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100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog


But two great sources are blog directories and RSS syndication sites. Not only do they provide valuable links, they can also supply direct traffic and help build your RSS subscriber list. So, having recently completed a submission campaign for a client, here is an updated list of blog directories and RSS syndication sites that remain active and free. The list excludes sites that were, ahem, inappropriate for most blogs, had non-operational submission forms, appeared inactive, required a fee, or had a Google Pagerank of zero. Blogbunch blog+rss. Google.

Top 5 Reasons Web Marketing Now Relies on Content Strategy


They like and recommend on Facebook, re-tweet and quote on Twitter, plus one in Google+, and share links through other sites. They also forward emails, share their RSS feeds, participate in online forums and promote content through word-of-mouse-advertising among their peers. Google Algorithm Updates. Information Era. Guest post by Celina Conner. Thirst for Updates.

18 (of the) Best SEO Link Building Guides of 2011


There are multitudes of question-and-answer or informational sites online with backlinks that could prove viable.” The search engines know this so naturally that link is more valuable than one from an article directory or rss feed that you can easily get on your own.” Tactics to Try as Google Tinkers with its Ranking Algorithm by MarketingVOX. by WebProNews.

40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


Canonical URL - The canonical URL is the best address on which a user can find a piece of information. Conversion Form - A form through which you collect information about your site visitor. Collecting contact information helps you follow up with these leads. link from another site will improve your SEO, especially if that site has a high PageRank. Directory and Dmoz.

Infographics ROI

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Inbound Links - Use Google Analytics to measure links back to your infographics. Page Views - Google Analytics will also measure pageviews and unique views. SEO Ranking - Measure the pagerank of your infographics on major search engines such as Google and Bing. Subscribers - Measure blog subscribers (RSS and email), email subscribers, and followers on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social Sharing - Measure tweets and mentions on Twitter and shares on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Tangible Metrics. Intangible Benefits.

Glossary: 24 SEO Terms Marketers Should Know


Conversion Form - A form in which you collect information on your site visitor. Collecting contact information helps you follow up with these leads. link from another site will improve your SEO, especially if that site has a high PageRank. PageRank - A number from 0-10, assigned by Google, indicating how good your overall SEO is. 24 SEO Terms You Must Know!


The complete knowledge sharing guide. |

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Information management. One of the first things you need to do before you start sharing what you know with anyone else is to make sure that you have your information managed properly. See my post on free knowledge tools to get started on proper information management. 2. Your information management strategy should consist of the right mix of push and pull. Google.


A Shiny Needle in the B2B Marketing Haystack

Phoenix Rising

  There's so much information available across the web.It's a tough task to find the most relevant content for your own B2B efforts. Even aggregrators compile too much information - making the search for B2B Marketing content feel like that proverbial hunt for the needle in the haystack. We’ll also offer some focused RSS feeds that will save readers time, giving them great information in a convenient manner.   My experience is that only about 10% of audiences use RSS readers to regularly read blog content related to their profession. 

Best of 2009: SEO Tips, Part 1


How can you get the most of out of Google’s free webmaster tools to improve rankings? The brilliant—and entertaining—David Harry provides an exhaustive list of the primary and secondary factors affecting search engine rank, from link-related factors (link text, relevance, PageRank) and header data through trust-related factors (domain history, outbound links) and “dampening factors&# (poor coding, duplicate content and URL issues). Q&A: A Few Things You Need to Know About Keyword Usage by Search Engine Guide. Understand Google’s Guidelines by Alibaba.

Do-it-Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your WordPress.

Industrial Marketing Today

Here’s a screenshot of my setting: Changing permalinks after your blog has been live for a while can cause you to lose pagerank in search engines and generate “404 page not found” errors. See a video from Matt Cutts on Google official position on using keywords meta tag ). Google can make a decision about your blog by seeing whom you link to. What is On Site SEO? Resources

Best of 2008 (So Far) - Cool Web Tools, Part 1


Use Google to track the status of almost any flight or find legal free music downloads? The list includes direct links to register for each service, login and submit a new item, as well as each site's Pagerank and Alexa rank. SpaceTime A search tool that provides "unlimited space," enabling you to search Google, YouTube, RSS, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!,