tow, brands are transforming their departments to work together on high-value projects and improve processes incrementally. Probably not. Why Do We Do It?
    [Google, Process] 8 Keyword Research Tools for Search Engine Marketing in China
    When I am thinking of a keyword research project, I like to think of it like fishing. Though Google is a global giant, it’s banned in China. Similarly, many keyword research tools that western marketers use do not function at all for search engines in China. It makes the keyword mining process easy and more convenient.
    [Google, Process] 4 Steps to Get Started with Marketing Automation
    Open up your marketing plan (just fyi: if you don’t already have an overall plan and a few processes in place , you’re not ready to automate anything). Before you commit to a company, make this part of your research. Measure it : Your platform should sync with Google Analytics, Adwords, and your other measurement tools.
    [Google, Process] The Content Marketer’s Guide to Beating Writer’s Block
    This mainly includes picking topics and any research you need to complete before writing can begin, but also includes smaller tasks like: Crafting title/headlines. Some writers wait for inspiration to strike before they take pen to paper – or keyboard to word processor. Must be nice. Adopt Preventative Methods. There are many J.K.
    [Google, Process] 15 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Professional (Seriously)
    Second, do some online research. There are a wide range of tools to help SEO professionals work more efficiently and effectively, from rank tracking, keyword research , and link building to analytics, competitive benchmarking , and “all-inclusive suite” type tools. 10) How do you conduct keyword research?
    [Google, Process] MarTech Europe preview: here’s what to expect in 6 weeks
    He will present original research that used machine learning to compare the main enterprise marketing clouds and provide frameworks, suggestions, and case studies to guide your own decision-making. “Test and learn” culture, enabled by good process and good analytics tools. e.g., machine learning. See you soon!
    [Google, Process] Selling Digital Content? Seven Questions to Answer
    Research has shown that consumers are willing to open their wallets for paid digital memberships , so long as the content is high in quality (both the content itself and the associated experience online), curated and targeted at their wants and needs, and from a brand they know and trust. This is often the first step in any robust process.
    [Google, Process] 3 Timeless SEO Strategies You Need to Incorporate into General Marketing
    Even if I haven’t read what the experts think about tactic X or what new thing Google has added to their search results pages, I can usually predict its importance and how critical it is to implement. Keyword research is a critical part of SEO today and is another tactic that you can use to better understand your customer.
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    [Google, Process] How to Breathe New Life Into Old Content
    But tactics like historical optimization streamline the audit process by a lot. Google cannot tell how long a session lasts on a one-page visit, so pay no mind to “session duration.”. There’s a number of things to check and optimize: The content itself: Is the research referenced in the content current? 3,000? Like a lot more.
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    [Google, Process] The Guide to a Successful Employee Advocacy Plan
    From Tweeting, to Facebooking, to posting on LinkedIn and Google+, B2B marketers are in an endless social race. Now let’s outline a simplified step-by-step process of creating an employee advocacy plan that will help any company succeed: Step 1: Outline Your Strategy. But this race gets very tiring. What is Employee Advocacy?
    [Google, Process] A Brief History of Online Advertising
    In 1996, banner ads plastered the internet, but advertisers still didn't have a good process to determine if these ads were actually driving tangible results for their businesses. Google introduced AdWords in 2000 , originally under a pay-for-placement ad model. Check out a condensed history of online advertising below.
    [Google, Process] A User Experience Design Process that will drive your Website’s Performance
    The user experience design process is just as important as the content creation process when you are refreshing your current site or building a brand new one. On the other hand, study after study has demonstrated that Google tends to rank long content higher than shorter pieces. And they make a great point. No Patience. link].
    [Google, Process] Skyword’s Top Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016
    “For LEGO, through research and ongoing engagement, we’ve identified two core needs: building together and pride of creation,” said Silberbauer. For Crestodina, the keys are: Original research. So when does it make sense to slow down, and what does that deliberate process look like? Watch social/Google trends.
    [Google, Process] Three “Lies” That Plague B2B Businesses Today (Part One of Three)
    57 – 90% of the buying process is complete before a sales rep needs to get involved. If they’d taken 5 minutes to Google me, they’d know this. Look for Part Two of this series – What percentage of the buying process is complete before sales needs to get involved? Cold calling is dead. Marketing and sales are aligned. Principal.
