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How to Overcome the Four Main Challenges in B2B Content Marketing

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then took a field-marketing role because I knew it was crucial to have the right content for each customer situation. Sales portals and other technology like Content Management Systems (CMS), CRM, and marketing automation systems must map to a clearly defined delivery process so the expected content is available when and where it’s needed. Director of Marketing for SAP.

The Biggest Contributor to B2B Revenue

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To keep valuable field sales resources productive, many of the more innovative sales and marketing departments build “sales development” teams.  deep bench of talent to replace inside or field sales people who underperform, get promoted, or leave. Sales field sales inside sales sales development repsOracle. Marketo. HubSpot. Just to name a few.

11 Free Sales Tools to Pump Up Your Pipeline


If is a bit out of your price range, or you’re looking for a CRM tool that you can start using right away, Streak is handy, easy to set up, and free for up to 200 tracked emails per month. Blog Field Sales Inside Sales SalesAs a salesperson, you only get so many minutes in the day. We all do, really. But what happens when you don’t have a big budget? Streak. LeadIQ.

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Inside Sales Experts Converge in San Francisco with the AA-ISP

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field sales inside sales jigsaw lead generation linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite Sales Sales Data sales leader sales productivity sales prospecting social intelligenceIf you are an Inside Sales professional or a sales leader, you should already know about the AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2011. This event will feature over 30 of the nation’s leading Inside Sales experts who will deliver presentations and discussions focused on the issues most critical to today’s Inside Sales Leaders and Managers. [.]. Conferences Sales 2.0

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11 Features to Bring Salesforce Chatter to Life

It's All About Revenue’s slick demos show how users can seamlessly collaborate through it’s micro-blogging system Chatter. At Based on the text of a chatter post, you can now update fields, execute jobs, etc. 9. Sales & Marketing Alignment Chatter email Facebook Labs HootSuite Lead Scoring sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment Salesforce Seesmic Twitterby Andrew Sinclair | Tweet this. At its core, Chatter is about creating news feeds from people and recording updates. Auto follow people and records. Install Chatter enhancements.

How To Create Buyer Personas In Your CRM And Gain Deep Insights Into Marketing Performance


So to report on whether your marketing content is attracting Senior Level Executives you’ll need to bucket job titles into a custom field. You can group contacts by persona in your CRM by creating a custom "Persona" field in that reads the Job Title field and buckets your contacts based on whether they meet certain criteria. Click New to create a new custom field.

The Two-Step for Sales Enablement

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Obviously, trying to drive sales reps in the field to a document management portal they don’t use to obtain the materials they need isn’t a winning strategy. Fact: We use as our CRM, including the Chatter application. Sales & Marketing Alignment b2b marketing content for sales crm Demand Generation lead management marketing automation sales and marketing alignment sales enablement Salesforce Chatter salesforce.comAfter all, great content produces little results if sales doesn’t know of its existence. Figure out what tools the reps are using.

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with


What makes this even better is that you can use merge fields in the email that allow you to customize the template so it feels like a personal communication. Call us at +1 718-709-0900 (US) or +39 06 978446 60 (EMEA), or contact us online to learn how we can help you meet your lead qualification goals with Drucker. Set Up Reminders. Create Email Templates. Track Leads.


Top 40 Twitter Feeds You’re Not Following

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Dan Darcy – Dan, VP of Product Marketing for, shares views on tech, social media and business. Andrew Gaffney – Editor of the DemandGen report, Andrew scours the demand generation field for the latest news. Sharon Baker Mark Mapstone MarketingSherpa Matt McCoy NBCU Neil Davey New York Times nFusion Nick Judd Nick Knupffer Richard Margetic Scott Griffith Sean Parker Seth Dotterer Sheila Campbell Smarterer social media marketing Talkie Tiffany Farrant Twitter UStream VIA Agency Vicky Brock Wall Street Journal Yussi ZipCarWell, not always. Reddit.

Marketing Features in Winter 10

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Once again has delivered a great set of new features for Marketers in the Winter 10 release.  The first, Campaign Summaries, allows users to summarize information for any fields you create so can view campaign results without leaving the campaign module.  You will do this by creating campaign roll-up summary fields, but are limited to creating 5 per campaign.

A Structured Approach to Demand Generation Analytics


Analyzing this means building a new class of fields that track time-based engagement with every content offer and engagement channel in your perpetual demand generation engine. Connect account-level outcomes to contact-level activity : CRM platforms such as are largely organized around account and opportunity objects. pick lists and hidden fields).

Optimizing Lead Distribution for Higher Conversion

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In CRMs like, you can automatically notify sales people when activity has developed in their territory, vertical market or other criteria that you deem to be important. One company I worked with  centrally qualifies  all their leads (via phone) against their  universal lead definition within two hours, distributes and requires their field sales force to follow up on those that are sales ready within eight hours. If Do not frustrate field salespeople with requests for brochures and marketing resources. That’s a complex question when you think about it.

