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Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 4


Facebook Lets Users Open Up Profiles by MediaPost Online Media Daily Mark Walsh helpfully outlines the recent changes Facebook has made to its privacy settings, though noting that " profiles opened to everyone, however, will still not turn up in searches on Google or other outside search engines. " But what metrics are really most appropriate for social media measurement?

Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 1


This year will feature expanded, finer-grain categories (such as separate best-ofs for Twitter- and Facebook-related posts) and some renamed categories ("social media marketing" will replace "social media optimization" which in turn replaced a varied basket of terms before it). a WordPress blog, Twitter account, Facebook page) and nice-to-haves (e.g., What The F**K is Social Media?

Book Review: Website Optimization


Use social networking to get high-value links by contributing content and tagging links on sites such as relevant industry blogs, YouTube , Facebook , del.icio.us , Yahoo! Author Andrew King, president of Internet marketing firm Web Site Opimization, LLC has really done it. King's book makes it possible for any business to improve its online performance. Or at least almost any business.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEO (Part 1)


For example, if what you sell is "data privacy encryption software for Oracle HRMS," then it arguably more valuable for site to show up well for that term than simply for a search on "Oracle software." Most entertaining of all is Grehan's view of social networks: "I HATE Facebook! If one more twat invites me to Facebook I'm going round their place with an axe! SEO is dead?

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Privacy


Facebook encourages its users to share far more personal information than almost anywhere else on the web. While this allows the site to offer a premier online social experience, it also gives Facebook access to a lot of information about its users. Think about all of the ways we use Facebook and all of the personal information that users share with the social media giant.

New insights on the future of search, privacy and the inevitability of social media

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Facebook does not cause bullying. ” “Privacy is a really difficult issue because the line between personal and private is different for every person. We all need to approach privacy as a journey and we are all involved in that.” Here are a few quotes from this presentation that I think will get your synaptic connections firing: Dave Coplin of Microsoft. Human.”

How Facebook Graph Search Affects Your Privacy [Infographic]

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by Jason Miller Facebook Graph Search is being rolled out to the masses and it’s important to be aware of the searchable content you post. Public information will come up in search queries and may prove problematic if you have content on Facebook that you don’t want the world to see. Our previous post detailed what Graph Search is and what it means for your business.

21 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Guides


marketers have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. On one hand, not only is it an easy-to-use, low-cost platform with more than a billion members, but 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B vendors have acquired customers from Facebook, and the world’s largest social network drives 20% of all internet page views. What are the best page apps for Facebook today? Hell Yes!

Has a Facebook Rebellion begun?

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I am amazed at how much Facebook can get away with. I often get asked, ”What competitor will unseat Facebook,” and my answer is “Facebook.” Facebook is the most pervasive social networking platform , with a whopping 80 percent of the U.S. But are there cracks forming in the Facebook master plan? What can “defeat” Facebook?

Facebook Friday: A Privacy Walk-Through [VIDEO]

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In this episode of Facebook Friday, we discuss privacy settings on the world’s largest social network. We’ll walk you through the eight main aspects of Facebook privacy settings so you can be informed about how you manage your account. © The post Facebook Friday: A Privacy Walk-Through [VIDEO] appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

How to Change Photo Privacy Settings on Facebook, Twitter & Other Popular Social Networks [Infographic]


Many of us spend a large chunk of our days sharing lots of professional information on social, whether we''re managing our company''s Facebook account or tweeting pictures of the event we''re attending. In fact 27% of Facebook users strongly dislike other people see posts they didn''t mean for them to see. Of course, s ocial media websites were designed to encourage sharing.

Facebook, You’ve Failed Us

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There is an unsettling buzz about the future of Facebook. Some analysts report that Facebook usage is declining , or at least slowing in some parts of the world and if that is true, it is a problem of Facebook’s own making. Facebook is foremost a place to connect with family and friends. Secondarily, Facebook provides a place for self-expression. Tweet.

Location-based Apps and 4 Privacy Settings You Should Consider

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I wrote a piece yesterday in Mashable about important privacy settings to be aware of on location-based apps, specifically how much personal data you’re sharing (and with whom!), Facebook mobile gets new notification controls (knowyourcell.com). Newsworthy Toolkit Facebook foursquare highlight location-based apps path privacy settings SecurityRelated articles.

