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July is Sales Leadership Month

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July works because it tends to be a slower month in most organizations, individuals take vacations and the summer weather makes thinking and planning better as your activity levels peak generating “fresh air” and new thoughts.  So lean back, put your feet up, put some suntan lotion on and feel the breeze and consider the following ideas. July is Sales Leadership Month. And what has not?

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10 Traits Buyers Seek in Salespeople

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When prospects see that you’re familiar with their businesses and industries that generates trust and confidence — key ingredients in any successful sales formula. 5. Top performers outdo the competition by personalizing their presentations, showing how their solutions help customers resolve specific business problems, achieve important goals and generate impressive ROI. 7.

Prospecting: Fill your sales pipelines now!

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It was generated by 19 agents who made 1,311 outbound dials. The Telephone Is the Most Powerful Sales Prospecting Tool. By Jeb Blount, author of Fanatical Prospecting. KEN: This blog post is from my friend Jeb Blount, his new book is a must read for your sales book club: Fanatical Prospecting. Add it to your sales library today! Question: “How do you get a salesperson to stop working?”.

7 Steps to Success for Sales Managers

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In Chapter Five, the author will open your eyes/brain into the power of generating higher levels of performance by creating: Sales Empowerment: Beginning with Ownership. 7 Steps to Success for Sales Managers. -A book review-. This emotional connection can only come first when the sales manager is under personal control. Without trust the relationship becomes dysfunctional. Body Language.

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

B2C Marketers companies that excel at lead nurturing generate. in CMI’s recent survey: ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY14 LEAD GENERATION Through the use of marketing automa- tion software such as Marketo and Sales- force, one can easily track and attribute. how content marketing helps generate. their content marketing efforts—generate. All rights reserved.

Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore?

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Several of the salespeople blamed marketing for not generating enough quality leads (ever hear that before?)  and as the discussion of “territory development” evolved several of the salespeople simply didn’t feel it was their responsibility to prospect because of the futility of cold calling/phone calling and event marketing. Should Salespeople Prospect Anymore? First, it depends.

4 Measures to Find Out if Your Prospecting is Effective

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Ensure that all leads generated from webinars are associated with this campaign. Here is a link to a report that you can use to determine how you are doing – Lead Generation, Benchmark Report. 4 Measures To Find Out If Your Prospecting is Effective. By Sean Burke. CEO, KiteDesk. Finding prospects and nurturing them into leads is an integral part of any sales cycle. How many attended?

11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now!

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Therefore, their perspective must be short-term revenue generation. Failure to plan is the number one obstacle thwarting revenue generation. 11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now! Sound investment portfolio-management advice ranges from “hold firm with your existing stocks” to “take advantage of a great opportunity to buy at today’s basement prices”. Mobilize by motivating.  .

Hire High Performance Sales Teams # 2

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highly motivated, successful sales organization is critical to generating revenue and margin growth year after year. Hiring High Performance Sales Teams. Follow this formula to hire sales superstars. Second installment of a two-part article on sales recruiting). “ If you can find good people, they can always change the product/service. Arthur Rock, Harvard Business Review, 1987. Why so few?

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

all generated over 1,000 readers and 3,000 atten- tion minutes, just like they do every month. generates about 150 views on the first day, and about. post still generates about 18 views per day. stories generating traffic, which results in compounding. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY31 Whose job is it to generate story ideas? All rights reserved.

Build Predictable Revenue

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The reason is simple: All organizations, regardless of whether their sales are shrinking or growing, are under pressure to create a sales distribution organization that generates predictable, consistent, profitable results. Build Predictable Revenue In Your Organization. Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever! But one area where additional improvements still can be made is the sales organization.

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Six Steps to Exceed Your Summer Quota

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Essentially this entails analyzing your customers over three years as to the total revenue or margin they would have generated for you. Exceeding your Summer Quotas. Not only will it pay off this summer, but your third and fourth quarters will amaze you. First: if you have not performed an A, B, C analysis of your customer base do it.  Drop those lines. Second: Develop a plan of attack. 

Efficient Effectiveness: Sales Leadership

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That generates excitement for your products/services. Sales Management Thought Leadership:  efficient effectiveness. As an Eagle Scout I can discuss the topic of “Be Prepared” easily and based upon this past Sunday it even has more credibility. Boom’s Day” the largest fireworks display in the U.S Did I mention the potential of rain? Do you have a plan? If you lose a salesperson.

