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What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business?

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Blogging frequency is among the most common questions I am asked, and it occurred to me that I have never directly addressed this in a blog post. What is the ideal blogging frequency? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to post frequency. Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Alan Cleaver The post What is the ideal blogging frequency for your business?

Solving the Email Frequency Debate: How Much is Too Much?


Four considerations to help you find the right balance in frequency for your email marketing campaigns. Finding a Balance: Top Considerations for Email Frequency. As you evaluate your various email programs in light of frequency, keep these four considerations in mind: Audience. Second, you need to look at frequency in light of the type of emails you’re sending. Context.

We Increased The Frequency of Blog Posting and Check Out What Happened To Our Inbound Leads!

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The goal was to help identify whether posting a higher frequency of blogs would improve our already impressive traffic numbers, and drive more business.  Summary of our findings:  Increasing blogging frequency drove more traffic, better traffic, and led to a big increase in business leads.  Content Marketing Marketing Tips SEO/Social Media Blog Writing Services Blogging and SEO blogging for staffing Does Blogging Drive Business Ghost Bloggers for My Company staffing blogs What is Ideal Blogging FrequencyEven better! Overall sessions on the site increased 7.63%. 

Black Friday 2013: which toy retailers topped the rank vs. frequency chart in SEM?


The Search Monitor decided to look closely at one interesting vertical – toy retailers – and two important search marketing metrics in that vertical: ad rank and ad frequency. Other than Kohl’s, the other 6 retailers fell into an approximately linear relationship where higher frequency led to better rankings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia). That’s a win-win!

A Marketer's Guide to Nailing the Timing & Frequency of Social Media Updates


He examined a database of more than 100,000 accounts to determine what timing and frequency resulted in the greatest outcomes for social shares. Determining Your Optimal Frequency. Getting frequency right is an important achievement in marketing, whether you're talking email strategy or social updates. Here's the thing: Social media timing matters. The General Guideline.

Dela Quist: Email Frequency and Unlocking the Brand Potential of Email


Dela Quist is a well-known name in the email marketing industry. With sometimes controversial views, he makes marketers think and that is always a good thing. Dela was a keynote speaker at the first edition of our Conversionation Conference (previously known as Fusion Marketing Experience). In this interview Dela Quist shares his views on email [.]. Blog Branding Email marketing branding Dela Quist email marketing

Social Media Posting Frequency

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” It even went so far to advise readers the ideal “number of times/day (or week)” for social media posting frequency. Wouldn’t it be great if it everyone knew the magic social media posting frequency? Instead, I would argue that completing a social media audit is the first step in determining social media posting frequency. social media Uncategorized

Social Media Posting Frequency

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” It even went so far to advise readers the ideal “number of times/day (or week)” for social media posting frequency. Wouldn’t it be great if it everyone knew the magic social media posting frequency? Instead, I would argue that completing a social media audit is the first step in determining social media posting frequency. social media Uncategorized

The 5-Step Test to Determine Optimal Email Frequency


Maybe you're interested in ramping up your email marketing in 2012 but don't want to see all your hard lead generation work go to waste by increasing your sending frequency. How do you know what email sending frequency is the right frequency for your subscriber list? So how do you get started with an email send frequency test? Step 1 - Establish Your Hypotheses.

17 (of the) Best Email Marketing Guides of 2011


How can marketers determine the best frequency for their email campaigns? Dimitris Zotos provides 20 helpful email marketing tips here, from using A/B testing (to test styles, colors and fonts in order to optimize your subscription page) to having clear policies about privacy and sending frequency to adding sharing buttons to make it easy for readers to share your content. Adam Q.

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How to Get More Blog Traffic – Real World Data


Post frequency matters. But for corporate blogs, the lesson is clear: maintaining consistent post frequency is crucial to maintaining high blog traffic and continuous growth. blog directories blog post frequency blog SEO Hootsuite how to get more blog traffic how to get more traffic to your blog RSS syndication sites social media informer Social Media Today Twitter

How to Email Often without Losing Readers

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You don’t have to stick to that planned frequency to the letter, though. “The percentage didn’t change due to frequency. But if each carefully composed email brings your readers closer to solving their problems, frequency won’t be an issue. The truth about email frequency. And how often can you send a pitch alongside non-sales content? Take Social Triggers.

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Content Marketing and the War of Attrition

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Business Blogging Content Marketing Content Strategy content consistency content frequency moneyball old spiceThere are a lot of reasons why content marketing doesn’t work for some companies. If we were making a list, they would include: A lack of understanding reader/customer needs. Focusing on the wrong metrics and objectives. soloed approach to content marketing. Poor execution.