A plan to challenge the Facebook monopoly

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A very frequent question I am asked is “What will be the next Facebook?” ” For many people, the logical assumption is that a better product will come along to replace Facebook because MySpace bumped AOL and Facebook bumped MySpace and so it is inevitable something will bump Facebook in the foreseeable future. Facebook is not a “technology.”

Five reasons to be freaked out by the Facebook experiment

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Like most of the online world, I’m stunned by the Facebook experiment designed to surreptitiously toy with the emotions of its customers. The news emerged that in 2012, Facebook conducted a study to determine whether it could alter the emotional state of its users. I’m not a person who hates Facebook and is looking for a reason to ding them. But it gets worse.

If the Beatles ran Facebook

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More changes from Facebook … You know … sometimes I just wish they would Let It Be. When I find myself immersed in Facebook, Zuckerberg will come to me. And one last word of wisdom: Privacy! The post If the Beatles ran Facebook appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. More changes from Facebook …. How about you?

What Could Kill Google and Facebook


A potential Google killer , Facebook killer or even Twitter killer may not do it with superior technology, but simply with a better user experience. Facebook. One of the biggest complaints about Facebook is of course its constantly changing interface , and its convoluted privacy settings have also repeatedly come under fire (as have changes to its privacy settings ). Granted, even with its never-ending UI changes, Facebook is easy enough to use even for technophobic grandmas. You can’t even find anyone working in the place. Twice. I’ll wait.

The Privacy Canard: David Lazarus and the Evils of Facebook

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In the Los Angeles Times today, columnist David Lazarus, a writer I admire, wrote an oddly bitter piece inspired by the Facebook IPO, wondering why so many people under 30 just don’t care about privacy: It’s not just that we no longer feel outraged by repeated incursions on our virtual personal space. We now welcome the scrutiny of strangers by freely sharing the most intimate details of our lives on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Why is this new attitude to privacy so bad? Privacy is so 20th century. Get over it. What could be the harm?

Dear Facebook. Please let me pay you.

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There is probably nothing more debated, despised, and dissected on the social web than Facebook’s ever-changing scheme to monetize its vast audience. My Facebook mobile stream is now dominated by banner ads. Facebook, you’re just p **g off people every day. Let’s assume that the people who would pay for Facebook, like me, never click on ads any way.

Understanding Security and Privacy in Google+

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In my first column , I said that one challenge with social media from a security and privacy point of view is that “[i]t’s an axiom in security that you can only secure that which you can understand. And while the jury is out on the long-term adoption of G+, a couple of things are clear that make it important to understand the security and privacy aspects of it.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2


As it approaches one billion users, Facebook has evolved from a site where friends and family share photos to an online marketing juggernaut rivaling Google. So, as Facebook continues its never-ending stream of changes, what are the current and emerging best practices for marketing on Facebook? How can Facebook be used to support an SEO strategy? running Facebook ads).

Google’s new privacy policy is definitely good for Google


Many of you probably got an e-mail last week from Google announcing its new privacy policy. Every site has a privacy policy, and as a marketer, I understand the need to make some use of the information. I mean, I want to read the new privacy policy, but I don’t want to spend my day doing it. No, the privacy policy is kind of a legal document. Image via CrunchBase.

Facebook Uses Ad Tech to Dominate the Social Advertising Ecosystem


Not only is Facebook the biggest social network on the planet, it’s also the dominant force in social advertising. This is the upshot of a recent report issued by Strategy Analytics , which reveals that Facebook accounted for three-quarters of global social network ad spend in 2014. So Facebook is the dominant player in social media, and by extension, social advertising.

Digital casualties: protecting your privacy is not fully In your hands


Our collective attitude towards privacy changed drastically over that period, especially in the last 10 years. While privacy is not dead – despite the 320 million results returned by Google in response to that sentence, as of this writing – it’s certainly hurt enough to fit the definition of casualty: “a person or thing badly affected by an event or situation.”

Should Social Media Marketers Worry About Privacy?

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Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”. – Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable. Can we thank social media for the end of privacy? I recently mentioned the word privacy to a social media business colleague while researching the topic of this post. Some people might opt for a selective approach to privacy. TOPIC: Social Media Privacy.

