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Brain-Based Blogging: The 4 F’s of Action

Writing on the Web

How is blogging and online content marketing like psychotherapy ? Let me share some thoughts I had this week about how people respond when they read online. We wouldn’t be here talking about content marketing if our ancestors hadn’t become good at all four “F&# actions, especially the last one. Maybe online our brains now react differently to emotions? You’re reading the NY Times online , there’s a picture of food accompanying an article about food prices. Content Marketing Favorites: Brain Based Blogging.

The Hydra of Web Site Development


While technology skills are important, they are not necessarily key, any longer, to the development of a truly effective online presence. Yes, particularly in a larger company, it is important to enable multiple individuals to contribute content to the company Web site in their area of subject matter expertise, but as the brilliant Anne Holland of Marketing Sherpa pointed out in this column , it is also important to have a "keeper of the words" in order to maintain consistency and ensure the maximum impact from your Web communications. Writing is a talent you should have in-house.