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All Online Digital Roads Lead to Google Plus


Google can’t get any of us to use Google Plus, but they’re still trying. With that caveat, Google’s closing in on its goal of being federated across all of its properties, so be acutely aware. But I am sold on the Google Empire because they stalk me so good. I remember having been there years ago while in Atlanta. Rejoice! Rejoice! Enjoy!

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Study: Half of Marketing Jobs Will Be Replaced by Machine Intelligence

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This in turn got me thinking about my presentation on machine learning systems at the MarTech conference in March. A quick bit of Googling led to an article that quoted economist W. This offered the possibility of showing how much employment risk is faced by marketers in particular. As a point of reference, the current world total of jobs is 146 million jobs.)

5 Brands with Highly Successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

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Instagram and Twitter are locked in a battle to out-Snapchat each other. The organization focuses on international politics and business, and its LinkedIn content is aimed at providing analysis and expertise in those issues. The pieces are curated to make the World Economic Forum a go-to expert in the world of global affairs. Google. World Economic Forum.

Does Social Media Deliver More Traffic Than Email?

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Perform a Google search on the subject and it might lead you to think the two are viscous enemies locked in mortal combat. We found that while social referrals are growing fast, email is still pulling in more eyeballs and traffic. The average number of opened emails per month grew from 98,001 in Q4 of 2010 to 123,982 in Q4 of 2011 – a 27% increase.

9 Ways to Recycle Your Blog Posts Into Other Content Formats


Squeeze every last drip out of the work you have done by repurposing your blog content in different forms. Email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your avid blog readers. But if you show up in their inbox with a short snippet from your most recent blog post and an easy-to-find link, it increases the traffic back to that post. Quite the opposite. Bonus Tip.

Are 2016 Messaging Apps Finally the Death Knell for Email?

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Her phone in hand, she considers hitting “Tap to snooze.” Still lying in bed, one eye open and the other squinting at the screen, she figures: Why not? Some people claim to be steadfastly against this routine—we all know people who swear they don’t check their messages first thing in the morning. I won’t check new messages first thing in the morning.

Discover the Solution to Your Biggest Data Challenges: Act-On Data Studio

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However, acquiring that data – and ensuring that we can get it when we want to, in the format we prefer, and take it where we choose – is where we sometimes run into problems. In addition, we need the right data analysis tools to look backward and understand which campaigns worked and which didn’t, and to look ahead and predict what customers and prospects are likely to want next.

Are 2016 Messaging Apps Finally the Death Knell for Email?

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Her phone in hand, she considers hitting “Tap to snooze.” Still lying in bed, one eye open and the other squinting at the screen, she figures: Why not? Some people claim to be steadfastly against this routine—we all know people who swear they don’t check their messages first thing in the morning. I won’t check new messages first thing in the morning.

Top 10 B2B Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2015

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Mobile’s rapid explosion will continue this year, and this will in turn fuel significant focus on local. Mobile and local go hand in hand, as people who conduct research on their mobile devices want to then take action right away by interacting with a business in their area. There’s been a clear shift in LinkedIn’s positioning overall. Now, it is just the opposite.

8 Rules For Running Online Display Ads

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In olden days, when you wanted to drum up interest for your product or business, you could take an ad out in the paper, write a jingle for the radio or buy commercials on TV. But online displays ads still play a vital role in building a wider audience. Remember: your audience isn’t browsing the web in hopes that they’ll run across your advertising.

5 Proven Steps to Creating a Lead Magnet That Attracts and Converts Prospects

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Ever wonder why your competitors seem to attract and lock in the best prospects? Assuming you have a decent website, there’s probably one crucial element standing in the way of capturing and keeping your ideal prospects: a lead magnet. Addressing a challenge positions you as an authority in that space, so choose carefully. Zero in on a format. Have fun!

Looking for a roadmap to more revenue? Read this book!

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In her new book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy , Kristin lays out her methodology and processes garnered from years in the field working with corporate clients, and their customers and prospects. Kristin's proven Roadmap to Revenue methodology makes it possible to reverse-engineer successful sales, so new sales can be manufactured in quantity.