The sneaky method BuzzFeed uses to win the market research game

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As BuzzFeed no doubt knows, quite a bit of nuanced personal data is revealed in the course of taking one of these quizzes, and depending on the privacy policy of the specific site, they can share it with business partners and use it to target ads. Check out BuzzFeed’s privacy policy, for instance. Excerpt from BuzzFeed’s privacy policy. Ever taken a BuzzFeed quiz? Horrified?

7 Misconceptions About the New EU Privacy Regulations

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today, May 25 th , is the day that all member states of the European Union are expected to enact region’s new privacy directive, which requires businesses to get explicit permission to track online users’ behaviors. This creates a uniform privacy law across the entire European market! Facebook. Digital Marketing deliverability EU EU privacy directive Europe European Union lead management online privacy online tracking opt-in opt-out privacy privacy law Social Media strict modeSome might say it’s doomsday for cookies.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 1


You know the statistics : Facebook is the most popular method for sharing online content. 85% of B2B journalists are on Facebook. 61 of the world’s 100 largest companies maintain Facebook brand pages, as do 71% of B2B firms. Three-quarters of North American advertising agencies say their clients run PPC campaigns on Facebook. Facebook Marketing Tips and Tactics.

Is Monetization Killing Facebook?

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Usage of Facebook on desktops has declined in recent months. I think it’s due to Facebook’s heavy emphasis on monetizing the social platform for advertising. As a marketer, the concept of advertising on Facebook, where the platform has access to a treasure trove of demographic and psychographic information about its users, is like gold. Don’t get me wrong.

The Sense and Spirituality of Facebook at 10

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Today is Facebook’s tenth birthday. In one decade, Facebook has become the largest media entity in history, touching a billion people. Facebook is beautiful and inspiring. Facebook has altered the course of nations. A third of all divorce filings contain the word “Facebook.” Facebook delivers daily kernels of joy. Facebook generally works.

Facebook Integration a Win-Win for Consumers and Marketers

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We’re happy to announce we’re addressing that challenge through an integration between Facebook and the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Facebook announced its new lead ads product that makes it simple for users on Facebook to share their information with an advertiser in two clicks. First, they click on a call-to-action in the ad. Product News

The Pros of LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Professionals

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You’re probably already on Facebook , sharing photos of your kid’s first birthday party and links to your favorite articles , recipes and videos. After all, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. There is, of course, the option of creating a Facebook page solely for business purposes, which is a good way to separate your personal and professional networks.

10 Fast Facts About Facebook

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Today, Facebook filed its intention to be traded on the public markets in an IPO that could value it at $100 billion. Being the resident financial document nerd, I’ve pored through the filing to pull some fascinating Facebook facts. We knew Facebook had a lot of users. But how many people are using Facebook daily is staggering: 483 million daily users as of December 2011 – a 48% increase over the year before. Facebook has gone deep into the mobile field. 425 million users took advantage of a Facebook mobile product in December. Now it’s here. The Costs.

Will Facebook users give Graph Search time to evolve?


Facebook has recently announced its new Graph Search product. it raises many questions about just how patient Facebook and its account holders are going to be around this new idea. Now, and I need you to be really honest here, what percentage of the people who use Facebook have any idea how things on the Internet work? Facebook is asking for a lot here. Really?

How to Use Facebook Live: A Complete Guide


In their continued effort to promote video content in the News Feed, Facebook recently launched Facebook Live , a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook News Feed. Why are marketers getting so excited about Facebook Live? How to Broadcast on Facebook Live. Image Credit: Facebook.

Hey, LinkedIn! Can We Have Some More Privacy Settings, Please?

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While others turn to Twitter and Facebook, I keep reminding businesses that LinkedIn should be your hub for B2B social media marketing. And while the world is going crazy about Branchout , the Facebook application for professional networking, I find immense value in new tools such as LinkedIn Signal. 2) Give Me Privacy Settings to Help Me Block Stalkers. FILTER is the word!

Facebook Releases Smart Content Tools & Improves Analytics

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Facebook just introduced a new set of “publisher” tools that could help get your content in front of the right people. Facebook is making that easier by allowing Facebook page owners to share a post with targeted group of followers within their fan base. To use: You must enable the Target and Privacy setting. It’s a lot like segmenting your email list.