What Happened at the End of the Workshop?

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Storytelling: People from different cultures and generations pass along stories about their ancestries, traditions and lore. What Happened at the End of the Sales Leadership Training Workshop? At end of the second day I always ask the participants what was the most interesting or important learning take-a-way from the workshop. Recruiting and hiring sales teams. styles of leadership.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

generation Lead generation: Create. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. by Rebecca Lieb and Joe Lazauskas 2Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report I. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. for Content Methodology IV. Components of a Content Methodology V.

Do You Know Your A, B, C’s?

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If you are unfamiliar with this concept essentially the client generates a list of all their customers showing total combined revenues and margin over a recent 3 or 5 year period.  This formula is actually good for all clients, but focus on the C’s first, this analysis is run for the past 3 or 5 years showing the total cost to acquire a client, cost to support the client over the 3 or 5 years and the real profit generated by the client. Do You Know Your A, B, C’s? How to dramatically improve revenues & profitability. First, let’s explore the ABC Analysis. How many employees?

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Sales Mgmt: Mowing Your Lawn

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This necessary in order that your summer sales will generate the necessary look and feel that you desired. Sales Management and Mowing Your Lawn. Just like my lawn…. There is work to be done.  I am sure after this afternoon when I hope to mow that the results of a fresh cut will level off the growth, the leaves will be mulched and generally it begin to represent a well groomed lawn. 

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Partner Hiring and Training

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How long does the vendor estimate it will take you to begin to generate consistent revenue? Just as the vendor onboarding plan is important; creating an employee onboarding process is the first step to decreasing the time to revenue or productivity generation. Partner Hiring and Training Lessons from Sage Summit. Don’t make that mistake. By Ken Thoreson. ” Got the idea?

Sales Management & The Impact of Social Media

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These will be highly integrated applications that will easily allow the salesperson to offer the right solutions with an interactive approach, generating huge value to the buyer, rather than simply data sheets or a nice web site.”  . Sales Management and the Impact of Social Media. Ken Thoreson. In the traditional sense of a new product introduction, social media is moving through various stages. Lauren Carlson describes the top 5 uses of Social Media in sales very clearly in her recent blog:   [link]. This is exactly what I believe is the direction we will move. Let know your thoughts?

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

Our blog generated 2 million views. essential to Moz, a company that generates all of their. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. Back at GE and in. emerge.

Structure vs Creativity & Flexibilty

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As Sales Managers we must have plans and tools for growing our organizations and achieving our goals but we must adapt to our changing environments; we lose a salesperson unexpectedly, a major opportunity starts to slide or marketing fails to achieve its lead generation objectives. Structure vs Creativity and Flexibility.  . i.e.  Account Plans, Training Schedules and Salesperson Business Planning, etc. Structure vs creativity/flexibility? In the book the author describes how both the German’s and French began planning for WWI in 1870. Sales Management Tool Kit or the Acumen Project.

Managing A Sales Manager

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The Sales Manager will mark each area RED , YELLOW or GREEN based upon their perception of the situation.  In the future, as additional information is created and reviewed, these rankings will be compared to standards to generate the color dashboard perspective. Managing a Sales Manager  . Acumen Management Group  . Discipline, Accountability and Control. Sales Management Reporting  .

2015 Sales Compensation Plans

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These plans are generally based on invoice, product or monthly averages of margin generation. Creating a Sales Compensation Plans. When it comes to how businesses pay their salespeople, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s especially true for many companies with diverse products and services that include: a mix of products and services. Sizing It Up. Sales Compensation

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Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2013

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He is a recognized expert in sales execution, channel management, revenue generation, sales analysis, compensation, forecasting, recruitment, and training. Your Sales Management Guru Blog Author on “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers” List  . Speaker, consultant, and author Ken Thoreson’s updated Sales Manager’s Tool Kit now available   . KNOXVILLE, Tenn., One of the new approaches we’re taking with sales organizations is Business Guidance Selling.” . To request an advance copy, email About Ken Thoreson. Ken Thoreson, Acumen Management Group, Ltd.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

OF IMPORTANCE TO YOUR COMPANY By average By first place votes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 LEAD GENERATION (7.5/150) ENGAGEMENT RATE (7.2) Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. But brands.

