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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

B2B Marketing Insider

Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter? To answer this question, I looked at a variety of factors including twitter followers, profiles that included “B2B marketing,” the focus of their tweets including the hashtag # B2BMarketing , as well as a variety of social scoring tools using the keyword. And I quickly found that no list is perfect.). Powerful. cmworld.

10 Ways Customer Stories Help Companies Sell

Savvy B2B Marketing

According to research firm Gartner, a potential customer is 2.5 Here are 10 ways that customer stories help companies market and sell better -- from lead generation to closing deals to selling more to current customers. 1. Get traffic to your website – Customer stories are innately keyword-rich, helping bring potential buyers to your site through web searches. ” 3.

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Thank You For Tweeting! Highlights From the “Targeting” Twitter Chat

It's All About Revenue

by Eloqua | Tweet this Oracle Marketing Cloud is hosting five Twitter chats to help marketers around the world can get personal answers to their questions from the experts at Oracle Marketing Cloud and Topliners. Here are the highlights from the first Twitter chat, on ‘Targeting’. Here are some highlights from the Targeting Twitter chat: (Q)  @paul_stevenson  How important is having buyer profiles nailed down before you start looking at campaign development and targeting? More Twitter chatter: (Q)  @StefBeser  what’s a better target – persona or industry?

PowerViews with Carlos Hidalgo: A Holistic Approach to Driving the Demand Process


Carlos is a recognized thought leader in B2B marketing and known for his keen insights on the development and implementation of lead management processes, as well as marketing automation. The Core Issue: It’s Not Alignment – It’s Driving the Demand Process. Carlos on Twitter: @cahidalgo. I am pleased to have as my guest today Carlos Hidalgo of the Annuitas Group. Stay Tuned

The Power of Testimonial Marketing


It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it. While the top reason Twitter and Instagram users follow brands is to keep up with brand-related activities. Get help from the providers that specialize in advocacy marketing if you are interested in formalizing your advocacy efforts on a larger scale.”

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Gartner reduces IT Spending Outlook for.

Tom Pisello

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Gartner reduces IT Spending Outlook for 2010, but still predicts a positive 2.9% growth Gartners latest IT spending outlook for 2010 remains positive, but is less optimistic than prior forecasts, as worldwide growth stalled over the summer. The full article on Gartners research can be found at: [link] Posted by Tom Pisello at 7:01 AM Email This BlogThis!

IoT 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Onalytica B2B

First, companies have to be able to create a fundament of structured and unstructured data through data process management, combining datasets from ‘things’, touch points and external sources. We looked at all the individuals engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top 100 most influential individuals in the IoT landscape. Twitter Handle. Twitter Handle. Gartner.

Agency Focus: How Content Marketing is Changing, & How to Measure It


Social Media Tools – participation in channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 2. The Gartner Group has predicted that by 2020 (just three and a half years away), customers will manage 85% of their vendor relationships without ever interacting with a human. Gartner also predicts that by 2018, 20% of ‘business content’ will be authored by machines. Agency leaders agree.

A Breakdown of the Top 5 Sessions for Content Marketing at INBOUND14

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Your social posts - whether they be on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, must pass the re-share test: Would someone who’s never seen or heard of you share your content? This helps make the customer the hero of your story; tell it from their point of view. Follow her on Twitter and read her articles here. My 4-Step Process to Marketing Research for Content Creation.

52 MarTech and Marketing Ops Champions You Need to Follow


The ever-changing landscape makes it hard to keep pace, but with Twitter, there is a sea of great information, shared fluidly throughout the day (if you follow the right people). Here are 52, of the right people, who you need to follow on Twitter to stay in-the-know with all things marketing ops and martech. Gary Katz, @garymkatz. Chris Garrett, @chrisgarrett. Martin Kihn, @martykihn.

You’ve Heard Of Big Data But What Is Big Content?

B2B Marketing Insider

So I thought I would try and provide an overview and some additional thoughts of my own to help answer: What is Big Content? Almost 2 years ago, Gartner’s Craig Roth brought up the idea of Big Content. In content marketing, we’re great at making up terms and buzzwords to try and prove just how far ahead of everything old and “traditional” we are.

Unveiling The Pipeline Marketing Technology Stack


Starting at the top of the marketing funnel, B2B marketers need technology that drives traffic to their website (marketing channels) as well as tools to optimize the process. market share -- about 50% greater than the second largest, SAP ( Gartner ). How on earth do marketers keep all of the various marketing technologies straight in their mind? The Stack, Explained.