    [Google, Process] How To Measure and Improve Your B2B Content Marketing Using Engagement Reports
    For this example we’ll use keyword competition level, as estimated by Google. For a tactic like B2B blogging it’s important to pay close attention to engagement metrics because the research and pre-sales process is so important in a long sales cycle. But neither report can tell us whether it resonates with the right audience.
    [Google, Process] Is content swiping smart marketing or brand desperation?
    Is this development creative genius or pathetic stealing? I was doing some research on marketing education and came across a seemingly  helpful article on Forbes. By Mark Schaefer. The race to publish meaningful and relevant content is furious. But a new development I uncovered pushes some new boundaries. Here’s a screen shot.
    [Google, Process] Why Nonprofits Should Start Inbound Now
    Internal HubSpot research has found that companies that blog at least 15 times each month see 5 times more traffic than those that don't. Google takes more backlinks to content as an indicator of high authority, so ranks it higher. Some MIT smarties studied HubSpot's ROI specifically and found that users generated 4.1 they age well.
    [Google, Process] Discover Where Your Competitors Are Beating You Online
    Consider this: 97% of consumers now use online media when researching products and services in their local market 1. But, companies no longer control the selling process. Buyers now control the selling process. Inbound links are a key component of Google’s assessment of your website’s authority and popularity. Forms.
    [Google, Process] A thought exercise on social media and critical thinking
    There was no Internet, no Google, no television, no radio … I probably wouldn’t even have had access to a major newspaper. Researchers at Stanford gave a series of cognitive tests to a group of heavy social media multi-taskers and another group of light users. By Mark Schaefer. For many of us in the U.S. The mind game.
    [Google, Process] What Is Digital Marketing?
    Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. The process of optimizing your website to ‘rank’ higher in search engine results pages, therefore increasing the amount of organic (or free) traffic that your website receives.
    [Google, Process] 8 Time Management Tips to Help You Hit Your Long-Term Deadlines
    If your long-term goal is months away, and the final product is the completion of a large project, such as an ebook publication or new product launch, short-term benchmarks for success will keep you on track and help you stay motivated and productive throughout the process. Check them out below. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time-Bound.
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    [Google, Process] How to Live Stream Successfully: A Preparation Checklist for Marketers
    Knowing your target audience will determine a few pieces of the planning process. HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Chelsea Hunersen, stresses the importance of thoroughly researching the topic of your live stream in advance. Raise your hand if you’d rather watch a video to learn something new than read about it. Where. Custom.
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    [Google, Process] How to Improve SEO Using Educational Resources: One Company's Step-by-Step Framework
    The holy grail of content marketing and SEO is to be ranked in the top 10 on Google for a high volume search term. Using this approach, I’ve been able to push my blog into the top 10 on Google for several competitive and high volume search terms. We are going to use Google to find potential matching resources. edu) resources.
    [Google, Process] What We Learned By Filming Our First B2B Case Study Video
    Google is your friend - Any question you have, has probably already been asked and answered online. Do your research before shooting and if there are editing techniques you’re not sure how to do, Google them! At Bizible, we realize that customers are our best salespeople. We didn’t want to be late to the game.
    [Google, Process] 3 Essential Marketing Skills that Drive Growth in Professional Services
    Fortunately, recent research into the best-performing professional services firms offers some answers. Recent research conducted by the Hinge Research Institute showed that high-growth firms in fact invest 13% more than their no-growth counterparts in digital marketing strategies — and much less in traditional strategies.
    [Google, Process] Feeding Sales Is a Process, Not a Project.
    They realize that engaging with prospects through the internet is a process and not a series of projects—and marketing’s job is to generate leads that create actionable sales intelligence. Today, B2B buyers start with an anonymous Google search, which then leads to the consumption of white papers, webinars, videos, blogs, and so on.
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    [Google, Process] 9 Reasons Why Your New Business Program Is Failing
    We're not going to sugarcoat it: The process of prospecting, pitching, and closing on new business can easily evolve into a long, grueling, and energy-consuming process. You don't need a private investigator -- just start with a simple Google search. Before the pitch, take some time to thoroughly research the client's brand.
