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Time to abandon spray-and-pray lead generation


B2B publishing houses have long relied upon their subscriber lists for the generation. That means lead generators have to work existing lists harder, resort to lower quality lists, and even engage in shenanigans like the case outlined above to meet lead guarantees. The post Time to abandon spray-and-pray lead generation appeared first on Biznology. Ninety-nine percent.

I’m an influencer, pay me more!


technologies , including content syndication, online collaboration, blogging, and consumer generated media. Doing so, he and his employer, Zeno Group (an Edelman company) are defining the next generation of Customer Service, Marketing and PR. Back in January I had the honor of being a guest on Shel Holtz ‘s premier PR podcast,  For Immediate Release. Is it earned or paid media?

How to select the right lead generation media mix


Most B2B lead generation campaigns involve multiple touches via multiple media channels. But how do you decide which media are optimal, and more to the point, how they work together to generate a qualified lead?  It’s an iterative process. Multiple media working together generate better results than single media, with one big proviso: the messages must be consistent across media.

What’s the killer app in B2B marketing? Face-to-face events


Events are also at the top of the heap based on lead generation effectiveness. B2B Marketing B2B marketing conference Event marketing face to face marketing Forrester lead generation trade showsIt’s not digital, except tangentially. But, year after year, events like conferences and trade shows consistently show up at the top of the list.  Bingo. It’s all about personal connections.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

B2C Marketers companies that excel at lead nurturing generate. in CMI’s recent survey: ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY14 LEAD GENERATION Through the use of marketing automa- tion software such as Marketo and Sales- force, one can easily track and attribute. how content marketing helps generate. their content marketing efforts—generate. All rights reserved.

Lead Qualification: The Secret Sauce of B2B Lead Generation Marketing


King Industries, Inc., a manufacturer in Norwalk CT, relies heavily on exhibiting at trade shows for their lead generation.   B2B Marketing Internet Marketing Offline Marketing Slider Demand generation lead generation lead qualification lead scoring qualification criteria Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers la réunification). Enter the concept known as lead qualification.

How a smarter website can improve your marketing effectiveness, Part I


This month, I begin a three-part series of posts on which I’ve collaborated with long-time colleague Scott Hornstein. (We owe a tip of the hat to Wayne Cerullo and Phil Shelp, as well.) If you’re wondering why you’re not seeing the results you expect from your website – the engagement, lead generation, and sales – you’ll want to pay close attention. Get a Grip.

Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


technologies, including content syndication, online collaboration, blogging, and consumer generated media. A couple Sundays ago I met up with Joseph Thornley , Lynette Young , and Shel Holtz on video Skype to record episode 15 of Shel’s industry-trusted and industry-respected PR podcast,  For Immediate Release , AKA the FIR Podcast. So, it was an honor to be included. Go git ’em!

CMOs fail to go beyond brand awareness on LinkedIn


Hopefully, prospects will find and read Xerox’s content, hopefully, they will find it useful and hopefully, the content they read will generate interest in the Xerox brand in the process. Recent studies show 87% of B2B sales and marketing leaders are using LinkedIn and other social media platforms, but less than 1 in 5 can clearly prove and demonstrate social media ROI. Revenue.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

all generated over 1,000 readers and 3,000 atten- tion minutes, just like they do every month. generates about 150 views on the first day, and about. post still generates about 18 views per day. stories generating traffic, which results in compounding. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY31 Whose job is it to generate story ideas? All rights reserved.

Tools that help generate blogging ideas


Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator works in a similar way to Portent’s tool, but it gives you different ideas and asks you for 3 words, preferably nouns before giving you a whole week of ideas to write about that same topic. Hubspot’s generator came up with these great ideas. Every blogger knows the challenge of finding topics to write about. Quora.

Tools 60

Why brands need a different kind of content.


Individualized, person-to-person content deployment over a carefully outlined buying journey and ownership cycle can incorporate couponing, but more importantly builds customers and advocates instead of just generating cheap clicks. There’s been a lot written about content creation, placement, and promotion in recent months. That is, if a transaction is even your conversion goal.

Lead generating machine: is your website actively helping your business grow?


Your website, when done right, can be one of the most effective lead generation tools in your arsenal. What could you change on the page to turn your website into a lead generating machine? The post Lead generating machine: is your website actively helping your business grow? But not just any landing page design will get the job done. Pay Attention to Color Choices.

Content marketing and SEO, a relationship of evolution


While maintaining the progress and success of multiple concurrent campaigns, Tyler oversees the strategies, execution, and overall quality of the resulting backlinks generated on behalf of a variety of clients. Does your current content marketing strategy stand alone? Have you wondered why your best content isn’t bringing the organic traffic you expected? Thanks to all our sponsors!

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

generation Lead generation: Create. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. by Rebecca Lieb and Joe Lazauskas 2Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report I. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. for Content Methodology IV. Components of a Content Methodology V.

How most Social Media experts are wrong about LinkedIn


By taking a prospect-centric, rifle approach that is laser focused on very specific, targeted audiences, our clients (including professional service firms, technology companies, and other B2B organizations that have solutions starting at a minimum of $10,000) are generating leads and building real relationships. You see, it’s a wrong message to the wrong audience. Like this post?

How long should your online business video production be?


What is the golden rule for how long an online video should be for business? A B2B promotional video that is made for lead-generation, like a landing page, needs to be quick; whereas a online business video production that is used during, or as a follow up to a presentation is very different in length. But what is the optimal length of an online business video production ? 180 seconds?