10 Insider Tips for Your Dreamforce 2013 Experience

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TAKE A FIELD TRIP. Author: Maggie Jones Between choosing breakout sessions and keynotes, scheduling networking events and meetings, registering for parties, and navigating the delightful chaos that is urban San Francisco, making the most of Dreamforce can feel like planning a wedding – or an expedition to outer space. HAPPY HOUR IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Broken shoe strap? Best Practices: Thought Leadership with David Taber, Author of Secrets of Success

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David is the author of the new Prentice-Hall book, " Secrets of Success ," which covers the people, policy, and process issues surrounding effective CRM solutions.  David is the CEO of SalesLogistix, a specialist implementer focused on improving business processes for Sales and Marketing alignment and effectiveness. Q: David, why did you write this book? Here are examples of meaningful measures that you should bake into your data collection and analytics: Time to "first touch" of a lead. Most leads are ignored anyway.

How To Create Buyer Personas In Your CRM And Gain Deep Insights Into Marketing Performance


So to report on whether your marketing content is attracting Senior Level Executives you’ll need to bucket job titles into a custom field. You can group contacts by persona in your CRM by creating a custom "Persona" field in that reads the Job Title field and buckets your contacts based on whether they meet certain criteria. Click New to create a new custom field.

10 Most Popular B2B Lead Blog Posts of 2016

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To keep valuable field salespeople productive, many of the more innovative sales and marketing departments build “sales development” teams including Oracle, Marketo, HubSpot, HP, and My methodology was compiling the aggregate social shares across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. 1. The Biggest Contributor to B2B Revenue. Just to name a few. Here’s why.

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CRM Expert David Taber Discusses How Marketing Automation Enhances CRM and Putting Your Leads on a Diet

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by Jason Miller David Taber is a CRM expert and the author of the book, “ Secrets of Success,” which covers the people, policy, and process issues surrounding effective CRM solutions.  He is the CEO of SalesLogistix , a specialist implementer focused on improving business processes for Sales and Marketing alignment and effectiveness.

Enter The Ninja: The Anatomy Of An Uncommon Job Title

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The trend has increased but I think the reason behind that is because we don’t have clear ideas on emerging fields like social media. In response, young workers are taking to Q&A sites like Quora and LinkedIn as well as amassing accreditations from places like Amazon and to establish a range of expertise. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Trendy Title. Share email.

B2B prospecting data just keeps getting better


To get an understanding of the depth of data available to B2B marketers for prospecting, we invited a set of reputable vendors to open their vaults and share details about the nature and quantity of the fields they offer.  Furthermore, two of the vendors, Harte-Hanks and HG Data, supply details about installed technology, and their fields thus run into the thousands. 

The 4 Stand Out Aspects of Salesforce Summer 11

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While this release is not heavy on features by standards, the company has been on an acquisition spree as of late and the Dreamforce keynote only a few months away, so I expect to see a lot more in the works.’s development of numerous features and tools. believe that Chatter will be an integral part of all products in the future. With’s acquisitions and investment in collaboration and productivity tools, they’re clearly developing a full suite of tools to help people collaborate and connect.

12 Tips for Building and Managing a Bigger Sales Pipeline

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Most leads aren’t sales-ready: Whether you’re sending out campaigns or fielding inbound calls, as little as 15 percent of your leads are going to be both qualified and sales-ready. does a great job of this, but may be too much for small businesses. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Matt Heinz , President of Heinz Marketing.

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Engagio Goes Beyond Account Based Marketing to Unify Marketing, Sales, and Service

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But Engagio's latest product, Engagio PlayMaker, actually does occupy a space in between marketing, sales development, field sales and customer success by connecting them without replacing existing marketing automation, CRM, or customer success systems. Like Engagio’s earlier analytics products, PlayMaker starts by pulling data from CRM and attaching leads to accounts. Maybe you think Account Based Marketing is utterly revolutionary or maybe you think it’s nothing new at all. None of that matters, according to Engagio ’s Jon Miller, because ABM is dead.

Genoo Aims to Shake Up Marketing Automation Market


The company’s new marketing automation platform enables users to create complete websites as well as microsites and landing pages, automatically send emails triggered by specific actions, configure lead scoring, and integrate with Additional marketing users (with full editing privileges) are $49 per month, while sales users (access to leads only, with ability to update information about a lead, synchronize with their account, view lead interest profile or push leads back to nurturing from within their account) are $9.95 per month.

AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce: Unpacking what it means for B2B marketers


Then, within the form on the landing page, a hidden field pulls the GCLID data from the ad. Issues due to hidden fields in forms. AdWords conversion tracking relies on hidden fields in forms that take the GCLID (a unique ad identification number) and push it to Salesforce upon form submission. Hidden fields, however, have their own set of limitations. Why is it useful?

Dreamforce Cheatsheet for Sales Pros


Aaron Ross, a former Sales Director at, helps companies speed up revenue growth and get off the revenue rollercoaster. Join us to hear how sales teams use solutions from AppExchange to close deals faster, be more productive in the field and in the office, and eliminate manual processes. General. Getting Around : Dreamforce Travel Map – Uber – Lyft.

