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15 Call to Action Samples for Rocking Blog Posts that Convert


Blog posts without a call to action are like Facebook posts without images. When you convert your audience, you’re able to deliver your content straight into their inbox every time you publish a new article, increasing your chances of gaining views, social shares, comments, and leads. Feel free to share on Twitter or Facebook by using the super-easy share buttons on the left!

How Mobile App Marketers Can Attain a 360-Degree View of Their Audience

Modern B2B Marketing

Increasingly, we’re hearing marketing experts talk about the importance of having a 360-degree view of your user base. What is a 360-degree view? Of course, the term takes its name from the number of degrees in a circle, and, in essence, refers to utilizing a broad, complete, and “all-around” view. What does this mean, and why is it important? How do they use it?

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3 Ways To Use Video To Get Tactical On Facebook

It's All About Revenue

69% of smartphone users say videos are a perfect solution for smartphone viewing as it offers a quick way for consumers to grasp an overview of a product. Here's 3 ways to use video to get tactical on Facebook. 1. Post videos directly to Facebook rather than via YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The results, while not from a large sampling, are pretty telling. 2. Ok, I know.

Generating Leads from a Facebook Fan/Business Page Engagement Strategy


Facebook and B2B lead generation.  Have you considered Facebook as a channel for lead generation?  Yes I know the jury is still out, but you can’t deny the power of Facebook as it relates to brand building and audience reach.  In 2011, 70 percent of B2B marketers used Facebook to share content with their networks, a 30 percent increase over the previous year.

20 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Your Facebook News Feed


The feature TIME once compared to "a glitzy laundry list" is now the crux of Facebook's success. Facebook's News Feed launched in September 2006, about a year and a half after the launch of the site. In a nutshell, it scans and collects every single post put out by your Facebook friends, the people you follow, the groups you belong to, and the pages you've Liked. The result?

Integrating RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, a Primer for Managing your Social Media Time Efficiently


Accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Search and install the following extensions: Gooce+  that lets you view your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter feeds from Google+. Now your Google+ tool bar looks like this and when configured, you can view your other social media streams. like this, because as I mentioned, I go to my RSS Google Reader first, and here I am able to share WITH initial comments as below: Third, now let’s set up sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter from the Google Reader, since we already set up Google+. Well sort of.

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Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Your Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts At An Alarming Rate, From Fast Company. Are you more concerned with earning page likes or engaging the audience you already have on Facebook? To learn more tips on how you can engage your Facebook audience, read the full story from Fast Company here. Happy Columbus Day weekend, marketers! Do you have fun plans for your bonus day?

Blog your way into a book deal


He’s also expanded to writing for Book Riot , New York Daily News’ Page Views , The Atlantic’s The Wire , and then The Huffington Post. Consider every piece you pen to be the equivalent of the writing sample you’d need to write or submit for the job of your dreams. Your second step is to grow a community around the writing you’re doing on your blog.

The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools


Sample review:  “It’s a one-stop for gathering all of your thoughts, all of those articles you want to save for later, and so, so much more…The Evernote webclipper plugin allows you to save online articles and info to a notebook of your choice. Sample review:  “Turns your content creation into a magazine, while it can also be embedded on WordPress sites too.”

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Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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great example from a drop-down menu in a Royal Opera House web form: That’s just a small sample.  Got the following error pop-up from a security app deep in the… Read more… Roger Warner | December 21st, 2007 | no comments LinkedIn: Facebook for ugly people? Home > Our blog HOME | RSS FEEDS | SITEMAP | CLIENT ZONE | CONTACT US Our blog About Velocity Our clients What we do Who we are Recent posts The white paper is dead…or is it? The book of the webinar of the movie: The Velocity B2B Content Marketing Workbook. Come and get it! Come and get it! World&#. 

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The business case for dwelling on dwell time

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

And as you know by now, my strong view is that we must get our content to move. Dwell time is the amount of time people spend viewing your content. This measure is particularly noteworthy in today’s marketing environment because we know that Facebook has changed their EdgeRank algorithm to acknowledge this metric. I’m a big fan of the New York Times. Now what?

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Top 10 Social Media B2B Posts in First Half of 2011

Social Media B2B

The following list is based solely on page views, as determined by Google Analytics. If you are a new reader, below is a good sampling of the kinds of posts we publish. The most popular social network on this site, based on this list, is Facebook, followed by Twitter, then LinkedIn. That is because more B2B marketers are trying to understand how to use Facebook in their social media plans. Ways for B2B Companies to Engage on Facebook. 6. 75 of the Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips. 7. 8 B2B Facebook Landing Pages. 8.