Video 91

Integrating Awareness and Demand Generation Marketing


The executive not only wanted to do things the traditional push way, he wanted to dispense with the soft landing of an awareness experience and get right to demand generation. New Demand Generation Goals. The Unity of Awareness and Demand Generation. Meanwhile, you send all advertising clicks directly to the demand generation site. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Marketing to Millennial business buyers


The Millennial generation has been out in the workforce for a while now, and this cohort is now entering the stage of their careers where they are part of the business buying process. This generation expects you to be tweeting, blogging, posting on Facebook, and participating in LinkedIn groups. So we B2B marketers must consider how to appeal to them effectively.  Let’s take a look.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

Our blog generated 2 million views. essential to Moz, a company that generates all of their. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. Back at GE and in. emerge.

Marketers need to play a stronger sales enablement role on LinkedIn


What Marketing’s Sales Enablement Role Should Look Like on LinkedIn. 1) Marketing as a Sales Enabler on LinkedIn Goes Beyond Top-of-the-Funnel Awareness and Lead Generation. Marketers who go beyond lead generation and focus on Sales and Marketing alignment to achieve revenue goals using LinkedIn can prove a clearer, stronger social media ROI using LinkedIn. You can’t! Like this post?

How Many Leads Do You Need to Generate? Use This Simple Calculator


One key to successful B2B lead generation programs is to calculate exactly the right number of qualified leads to provide to sales—as part of your campaign planning.  If you generate too many leads, you’ll be wasting precious marketing dollars. If you generate too few, your firm may be at risk of missing its revenue targets, with potentially disastrous financial implications. 

Becoming a reddit Internet sensation


Have a hateful place for Millennials and Generation Z. I’ve unlocked the code to becoming an Internet sensation on reddit because I’ve become an Internet sensation on reddit ! Back in 2012 I wrote both  Reddit is the 800-pound Gorilla in the Room  and  You Must Commit to Reddit to Succeed. Back then, I was terrified of reddit. Get over it! So, you can do it to. You can.

The top 10 tricks for sales lead generation


This fast-paced session introduces the top techniques for B2B lead generation today, from calculating the right number of leads required and setting qualification criteria, to managing lead tracking and reporting. In this webinar, you’ll find out: Your best prospecting media–and the media channels to avoid–for lead generation campaigning today. Ruth P.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

OF IMPORTANCE TO YOUR COMPANY By average By first place votes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 LEAD GENERATION (7.5/150) ENGAGEMENT RATE (7.2) Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. But brands.

4 Elements that drive B2B direct marketing results


We then get into a conversation about the issues of developing a lead generation campaign, and it becomes painfully apparent that few know the basics of how to develop a campaign that has even a small chance to generate leads.  . Most lead generation campaigns are focused on properly qualifying the lead, so that handing off to the sales resource is now appropriate.

Google Search is more Rain Man than Beautiful Mind


If you want to learn about Sitemaps right now, however, check out the Sitemap page on Google Webmaster Tools , learn about Sitemaps from Google , and if you’re using WordPress, use either Google XML Generator or Yoast SEO (not both, but if you do, turn it off on Yoast), and if you’re using Drupal, the Sitemap they have build in is not what you want, so install this module, XML Sitemap.

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Social media marketing isn’t a popularity contest


The videos that were created by those influencers as part of this Fiesta campaign generated 6.5 Businesses striving to bring in that lucrative ROI with social media often fall into trap of thinking that the more followers you have the more success your social campaigns will have. In actuality, that is not always the case. How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Marketing with Less.

Tips for your professional B2B corporate video production project


In addition, video is the only marketing format that can truly connect in an emotional way while providing the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time (decision makers appreciate the ease of use and ability to learn quickly), which supports lead generation. B2B Marketing Content Marketing Internet Marketing B2B marketing lead generation ROI video marketing

What is Predictive Marketing?

Predictive marketing = predictive demand generation + predictive scoring

Prospecting data accuracy


PointClear provides lead generation and management services, and houses a sophisticated and efficient call center run by Karla Blalock.  . Good news:  B2B prospecting data is more accurate than you may think. Business marketers are always complaining about their customer data.  “It’s pretty bad,” they’ll say.  “It’s a mess.” vendors today.  . Our sincere thanks to them all. overall.

Essential SEO advice directly from Google


Are the topics driven by genuine interests of readers of the site, or does the site generate content by attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines ? This news directly from Google is old news for those of us in the SEO game. For those of you who read all about this four long years ago, print out the list and pin it up to the wall. Function follows form? No more.

Google 101

When it comes to Big Data, don’t forget the small stuff


It’s useful for refining what we already do, but not for generating new insights. “If you take the top 100 biggest innovations of our time, perhaps 60% to 65% were really based on small data,” Lindstrom said. Swiffer today generates $500 million in annual sales, and P&G dominates the market. He has reason to be cynical. Like Swiffer. Outliers. So they have to find a way around.

Five B2B marketing beliefs and trends debunked


It’s not that inbound marketing is not important; it’s just that if you have a highly targetable and valuable market, you can’t rely only on inbound marketing to enough generate leads. First a disclaimer – I’m an “old” salesperson!  Here are my top five beliefs and/or trends that seem wrong or wrongheaded, and need someone to shine the light of day on them. B2B is a market. Like this post?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. preference, lead generation) isn't new, just more intense. inbound lead generation with more targeted, proactive campaigns. ABM to become a standard part of any B2B marketer’s demand generation. CEO can understand, including revenue generation, client acquisition and.

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B Marketing in 2015


Amanda Kahlow represents the newest generation of B2B marketers, as a pioneer in deploying “intent data” to help marketers get visibility into pre-funnel tech buyer behavior online. Japan’s foremost lead generation marketing company.  These people are making a welcome contribution. We are lucky to have them. You inspire the rest of us, Jim. That’s inspiring. Thanks, Charlie.