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How Often Should You Update Your Blog? A Data-Driven Answer


Without a doubt, the best-known study on blogging frequency is HubSpot’s, which is illustrated below: Image source : Hubspot. Aside from anecdotal observations of high-quality blogs and the frequency they post, there have been very large-scale studies released on blogging quantity and results in the form of traffic, leads, and customers. Image source : Hubspot. These questions are: 1.

[Infographic] 10 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Business Blog

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They may feature relevant content, of real value, published with good frequency. The social media landscape is littered with business blogs that, on the surface, do everything right. Most of those same blogs, however, do little to generate leads, subscribers, or any other kind of measurable engagement or ROI. Sourcing, developing, and publishing great content is the hard work.

How to differentiate your blog based on the time you can put into it

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High frequency, low length — Seth Godin publishes almost every day but his posts rarely exceed 500 words … and sometimes they are as short as a just few sentences! Low frequency, low length — Scott Monty only publishes once or twice a week, usually a short business observation and a helpful weekly industry round-up. Blogging takes a lot of work. Your blogging output.

How often should you post to your blog and social media?

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Publishing frequency and amplification of content is a big topic these days, and one that has recently been researched by two publishing powerhouses—Hubspot and Moz. Both of these companies manipulated their publishing frequencies (both increasing and decreasing the total number of posts) with some interesting findings. What does that mean for your publishing frequency?

Interpreting Email Metrics During the Holidays

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Over the last few years, our Deliverability Team has consistently seen November and December to be the highest mailing months in terms of overall volume for our customers, and this year is no different: By sending higher frequencies of mail to engaged customers, senders are spreading the same opportunity for campaign engagement (email opens and clicks) across a higher volume of communications.

Go the Distance on a Shoestring Marketing Budget

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The RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) guide is a quantitative marketing technique that is used to determine the customers of highest value; by examining the recency of their purchase, frequency of purchases, and how much they spent on their purchase. Marketing Metrics & Measurement direct marketing Recency Frequency Monetary RFM small marketing budget Multi-touch marketing.

Ad Retargeting: It’s About Context, Relevance & Value


The two companies commissioned ResearchNow to survey a panel of over 1,600 adults for the report, entitled, “ Familiarity, Frequency and Fine Lines.”. According to the study, three areas in particular tend to shape online consumer perceptions of ad retargeting: excessive frequency of ad impressions, concerns about over-familiarity, and lack of appropriate context. Annoyance Factor.

Lead Nurturing in 6 Simple Steps

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The channels you’ll use and the frequency of touches will depend on the product or service being sold and the buying cycle of the prospect. Tweet What’s the quickest, cheapest way to implement lead nurturing? I get that question frequently when I talk to marketers about lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is pretty easy to understand, but hard to execute when you have little time or budget.

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Newsletter


Just the simple matter of frequency can have massive consequences that affect what results you’ll get, and how much work it takes to get those results. Second, it takes a really great newsletter to have daily frequency and not wear out the subscribers. Test frequency. Testing your emails’ frequency is going to take time. Thinking about a B2B newsletter launch?

4 Steps to Lead Nurturing: Walking the buying path with your customers

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It’s worth noting: The tactics employed and the frequency of touches will depend on the solutions being sold and the buying cycle of the prospect. Tweet Lead generation can take you on a long hike. The one thing I can guarantee you about the journey is that more is not better if you don’t know how to nurture. The It’s about progression. What is a customer journey map? Can we afford it?

What's a Good Email Open Rate & Click Rate? [Benchmark Data]


At this frequency, companies enjoy a median open rate of 32.4% and median click rate of 6.5%. At that frequency, these companies typically have a median open rate of 32.4%. But that frequency isn''t where they get the most clicks -- they get the most clicks at the 16 - 30 monthly email frequency, with a median click rate of 6.7%. The sweet spot? Moral of the story?

Q&A: The Big Email Marketing Questions Answered

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Frequency for Email Marketing. The next question will explore how to get the balance right. Q: What is the best frequency to send emails? A:  This is one of those ‘it depends’ questions since email frequency depends on the industry, audience, and what you’re looking to achieve. Vary frequency by individuals depending on activity. Segmentation and Targeting.

Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

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The tactics employed and the frequency of touches will depend on the solutions being sold and the buying cycle of the prospect. Tweet I was asked by a reader to provide some examples of what lead nurturing touches may look like. Lead nurturing is something that’s fairly easy to understand, but for many, it’s become a frustrating thing consistently execute for two reasons: Lack of content. No plan for consistency. I’ve found that many marketers get stuck on not having enough good and effective lead nurturing content. How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content ?

Marketing Automation Buyer Survey: Many Myths Busted but Planning is Still Key to Success

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Another option I tried was a bar graph showing the frequency of each obstacle with color coding to show the satisfaction level. This does show both bits of information but you have to look closely to see the red and green bars: the image is dominated by frequency, which is not the primary message being communicated. But the lesson isn’t just that features matter.

