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Is Your Business Ready for Predictive Lead Scoring?


Perhaps your sales team is losing confidence in your current lead scoring method because they’re not seeing conversions, or maybe you’re launching a new product and are evaluating how to create the most effective demand generation program so your team can hit the ground running. The potential lift can be measured by comparing scores to actual conversions.

The Black and White of Predictive Lead Scoring


Data scientists are great at perfecting their math, while marketing and sales executives need insights that help them stay in control of their businesses, know what drives success and how to change their processes to increase revenue. We call this the “black box” approach, which is how most predictive lead scoring solutions work. couple of those are: Lead Prioritization.

7 Keys to Lead Scoring Success – for your sales lead generation programs

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7 Keys to Lead Scoring Success. How do you separate the good leads from the not so good leads? How do you ensure you don’t give unqualified leads to Sales. The answer: Lead Scoring. Lead scoring is the concept of assigning values to behaviors. Keys to B2B Lead Scoring Success.

7 Keys to Lead Scoring Success in Sales Lead Generation

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Combined with a best-practices lead nurturing program, lead scoring helps you “separate the wheat from the chaff” and identify likely buyers at optimal times. “When given fewer, but better leads, salespeople win more deals and drive more revenue.” ” Dan McDade in The Truth About Leads. With lead scoring.

PowerOpinions: Making Lead Scoring a Success Part 1 [Expert Advice]


Marketing Automation makes it easier than ever to deliver more poor-quality leads to sales. A key to this trend is lead scoring. According to SiriusDecisions’ Research Brief 1 , the problem with lead scoring at many organizations is as follows: Lead scoring models are based on assumptions or inadequate sales input. Part 1. Kyle Porter.

7 Keys to Successful Lead Scoring

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Find New Customers to release the second in a series of great content regarding B2B lead generation. Sales Lead Generation using engaging, bite-sized content. Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing. Keys to Successful Lead Scoring. Follow  Jeff on Twitter or download the  free white paper on B2B lead generation. Stay tuned.

How to Create Content Maps That Actually Work in Sales Lead Generation

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How to Create Content Maps That Actually Work in B2B Demand Generation. Content is critical in B2B sales lead generation. And I’m pleased to announce that Find New Customers now offers a Buyer Persona Service to craft best practices buyer persona programs for you – which feed highly effective marketing campaigns and sales enablement. Evaluation.

How to Generate Sales Leads Using Personality Quizzes

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Imagine using a personality quiz that your audience loves to bring in leads that you know a ton about and can be followed up with in a human way. There are three steps in this process, and by the end you’ll know how to create a piece of content that is not only share-able and enjoyable for your audience, but also brings in targeted, sales-ready leads. And Hi!”

Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring

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B2B Lead Generation | Only 1 out of 5 companies have a lead scoring methodology in place. This data, from a recent study on sales leads by Vorsight and The Bridge Group was appalling. Sales is wasting valuable cycles on unqualified opportunities – wasting scarce resources. But how do you separate good leads from bad ones?

Optimize the Sales Funnel with Lead Scoring

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I‘ve been in sales for 20 years, and I can say for certain that new sales leads are vital to a company’s continued existence. However, once marketing gets those leads flowing, it soon becomes apparent that there’s more to success than just pure volume. Leads are not all created equally – some are likely to purchase much sooner than others.

Happy Birthday, sales lead generation company Find New Customers – belatedly

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Buffer On February 13, 2009, the sales lead generation company Find New Customers was born. Find New Customers, the demand generation company, is led by the award-winning marketer Jeff Ogden , who’s also the creator of the very popular and highly syndicated online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV. Email us – sales at

How Lead Scoring and Nurturing Work Together

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Lead scoring can help. What’s lead scoring? Lead scoring is the technique of assigning a numerical value to an attribute or action based on the degree of buying authority or purchase likelihood those characteristics represent. A CMO has the authority to buy, so that title gets a high score. Lead scoring in practice. Actions.

Summary of this week’s posts from the sales lead generation company Find New Customers

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Buffer Here is the summary of the posts from this week from the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. Top 10 Reasons NOT to Contact the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. Sales lead generation works a lot better. The Definitive Guide to BtoB Demand Generation – How to Find New Customers.

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Sales Lead Generation: The Hub and Spoke Marketing Approach

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This Slideshare presentation, with audio (IMHO – a best practice) shares a recommended approach to marketing campaigns by Jeff Ogden of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. (By the way, Slideshare was re-written in HTML 5 – Google can search inside your slides too. Nurturing and Scoring Leads. You can score behaviors and qualify leads, passing to Sales (If they told the inside salespeople they were ready.) Sales either closes the deal or kicks it back to nurturing. Keep it simple.

