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The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Recent stats reported by Onalytica explain why marketers are rushing to incorporate influencer research and outreach: 84% of marketing professionals now use influencer marketing as a tactic. Here are 28 of the best tools for influencer research and outreach. 1) Klout. Sample review:  “BuzzStream enables you turn a website or blog post into a contact record in their database.

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The 23 Best Content Ideation Tools


Often, the best ideas come from talking with your customers, or with customer-facing employees in your organization, like people in sales or customer service. The best apps for capturing, organizing and prioritizing ideas? Sample review:  “Turns your content creation into a magazine, while it can also be embedded on WordPress sites too.” ” — B2B PR Sense Blog.

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How to Plan a Seasonal Marketing Campaign: A 5-Step Guide


Gather Insights via External Outreach. If you're looking for an outsider's opinion, try doing some outreach to journalists or various digital publications that have previously covered some of the campaigns you analyzed above. To return the love, MegaRed would send the user a free sample, too. call-to-action or the desired next steps you want to encourage: Request a free sample.

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20 More of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips of 2013


Social media marketing has become an integral part of strategies for maximizing the overall web visibility of an organization. He even provides sample outreach email text that’s been proven to drive significant response. To be effective, it must be integrated with SEO and PR efforts, and even executed to enhance online advertising efforts. by Pitch Magazine.

6 Questions To Ask Before You Plan Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


And for organizations that rely on year-end fundraising to round out their budgets, it’s “go time.”. According to the 2014 Digital Giving Index, over 30% of giving occurs at the end of the year, meaning that it’s absolutely necessary for organizations of every shape, size, and mission to schedule fundraising campaigns to capture those dollars. The air is beginning to cool. million.

The Mi6 Chart Toppers, November 2010

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We’d suggest that you huddle with a couple of people or organizations who will also be trying it out and compare notes. Article/Post: Could Brands Improve Their Outreach to Bloggers? Observation: There may be something to this however from a B2B perspective it’s difficult to know whether a Facebook fan is worth more or not. Author: Chris Herbert. Brand recall?

6 Ways to Survive the Content Marketing Jungle with an Amazonian Approach

Content Marketing Today

they do a brilliant job of logistics and supply-chain management, stacking just what they need, organizing print on demand where appropriate, and enabling overnight delivery for the vast majority of the products they sell. Offer free samples. Even before the advent of the Kindle, you could sample books online before you actually ordered. Know your customers.