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Presenters of Inbound Conference. Marketingcloud – Marketing Cloud – An extension of, an integrated way of utilizing SalesForce in the Cloud. Gartner_Inc – Gartner – The leading global provider of independent and objective technology related to research and advice. All opinions here are my own. Cambridege, MA – [link].

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They want to hear from thought leaders -- people like Cisco's John Chambers, IBM's Sam Palmisano, or's Mark Benioff -- where the market is headed and what opportunities remain to be seized. But there is clearly room for lesser known leaders -- whose firms occupy a specific market segment -- to present their own powerful visions. Result? It's time to do better.

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Selling to Big Companies , August 16, 2010 Of course, I don’t have an opinion on this topic! LoopFuse also provides automated integration, but doesn’t have Genius’s Web tracking technology. Getting in Step with Sales - Marketing Genius Blog , August 17, 2010 I was recently reviewing slides from Gartner analyst Michael Dunne’s Customer 360 Summit presentation on Mapping Sales Productivity to the Cloud Applications. report from McKinsey on tech-enabled business trends to watch and thought it was important enough to summarize for our community.