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Facebook Tips for Midsize Businesses

Paul Gillin

With Facebook presenting a tempting target of 800 million potential customers, small businesses are flocking to social network as a fast and easy way to generate business. But many SMB’s don’t take full advantage of the Facebook platform because they’re intimidated by the learning curve and the technical knowledge that Facebook applications demand.

Why Niche Social Networks Like Empire Avenue Matter to Social Media Marketers

WindMill Networking

Social media websites are filled with communities and large numbers of people, and most businesses decide to strategically market to the largest websites that exist: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s why it’s always worthwhile to spend sometime researching what other social networks your network might be and look into investing some time there to engage.

20 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Your Facebook News Feed


The feature TIME once compared to "a glitzy laundry list" is now the crux of Facebook's success. Facebook's News Feed launched in September 2006, about a year and a half after the launch of the site. In a nutshell, it scans and collects every single post put out by your Facebook friends, the people you follow, the groups you belong to, and the pages you've Liked. The result?

The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Social media monitoring is vital for virtually every B2B or B2C brand. 58% of consumers follow brands on social media. 71% say they are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals; in fact, consumers report that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television. Sample review: “Find interesting content on ANY topic.

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The 28 Best Web Design Tools


Sample review: “Want to spruce up your site pages, presentations, ebooks, and other content with cool and different new fonts? Sample review: “Paletton is another great design tool for marketers who lack in overall design. Sample review: “Creative timesavers: WhatTheFont – Find the name of the font used in a particular image.” Social Media Examiner.

Top 30 Most Useful Facebook Blog Posts of 2010

WindMill Networking

Since Facebook is where Americans spend more time than anywhere else on the Internet , our needs as social media marketers as well as professionals to stay on top of the latest trends in 2010 regarding the social media gorilla are as important as ever. 10 Cool Facebook Status Tips and Tricks by Amy-Mae Elliott [4,225]. Stop the press!!! General Marketing. Thanks!

7 Inspiring Examples of Real-Time Marketing in Action


It’s about relevant messaging, and it's achieved in social channels by listening to and anticipating customer needs. Paid media (advertising), earned media (content), and owned media (social and PR) are rapidly converging into just … media. This is true not just because of social media, but also because social is now what provides the creative impetus for paid and owned media.

8 Essential Steps to Get Your Nonprofit Ready for Giving Tuesday


On December 3, the 2nd annual Giving Tuesday , a national day of giving driven through social media channels by nonprofits, for-profits, and individuals, will take place. Look to offline donors and drive them to engage with you online -- whether through subscribing to your blog or newsletter or following you on social media. Step 7: Be Social Now. Social Media nonprofit

How to Conduct Competitive Analysis to Step Up Your Content Strategy


For example, when clicking through the 'About Us' section of HubSpot's navigation, you reach this page that contains 'News,' and the 'Press Room,' both of which house content you would want to index in your analysis. Press releases. You know the topic of this post, for example, is Facebook because of the slug at the end of the URL. Right? Step 1: Find Where Content Lives.

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Etch A Sketch Wins, Then Loses with Social Media

Junta 42

Although Ohio Arts just recently sent a box of Etch A Sketch’s to the political candidates as thanks for the support (a great move), I feel they have lost out on a huge opportunity to build their online and social media assets. This is not uncommon for many consumer products, but this is a huge lost opportunity to pick up fans and followers on the social network.

How to Recruit & Evaluate Rockstar Marketing Interns


Think about it: marketers are being asked to adopt new technologies at a rapid rate, experiment with mobile apps , be active users on current and emerging social platforms, blog like they've never blogged before. College and university job fairs - Your future intern should be a go-getter, and go-getters visit job fairs to network. 2) Strong Social Media Presence.

The State of the Blogosphere 2010

delicious b2bmarketing

Brian Solis Home Articles Business – Marketing PR 2.0 – New Communications Social Media Speaking Books Appearances About The State of the Blogosphere 2010 December 13, 2010 View Comments The question we ask ourselves when examining the state of the blogosphere is whether or not the cup is half full or half empty? general, Social Media Optimization (SMO) remains underestimated.

Book Review: Social Media Marketing


With Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media , the inimitable Liana “Li&# Evans has provided the definitive handbook for social media marketers. Don’t automatically assume they use the most popular social networks. Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.).

Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

delicious b2bmarketing

And I don’t think I’d be nearly as effective in my recommendations if I wasn’t also an active participant of the social web. Connect with social web power users Having been blogging for a few years before starting this site and moderating web forums/boards since 2000, I was already well-networked prior to starting this blog. Exactly. What did I learn?

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Can Industrial and B2B Marketers Learn Creative Problem Solving.

Industrial Marketing Today

They built scale models and chose fabric samples. Home Marketing Matters About Contact B2B Marketing Store Company Website Can Industrial and B2B Marketers Learn Creative Problem Solving from Fifth Graders? Consultative selling is one of the recommended ways and that requires us to sharpen our listening and creative problem solving skills. 1 “leadership competency” of the future. Resources

5 Things Industrial Marketers Must Do to Attract Engineers and.

Industrial Marketing Today

See B2B Websites: To Publish Prices, Or Not To Publish…That Is The Question ) Lesson #4: Sample kits and CAD drawings The easiest and quickest way to sell to the engineering and industrial marketplace is to have your parts and components “designed in.” I should know — I am an engineer too. Anything you can do to help them find the right information quicker will score big with engineers.

Social Media Book Review: A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization by Deltina Hay

WindMill Networking

As a social media book author , I often get asked by others what social media books I recommend. Just a few months ago I wrote a blog post entitled “ Top 15 Social Media Books of 2009 ” which should give you some idea of my recommendations. I will begin this by reviewing a book that I recommended as one of the top 15 of 2009: “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0