    [Google, Process] Why Buy Buttons Won’t Help Your Social Media Strategy (At Least for Now)
    The fact that users aren’t buying in reveals a lot about how they view social media, brands, and the purchase process. Buy buttons were meant to shorten and simplify this process. Research from GlobalWebIndex, cited by eMarketer , logged similar results. Internet users, however, could seemingly care less. Limited Appeal.
    [Google, Process] Marketing Redefined: 3 Ways Technology Is Transforming Marketing
    Artificial intelligence was once something we only saw in Sci-Fi movies and is now used to create new, innovative tech products like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s self-driving car. Research has shown that buyers cannot predict their future behaviors, making it difficult for marketers to predict how and when to engage them.
    [Google, Process] 114+ Copywriting Formulas to Get Traffic & Leads
    According to Content Marketing Institute’s research , headlines that included odd numbers had a 20% higher click-through rate. How To – Offer a simple step-by-step process. Example: 7 Out of 10 Bloggers Don’t Research Keywords. Example: Get the Laser-Targeted Power of Finding Key Influencers Without Hours of Research.
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    [Google, Process] Four Benefits to a Multi-Generational Workplace (Or, What I Learned from My 21-Year-Old Nephew)
    recently wrote about what we could learn from the process of writing the Declaration of Independence. This past April, the Pew Research Center reported that Millennials had surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation , according to population estimates by the U.S. But enough about me. Census Bureau. Deeper Bench.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 16, 2016
    [Google, Process] How Higher Education Marketing has Changed
    All this is going on as attitudes of students and parents change as to how they research and select what sort of school to attend, and then which school to attend. You know well that the days of guidance counselors and school brochures controlling the selection process are long gone. Four-year universities see flat enrollment rates.
    [Google, Process] 5 Ways to Immediately Boost Account Based Marketing (ABM)
    And third I am researching a new book which is going to be around empathetic marketing, and so I am in the process of running field test and experiments with companies both B2B and then also we are testing in nonprofits. What are the five ways you can immediately improve your account based marketing (ABM) and selling? Brian:  Yeah.
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    [Google, Process] How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey
    From that research, you can begin crafting a documented content strategy that maps your content to the various stages of the buyer's journey. Middle of the Funnel: T he "evaluation" stage, where people are doing heavy research on whether or not your product or service is a good fit for them. Defining the Buyer's Journey. Examples.
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    [Google, Process] How to Hire the Perfect Person to Run Your SEO
    Do some research and find one near you. Ask them to write responses and send them back to you before continuing on in the interview process. Social Media & Google Search. Social media and a Google search for an individual can provide an unfiltered view of a prospective employee. How competitive is your market? link].
    [Google, Process] How to Promote Your Website and Increase Your Online Presence
    Their pain points are usually all there, the teams understand why they need to build a new hub for their online presence, and they’ve got Google-stars in their eyes and whispers of “build it and they will come” in their ears. Start with goals and outcomes. What are the typical pain points? Information is out of date. It looks bad/dated.
    [Google, Process] Content Planning Tools: What These 4 Teams Use to Work More Efficiently
    It requires careful planning, research, and talent – with the help of some great tools along the way. These tools assist all throughout the process – from planning, to assigning, to execution and delivery. It usually brainstorms ideas (for everything from blog ideas to promotional strategies) and fill its Google Sheet.
    [Google, Process] The 7 Attributes of Highly Effective Lead Generation
    Attribute #1 Content maps tightly to the sales process. This process varies by individual, and unfortunately there’s not a neat and predictable way that you can map out the process in a flow chart, which is why it’s important that you publish content in a format that easy for them to navigate on their own. 3. Not really. It can.
    [Google, Process] 62 Experts Share Their #1 Actionable SEO Technique
    You’ll get some good links and exposure, which will open up doors for other links and more exposure, and Google will take notice. Most bloggers have a difficult time creating long-form blog posts that have the right percentage of keywords that will be indexed highly by Google. Optimize CTR from Google Search Results.