2016 MarTech Planning: It’s Time for Evolution, Not Revolution

CMO Essentials

Given a total of $10 billion in martech funding since the start of last year alone, along with the fact that, according to Gartner’s 2015-2016 CMO Spend Survey , 71 percent of respondents have discrete funding for innovation (averaging about 10 percent of the marketing budget ), it’s an easy trap to fall into. Connect with Scott on Twitter via  @ScottAVaughan  or on  Linkedin.

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Marketers Have Gained Their “Seat at the Table,” Now it’s Time to Prove Why They Deserve it

It's All About Revenue

And because of the changes in customer buying patterns, marketing programs, not sales efforts, now impact at least two-thirds of the buying process. As marketers struggle with this overwhelming complexity, dysfunctional processes often limit customer communications to one-off transactional messages that prevent marketing from demonstrating a tangible impact on the business.

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37 facts on the future of Social Selling vs. Cold Calling


89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine (source: Fleishman-Hillard ). 75% of customers say they use social media as part of the buying process (source: IBM ). 74% of B2B marketing companies use Twitter to distribute content (source: Content Marketing Institute ). Today’s sales process takes 22% longer than 5 years ago (source: SiriusDecisions).

Why Customer Experience is the Hot New Thing in Marketing


According to Gartner Research , “89% of companies surveyed plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016“. There are plenty of stories of customers failing to get help via an 800 number, only to go to Twitter or Facebook and get their issue solved within minutes. “The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”. Really, really good.

3 Incredibly Easy Ideas To Get Customers To Pay For Content

B2B Marketing Insider

It is critical for content marketers to find and build their credibility and articulate their value proposition to collect their customers’ relationship currency – and shorten the buyer’s journey and the sales process! Help Self-Educating Customers. Gartner Research). This content marketing research indicates customers are counting on content to help them make their decision.

The Marketing Power of Pokemon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels


It’s a simple process where intentionality is the most important factor. According to Convince&Convert , Snapchat has more users than Twitter or LinkedIn and they grew more in the last year than Twitter has in 4 years combined. From there, you want to share your SnapCode on your other social platforms and begin adding followers (similar to how you do on Twitter).

30 SEO Best Practices for B2B Organizations in 2017

KoMarketing Associates

As we enter 2017, I thought it would be helpful to establish a set of best practices that will have the most positive impact on your SEO strategies. Here are 30 essential best practices and tips to help improve your search engine optimization strategy in 2017. It’s important to think about buyers’ needs throughout the keyword research process, as well as during content creation. helpful tool to help do this is BuzzSumo. With this, you must reconsider their keyword research process. Strategies are always subject to change. Enjoy! 1. Buyers

The Sales Perspective – An Interview with Jill Rowley of Eloqua


To be a part of the conversation, sales people today must be present when and where the buyer is learning and provide relevant content to support the buyer’s education process.  By engaging early, sales still indirectly shapes the buyer’s demand and at the same time gains visibility into the buyer’s activity. How do I get them to buy?  I do that by being an information concierge.  I am their information concierge.  I am their conduit to information they need based on where they are in the buying process and the role they play. While indeed a robust technology, it needs more. 

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Diametrically Opposed Forces: Selling.

The ROI Guy

However, solving this problem will be difficult for most teams, as sales remains inwardly focused on the traditional funnel based selling process, rather than having a keen understanding of how customers make decisions and actually buy - the buying lifecycle. As a result, sales is being invited later into the decision making process, if at all. Latest Research. They do if they are.

Wake Up, Boss! Your Salespeople Need Help

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Gartner) or seek out suggestions from their closest peers. product updates are instantly available via Google news, Twitter, etc.; Whereas they used to engage vendors about a third of the way into the process, now they are waiting until the last third. The following is what we think it will take to succeed in an era when the buyer controls the process. know the answer.

Open Letter to the CxO: Can You Survive the Age of Integration and Collaboration?


It requires change, processes and lots of time. You need to help them achieve the goals and the very reasons why they work with you to start with. Teams, processes, communications, marketing , etc. As you might know Gartner predicted a while back that the CMO would drive IT investments more than the CIO by 2017. An open letter to the CxO. Expensive words, I know.

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25 Content Marketing Stats to Guide Your 2017 Strategy


And as the content marketing landscape continues to rapidly evolve, it makes sense to look to research to identify trends and patterns that can help guide your strategy. This will help boost ROI and extend the readability of the content and campaigns you’ve worked hard to put together. 4. Other popular platforms include Twitter (87%), Facebook (84%), YouTube (74%) and Google+ (62%).