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

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Each of the 20 categories provides thought provoking ideas along with a re-examination of what you are currently doing to drive lead generation.  Taking this micro-view vs mass marketing can lead to amazing cost/actual high level lead generation results.  This book will change your mind, your game plan and generate new levels of sales for your organization. Books

Your 2012 Sales Plan

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12.1.2   Marketing support:  Collateral, lead generation, PR events, trade shows, Press releases.   Your 2012 Sales Plan. It’s a little late to begin planning your 2012 Sales Plan, but in a conversation last week with a reader of this blog, I realized there maybe others who have not formalized their 2012 plan.  I have included below the various “categories” you should consider in building a plan. facing in 2012? •          What assumptions are you making about the market in 2012? •          What assumptions did you make about your. offerings in 2011? capability in 2011? Still true?  .

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The 4 Letter Word in Success

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There maybe exposure to what success “tastes like”, a small dab of emotional success and a will t o have more can be generated.  As a manager these are the actions to take to create a sense of reward and the types of reward can either be for each individual experiences or as a team. The 4 Letter Word in Success. How successful can I really be ? They possessed the will to succeed. Taste it.

Are You Facing Sales Fatigue?

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Examples include: Storytelling: People from different cultures and generations pass along stories about their ancestries, traditions and lore. Are You Facing Sales Fatigue? The past three years have been a challenge for most partner organizations. The economy has caused sales teams to face declining prospect budgets, more competitive bidding, fewer opportunities, lower incomes and general personal stress.   As someone that works with partner organizations on a daily basis we have seen all of these situations cause an increase in mental and physical fatigue. . Executive Action Plans.

What is Predictive Marketing?

Predictive marketing = predictive demand generation + predictive scoring

Marketing can Improve Lead Quality by Owning Qualification: Guest Blog

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Marketing and Sales have long been at odds over whether it’s better to generate a large volume of leads or if it’s better to generate fewer, higher quality leads. Marketing Can Improve Lead Quality By Owning Telephone Lead Qualification  . This guest post is written by Derek Singleton of Software Advice , an online resource that report on technologies, topics and trends in B2B sales and marketing.  I read this and thought our readers would want to comment, this is somewhat controversial subject. Let me know  your reactions? Ken Thoreson. Here’s why.

You Don’t Just Hire a Sales Team: you build it

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Typically, that frustration stems from a culture that blocks sales success via lack of support, poorly designed sales processes and inefficient internal policies that make it difficult to add new clients, generate proposals, process orders or even calculate commissions. You Don’t Just Hire a Sales Team–You Build It. Developing a great sales organization involves more than just bringing the right people on board. It requires providing the right opportunities and creating the right culture.   By Ken Thoreson. ” They’re not alone in their concerns. 3f4qb8v9ge.  .

Sales Leadership: a lack of resources may limit success

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As the water supply dwindles, so will the ability of this man made wonder of the world to generate water and power for the increasing needs of the population. Sales Leadership:  A Lack of Resources May Limit Success. Date Line: Las Vegas, Nevada. have spent the last 3 days/nights in Las Vegas on vacation prior to speaking at a conference this week. During that time I toured few new hotels, saw a show, dined at great restaurants, viewed The Grand Canyon and visited Hoover Dam. If you haven’t been here recently, it’s a great spot to visit and enjoy the area.  What do I mean by this?

Building Belief-a key job of sales management

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Examples include: Storytelling: People from different cultures and generations pass along stories about their ancestries, traditions and lore. Building Belief. This week’s blog is an excerpt from my latest book: Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide to: Leading High Performance Sales Teams. You can purchase the book on Amazon or at [link]. Are your sales inconsistent? Are you losing more opportunities than ever before? Does your sales team seem weak compared to those of your competitors? Salespeople have to be emotionally invested in their work with a burning desire to achieve.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. preference, lead generation) isn't new, just more intense. inbound lead generation with more targeted, proactive campaigns. ABM to become a standard part of any B2B marketer’s demand generation. CEO can understand, including revenue generation, client acquisition and.

Sprint to the Finish–It’s that time of the year…

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Think about why prospects need your solution and exactly how they’ll benefit from implementing it, whether it’s generating revenues, improving productivity or better serving customers. Sprint to the Finish—–It’s that time of year…  . An upcoming election. Roller-coaster days on Wall Street. Middle East issues,  Budgets being cut. There are many distractions. With that economic domino effect affecting us all as 2012 begins to wind down, ending the year on a high note will be more challenging than ever. Stay optimistic. Work harder. Plot-closing strategies.