[Generation, Landing Page] Closing the Loop on Social Leads
    Closing the Loop on Social Leads 2 A guide to measuring social media lead generation Social media has outgrown its infancy and is no longer an optional task for brands. As you can imagine, the lead generation possibilities in social media. Optimize content for SEO Optimize for both on-page and off-page search engine optimization.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 7 Examples of SaaS Companies with Exceptional Marketing
    The page-turning twists of fate. It began as an unknown start-up in California and wanted to run billboard advertising campaigns to generate awareness and traffic, but realized quickly that it couldn’t afford it. Using psychology to create headlines will generate more views. Who doesn’t love a good story? The characters.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Use Marketing Analytics to Get C-Suite Buy-In for Content Marketing
    Show Them the Website Traffic. In our own experience, we’ve seen a high correlation between website traffic and firm revenue. Include a breakdown on where that traffic is coming from and where the traffic is going to. Are more people coming to your services pages? Content marketing is red-hot. To your blog?
    [Generation, Landing Page] Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing
    On the same page? Let's move on to why you should use blogging as a marketing tactic. 1) It helps drive traffic to your website. They know who you are, you're on their radar, and that doesn't help you get more traffic on top of what you're already getting. And the second you run out of money, your traffic stops coming, too.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Using content-related quizzes to generate leads
    With a demand for content that actually converts, a well-produced quiz can obtain opt-in rates north of 50% and enhanced lead generation. Let’s go over three practical ways to generate leads using quizzes. I’ll even throw in real-life examples to support each method in an effort to help marketers formulate ideas.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog
    If you’re not generating leads – as in: a lot of leads – from your company’s blog, you’re missing out on what is perhaps not only your best opportunity to convert organic Web traffic into actionable, measurable sales inquiries, but also the best way to actually show real ROI from your social media investment. Subscribe Now!”). 4.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 12 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Probably Doesn't Need to Hear About
    She cared more about the impact my blog posts were having -- on traffic, on leads, and eventually on customers. Web Design/Planning. 1) Page Views. If one of your pages is getting significantly more views than others, your boss will want to know about it. 10) Facebook Page Likes. People are tweeting out my blog post!"
    [Generation, Landing Page] The Essential Marketing & Sales Metrics Your Team Should Track
    They usually write and edit blog posts, provide feedback to contributors, optimize content for SEO and lead generation, contribute to long-form content projects, conduct analytical projects, and grow blog subscribers. Here's a guide to website traffic terms.) Traffic from Organic Search. Total Leads Generated. Open Rate.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Create a Focused Content Strategy for Paid Search
    Being a part of the millennial generation myself, I know that if I have the choice between researching on my own and filling out a form to request information, I’ll choose researching almost every time. This millennial attitude poses a problem for higher education marketers focused on lead generation. Tell me more!”.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Agencies: How to Build an Email Campaign – When Your Client Has No List
    There are two main ways to create contact lists – the first one, purchasing lists , is a quick solution, but it comes with some pretty critical issues and performance land mines that must be addressed before you can start using them. Add a Subscribe Form to Social Media Pages. Land Ho! Purchasing Lists. Quality vs. Quantity.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI
    Landing pages with different combinations of the design elements for testing are created to optimize the user experience and maximize conversions. With This is using the metrics: 1) Page Likes increase by 92%, 2) Post Reach increase by 342%, 3) Post Engagement increase by 137%, and 4) Active Users increase by 213%.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Tracking Email Analytics Outside of HubSpot
    The tracking URL above, used in one of our PPC campaigns, allows us to easily track when a visitor arrives to the corresonding landing page via our ad. When visitors click the tracking URL, HubSpot’s Sources tool reads the token and categorizes the traffic accurately so you can see the performance. Tracking URL: [link].
