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New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

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GreenRope workflow GreenRope is all-in-one software sold primarily to very small businesses such as lawyers, real estate agents, consultant, coaches and membership organizations. It has taken the approach of providing only core features and making them as easy to use as possible. The company also has special features for marketing agencies who use the system for their clients.

ICON16: How Infusionsoft Plans To Dominate Small Business Marketing (and Make Life Better For Small Businesses Everywhere)

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The company made a few announcements, most notably a vastly improved email builder and tighter integration with online accounting software from Quickbooks Online and Xero. These changes were evolutionary at best, but company leaders made clear this was on purpose: their current strategy is to make small improvements to ease of use, not add major new or deeper features. Infusionsoft’s goal is to bake as much as possible of the methodology into the software, its partner ecosystem, and prebuilt assets such as campaign plans. Whether it’s realistic is another question. billion.

Swyft Offers Low-Cost Interaction Management Software as a Service

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Summary: Swyft offers a Software-as-a-Service real-time interaction manager. It costs less than traditional versions of those products but has similar features. The comparison is inexact because traditional interaction management systems are sold as licensed on-premise software, while Swyft is a Software-as-a-Service product, billed monthly.

PowerViews with Craig Rosenberg: Growth Hacks & Consumerized B2B Software


He also is impressed with the proliferation among start-ups in theSilicon Valleyof growth hacks: “You could define it as this sort of hack or feature that you do from a marketing perspective or from a sales perspective—whatever it is that drives growth. He helped build with an outbound marketing perspective into the mid-market. And I still prescribe that 100%.

Genoo Aims to Shake Up Marketing Automation Market


Marketing automation / demand generation software enables marketers to build microsites and use content marketing to capture leads and nurture them through the buying process. The company’s new marketing automation platform enables users to create complete websites as well as microsites and landing pages, automatically send emails triggered by specific actions, configure lead scoring, and integrate with downloading a file, clicking a link in an email) to provide relevant content; No limit on the size or number of visits permitted to microsites. per month.

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Do Small Businesses Need Marketing Automation?

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The replies are rolling in from the survey of vendor features that I mentioned last week. In addition, most small firms have pretty basic needs, so even the “light” editions of full-featured products like can be overkill. Rather, the most successful small business systems tend to do one thing: think accounting ( Intuit Quickbooks), Web hosting ( Godaddy ), email services ( Constant Contact ) or CRM ( ). Their buyers need more than traditional marketing automation features. On one level, this broader scope makes perfect sense.

Why Does Marketing Technology Matter To Business Evolution?

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On one side, major enterprise-software companies are building and acquiring large “marketing cloud” offerings. It’s a spectacularly fertile field. We have leaders on the scale of Adobe, Oracle, and making near $1 billion acquisitions and creating massive scale. Bring on the platform age. Cadence and governance continue to challenge marketing tech.

LeadLife Mixes Advanced and Simple Features

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I have my little checklist of features to define whether a demand generation system is suited for simple or complex marketing programs. It offers many features that appeal to large marketing departments: fine-grained user rights management, rule-based content selection, multiple scores per lead, central processes to score leads and transfer them to sales, APIs to integrate with external Web forms, campaign cost tracking, detailed ROI reporting, and project management with tasks. Users build emails and Web pages by positioning objects (text, data entry fields, images, etc.)

Hubspot Offers Small Business Marketers a Big Bundle of Features

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Summary: Hubspot offers a bundle of Web traffic generation and lead management features in one low-cost package. The current version also hosts landing pages and Web sites, manages a lead database with profiles and Web activity history, generates lead scores, sends alerts to sales people, and synchronizes data with Implementations of these features are intentionally simple, since ease of use is more important than sophisticated options for small business marketers. The database can include answers to survey questions and fields imported from

Act-On Software Does List-Based Demand Generation

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If you look at the Web site of Act-On Software , you’ll see a typical set of demand generation features: email marketing, demand generation (equated with landing pages and forms), lead nurturing, Website visitor tracking, channel (partner) marketing, and lead scoring. In most ways, working with Act-On is like working with other products: users build emails, landing pages and Web forms; track activities through page tags and cookies; do scoring and segmentation with activity history and lead attributes; and pass qualified leads to It’s pretty limited.

SetLogik Offers B2B Marketers a Real Marketing Database

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I originally saw SetLogik as a tool to associate marketing leads with sales opportunities, even when they are not connected directly within This has been sadly lacking in most B2B marketing automation systems, which supplement the database with barely-extensible lead profiles and contact histories. If anything, I’m even more impressed.