How to Get More Sales Leads – SalesOpTV with marketing experts @eriklurs, @iannarino, @fearlesscomp and @gerhard20

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In this fun and engaging video show, four sales and marketing experts share their best ideas for. Generating Sales Leads. Lead Nurturing. Improving leads with social and business intelligence. Qualifying leads and lead scoring. Lead distribution. Marketing automation. What do you think?

The Sorry State of Sales Leads Today

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points out the sorry state of sales leads today. Here are two take-aways: What Percentage of Marketing-Generated Leads  do you Feel Fit your Sweet Spot? (i.e. “The leads marketing gives me are crap and the few that might fit have the wrong people identified.&# I feel sorry for salespeople. Quality leads matter. You can download the study here.

How to Prioritize Sales Leads Part 1 – Mac McConnell of Bluebird Strategies

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B2B Lead Generation | How to Prioritize Leads | Part 1 of 3. As the President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers , I’m continually searching for great FREE content to help our clients and fans to improve revenue results. More quality sales opportunities leads to more sales which leads to higher revenue and market share.

Time for a Pitstop: Fine-tuning Your Automated Lead Scoring

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You are trying to make sure your lead generation vehicles are driven efficiently and effectively—with marketing automation as your engine—to beat your competitors to the finish line.  Yet, that is what many marketers do with their marketing automation and lead management vehicles.  Activities that deserve a negative score include: Email unsubscribe. Spam complaint.

My Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller The Definitive Guide to Sales Lead Qualification and Sales Development. Some of these best practices include common definitions for a qualified lead between marketing and sales; lead scoring to identify suspected quality leads; a strong lead management process to manage the handoffs; and the use of marketing automation to power the whole thing.

The Lead Generation Assessment Service

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B2B Lead Generation | The Lead Generation Assessment Service. “The leads we get from Marketing are crap.&#. The leads they are getting are crap. Is it because our lead nurturing programs aren’t working? This is why outside insights are need and lead generation companies like Find New Customers can help you. But why?

Buying software is easy. Fixing lead generation is hard.

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B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. Unfortunately, there’s no “Wonder Herb&# in B2B lead generation and marketing either. What does your software purchase do toward fixing your company’s problems with generating quality sales leads? Remember, we need fewer and better leads for sales.).

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B2B Lead Generation: Leads, leads, leads!

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Almost all B2B sellers lack enough quality leads to make quota. Do Salespeople want more leads? No matter how talented your sales team may be, or how much you have spent on sales training — there is one key issue to be addressed: How does your company keep the sales funnel filled with qualified prospects? They are confusing relationships with quality leads.

The Definitive Guide to BtoB Demand Generation – How to Find New Customers

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Buffer Need to craft a best-practices sales lead generation program? Check out the Definitive Guide to BtoB Demand Generation : How to Find New Customers. ” Our’s is The Definitive Guide to BtoB Demand Generation : How to Find New Customers. How to Find New Customers.

6 Ways Marketing Can Help Generate Early Leads for Sales

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What does sales want more,” he asked, “qualified leads or early leads?”. Research indicates that sales cycles are 22% longer over the past 5 years but 49% of companies are saying that their buying cycles are shorter. Clearly, buyers are far more educated and sales is excluded from much of the conversation. In fact CEB Sales Practice research says that on average prospects are 57% of the way through making a purchase before they ever talk to sales. Getting to prospects is paramount, but so is focusing on the most qualified leads. Sound off.

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Introduction to Lead Management

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Tweet If Sales and Marketing were a manufacturing operation starting with raw materials — leads — and ending up with 5% to 20% in deliverable product — won sales — it would soon be shut down to determine what is wrong. However, companies continue to spend untold dollars on lead generation efforts ultimately doomed to fail. 79% have not established lead scoring.

10 Things Your CEO Needs to Know Now about B2B Demand Generation

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10 Things Your CEO Needs to Know Now about B2B Demand Generation. This man badly needs the help of a marketing leader well versed in B2B demand generation, who can  create a program to fill sales funnels with warm leads. Here are 10 things your CEO needs to know about B2B demand generation. Sales lead generation is hard work done over time that delivers results.

Online Sales Leads Seen Needing Improvement

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B2B demand generation | The need for leads. 94% say generating new leads needs help. When asked to rate how much (or if at all) five key areas of their company site need improvement, respondents were most likely generating new sales leads needed some level of improvement (94%). Jeff Ogden ( @fearlesscomp ) is the President of the B2B lead generation consultancy Find New Customers. Contact Find New Customers by calling (516) 495-9350 or sending an email to sales at Check out this from MarketingCharts.