The Five Best Pinterest and Instagram Marketing Tools


On Instagram, marketers can post high-quality photos along with captions and hashtags, and use Facebook-type features such as tagging people in photos as well as “liking” and commenting on others’ images. Dominated by fashion and food posts,  Pinterest is most commonly viewed as more of a B2C platform by marketers. Google Review Count:  269. ” —  StoreYa Blog.

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3 Ways To Use the Value of a Like or Follow

Digital B2B Marketing

good valuation methodology lets you look beyond the results of a current campaign and get a better view into the long term impact it will have on your business. Share your view in the comments below or with me on Twitter (@wittlake). Measurement Social Media Facebook hubspot twitterThen what? Image by Lily15 (Hungarian Wikipedia) CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Facebook is the world’s most visited social media brand with 54% of the worlds internet population visiting the brand. More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook. Facebook, Twitter Growing As Video Referral Sources by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans? Facebook reaches 57% of the U.S. Adam T.

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Transforming P&G

Paul Gillin

Organized in just seven weeks and spearheaded by John Battelle’s Federated Media Group, Signal P&G brought top executives from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and many other digital and consumer brands to talk about the future of marketing. said what the heck. It was the best decision I’ve made in the last five years. Support From the Top.

The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Sample review:  “Klout allows you to track the impact of your opinions, links, and recommendations across your social graph. Sample review:  “BuzzStream enables you turn a website or blog post into a contact record in their database. Sample review:  “Little Bird is a great tool for building influencer lists by topic. Google Review Count:  217,000. 10) Inkybee.

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10 Ways to Boost Your B2B Content Shares


However, the top 5 B2B sites achieve significantly more Facebook and LinkedIn shares (both absolutely and as a percentage). These two networks offer a significant opportunity for B2B blogs–in particular product and research news posts for Facebook and practical tips and industry trends for LinkedIn. The average shares for the entire sample of 100 sites were as follows: Facebook.

17 Examples of Great Presentation Design


Here are a few sample slides from Garr that demonstrate great before-and-after slides along with some of the best slides from his presentations. Sample slides by Garr Reynolds View more presentations from garr. Quotes & Lessons From "Comedian" View more presentations from garr. Sample Slides Based on Food, Inc. View more presentations from garr.

A Social Media Measurement Dashboard; One Approach


There are so many social media tools, platforms, and analytics hubs (many we use); so I wrote this to put in perspective my view on social media analytics and how I combine the various metrics into a measurement dashboard that makes sense to all parties as discussed above.  This post includes a sample dashboard based on our real world approach to social media clients. For the social media measurement dashboard below, you’ll note 4 columns: Previous Period Number, Current Period Number, Percent Change, and Weight.  We’ll focus on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

A Social Media Measurement Dashboard; One Approach


There are so many social media tools, platforms, and analytics hubs (many we use); so I wrote this to put in perspective my view on social media analytics and how I combine the various metrics into a measurement dashboard that makes sense to all parties as discussed above.  This post includes a sample dashboard based on our real world approach to social media clients. Facebook.

Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


If you’ve ever tried to view a non-optimized website on a mobile phone screen, you probably didn’t spend much time on that site. You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into a single publishing interface, easily schedule and share your content, and measure the results. There are lots of sample agreements and contracts available online. Others are using all of them.

Do You Know Your Target Market? How to Find Out…

Vertical Response

Facebook Insights - If you’ve got a Facebook Page for your business and it has over 30 Likes, you can access Facebook Insights. Mashable offers a great Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights here. Do you convert more people with a special offer or free sample? Do you know who your target market is? We mean, really know? But think a little deeper.

This Brand Ambassador Program Goes Against the Grain

Paul Gillin

The only compensation brand advocates receive is free samples and perhaps an advance look at a new product. Think of it: If someone recommends a product or company on your Facebook timeline and adds that they were paid to do so, what does that do to the credibility of that recommendation? In my view, such a disclosure effectively invalidates the recommendation. Not really.

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Content Marketing: Slow, steady pays off for manufacturer

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Always ask for samples,” she advises. Content Marketing: Mindjet’s infographic strategy boosts blog traffic 420%, Facebook views 313.4%. If you are targeting four personas, he estimates it would require 720 pieces to speak to every persona in multiple channels over the course of a year. As a result, he fears marketers are sacrificing quantity for quality. Step #2: Gather ideas.

3 Ways Data’s Popularity Is Changing Business

It's All About Revenue

Click here to view the embedded video. writer whose writing is not read has failed in his view. Nielsen ratings became a household name by sampling household television viewing. Despite better tracking, people can still practice selective sampling, reporting data that makes them look good but not necessarily the data that enables the company to make wiser decisions and drive revenue performance. Facebook. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Do you feel like you hear the word “data” thrown around a lot lately? You’re not crazy. Schulman asked me. Comment below.