Abandon Your Marketing Automation System!?


The plan is to go back to using only with some cheap add-on tools for email, form submission and data quality. This changed over time: now the focus has shifted to pro-active outreach to a handful of executives, instead of targeting thousands of software developers. However, when I started looking into and the wide variety of add-ons, I was less convinced. The database has some big issues (e.g. You can create reports and dashboards in to provide analytics. Smart or foolish? Background.

Pardot Offers Refined Demand Generation at a Small Business Price

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Pardot and other SMB systems don’t just offer a few simple features. The only common feature that’s missing in Pardot is rule-based branching within multi-step programs. This involves rights management and content management features that seem arcane but are nevertheless critical when marketing responsibilities are divided by function, channel, region and product organizations. But I didn’t check Pardot against my full list of possible features, so don’t get the impression that it does everything. So I was quite curious to see what they had to offer. Back to Pardot.


HubSpot's Strategy for Winning the Marketing Automation Horserace

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This lets HubSpot extend its scope without developing all the features or delivering all the services itself. He also cited previous enhancements including custom fields in list imports, custom lists and segments, increased email limit from 5,000 to 50,000 messages, better email templates, optimized email for mobile and social platforms, and improved integration. Back on September 20, I posted various tips from the Inbound Marketing Summit and HubSpot User Group. Here goes. The company is now doing more to help marketers nurture the leads its attracts.

ClickDimensions Offers Marketing Automation as a Microsoft CRM Add-on

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Small business systems like Infusionsoft and OfficeAutoPilot solve this problem by bundling their own CRM features. Of course, another way to look at this is that the CRM vendors already do marketing automation – certainly Oracle/Siebel does, and plenty of folks would argue that has adequate marketing automation capabilities for most purposes, although most experts (and I) would disagree. The system tracks the usual Web information: visits, page views, posted forms, posted fields, and so on. What’s missing from the list is CRM integration. But I digress.

How Demand Generation Systems Handle Company Data: Diving into the Details

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More than anything else, this exercise reinforced my understanding of how hard it is to answer a seemly simple question about a software product’s capabilities. If it turns out once you drill into details that two are missing some small-but-critical feature, you have to either go with the one remaining or start the process again with another set of candidates. SFDC" stands for Market2Lead and Marketbright also use the company data and links imported from Yesterday the final answer trickled in. This turns out not to be the case.

Net-Results Simplifies Demand Generation for Small Business

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Summary: Net-Results is simpler to use than comparable demand generation systems because it applies the same features to many tasks. The demonstration was short because the system uses only a few features to deliver them. This simplifies the system in two ways: marketers have fewer features to learn, and they can reuse their work across many functions. Prospects enter Net-Results from external Web forms (more about that later), file imports, manual data entry, or synchronization. This is another standard feature for demand generation systems.

Will Marketing Technology Look Like iOS Someday?


There are literally thousands of startup ventures pursuing new ideas in marketing software. This could be called the "ERP vision" of marketing consolidation -- following a path such as enterprise resource planning software did in the 1990s. In the end, there will only be a handful of colossal marketing software suites, each with the Tolkien-esque motto, "One suite to rule them all.".

OfficeAutoPilot: Simple, Powerful, Low Cost Demand Generation for Small Business

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The latest version actually offers integration with as well, making the system more suitable for larger organizations. Available actions include adding or removing the lead from a sequence, adding or removing a tag from the lead profile, changing a data field, sending the lead an email or post card, sending an email to someone else (a sales rep or program administrator), adding or removing the lead from a fulfillment list, and sending the lead to the sales system. MoonRay says about 20% of its clients use its bi-directional synchronization.

Segmentation, Social Media Drive Lead Nurturing Success for iDirect

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First, the company invested in Marketo , a leading marketing automation platform that integrated well with the company’s CRM system, At the meeting, attended by the iDirect marketing team and representatives from both insides sales and the field sales organization, priorities shifted. All this presents real challenges for both demand generation and lead management.

ADVIZOR's In-Memory Database Supports Powerful Visualization

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ADVIZOR features an in-memory database and some data manipulation, but its primary strength is visualization. Users can import data from text files, relational databases, Excel, Access, text files, Business Objects or They can map the table relationships and add some transformations and calculated fields during or after the import process. Pricing of ADVIZOR starts at $499 for a desktop version limited to Excel, Access or source data and without table linking. (A See, for example, this post , which has the virtue of pretty graphics.)