Lead Generation Effectiveness – What Works and What Doesn’t?

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When crafting your sales lead generation programs, what tactics should you invest in and which should you avoid? You can read the original article at The Most Effective B2B Lead Generation Methods by  Ayaz Nanji. Here are some other important take-aways: Inside Sales is the new B2B sales model. This is why I love this chart from MarketingProfs.

Lead Generation: Streamlining the process for quality over quantity

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet For her first week on the job, Debbie Pryer, Program Manager, Siemens Healthcare, arrived ready to accept an intimidating challenge: Bring Marketing and Sales together for one common cause – generating quality leads. One of Debbie’s key goals was to re-establish a long-broken trust between Sales and Marketing. Challenge your process. You may also like.

How to Prioritize Sales Leads Part 3 – Mac McConnell of Bluebird Strategies

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B2B Lead Generation | How to Prioritize Leads | Part 3 of 3. In our last post, we shared part 2 of Mac McConnell of Bluebird Strategies talking about lead scoring. More quality sales opportunities leads to more sales which leads to higher revenue and market share. In this final segment, he dives in deeper. You can watch Part 1 here.

Lead Management: 4 principles to follow

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet I’m at MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013 in San Francisco on day one, live blogging the Lead Management Workshop that features a dive into larger topics including lead capture, lead qualification and lead nurture. The main principles of the Lead Management Workshop were pulled from that book. Key principles of lead management.

Optimizing Lead Distribution for Higher Conversion

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet The management of sales leads is critical to generating marketing ROI. Sadly, Sadly, sales leads often land on the scrap heap because marketers throw leads over the wall and then expect salespeople to catch them. I was recently asked by someone how to utilize lead distribution to gain the best results. But when you add sales territories and fairness into the mix, this is far from easy. So do you invest your hard-won leads on your top performers, or do you try to help your weaker salespeople? Match leads based on location.

How to Turn a White Paper into a Content Marketing Machine

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Now your one white paper turned into 7 or 8 pieces of quality marketing content, which will fuel your sales lead generation program and populate your lead nurturing and sales enablement programs too. Jeff Ogden , the Fearless Competitor, is an award-winning marketing expert and President of the  sales lead generation company   Find New Customers.

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Trust and the Big Lie of Lead Generation

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B2B Lead Generation : Capturing Accurate Information on Forms. Job Title : Sales Leader Phone # : sdsd Web Site URL : dsds. provocative post called The Big Lie of Lead Generation. When asked why they put in fake information, almost 3 out of 4 cited “Avoid follow-up sales calls or marketing contacts.&#. How many leads will you need to make your quota?

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Four Steps to Convince CEOs that Demand Generation Should be a Marketing, Not a Sales, Function

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B2B Demand Generation | Why it belongs in Marketing – Not Sales. Our Lead Nurturing and Scoring Service goes up from $24,995 to $29,995 on September 1, so book today! J. David Green wrote an awesome post for the B2B Lead Generation Roundtable blog. But what about sales prospecting? The Percent of the Sales Budget Spent on Demand Generation.

Greatest Challenge Facing CMOs Today – Generating High-Quality Sales Leads

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“The vast majority of CMO’s in the study indicated that generating high quality leads is their top challenge. The study agrees, saying that software alone will note “make for an optimized sales funnel.&# You really fix the problem, you’ll need deep buyer personas, content marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and more.

Top B2B Marketing Expert Looking for Companies with a Problem with Sales Leads

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Is your company struggling to create enough sales leads to keep sales funnels full? You need a good sales lead generation program to create quality sales leads. Jeff Ogden, author of The Definitive Guide to B2B Demand Generation – How to Find New Customers is looking for companies that exhibit this problem. If so, we should talk.

B2B Lead Generation | Where Are You Today?

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B2B Lead Generation | Where Are You Today? An SVP of Worldwide Marketing used this to describe where his 1/2 billion software company fit today in B2B Lead Generation. His point: They were primitive – no content marketing, no lead nurturing, no lead scoring, no marketing automation, etc. They were just past the chimpanzee on the left.

Add a Human Touch to Marketing Automation for Awesome B2B Sales Lead Generation


It’s not surprising given that this technology can automate all the routine aspects of sales lead generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring, customer retention, testing, measuring, and optimizing marketing campaigns. Lead Nurturing According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the market for marketing automation technology will expand from $3.2

How to turn a good white paper into a great lead generation piece

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Great content or a great lead generation tool. Do you want a trickle of leads or a flood? To illustrate, let’s look at an example of how to turn a nice white paper into a great lead generation program: Let’s say you hire a company like the B2B lead generation company Find New Customers to write a white paper for you. Quality leads matter.