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In (Partial) Defense of Tracking Cookies


No more feeling like you’re being stalked by those hiking boots you looked at last week, didn’t purchase, but now keep popping up in ads on every site you visit, begging to you to reconsider. So I understand why Mozilla has decided to block third-party cookies in Firefox , why Apple does the same in Safari, and why Microsoft has made Do Not Track the default setting on Internet Explorer 10.

Social Media Marketing Laws, Part 2

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Here are the balance of “The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing,” as presented by Target Marketing’s Jim Gilbert in this on-demand webinar. The more channels in which a consumer interacts with your brand, the more likely they are to buy. Don’t try to convince me that he’s even remotely in the league of any of these women. The Bachelor jokes are all mine.

Starbucks: The Sleeping Giant in Mobile Payments

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Verizon fired the first shot in the battle for mobile payments by blocking Google Wallet from its new Galaxy Nexus smart phone. The initial posturing will focus on building exclusive audiences of users and by locking in payment functionality model-by-model and carrier by carrier. Similarly contenders will block out competitors in the race to reach a critical mass of mobile wallet/payments users. The contenders track record in each of these areas is a mixed bag. Getting mobile payments to market will be a 4-way fight.   Stay tuned.  

BMW can imprint eyelids, we’ll drive demand.

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Working with DemandGen , we spent two days locked in a room (okay, the doors were open – but you really didn’t want to leave!) Dave Lewis, CEO of DemandGen, led our group in an intriguing conversation about our lead scoring and lead nurturing practices. BMW may have the ultimate driving machine – complete with bright lights with infinite ad budgets - but we’re the ones in the hottest drivers seat. Google Bookmarks. by Amber Stevens | Tweet this. Have you seen this video? Take a look. How much does something like that cost! But I do.

Making sense of it all – Part 1: the consumer

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Wasn’t it nice in the days before social networking, before intelligent spam filters and privacy concerns? people in your bought list. Everything was so much simpler then, there was even the slight possibility that someone might open your email and take a look because they didn’t have 500 emails sitting permanently in. Okay, I’m being facetious, but there’s no denying that our job as marketers have got more difficult in the last few years, and it’s going to get worse. In this digital world we have more information than we could possibly ever want. Which is it?

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: VDI can save you big! Don't count the.

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In a research study Alinean participated in on the total lifecycle costs of VDI compared to traditional desktops, VDI has proven to be about 10% more expensive in certain mainstream scenarios - particularly for traditional Office Workers, in an environment that is already well managed. Winning the Social Media Popularity Contest Seeing ROI in the Cloud?

Can the social web play a role in customer retention?

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And is there a way to leverage the social web to keep your customers … even in the extreme case of a commodity market? There is usually only one winner in a commodity market — the lowest cost supplier — except in periods of high demand when supply falls short. But there are ways to lock-in customers even in ugly downturns. Post on Google Buzz.

How Lack of Marketing Content Can Derail Your Website Redesign Project

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Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website How Lack of Marketing Content Can Derail Your Website Redesign Project by Achinta Mitra on June 3, 2010 in Content Marketing , Industrial Websites , Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , Website Design & Development What comes first – site content or site design? If so, you know the frustration. We can do it ourselves.

Deliver a Content Marketing K.O. with a One-Two Radio Combination

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This may not always result in immediate radio advertising dollars, but it does strengthen the local businesses and the business community. This is especially true in the arena of personal branding. Superb content marketing creates a powerful personal brand because it establishes you as an expert in your field. This is the essence of content marketing strategy.

Prediction: Statistical Methods Will Replace Conventional Rules for Marketing Decisions

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The question this raises in my mind is where the industry goes from here. The more sophisticated vendors will of course continue to add features, but it’s not clear that most marketers will be interested in the additional capabilities or be able to handle the added complexity. But even though there are certainly substantial differences in usability among today’s systems, it’s hard to see why everyone won’t eventually be able to do roughly equal jobs of simplifying their interfaces. That last sentence was a bit of a leap, so let me fill in the blanks.