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Steps to Set Up, Launch, and Manage an Online Display Campaign
    Simply put, online display advertising includes any promotional banner (of any size and shape) put on a web page. Common goals for display campaigns include raising brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and lead generation. Landing Page: This is the web page users are directed to once they click on the ad.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Keys to Revenue-Boosting Demand Generation
    In its place, these silo slayers have created a new revenue beast — the demand generation department. Demand generation is revolutionizing how some of the world’s largest companies ramp up their revenue. Demand generation works (and is necessary) because today’s consumers wait longer and longer to connect with a company.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Digital Marketing: The 7 Essential Channels
    Image from Google’s page on responsive design (click the image to go there). For more indepth guides on SEO, check out our resources on this page of the Act-On website.). You can make the video ads clickable so that they drive more traffic to your website. Did you fill out a form on a landing page? Video.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How Publishers Can Increase Time on Site
    Let’s say you see an average page view count of 4.5 pages per visit. pages in less than a minute. It doesn’t take much math to realize that’s not a lot of time on each page, meaning your readers are just skimming. These readers are the qualified leads you want to be generating. Why Time on Site is Important. Medi
    [Generation, Landing Page] The Simple, 3-Step Process to Generating Leads and Revenue through Social Media Channels
    So first, how do you drive more traffic to your site through social channels? Below, I’ve laid out a straightforward process that will generate tangible results from your social media marketing campaigns. The end goal here is to provide a solid reason for people to click on your post/ad and get them to land on your site.
    [Generation, Landing Page] End It on a High Note! Savvy Marketing Tips to Finish 2015 Strong
    LinkedIn engagement funneled in to email nurture campaigns, Twitter posts drove blog traffic, and the web of digital marketing grew larger than ever. Your public tweets will still have to obey the law of the land with the 140-character limit, but you can let the words roll on for DMs. Right now, many marketers (you?) may Finally!
    [Generation, Landing Page] 4 Tricks To Master The Magic Of Modern Lead Generation
    Do you want to generate more leads from buyers shopping only on price –OR– from prospects looking for your help? It’s no secret that the nature of lead generation and sales is changing. For a long time, salespeople could generate a lot of their own leads and then guide prospects through the buyer’s journey before closing the sale.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Don't Kiss 5% of Your Organic Traffic Goodbye: New Data on Why You Should Optimize Your Website for Mobile
    After an analysis of more than 15,000 of our customers’ websites, here’s the takeaway: Websites that aren’t mobile optimized had an average of 5% decline in organic traffic. Starting on April 21, we saw a marked decline in organic traffic over a three-week period. Marketers were anxious. Fear mongering abounded.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know
    If we’ve missed something, please use the comment section below to let us know. A/B Testing : A method used to compare different versions of digital ads or website landing pages in order to determine which one performs better. It describes the area of a web page that’s visible before the website visitor scrolls down the page.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Want More Blog Traffic? Focus on Growing Subscribers
    "How do I grow traffic to my blog?". It's one of the most common questions I get from people launching a new blog, and I always tell them the same thing: The key to growing blog traffic is actually to focus on growing subscribers. And as you can see from the charts above, traffic grew right along with it. This was HUGE for us.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Why Landing Pages Are To Leads As Phone Numbers Are To First Dates
    Do you want to generate more leads on your website? Without landing pages, you’re like the single guy who doesn’t ask Miss Right for her phone number. Sadly, many companies who want to generate leads on their websites are making the same mistake I did when I forgot to ask for Miss Right’s phone number when I first met her.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How To Illustrate Popular B2B PPC Performance Metrics
    Not only will we often uncover several different conversion “actions”  on a website, but it is not unusual for several to function more closely towards lead nurturing objectives instead of generating direct sales action. Clicks to site measure how many visitors paid search drove to the client’s landing page. METRIC 1: CLICKS.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 4 Ways to Marry Your Email Marketing and Website Optimization Strategies
    Whether you’re sending them to a specific landing page or inviting them to take advantage of a personalized offer on-site, the work doesn’t end in your customer’s inbox. However, the segmentation of your website traffic is often treated as a mutually exclusive effort. Author: Becky Hirsch Do you hear that? It’s getting louder.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 9, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Is Co-Registration a Lead Generation Tactic to Consider?