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The Role of MarTech in Customer Service — The New Marketing


He was also very kind and helpful in giving me advice when I started working on my own book, Hacking Marketing. As Gartner’s Michael Moaz says, “The best phone call is the one that didn’t happen.”. Degnan describes it as a “marriage of forums and peer-to-peer help.”. Terrific food for thought. Customer service is the new marketing. Customers love this. You wouldn’t.

Here’s just a taste of what transpired at MarTech Europe this week


If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a sample of what transpired: Andreas Starke , chief marketing technologist at SAP, helped us kick off the first morning by describing SAP’s own journey to overhaul their internal marketing technology capabilities, leveraging many of the new products that they’ve been developing. ” – Martin Majlund, Carlsberg Group.

8 Insightful Marketing Predictions for 2013 and Beyond


The ability to segment email lists and personalize the content will help to maximize the effect of each email, resulting in more qualified leads.” - John Bonini, Content Marketing Manager, IMPACT Branding & Design. Marketing activities will not only be measured in terms of traffic and lead generation , but it will also further opti mize processes that directly impact sales growth.

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Hit Your Number Faster with Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence View

With the announcement that Jigsaw and D&B are being combined to create , our customers are echoing our response that this is just further validation that data is a commodity and without a layer of intelligence to help sales, marketing and support identify the right people to contact, you may as just use last years Yellow Pages. Using Twitter for social selling.

Business Must Have: Social CRM apps

Sales Intelligence View

Twitter, Facebook, and the like allowed users to share the details of their personal and professional lives for the world to see, for better or worse. They help companies track customer activity and engage with them quicker and more effectively. The presence also helps sales people maintain their company brand while building trust among clients. Thus, social CRM apps were born.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Predictions for 2011: The End of B2B.

Tom Pisello

At the same time, as buyers are becoming more empowered, sales professionals are seen by these buyers as less valuable in the decision making process, and as a result are being invited later and later in the buying cycle. To prevent complete disintermediation of sales from the prospect’s decision making process, sales professionals must be made relevant and important again to buyers.

Top Webinars You Should Watch For Marketing Success in 2017


When we plan out our marketing efforts for each year, I start by thinking about what programs, and more specifically what webinars will help educate our audience. I’m sure it’s the same across most marketing organizations today. So, to help forward-thinking marketers start their year on the right foot, I’ve compiled our top webinars that can help you navigate the ever-changing B2B landscape.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: IDC: Economic Buyers, Digital Overload.

Tom Pisello

As a result, sales is being invited later into the decision making process, sales cycles are extending and deals are stalling. This advanced in the 1990s to solution selling, where several popular methodologies prompted sales and marketing to ask a buyer questions about their pain points, then aligning solutions to help solve these opportunities. Content is King? They do if they are.

The Future of CRM is Customer Engagement

Marketing Action

And they want the customers to help them do this. Help us prioritize, so that we can budget and build accordingly.”. And then, which is really important in this whole process, they tell their customers what they’re doing. So if you’re an employee of this team, you want to do things to help the team. Paul Greenberg. Paige Musto. It’s a good term. They move on.

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Five Reasons You May Not Be Spending Enough on Content Marketing

Tom Pisello

Having the right content and tools to help fuel buyer’s decision making process is essential. Matter of Trust - although the research indicates that buyers truly rely on vendor content to help drive purchase decisions, with so much noise, buyers have become skeptical of vendor claims. Frugalnomics in Full Effect: Forrester and Gartner. Death of a Salesman?

65 Tweetable Moments From The Corporate Social Media Summit New York

B2B Marketing Insider

This policy helps explain how AMEX helps small businesses do more business. Gartner says that by 2016 40% of all new Fortune 500 contacts will come from social media. Helps decrease calls to the call center, increases customer loyalty and decreases support costs. Transcripts of social interactions is also helpful. Facebook or Twitter or Blogs? Have fun.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Do White Papers Still Engage? They do if.

Tom Pisello

Let us examine one of the most important tools to engage buyers, white papers, and new best practices to help evolve this traditional medium into an effective selling machine. This results in a slower buying process and the continual carpet bombing of buyer inboxes with the same static, mass-distributed whitepapers that every vendor sends out. They do if they are Interactive!

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Don't Just "Sell the Problem", Quantify It

Tom Pisello

This is a big leap to expect any buyer to take, and few make it, leading to stalled sales processes, and elongated sales cycles. Tom’s ROI and TCO experience began in 1993 with Interpose (acquired by Gartner in 1998). Frugalnomics in Full Effect: Forrester and Gartner. Gartner reduces IT Spending Outlook for 2010, but. according to Mr. Godin. They do if they are.