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20 More of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips of 2013


He even provides sample outreach email text that’s been proven to drive significant response. While every company wants lots of Twitter followers and Facebook “Likes,” Shelly Kramer (again) provides a helpful reminder that it matters who is doing that following and liking. How can you make your blog content stand out amid the increasing online noise?

Two questions to help you find the value of marketing

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

What’s important is to look at the metrics for the entire business, not only a marketing-attributed view. If you are primarily running or testing online advertising, carve out a random sample of people and exclude them from your campaign. What''s important is to look at the metrics for the entire business, not only a marketing-attributed view. We were thrilled.

Copywriting Lessons From BuzzFeed's Worst Headlines [New Data]


Search for “how to write the best headline” and you’ll find many articles promising a blog title formula that will garner the most page views and shares. The sample was narrowed down further by those that had at least 10 records, leaving us with more than 5,000 titles and their corresponding social shares. So how do you write a headline that drives that kind of results for you?

Mautic Offers Free, Open Source Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

The interface is straightforward and intuitive, using tabs to make advanced features available without intimidating clutter. I do have some quibbles – most annoyingly, objects like emails and contact records open in a “view” rather than “edit” mode, so an extra mouse click is almost always needed to get real work done. Small businesses constantly cite cost as a major roadblock to adoption.

Back to School – Let’s Keep Our Kids Safe Online


Here are a few things to discuss with your children, and ask them to think about when they post or are asked to share: Every click, post, open, view, ping, purchase, visit, conversion, and search can be connected (by someone) to present a 360-degree view of you (and your kid’s) digital profile. Here’s a sampling of all the companies that operate in that ecosystem. link]. link].

5 Content Marketing Trends to Plan Your 2017 Budget

Content Standard

Of course, this is just a sample of companies and lines of business across marketing and technology. YouTube Live , Facebook Live , Tumblr , and of course, Snapchat, are all making live video part of their core offerings. Facebook is even testing advertising during live video broadcasts as well as live video filters a la Snapchat. There are many others. Finally, I found it.

The new guide to minimizing legal risks in Social Media Marketing

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Facebook : Don’t use personal timelines or friend connections to administer promotions (e.g. “share Include an acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way endorsed by or associated with Facebook. Finally, be aware that people viewing on a computer or TV might see much more detail than what you see on the small screen while streaming. Just don’t do it.

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


People with photos are seven times more likely to have their profiles viewed. Having a more polished image will not only make you visible, but it also lets employers know that you are serious about representing their company in the most professional way…Plus, you’re twelve times more likely to have your profile viewed if you add more than one position to your profile.”

20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs

B2B Marketing Insider

But to get a bigger and more holistic view, I asked my Twitter followers and a few of my content marketing friends for more ideas. That post has 23,000 shares and more than 210,000 likes on Facebook! Target’s A Bull’s Eye View. The Birchbox Magazine and Men’s Guide provides original content that helps their customers get the most out of samples.

5 Ways to distinguish your content and brand by using research

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Anyone with some web analytics smarts can tell you that a link or impression led to an online purchase, but the research question was this: how much does what your friends say on Facebook or show on Instagram affect your decisions when you buy something offline? (We love researching the things you can’t click.). By  Tom Webster, {grow} Community member. Good question, eh? 2. Period.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Beat the Big Boys

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They beat larger fashion houses by giving their audience access to high-end fashion in real time via twitter and their Facebook presence.  Their appreciative fan’s spread their unique slant on fashion far and wide. 2) Responding to customer feedback in real-time :  Small brands view Twitter, Facebook, and their blog as canaries in the mine that indicate danger or opportunity. 

Social Marketing Wisdom from the Insurance Industry – Really

Paul Gillin

million Facebook likes  by boring people. sampling of what New York Life has done: Partnered with the NFL on a “ protection index ” of pro football teams; Created the New York Life Game of Life in partnership with Hasbro. New York Life has carefully cultivated more than 100,000 likes on Facebook. “We believe 60% of our Facebook fans are prospects,” Weiss said. With 1.3

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How to Use Surveys to Create Better Content

Marketing Action

Once you see that difference, you’ll view surveys differently, too. Here are a few sample questions a survey could answer that analytics data can’t: Would you like more beginner, intermediate, or advanced content? Run a Facebook contest that gets people to give you their most pressing question about your topic. What to do if your survey sample size is low. Back to you.

Top 30 Most Useful Facebook Blog Posts of 2010

WindMill Networking

Since Facebook is where Americans spend more time than anywhere else on the Internet , our needs as social media marketers as well as professionals to stay on top of the latest trends in 2010 regarding the social media gorilla are as important as ever.  10 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks by Amy-Mae Elliott [4,225]. 20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know from Hongkiat [3,302].