    As marketers and demand generators, we are always researching and looking for new and efficient ways to drive leads into the funnel, in order to follow-up with more content as nurture, or tele-services.  I recently re-discovered the concept of co-registration as another means of capturing email addresses of interested prospects.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Small Tweaks to Help You Generate More Leads
    Considering this statistic, it's likely that you already have your hands full with writing quality content to attract new traffic and leads. With that said, we threw on our lab coats and started experimenting with small content tweaks that had the potential to make big improvements in terms of lead generation. We've been there.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Why Your Content Plan Must Include Interactive Content
    Through interactive assessments, calculators, infographics, benchmarking tests, or a combination of all the above, marketers can expand their brand, generate leads, build better prospect profiles and enhance lead scoring across all marketing programs. So, here are some of the key questions—and answers!—to to help fuel that conversation: 1.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] The Marketing Stack for Publishers: What Tools Do You Need?
    Additionally, by selecting a fully integrated CMS—that connects your individual web pages to the actions your contacts take—you’re able to quickly see which areas of your site are helping people move from merely viewing, to eventually making a purchase decision. Landing Pages. This is where landing pages come in.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Get the Most Out of Your HubSpot 30 Day Trial [INFOGRAPHIC]
    The Result : More Traffic, More Leads, More Customers. Increase Your Traffic : (TOFU) Top of the Funnel. As a customer you’ll be able to track organic traffic growth and diagnose pages that aren’t fully optimized using built-in analytics. Calls-to-Action : Build buttons and callouts to convert traffic to leads in a snap.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Changing the site and changing the game for Intelliflo
    It wasn’t reflective of their innovative product and, more crucially, it wasn’t generating sales. The layout of the pages was something we knew we had to get right because with conversions (in this case demos) being of paramount importance, the CTA needed to be clearly accessible. Previous site hompage. Launch-ready finalised design.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Small Conversion Actions Are Better Than No Conversion Actions
    Based on competitive SEO research  from SEMRush, I’m pretty certain the site receives a fair amount of organic traffic for its position. However one critical issue arose in page evaluation: there was nothing left to do  when I was finished reviewing the content marketing asset in question.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Want More Leads But Don’t Have A Blog? Here’s How To Get Started
    By far, the most effective way to increase site traffic and leads is with a company blog. If you want more traffic and leads, don’t write about your company and its products. After 10 weeks, look at your analytics to see which ones got the most traffic, comments and shares on social media. Demand Generation
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] So Your Ebook Didn't Generate Leads? You Could Be Making These Rookie Mistakes
    If you're using ebooks to generate leads and still not seeing the results you've been promised, then you might be making one of the following rookie mistakes. 1) You didn't identify your target audience. This can include: Writing guest posts for high-traffic bloggers. Solution: Optimize your landing page. And then.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 23, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Get a Personalized Assessment of Your Website [Free Tool]
    While Marketing Grader focuses on assessing a website in terms of marketing activities such as blogs, landing pages, and social media, Website Grader is built to specifically focus on the core areas that impact a site's ability to rise to the top of search rankings. Back in 2007, we launched a tool called Website Grader. How'd you do?
