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4 Key Marketing Technology Takeaways From A Forrester Wave

It's All About Revenue

Savvy B2B marketing leaders are “re-engineering their lead-to-revenue process to transform marketing — from a top-notch supplier of leads for the load-bearing sales channel to the architect of customer engagement across the entire customer life cycle” according to the recently released Forrester Research, Inc. Connecting the dots of your data reaps real benefits.

Oracle Attains Highest Score for Current Offering in The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue.

It's All About Revenue

As a result, more B2B professionals are shifting their focus from implementing basic marketing automation features to offerings that provide sophisticated and advanced functionalities to help them reach their lead-to-revenue goals. What is Lead-To-Revenue Management? Oracle believes that it sets the bar for current industry leading offerings and market presence. categories.

Act-On’s a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ and What That Means to You


So, with that said, we were pretty excited to see Act-On Software named a Leader among lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) platform vendors in the Forrester Research, Inc., report: The Forrester Wave™: Lead-to-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q4 2016. “… What Act-On might miss in depth, it reaches in breadth,” writes author Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst for Forrester Research in the report. When Act-On was listed in Forrester’s 2014 report, our founder Raghu Raghavan called it an “ amazing milestone ” for the company. WIIFY?

B2B Marketing & Sales Insights from Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research


I had the great the opportunity to interview Lori Wizdo , B2B marketing analyst at Forrester Research. There's a lot of discussion in the marketplace about articles you've written, including "The Lead-Nurturing Payoff For The Tech Industry." In that article and elsewhere, you've suggested that many buyers get as far as 70 percent through the sales cycle before they find it useful to engage the sales teams. Forrester does a great deal of buyer journey research on sources of influence in a lot of other dimensions: First, buyers do like to talk to vendors early in the process.

Forrester Confirms Continuing B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment Gap

Fearless Competitor

Forrester’s latest research “ B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment Starts with the Customer ” confirms the dysfunctional and damaging gap that still exists between sales and marketing in the vast majority of B2B organisations. According to Forrester’s survey, the top 3 excuses for failing to achieve alignment were given as: “Marketing thinks long-term, sales thinks short-term”. They understand the key phases and milestones in their prospects’ buying process. Find New Customers is one of few  lead generation companies in New York. Quality leads matter.

Ranking B2B Marketing Automation Vendors: How I Built My Scores (part 1)

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: The first of three posts describing my new scoring system for B2B marketing automation vendors. I’ve finally had time to work up the vendor scores based on the 150+ RFP questions I distributed back in September. vendor strength , which assesses a vendor’s current and future business position. Vendor strength will be scored on a separate dimension.

How to Choose the Right Predictive Analytics Tool for Account-Based Marketing


Achieving this requires the use of specialized tools and tactics, however, or it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Predictive analytics is the process of mining large data sets to identify trends and patterns that help companies understand their target audiences and identify risks and opportunities. More successful lead qualification. Research Vendors.

Engaging Earlier and Higher with Financial Peer Comparisons

The ROI Guy

Although buyers leverage digital more than ever in their decision making process, and as a result appear to engage with reps later in the decision making process (up to 57% of the way through), sales reps still have a big impact, ESPECIALLY if they can intersect early in the buyer’s journey, and with value. A common mantra for many sales strategies is to "Engage earlier and higher".

Feeding Sales Is a Process, Not a Project.

Sales Engine

When it’s all over, you ship the booth and collateral boxes home and collect the leads for sales. The world has changed, and the internet is now crushing a sales rep’s ability to generate their own leads. So, marketing’s new role as lead generators for sales requires more than just project management and stellar execution. The process won’t be the same with the next prospect.

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Help! I Need a Marketing Automation Vendor with Social Media Savvy

WindMill Networking

According to The Annuitas Group, a demand generation consulting firm, there are more than 100 vendors , and their features vary significantly. This means that picking the right automation vendor is a lot harder than choosing a flavor of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins. One of the most common questions about marketing automation that I hear is, “Can you give me the names of some vendors?”

Three 2015 Marketing Predictions I Hope Are Terribly Wrong


Only 13% of vendors that were reviewed passed the “B2B Customer Engagement Test” – Forrester. Prediction 2:  The Gap Between Vendors and Customers Will Continue To Grow. As mentioned in the previous prediction, according to Forrester, less than 15% of B2B organizations are connecting with their customers with effective content.  ” It is imperative that both B2B marketing and sales reps understand that they no longer lead the conversation, direct the “sales cycle” or move the buyer through their funnel.

B2B Lead Nurturing Myths That Promote Sales Pipeline Leaks

It's All About Revenue

Myths are plentiful when it comes to B2B lead nurturing. Let’s step back a minute and ask a key question, “Why is lead nurturing so important?” ” Well, the data is in and according to Forrester , businesses that put nurturing at the forefront of their lead generation strategies produce 50% more leads while slashing costs by 30%.