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What’s Your Content Cadence?

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It’s critical you not confuse content cadence with frequency. Frequency is more about productivity and cadence is more about your communication style. Which brings up a few more questions about cadence you might want to address: [ Frequency ] How many posts and/or updates can your audiences handle per day/month? What’s Content Cadence? It was a good post.

Making the Case For A New Email Marketing Metric

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Entitled Understanding The Email 'Frequency Math Effect' it appeared on the Email Insider section of MediaPost and was penned by Loren McDonald. As we consider the impacts of the “Frequency Math Effect” we would be well served to remember that statistics, if improperly used, can lead us down false paths. This is what Loren calls the "Frequency math effect."

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How Often Should You Post on Facebook? [New Benchmark Data]


But that doesn't mean we can't glean some valuable insights on how post frequency affects clickthrough rate. This frequency discussion becomes all the more important when you look at the current state of competition on the News Feed. How Does Posting Frequency Affect Clicks Per Post? Have you experimented with the impact of Facebook posting frequency on engagement rate?

Eleven bots for better work in the new year


Eleven bots for better work in the new year New Slack Fund companies to help with sales, meetings, and more The Slack Fund backs new companies that bring more streamlined workflows to Slack—reducing the small, yet high-frequency tasks that consume chunks of our time. Today we’re growing the Fund and introducing new tools you can use at work, with the addition. The post Eleven bots for better work in the new year appeared first on Opentopic. Marketing - Publishers

A Handy Guide to Optimizing Your Social Media Channels


Test Post Frequency to Find Your Sweet Spot for Each Network. Fellow HubSpotter Dan Zarrella used 2 years-worth of data to figure out the optimal post frequencies for Facebook and Twitter. The data showed that for Facebook, posting once every two days was the optimal frequency for generating Likes. Here’s a simple strategy for determining your optimal post frequencies.

4 Ways to Optimize Email for Your Buyers


Use the Right Frequency  . Personalizing frequency by the type and immediacy of the information presented keeps buyers engaged and responsive. Bulldog Reporter outlines three frequency types for optimal email scheduling: Daily newspaper. Beware the balance of frequency! This means that more than two thirds of outgoing emails are landing in actively maintained inboxes.

5 Steps to Account-based Marketing Success


Then deliver it via all media (inbound and outbound), across multiple sales cycles, at just the right frequency. ABM drives bigger, better deals. Most marketing and sales folks I talk to agree … in theory. Many are still trying to figure out how to put ABM principles in place. If you fall into this category, and are looking for actionable how-tos, take a look at the account-based marketing primer just published and available now on SlideShare. To avoid a scattershot approach to marketing (the antithesis of ABM) figure out the ideal prospect/client profile. Segment and Stratify.

8 Strategies to stand out when you’re late to the content marketing game

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Content frequency. My friend John Lee Dumas was able to stand out in the very crowded podcasting space, in part, due to the frequency of his episodes. Many listeners have said part of the appeal of this lower-frequency format is that they are always left wanting more and eagerly anticipate each new show. 7. By Mark Schaefer. Move to an unsatured social platform. looked it up.

How to Increase Your Clickthroughs on Twitter

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Frequency of tweets. The infographic is from Dan Zarrella, the Social Media Scientist giving you an insight on increasing your clickthroughs on Twitter based on: Length of the tweet. Where's the link? Keywords used. Thank you, Dan Zarrella. Amazing post, yet again

How Often Should Marketing Send Emails? [CHART]

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then looked at click-through rates for each of those frequency buckets. Desired communication frequency will certainly vary by the stage of discovery the prospect is at with your company.  For more information on communication frequency in Eloqua, try reading  Stop Light Program for Controlling Frequency  by our very own Carlos Cerqueira. looked at the last 6.3

4 Factors That Drive Email Open Rates

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Frequency The number 1 reason people unsubscribe is “Too many emails,” but more emails = more engagement. As you get more nuanced, look beyond your overall cadence to understand the optimal frequency for different audience segments and email types. Advanced : Personalize email frequency to each individual recipient. not a great long-term strategy. Who cares?

Want More Engagement on Social Media? Here's How Often You Should Publish [New Data]


But then again, the industry with the highest interaction per post average -- nonprofit/education -- has a post frequency that’s right in the middle of the pack. Clearly, social media posting frequency on its own isn''t a strong predictor of social engagement. I believe it was the Notorious B.I.G. who once famously stated, "Mo'' posting, mo'' social engagement.". Likes, retweets, etc.)

How Kele Developed a Personalized Email Strategy

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One of the best ways to target customers accurately is to create messaging and marketing tactics that resonate depending on a customer’s buying cycle or frequency. They then created “buying cycle campaigns,” which are automated campaigns that target different customers in a recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) model. Follow Jen on Twitter @Jenny_Iggy. Email marketing