    [Generation, Landing Page] 12 Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Visibility
    Has web traffic increased? And having content and offers that allow visitors to more deeply engage with your firm will help to generate leads and appeal to middle and late-stage prospects. 2. Optimize your website pages, blog posts, and other content landing pages. Are you seeing more conversions and leads?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Quality vs. Quantity: A 6-Month Analysis of the Age-Old Blogging Debate
    Thanks to this unrivaled quality, every post would generate massive amounts of traffic and leads. We implemented a new strategy to update, optimize, and republish old posts to increase organic traffic and lead gen. TOFU : These posts are created with broad, top-of-the-funnel traffic in mind (hence, the name). Traffic.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Want More Traffic to Your Website? Try These 5 Tools & Tips
    When trying to diagnose a potential Google penalty, it's important to look at the dates you noticed a decline in traffic. Because we didn't have access to the submitted website's analytics, we used SEMRush to look at traffic trends. It allows website owners to tell Google if a piece of content is a duplicate version of another page.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Rebranding Your Company? How NOT to Kill Your SEO in the Process
    This is especially important to avoid duplicate content issues if the pages are mostly the same as the old site. good place to start would be: Traffic. To ensure an awesome user experience (and to keep the search engines happy), you’ll need to redirect every page from your old site to the most relevant page of the new one.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers
    You do some keyword research and notice about 2,000 people are searching for an "infographic generator" every month, so you decide to build one that people can use for free once -- and if they like it, they can create more infographics for free if they provide a name and email address. I've also written a few ultimate guides in my time.
  • SYNECORE  |  MONDAY, JULY 20, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Optimize My Landing Pages
    Are you driving traffic to your website? My guess would be yes, but the real question is what are you doing with those visitors once they land on your homepage (or any page on your site for that matter)? You’ve spent all this time driving traffic to your website… so you don’t want to lose them on your landing page.
  • SYNECORE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Benefits of HubSpot's Social Media Tool
    However, when you’re dealing with small-to mid-sized organizations, the bottom line always comes down to questions such as: How many leads did we generate? Notice the "Attach" dropdown—here you're able to quickly find past blogs, landing pages, or images that you have saved in HubSpot. What Would That Look Like? It Gets Better.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Good Forms, Great Leads: How to Use Web Forms Strategically
    If you can convert website traffic to known visitors as early in the cycle as possible, you’ll have a larger window in which to figure out what they’re interested in, and how urgent their need is. Capture : The generation of an inquiry into products or services of a business; the creation of a lead in a company’s process. Access forms.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Here’s How to Create a Modern SEO Strategy That Works
    Content marketing, lead generation , lead nurturing—if any of these words are in your job title, chances are you either love SEO, hate SEO, or hate SEO with a passion. Write a page about the keyword! To improve ranking for the first keyword group, we started with two (topical) pages based on Common User Intents 1 and 2. Ah-ha!
    [Generation, Landing Page] Speed Matters: 5 Tips to Make Your Website Load Faster
    Here’s what else happens as a result of just a one-second delay in page load time: – 11% fewer page views. When they reduced their average page load time  by 2.2 If you could shave one second off your page speed load times, what dollar amount would that mean for your business? Page Speed Tool #1: Pingdom.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Performing
    Instead of telling you that you need CTAs on all of your web pages and that you need to implement landing pages, this article will focus more on the smaller things that will help the websites and pages that were already built to convert, do it better. SEO Reasons. 1) Poor Performance Due to Poor Traffic.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 Things to Double-Check Before You Begin Your Next Campaign Analysis
    Maybe you have one for your main website, one for your blog, and another for your landing pages. When sources are all presented one page, it can be easy to mistake the numbers from one channel with the numbers from another. It's considered a best practice to regularly monitor how much traffic you get to the pages on your site.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO, Part 3: Take Action
    The fruits of your labor may take weeks or even months to test out and become evident in the form of rankings and traffic. Check Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) for landing page and keyword impressions, clicks and CTR improvement. Examine keyword rankings for pages on your site which aren’t performing well.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Why Video Is Crucial to Your Marketing Automation Strategy
    In fact, video will account for nearly 80% of all internet traffic by 2018, according to Cisco. Landing pages with videos drive 80% more conversions. Picture this: a prospective buyer comes to your site and watches 10 videos on one page and then leaves. How to use video strategically for lead generation.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Answer 11 Common Marketing Questions Using Analytics
    In order to successfully track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you'll need to start by setting goals for how many visits, contacts, and customers you want to generate. After you produce content for your blog, it is important to figure out if you are actually generating contacts as a result. while it is.8% for referrals.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Crowdfunding 101: Testing the Waters with TeeSpring
    Share your test through all of your social media channels — even LinkedIn can be a great source of traffic, especially within related groups. It provides you with an attractive landing page to display your shirts with a unique URL. Finally, you’ll want to fill out the text that goes on this page.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 21 Spectacular SEO and Search Marketing Stats and Facts
    While it’s great to be #1—the top result still generates nearly one-third of all organic search clicks—the share garnered by results two through four has increased significantly in the last decade. 54% want to improve traffic conversion rates. Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills. print industry. •  Be like Avis.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] In Case of Emergency: How to Create & Launch a Content Marketing Campaign in 5 Hours
    And we need you, [your name], to create and promote some new content pronto so we can generate those leads!". Section 3: 9 Unique Ways to Generate Leads With QR Codes. The Audio/Video Compilation Site Page. an instructional page on your website). Don't have a solid cover image or title page to start with? Not sure?