    [Google, Process] How to Take Your Own Professional Headshot: A Budget-Friendly Guide
    To help you out with that, we put together a step-by-step guide that'll walk your through the process. These tips are based on research and interviews from folks who know a lot more about photography and headshots than I do -- I've just organized the tips in one place for your reading pleasure. Google+: 250 px wide by 250 px tall.
    [Google, Process] Over 70 Percent of Native Ads Get a Failing Grade
    News publishers are flunking their disclosure tests, and they may be killing native advertising in the process. Pew Research’s 2016 “State of the Media” study estimated that “sponsorship” ads—defined the same way as native advertising—have almost completely stagnated as a source of revenue for publishers.
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    [Google, Process] 10 TED Talks to Watch to be a Better Marketer
    Dan Cobley, a Marketing Director at Google, has always worked in the marketing field but his degree is actually in physics. McGonigal’s research shows that stress is not actually what is physically harmful, it’s only bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Alexis Ohanian: How to Make a Splash in Social Media.
    [Google, Process] The Top 10 Free Content Analytics Tools
    Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the go-to platform for many marketers, in large part because it’s totally free, chock-full of features, and comes with the clout of the Google brand name. Each time a goal is completed, Google logs the conversion in your analytics report. Google Search Console. Bit.ly.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2016
    [Google, Process] What Is an ROI Calculator?
    Customers are going to do research before they buy from you. An ROI calculator helps them do that research right there on your website. Even better – you’ve stopped them from going down the Google rabbit-hole. Online calculators have grown up. Ways an ROI Calculator Helps Your Customers – and Your Business. Content loading
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016
    [Google, Process] SnapWrap: The Future, Live Streaming, Brands, and More!
    Keeping up with all of the latest news on your own is tough, so let us do all the research for you. How Much Content Do I Need on My Webpage to Rank on Google? How Much Content Do I Need on My Webpage to Rank on Google? Welcome to SnapWrap , our weekly marketing roundup on the SnapApp blog! The Two Rules of Brand Protection.
    [Google, Process] Debunking 10 Common SEO Misconceptions
    It has evolved into a complex strategy that involves research, analysis, and testing as each website requires a personalized approach. Yet earning trust is a process gained through consistent user engagement; think about any relationship you’ve ever had. Have you ever googled ‘SEO software’? SEO Is Dead. No, SEO is not dead.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2016
    [Google, Process] 5 Powerful Techniques To Boost Your Content Marketing
    Instead, implement a quality control process to ensure you maintain above average standards. Write content based on research, facts, and supporting links in order to give your visitors accurate, trustworthy results. Research/Original Data Papers. Don’t skip the editing process. Don’t build content just because you can.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2016
    [Google, Process] How to Become a More Productive Writer: 7 Helpful Tips
    Here's what I learned in the process. To measure my productivity, I started using a time management tool called RescueTime. I do all of my writing in Google Docs and RescueTime gives me a weekly report of the amount of hours I’ve spent using Google Docs. Best practices powered by research and supporting material.
    [Google, Process] How to Use Trigger Events for More and Better Leads
    CEB discovered that a typical for B2B customer is 57% into their purchase process before they directly engage a sales rep or talk to a supplier. Marketers often believe they solve the issue of clients being further in their purchase process by driving more early-stage leads to sales. Who was involved as the buying process evolved?
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Google, Process] I’m an influencer, pay me more!
    In current and former roles, he has worked to use new technologies to better understand and assist organizations in improving processes and tools to ensure first contact resolution and improved Customer Satisfaction. Currently Frank Lucky for me, a major focus of our time together was influencer marketing. Kindness opens many doors online.
    [Google, Process] The Seven Best File Sharing Tools
    Fortunately, a number of file sharing tools and services have been rolled out over the past few years which speed and simplify the process. Google Review Count:  699,000. Showcase reviews:  Anders Orsander, PR Daily (7 PR Tools), Johnny Lists, SmartBug Media, StoreYa Blog. 2) Google Drive. Google Review Count:  574,000.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Google, Process] What's the Deal With Ad Blocking? 11 Stats You Need to Know
    It's no secret that internet users are no strangers to seeking out the information they need online -- in fact, Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second. Below, we've outlined some of they most noteworthy statistics and takeaways from our research to get you up to speed quickly. Why is ad blocking a big deal?