CMOs fail to go beyond brand awareness on LinkedIn


Hopefully, prospects will find and read Xerox’s content, hopefully, they will find it useful and hopefully, the content they read will generate interest in the Xerox brand in the process. Wiley is Focused on Click-Through Rates and Leads (Even if the Leads do not move further). He’s just focused on leads and getting people into the funnel. Revenue. Like this post?

Does Modern B2B Lead Generation Really Work?

The Forward Observer

Are you struggling to fill your sales pipeline with quality leads? You may need a lead generation mindset change. Lead Generation Has Changed. In the old days (5-10 years ago), lead generation could be driven more by interruptive marketing like mass advertising, cold-calling and email blasts. Modern Lead Generation Is About Getting Found. And it works, too.

Five 2015 B2B Demand Generation and Content Marketing Resolutions


This campaign approach leads to a very convoluted buying experience for the buyers. This means that every interaction from the buyer is met with a response from the vendor, digitally or a via live interaction. This program-based approach can only be accomplished when vendors understand the buying patterns of their buyer(s) and can then align content accordingly giving buyers continuity through every stage of their buying process. This approach leads to higher conversion rates. The real question however, is what is next? The best news? Commit to Change-.

39 More (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011


Forrester: 5 Stages Of Social Media Growth by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Gavin O’Malley reviews research from Forrester on the five stages of social media maturity that corporations typically pass through, starting with the dormant stage (“one in five companies still don’t use any social media. While certain aspects of social media have stabilized (e.g.,

Manufacturers Use Evaluation Kits for Effective Lead Nurturing

Industrial Marketing Today

Lead nurturing plays an important role in industrial lead generation programs because it is rare that an industrial sale is completed on the first call or the first visit to the manufacturer’s website. Forrester, CSO Insights and Marketo reported that lead nurturing produced much better results. Here are some of the significant findings from their research studies: Reduced the number of marketing-generated leads ignored by sales to as low as 25%. Raised win rates on marketing-generated leads by 7% and reduced “no decisions” by 6%. Still not convinced?

Demand Generation 101: 7 Tactics For Generating High Quality Leads


Demand generation, aka “demand gen,” isn’t just about leads. Demand gen is about creating high quality leads that engage with your brand – and eventually turn into revenue. Successful demand generation programs aren’t just about the sheer volume of leads. successful program is measured by: The quality of your leads. Lead nurturing. Lead scoring.

Lead Nurturing Basics: How to Nurture the B2B Buyer’s Journey in 5 Steps

Marketing Action

In fact, according to Forrester Research, prospects wait until they are 65% to 90% of the way through their journey before approaching a vendor. These days, many B2B marketers are getting superior results by using short- and long-term nurturing programs: Forrester Research found that companies excelling at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads , at a 33% lower cost.

Nurturing Leads With Webinars: Awareness is Just the Beginning

Marketing Action

B2B technology buyers are using this information in the early stages of the buying process and aren’t engaging directly with salespeople until much later. Marketers’ primary goal is straightforward: to identify new prospects and progress them from one stage of the buying process to the next, ultimately moving them to the purchase stage. Ready to learn more about lead nurturing?

Your Leads Are Annoyed With You: Here's Why [Data]


When your job is to generate and nurture new leads like it is for pretty much every marketer and salesperson, it can be all too easy to think of every new lead as just another number on a waterfall report or just another name on a call list. So why do so many marketers and salespeople opt to play mind games with leads and prospects? Lead Nurturing. Probably not.

B2B Websites: How To Generate More Leads

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Worried that your website''s not catching more leads? Breaking News : A lot of B2B companies are not generating leads from their websites. For many B2B companies, lead generation is still rooted in more traditional methods such as referrals, advertising, direct mail and cold calling. Don''t be. But there’s a catch.

30 Thought-Provoking Lead Nurturing Stats You Can't Ignore


We've got some news for you, inbound marketers, and it might come as quite a shock: your job doesn't necessarily stop at lead generation (GASP!). Let's face it: those middle child leads deserve some attention, too! Stats to Set the Stage for Lead Nurturing. 1) 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. 11) 79% of B2B marketers have not established lead scoring.

How to Expand Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Beyond Just Email [SlideShare]


Lead nurturing is a critical part of a marketer’s job, especially in the B2B space. Forrester suggested that a B2B buyer’s journey could be anywhere from 65-90% complete by the time he or she contacts the vendor to move forward with a sale. Multi Channel Lead Nurturing from HubSpot. Match your content to your leads’ lifecycle stage accordingly.

Sales and Marketing Alignment in 2013? Not so Fast!

The ROI Guy

Executives continually point to the need for Sales and Marketing to align, with 90% of Senior Marketers indicating to Forrester that indeed alignment is a high or very high priority. Sales execs are now more pleased with the number and quantity of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) going to sales, and now are indicating they need help to better engage, sell and close.