    [Generation, Landing Page] Interview with Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights
    Most B2B service marketers know the value of tailored landing pages to drive traffic and capture leads for niche B2B buyer personas. This week I had the pleasure of reading a new report from Smart Insights on the State of Digital Marketing 2015 and decided to dig in a bit further with an interview.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] The Blogging Tactic No One Is Talking About: Optimizing the Past
    And I'm not just talking about the findings from the report -- I'm also talking about the business results we've generated from the shift we made in our blogging strategy because of those findings. Update old blog content and generate more traffic and leads from it in the process. The goal? Great for us, right? nuts, right?
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Are Publishers Measuring Success Correctly?
    Traffic-producing keywords, site visits, headline clicks, social media shares and engagements, etc. These are metrics that help you understand how you're succeeding or failing at getting eyes on your page. failure at the outreach stage can result in low traffic (or high-volume, low-value traffic). 2) Sales Metrics. Medi
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to (Ethically) Steal Other People's Content
    Each new generation builds on the elements of the past. Feel free to steal all of them with a completely free conscience: 13 Types of Blog Headlines That Will Get You More Traffic. Landing Page Headline Formulas You Can Test Today. Well, they do. And I think you should too. If you’ve thought about it, so has someone else.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How To Get A Positive Return On Your Marketing Investment
    Keyword research is one of the best ways to influence your site traffic — not just in overall volume, but in quality. If you publish content optimized for high volume, low-difficulty phrases, you’re more likely to rank on page one of the SERPs, which of course means more site visitors. Give it Some Elbow Grease? Use A/B Testing.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Identify and Fix Friction on Your Landing Pages
    You’ve spent a lot of energy (and budget) getting targeted traffic to your website. Often times this comes as a result of landing page friction -- a barrier that prevents your visitors from completing the action you'd like them to take. Trouble is, it didn't seem as though our landing pages were communicating that.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 7 Reasons You're Not Getting ROI From Your Content
    Content as a marketing strategy is reliable and cost-effective, but only if it generates high-quality leads. If you do not understand how many people access your content, where your content is shared, or the new contacts it generates, chances are your marketing efforts are not nearly as effective as they could be.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Can Media Companies Still Charge Readers For Their Content?
    Fortunately, there are still ways for savvy marketing and content strategies to increase paywall subscriptions for digital publishers and allow top-notch content to continue generating revenue. By building a system of SEO-optimized landing pages, email marketing, social media outreach, etc., Thinking Like a Marketer. Media
    [Generation, Landing Page] Prevent Your Landing Page from Becoming a Launching Pad (See What I Did There?)