    [Google, Process] The Succession Planning Process – Tips for Transferring Skills to New Leadership
    Every mature professional services firm needs a strong succession planning process in place to ensure a smooth transition from the old guard to new leadership. An important place to begin the succession planning process and ensure critical skills transfer is to engage and empower your teams across the generational divides.
    [Google, Process] Are You Making Some of the Biggest Mistakes in Digital Marketing?
    In the digital realm, almost every step of the process—from the ad being served to the user interaction and eventual conversion—is tracked and available for analysis. Both are built on the foundation of keyword research and optimizing for the terms and phrases your target audience uses. Those are some tough lessons. Analysis Paralysis.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Google, Process] The Marketing Power of Pokemon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels
    It’s a simple process where intentionality is the most important factor. The most important steps for launching in a new channel: Do your research and spend personal time on the platform. In 2015 the major tech companies (Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook) made tremendous investments in artificial intelligence. So what?
    [Google, Process] Account-Based And Content Marketing Programs Are Not Campaigns
    Research shows that retaining customers is 5-25 times less expensive than acquiring new ones. Simply Google these questions to see what answers are already out there. Set expectations by tying your ABM efforts to the typical sales process. Account-Based and Content Marketing Programs are similar in many ways. BrennerMichael
  • WRITTENT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Google, Process] Case Study: How to Drive 300+ Backlinks to 1 Blog Post
    The Stats Post is very easy to put together, mainly because it doesn’t require much writing… But it does require good research skills and an understanding of your market. 11 websites linked to the Stats Post using the phrase “research has shown”. Now, let’s go through the process of creating this post step by step.
  • LEAD LIAISON  |  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016
    [Google, Process] 7 Ways to Attract B2B Buyers With Mobile Marketing
    Google is now reporting that 42 percent of B2B buyers are starting their research process on their phones. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile are seeing a downward ranking on Google (who knows full well that their users are often on devices with smaller screens). Design Responsive Emails. Build an App.
  • LEAD LIAISON  |  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016
    [Google, Process] 7 Ways to Attract B2B Buyers With Mobile Marketing
    Google is now reporting that 42 percent of B2B buyers are starting their research process on their phones. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile are seeing a downward ranking on Google (who knows full well that their users are often on devices with smaller screens). Design Responsive Emails. Build an App.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016
    [Google, Process] How to Launch a Successful Online Community: A Step-by-Step Guide
    These days, people are conducting their own research, reading product reviews, and seeking out recommendations before making a decision, and online communities are beginning to play a role in this process. To walk you through the process of setting up an online community in more detail, keep reading. Market research.
  • NUSPARK  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2016
    [Google, Process] Who Should Nurture B2B Leads with Social Media?
    Executives can no longer ignore these channels when their entire consumer base is actively using them for research and communication during the buying cycle. The importance of emotional connection was brought to light in a 2013 partnership between the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Google. Who Can Nurture B2B Leads?
    [Google, Process] Why don’t more marketers use keyword research?
    Any individual can do keyword research with readily available tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner or Trends. So the first step in any keyword research program is to build a central database of keywords and develop governance around them. But the process is well worth it. All kinds of data living together.
  • CAPTORA  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016
    [Google, Process] 14 Hacks for Improving Your B2B Paid Social Campaigns
    Despite an alleged peak in Twitter’s user growth, research shows that 59% of Twitter users go to the social platform specifically to consume news content. Odds are, you already understand the many benefits of paid social advertising and the role it plays in the B2B content marketing process. Twitter. Source: Social Media Examiner.
    [Google, Process] 10 Amazing Facts That Will Turn You Into A Video Marketing Advocate [Infographic]
    Just Google “live”, “interactive”, “4K”, “personalized”, or “360-degree video” and you’ll see that in each of these categories, there’s been monumental investment and technology development in the last 6 months. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Blog New ResearchWe get it. Awesome, right? Enjoy!