How To Plan Your B2B Lead Generation Content Over Three Martinis

The Forward Observer

Are you overwhelmed and confused about creating the ideal content for increasing traffic, leads and sales? Sales can really take off when you have the ability to generate your own, quality leads. Lead Generation Has Changed. But generating leads has changed quite a bit in recent years because the way people buy has changed. It's nothing a stiff drink can't cure. Cheers!

So You Think Your Sales Team Can Dance? Buyers Say “Think Again.”

The ROI Guy

At the same time the purchase process has become more complex; buyers have more stakeholders than ever to deal with (more than 6 in large organizations), extreme resource constraints, and less time than ever to evaluate opportunities, select and justify solutions and drive an ever-more complex purchase process. So challenge met and opportunity seized, right? Not so fast.

The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Dayna Rothman Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. In today’s complex marketing climate, lead generation has become a popular strategy to help create demand and get your marketing messages heard across multiple channels. How Has Lead Generation Evolved?

Your Unique Value: Solution Focused versus Challenge Centric?

The ROI Guy

whopping 76 % of the deals don’t go to the company that wins the competitive bake-off, where features make a difference, rather the win goes to the solution provider who engages early to help the buyer establish the buying agenda (Forrester). In order to navigate the decision making process, the buyer needs to understand “Why consider a change?” The Cost of a Solution Focused Approach If you are taking a similar solution focused approach, you are probably engaging later and later in the decision making process. SiriusDecisions).

Why B2B Lead Generation Without Content Is Like Fishing Without Bait

The Forward Observer

Are you actively pursuing B2B lead generation but still not getting results? And yet, many companies are approaching lead generation like a professional fishing charter boat without any bait. That’s because they are approaching lead generation like they did when Bill Clinton was inaugurated over 20 years ago. You might be fishing without bait. Here’s how to catch the big ones.

Forrester and IDC think Sales Enablement is a Big Deal. and We Agree!

The ROI Guy

A new role has emerged at many leading B2B companies, Sales Enablement, and recent research from Forrester and IDC proves this new sales enablement practice as the key linchpin required to help a B2B company bridge the gap between their business strategies and how they execute in the field. Sales enablement as a best practice has emerged quickly at leading B2B firms, and many of our 70+ B2B customers now have formal sales enablement teams and centers of excellence. Source: Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of Sales Support, Forrester Research, Inc., April 2009).

The Telltale 8% Drop In Content Marketing Effectiveness

Tony Zambito

With the amount of hype, “content about” content marketing, growth of content marketing agencies/consultants, and the explosion of content marketing conferences, the instinctive thought process is this percentage should be increasing – not decreasing. As much as 80% say, “Vendors give me too much material to sort through”. by Aha-Soft. Buyers Are Saying The Same.

Vidyard Named a Leader for Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing by Independent Research Firm


KITCHENER, Ontario – October 31, 2016 – Vidyard , the video platform for business, has been named a leader in Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing by independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc. The recognition comes as part of The Forrester Wave™: Online Video Platforms For Sales And Marketing, Q4 2016, which analyzed the most significant providers in the space. Vidyard was the only vendor to receive the highest possible scores in the player features; marketing and lead generation tools; and targeting, personalization and discovery criteria.

Spring has Sprung, and So Should New Sales and Marketing Practices

The ROI Guy

It is not often we see so many thought leaders and pundits confluence around such significant observations: • At Forrester , sales enablement analyst Scott Santucci indicates that “We are in the middle of a major transformation in the B2B sales model, driven by customer’s enterprise-wide strategic procurement initiatives to buy only what they need at the lowest possible price”. B2B buyers are now relying on industry analysts, peers and trusted 3rd party publications, but not on vendors, to help them facilitate important purchase decisions. 3. How to Fight Frugalnomics?

Marketing’s Role in the Age of the Customer


This is due to a number of factors, including that customers now have technology at their fingertips to research the tools they need, and make their displeasure known if a vendor doesn’t follow up on the promises they made. In fact, Forrester thinks this age of the customer is a 20-year business cycle, and that this power shift towards customer will continue for a while.

Aging 35

Sales Enablement and The Economic-Buyer

Tom Pisello

As a result of Frugalnomics and other market drivers: 62% of B2B vendors indicated they needed more leads in order to generate the same amount of sales, 72% indicated an increase in buying cycle time over the past 6 month, The buying cycle timeframe has increased over 10% in the past 12 months. And this trend is not expected to end, even as the recovery takes hold. April 2009.

Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy

It's All About Revenue

We talked to Peter O’Neill, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research , where he leads research on B2B demand generation and channel marketing, managing a small group of analysts and working with other analysts who serve CMOs and other marketing leaders. Social media and our digitally-driven on demand culture has drastically changed the way that buyers navigate their purchase process. What are some of the implications of this shift on the marketing and sales processes? Peter O’Neill: Yes, that is true. But that isn’t so easy to do.