    Used every tip, trick, and marketing technique to get visitors to your landing page? Vidyard and Unbounce held a webinar last week about “Simple Techniques to Drive More Landing Page Conversions with Video”. Or, use it to get viewers excited about an upcoming party on your event’s registration landing page.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] The Shark Tank Effect: How to Prepare Your Website for a Traffic Influx
    So, on the day an episode airs, some percentage of the seven to ten million people watching will land on those businesses' websites. Can you imagine the traffic influx these businesses receive -- and the damage it could do to their websites if they aren't prepared? Research what kind of traffic influx to expect. Source: Inc.com.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 16 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website
    And thanks to marketing initiatives like these ones, you’re getting traffic to your site. And for more tips on how long your landing page forms should be, read this blog post.). 8) Your site lacks personality. Here are some key stats from their analysis: 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies
    The campaign generated over $1 million in new sales opportunities with several deals closed within the first 3 months of launch. The results of the campaign generated 1,700 leads, 125 webinar participants, 5,000 views on Slideshare and $1 million in new business. has four Facebook pages, four Twitter feeds and two LinkedIn accounts.
    [Generation, Landing Page] B2B Lead Generation: 2 Things You May Be Doing Wrong
    Is your lead generation slowing down? Let marketing help generate more qualified leads with your website. And yet, many companies are still making two critical mistakes when it comes to generating leads to fill their sales pipeline and grow their businesses. 1) Requiring sales to generate all the leads. Here's how.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 Resources to Help You Teach Inbound Marketing
    For example, you can use filters to search for landing page examples from automotive industry. Other filters include traffic level, device type, and page type (such as jobs pages, team pages, or 'about us' pages.) If you are looking for case studies or your students are searching for examples, Crayon is a gold mine. 9) Unsplash.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA B2B  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Tips to Increase Engagement on B2B Social Media Sites
    Still, every B2B company has its own target time frame, so make sure you pay attention to when your audience is posting in response to your messages and when traffic increases. 2. The best way to do that is to make a compelling offer that will drive them to a landing page on your website. Post at the right time. Take risks.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Small Marketing Budget? Use In-House Experts to Get Huge Results
    And the keywords in your interview (or other blog post) are bound to attract search traffic. In fact, according to a study from Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, two-thirds of B2B marketers cite webinars and online events as the most effective method for generating leads and marketing to prospects and customers.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Ways to Make Your B2B Lead Generation Evergreen
    What if your B2B lead generation, product marketing and launches could replicate some of that magic of self-renewal? What you need is to think of every step in every lead generation campaign as a new launch and keep it evergreen. This is isn’t so different from B2B lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • VIDYARD  |  SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Use Website Customization and Video to Get More Customers
    After all, video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% ! There are many characteristics about your site visitors you can get insights on, including things like: The traffic source that referred the visitor to your page (Social? What value the visitor generates. Ya, you do! So how do you start?
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Perform an Onsite Audit for SEO: Part 1: Do the Research
    But technical factors do matter, and improving them can give your pages a boost. You may have slight variations based on what you’re able to gain access to, but there are really five key areas you’re looking to gather data for: Traffic analysis. Website Traffic Behavior Analytics. Acquisition All Traffic Report.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Blogging Tips To Get More Leads
    Both play heavily into generating leads. Even if you have incredible landing pages or a refined SEO strategy, your inbound marketing strategy will never realize its full potential for online lead generation without strong and relevant content. By doing this, you can more generate leads and exposure for your business.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Keys To Creating A B2B Blog That Builds Traffic And Generates Leads
    Are you struggling to find the right combination of things to unlock the power of a successful blog that builds traffic and generates leads? blog is by far the most important means of increasing the right kind of traffic to your site and converting visitors to leads. Or, you can keep your existing site but add a blog. And so on.
  • SYNECORE  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 Incredible Inbound Marketing Statistics
    Inbound is all about helping brands generate leads, convert leads to customers, and create long-term customer loyalty through a va riety of channels such as social media, blogging, SEO, and email. B2B Companies that blog only 1-2 times per month generate up to 70% more leads than those that don’t ( Hubspot ). Still not convinced?