    [Google, Process] 3 Helpful Tips That Will Spread Awareness To Your SaaS Product
    Software as a Service and cloud-computing providers picked a good time to exist—because in 10 years—the industry is expected to reach a jaw-dropping $132 in global revenue, according to a joint study by Google and Accel Partners. Computer Market Research  (CMR) brings 32 years of experience into the indirect channel sales industry.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2016
    [Google, Process] How to Focus Your Marketing Efforts Through ToFu, MoFu and BoFu Stages
    They may have discovered you on social media, seen an ad, or Googled a search term and found you on the search engine results page. They could be researching a problem and found your company listed on a review site, or perhaps a colleague recommended your company to them. Top of funnel is the beginning of the buyer’s journey.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
    [Google, Process] Busted! 23 Marketing Myths Held By (Some) Industries
    We emphasize the importance of creating content to give your buyers the information they are looking for, while simultaneously establishing you as the “expert” on the subject matter they are searching for, resulting in building trust in the process. In 2015 Google made this myth so very false. Don’t get us wrong. But there’s the catch.
    [Google, Process] Top 10 Advantages of Online Marketing for Professional Services
    If it’s successful, this piece might help drive up your website’s ranking for Google searches on the topic. From our research, we found that purchasers are looking for experts online in a number of ways, including in search engines, by reading online reviews, on social media, through webinars, and more. Defining Online Marketing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [Google, Process] How to Write a Great Email Signature: 9 Tips With Real Examples
    According to research from Neomam Studios , it only takes the human mind 150 microseconds to process a symbol, and 100 microseconds to attach meaning to it. If you aren't a HubSpot customer, one great meeting tool is Calendly , which is free for Basic and lets you integrate your Google or Office 365 calendar. Even better?
    [Google, Process] Forward 2016, Day 1: Why Content Marketing ? Brand Storytelling
    In the conference’s kick-off keynote, Skyword Founder and CEO Tom Gerace pulled back the curtain on his work with Robert McKee to develop a storytelling process that can be integrated into technology and scaled within an enterprise organization. However, the content space is noisy. So what should marketers do? Surgery became messy.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016
    [Google, Process] The Science Behind Design: 8 Psychology Principles to Apply to Your Next Project
    Computer scientists and UX designers think and talk a lot about mental models, because the process of designing something new -- like a website layout or a new app -- requires trying to uncover and act on what users might find to be intuitive. This is all about trying to uncover your audience’s intuitive process. Want to learn more?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2016
    [Google, Process] Data Journalism: A Simple Guide for Marketers
    To help business understand the value of this approach, I've done some research myself. With an emphasis on in-depth research and lateral thinking, data journalists are able to cut through the content clutter and information overload. After all, t he brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does text.
    [Google, Process] Get Your Blog On: 4 Steps to Blogging Success
    This blogging phase didn’t last long and ended after I realized that whatever you do on the internet can not only be found on Google, but also by your parents. Darn it, Google  you win again. Objections: Objections you anticipate from them during the sales process. Role in decision-making process. B2B or consumer? Topic.
    [Google, Process] 4 Ideas to Squeeze Blogging into your Schedule
    Complex articles with extensive research and supporting links can take longer – as much as two to three hours. If you haven’t tried this process it before, the Pomodoro method of getting things done is a real productivity booster. Everything from Google Drive to Evernote has a speech to text function. Don’t over think it. Cloud.
    [Google, Process] How do you build a content strategy when a market is already littered with “experts?”
    Here is the process I would go through to help this marketing professional navigate in a crowded content market. Does it have a message based on data and consumer research? Let’s assess the information density for specific keywords through a few tests including a simple Google search. And I like big questions. Instagram?
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016
    [Google, Process] Influencer marketing tools of the trade
    have integrated it into my processes and don’t cede ground when and if clients or colleagues refuse. Google Apps — I have my Google Apps for Work install for Gerr.is but use it everywhere. Yet Another Mail Merge — YAMM is an Add In for Google Sheets. InkyBee — Such a powerful research tool.
    [Google, Process] 13 Key Website Design and Development Areas to Bring in Business
    Headlines touting vague promises of people, processes, technology and consulting prowess can exhaust even the most committed reader. According to our research , 80.8% of prospective buyers visit a firm’s website at some point during the buying process. SEE ALSO: Top B2B Website Metrics to Monitor Using Google Analytics.
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