The Sales Game Has Changed: Here's How to Adapt


In fact, what calls the Social Enterprise starts with developing a Customer Social Profile and interacting in modern ways. Here's how they are doing it: 1) Utilize the nuanced features of LinkedIn. CRM tools like and Landslide make it easier to memorialize, track, and stay on top of opportunities in the sales pipeline. The result? The result?

A Modest Proposal for Demand Generation Usability Measurement

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For example, pretty much any kind of campaign would involve creating an email, but only some campaigns require adding custom fields to the system database. You also need a standard installation and perhaps company Web site to integrate during testing. Tags: software usability measurement marketing automation lead management software selection demand generation As Tuesday’s post suggested, my thoughts on usability measurement have now crystallized. Define a set of business scenarios that must be supported by the system. A small sample is below. sigh**.

True Influence Opens a Window into Future Demand Generation

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In fact, he said he has actually removed features from the system because customers weren’t using them. These are not yet standard features on most demand generation products. The lead record allows only four user-defined fields. I was also surprised to find that each icon can have its own schedule – another feature typically reserved for advanced systems. True Influence has existing integrations with and SugarCRM. People develop new products because they feel they can offer something existing products do not.

Active Conversion Offers Strong Lead Management and Leaves Out the Rest

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These functions, plus supporting features for database management, content management, sales system synchronization, and reporting, form a basic template for measuring demand generation software. From your perspective as a marketer, having more combinations available makes it more that someone will field a configuration closely tailored to your needs. But it only recently added even simple landing pages and Web forms, and still has limited lead scoring, email and nurturing features. This particular constellation of features is far from random.

Dreamforce 14 – Hot or Not


According to the press release (dated Oct. 14, 2013), “Wave is natively integrated with the Salesforce1 Platform and shares the same trusted single sign-on, data security and compliance features of the platform. However, most reports have multiple fields, sorting, and summary info which will be difficult to view on mobile devices even with a strong UI.

Genoo Aims to Shake Up Marketing Automation Space


Marketing automation / demand generation software enables marketers to build microsites and use content marketing to capture leads and nurture them through the buying process. The company's new marketing automation platform enables users to create complete websites as well as microsites and landing pages, automatically send emails triggered by specific actions, configure lead scoring, and integrate with downloading a file, clicking a link in an email) to provide relevant content; No limit on the size or number of visits permitted to microsites. per month.

Marqui Combines Content Management and Demand Generation

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It added demand generation features later in response to client requests. Among conventional demand generation systems, Pardot is a spin-off from CMS vendor Hannon Hill and Marketbright includes extensive CMS features. Since the CMS marketplace is now almost totally commoditized, in particular by open source products like Joomla and Drupal , it makes sense for vendors to look for an adjacent field with greater profit potential. Marqui has the features you’d expect given its background: strong content management and basic demand generation.

B2B Marketing ROI

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There is of course a lot more than deliverability that goes into an email service provider evaluation (feature set, ease of use, services component, etc.) with 2 comments Just a word of warning to marketers: I have seen a distubring resurgence of SEO black hat chicanery by agencies and software vendors that I thought died out a few days ago. Predefined Field Values = Better Data 4.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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There are at least 4 amorphous groups of solution providers also setting their sights on this space: 1) Lead generation services or tools – Because this category contains both service providers (that look more like agencies or telesales outsourcers) and software as a service vendors, there are probably more than I could possibly name. The online medium gives plenty of new opportunity - video, rich interative demos, comparator tools, etc. -- to SHOW the differences, features and benefits rather than talk about them in general terms -- like "Web analytics." Exciting times.

8 Lessons From HubSpot’s $32 Million Round with Salesforce, Google, and Sequoia


We made an early choice to create the “inbound marketing” category versus joining either the marketing automation category or the Internet marketing software category. There has been a pile of cash made in the enterprise software business over the last 20 years, but I think the next 20 years will more likely provide those outsized returns to folks who delight SMB’s.

Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. There is now a Product and Services tab that lets you feature everything about your company and what you sell. Multiple-Personality Disorder in B2B Marketing Content - Marketing Interactions , November 7, 2010 With the increase in publishing opportunities and the distribution of marketing across the enterprise (from field marketing to corporate marketing to demand gen to product marketing, and more), B2B marketers are sending a considerable amount of marketing content into the ether. PR Dept?