    [Generation, Landing Page] 6 Key Metrics to Measure Success from Your Retargeting Programs
    Retargeting and other display campaigns have traditionally been used strictly for generating net new leads. These may be form conversions on your landing page, or conversions directly inside the ad when you use in-banner lead form ads, allowing you to avoid a landing page redirect. Lead Conversions/CPL.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 Valuable SEO Resources: Keyword Research, Tools, and Local SEO
    But there’s more involved in generating high, and highly relevant, organic search traffic. ” 10 Local Marketing Myths Hamstringing Your Business by Search Engine Land. Image credit: Small Business Ideas Blog. At its core, search still relies on words, whether typed or spoken. SEO Keyword Guides and Tools.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 8 Ways Home Builders Can Use Houzz for Lead Generation
    This strategy will help increase traffic to your website, provide additional blog content, and encourage people to learn more information about your company beyond what’s in your Houzz profile. Plus, if you include calls-to-action in your blog posts, you will encourage lead generation. Lead Generation The Bottom Line.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How Content Personalization Fits into Inbound Methodology
    Content Creation and Landing Pages. Once you have a website established, you need to create content offerings and landing pages to generate leads. Creating engaging content helps convert traffic into leads. When a visitor inputs their personal information into a form on a landing page, they become a lead.
    [Generation, Landing Page] MarTech Conference: Some Random Impressions and Interesting New Vendors
    brandAnalyzer by Global Science Research : uses a large, projectable consumer survey and social media traffic to build detailed psychological profiles of brand customers. Persado : generates and tests optimal language for emails, landing pages, social media, and other messages.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] SEM is “Most Effective” B2B Marketing Strategy | CMI Manufacturing Report (2015)
    conversion rates, etc.), AND even tie leads generated via their platforms directly to revenue through a connection to your CRM.   Once your manufacturing marketing strategy is in place and assets (ad copy, image ads, landing pages) are created, you can launch a campaign in any of these mediums in just a couple hours.
    [Generation, Landing Page] What Are Rich Snippets?
    Traditionally, this means incorporating specific keywords into the title tags, headers, meta description, and body copy of a page to better communicate to search engines (and users) what your website is about. Once search engines crawl your website and understand the content, your website pages will be indexed and served up in search results.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 7 Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Online Brand
    So, let’s take a look at seven of the most effective offline marketing strategies and how to integrate them into your current marketing strategy. 1) Networking Face-to-face connections are still a valuable form of networking and can help drive traffic to your website when your new connections are inspired to learn more about you and your firm.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Produce an Internet Radio Show
    There are lots of ways to generate and publish content for your inbound marketing efforts. The top shows have audiences in the millions and generate a great deal of revenue from advertising and sponsorships, not to mention the ability generate more revenue through promoting their own products and services. Let''s get started.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Content Marketing ROI Starts With A Strong Business Case
    Content Performance: Finally, content marketing ROI needs to define the business value of the outcomes it generates. Generally, our marketing should be focused on generating and then managing demand. Unbranded Search traffic on your website – how many of your early-stage prospects are finding your company website.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Optimizing the B2B Content Marketing Funnel: Turning Contacts into Clients
    What’s the point of dedicating so many resources to creating and promoting great content if it’s not generating any ROI? Sure, traffic to the website is up and your email list has grown, but where is the revenue? Most firms will not be able to rank on the first page of search engine results right away. Be Patient.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Easily Create Custom Pin It URLs for Pinterest
    After all, adding these Pin It buttons gives fans another outlet for sharing your stuff with their networks -- which helps drive more traffic to your website while organically increasing your Pinterest following. But Pinterest’s own Pin It button generator has some big limitations. You can download the free Pin It URL Generator here.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Grow Your Email List by Running a Contest
    while also generating actual email contacts. So if you''re hoping to generate 100 leads from the contest, and you know that your typical visit-to-lead conversion rate is 10%, you know that you need 1,000 visits (at least) to your contest. Which channels drove the best results in terms of traffic, entries, and new contacts?