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B2B Prospecting Data Just Keeps Getting Better


To get an understanding of the depth of data available to B2B marketers for prospecting, we invited a set of reputable vendors to open their vaults and share details about the nature and quantity of the fields they offer. We also asked the participating vendors to tell us what other fields they make available, and this is where things got interesting. Today''s guest blogger is Ruth P.


PowerViews with Bob Perkins: Inside Sales is Here to Stay


Customer Demands Blur the Line Between Inside Sales and Field Sales. Because customers can a lot of the information they need online or with a quick phone call, many field sales professionals have been forced to adopt inside sales techniques, such as: virtual presentations. The inside sales job growth rate was 14 times greater than field sales.” mail communication.

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ICON16: How Infusionsoft Plans To Dominate Small Business Marketing (and Make Life Better For Small Businesses Everywhere)

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Infusionsoft does allow custom data fields in its standard tables.) I still think Infusionsoft could be displaced by an aggressive, well-funded competitor, especially as marketing technologies and methods continue to change. The total market is larger because Infusionsoft can also sell to companies outside the U.S. ** To put this in perspective: five million clients at $3,000 per client would give Infusionsoft $15 billion revenue, ranking it just behind SAP as the worlds fifth-largest software company and nearly three times's 2016 revenue of $6.67 million $1.6

How to Ensure a Successful Inside Sales ‘Nurturing’ Campaign

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From my experience working within, we found an efficient way to capture useful information from our nurtured accounts and put it to use for our Inside Sales Reps. In the event that the account changes ownership, these critical account intelligence fields will not be lost and will carry over to any new record owners. Few would argue that many accounts and prospects that need to be nurtured can often be overlooked. In the stream of advice and information discussing the inside sales process, I feel that lead nurturing is neglected. When will they be reevaluating?

New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

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CRM includes opportunity tracking, unlimited user defined fields, and automatic search of Facebook and LinkedIn when new contacts are added; algorithms can automatically estimate the right number of points for different events to build a predictive lead score. Here are thumbnails of the others. That puts it firmly in Infusionsoft territory, and perhaps even towards the lower end of that.

We Crush Our Event ROI at Dreamforce Each Year—Here’s How We Do It!

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Conferences Dreamforce Funnel Marketing Tips and Tricks B2b Events Event Marketing Event Marketing Strategy field marketing ROI Attending Dreamforce this October? If so, check out eve […].

IBM May Buy Silverpop: B2B Marketing Automation and B2C Email Would Be Great Fit

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So it was a totally safe bet that Silverpop was fielding many offers as well. Plus, there just aren’t that many enterprise software companies who still need what Silverpop is offering: Oracle and have already made their purchases, Adobe is part of the way there with Neolane, and SAS and Teradata have their own tools and are probably less interested in B2B because most buyers are small or mid-size firms. The InterWebs were buzzing this morning with an Atlanta Business Chronicle article reporting that IBM is negotiating to buy Silverpop. So we’ll see.

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Why Does Marketing Technology Matter To Business Evolution?

Crimson Marketing

It’s a spectacularly fertile field. We have leaders on the scale of Adobe, Oracle, and making near $1 billion acquisitions and creating massive scale. Bring on the platform age. Brinker:  There’s tremendous change happening in the B2B marketing technology landscape. One of the most fascinating dynamics is a dual narrative of consolidation and diversification.

Beanstalk Data Adds Service to the Marketing Automation Recipe

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Speaking of CRM, Beanstalk has existing connectors for , NetSuite and Leads360. The system also provides above-average flexibility in the data model, allowing unlimited custom fields and supporting multiple values within a single field. Thinking in those terms, Beanstalk Data is a tasty morsel. But clients aren't required to use Beanstalk services.

Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring and the World Cup

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Henry, who is the VP of Global Field and Industry Marketing, opened with an explanation of why QlikView needed marketing automation and why they chose Marketo.  Disclosure: Marketo is a Partner and sponsor of Cloudforce London 2011. B2B Marketing Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring Cloudforce Salesforce.comTarget profiling and lead scoring. 74 landing pages created.

Is Interactive Content Part Of Your Marketing Stack?


Marketers spend a lot of time and money investing in the right infrastructure and analytics – platforms like, Marketo, Eloqua, Omniture, Google Analytics and more. You’re a tech-savvy marketer. So you’re always on the lookout for funnel-boosting new technologies at each layer in your marketing stack. Content Creation Workflow Management. Distribution. Metrics. What’s missing?

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Customer Experience


Firmographic and demographic fields are key for segmentation, lead routing, and analysis. Three of the most important database metrics are whitespace/field-completeness (covered above), duplication rate (how many emails/websites in your CRM are duplicate), and finally lead-to-account matching. It’s that time of year again! next year. 10 Ways to Improve Customer Data. 1. Slackbots.

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