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 9 Smart Examples of B2Bs Using Video for Demand Generation
    We frequently go on and on about how video can be more than a high-level brand awareness tool, and can, instead be used strategically to engage more prospects, generate more leads, and impact other influential marketing activities. Grab and Hold Attention on Landing Pages. Increase Site Traffic with Linkbacks. Learn more!
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] Speak Your CFO's Language: 3 Ways to Explain Inbound Marketing's Value
    As savvy marketers, it''s easy for us to get excited about implementing an inbound marketing strategy or writing our next blog post -- w e know that the content we''re creating will attract and generate qualified leads that will turn into customers. Often, this will happen in our quarterly budget meeting. Talk About Assets. Assets have value.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Sights and Sounds of SXSW: Transformational Marketing and The Era of Engagement
    This session focused on how Kaiser Permanente Colorado, with help from their agency, Intelligent Demand, transformed their marketing and revenue generation strategy. Created a multi-channel lead generation program that would enable lead capture and nurture through Marketo. East 6 th St. Let’s take a look at some of the top takeaways.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2015
    [Generation, Landing Page] 10 Analytics Red Flags All Marketers Should Look Out For
    You may see yourself jump to the first page for an important keyword, only to find that a competitor that used to trail you is now ranked higher than you. While increasing traffic is usually a good thing, if it''s not producing leads than you are attracting the wrong people. and "What data matters most?". Those links can become gold.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How B2B Marketers Can Leverage Social Media Product Advertising
    B2B vendors with an inventory product catalog can upload a file containing these specific attributes: product ID, name, description, landing page URL, image URL, availability…etc. These Ads are highly effective and I suspect will generate great results as they are rolled out. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Product Catalog Set Up.
    [Generation, Landing Page] How to Generate More Leads from Social Media
    Generating leads from social media can be a challenge for many businesses. But with the explosion of mobile Internet usage and its impact on social media, it’s more important than ever for marketing teams to take their social lead generation strategy seriously – and that means allocating budget, time, and resources to these channels in 2015.
    [Generation, Landing Page] Health Systems’ 5 Most Common Digital Advertising Mistakes
    This will help make the daily budget last longer, generating more relevant clicks and ultimately, patients. 3. Not using custom landing pages. Many health systems send their paid advertising traffic to pages within the normal website navigation. Geo-targeting too large of an area. Lacking negative keywords.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 7 Ways to Get Better Results from Your B2B eNewsletter
    The article abstracts or snippets allow you to keep the email brief and drive traffic to your website (and clearly track what people read and how long they spend on your site), but if they don’t click through you may need to provide entire articles in the email. You send a regular eNewsletter, but are you getting results?
    [Generation, Landing Page] 5 Ways to Squeeze the Most Use out of Your Content Offers
    We know that blogging helps drive traffic to your website, converts traffic to leads and establishes authority. 2) Share Facts via Social Channels. Use visual content, which can generate up to 94% more views. You’ve heard the expression “don’t reinvent the wheel.” The same is true for content – don’t reinvent it, repurpose it.
    [Generation, Landing Page] The 4 Things You Need to Generate More Leads On Your Website
    If you are still relying on your sales team to generate all of your leads, you’re doing it the hard way. But just generating more traffic to your site by publishing helpful content is not necessarily going to generate leads. They are the key trigger behind lead generation. 3. Landing Pages. Offer.
    [Generation, Landing Page] SEO: The Importance of Conversion over Rankings and Traffic
    SEO (search engine optimization) is an ever-evolving strategy that has, over the years, lost its focus in the attempts to generate traffic via better and better rankings through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the like. You bring the traffic through SEO, and then you convert the traffic through conversion optimization.
    [Generation, Landing Page] 57 Basic Marketing Analytics Terms Everyone Should Know
    Check it out below, and be sure to bookmark this page for the next time you''re diving into your analytics -- it could save you a lot of time. A. For example, if you want every single page to be given equal weight (or credit) for the conversion, you will choose an All Interactions Model for HubSpot and a Linear Model for Google Analytics.
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