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10 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


One average, Facebook is home to 1.18 For brands, posting on Facebook alone isn't enough anymore -- especially for ones just starting out. Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like? The cons?

11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)


One average, Facebook is home to 1.18 For brands, posting on Facebook alone isn't enough anymore -- especially for ones just starting out. Sure, you can throw money at your efforts to drive people to your Facebook Page and send them to your website, but that only works if you're smart about it. So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like? The cons?

4 Advanced Targeting Techniques Every Facebook Advertiser Should Master


Not everyone “Likes” the Facebook ads platform (pun intended). And if you’re not already using Facebook Ads (or you’ve tried in the past and failed), you may have noticed there’s not a whole ton of advice out there that helps to explain why Facebook ad campaigns flatline. How the Facebook Ad Platform Differs. But as a PPC ad platform, Facebook is fundamentally different.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


the sources below provide a vast wealth of data, statistics and research results, as well as a bit of interesting social media trivia. 10 Interesting Social Media Statistics by Jeff Bullas. Facebook is the world’s most visited social media brand with 54% of the worlds internet population visiting the brand. More than 700,000 local businesses have active Pages on Facebook.

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26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


Stating that “We already know that LinkedIn is more effective at generating leads than Facebook or Twitter. In general, groups are very engaging and allow for great communication between professionals interested in the same topic.” by PPC Hero. How can individuals use LinkedIn most effectively, whether for personal branding, job seeking or networking? ’”.

Content Marketing Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Marketers


You create a few sample infographics and share them on social media so people see what the tool is capable of doing, and between that and the traffic coming from organic search, you start to get a few hundred people using it every month. Let's say you're using PPC as your primary means of generating leads for your business. This is where things get really interesting. Not bad.

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

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Are you providing a sample (preview of first chapter etc.) Are you creating a separate landing page for each inbound source (email, social, PPC) and see which gets you the most conversions. And you gave me an idea about using light boxes to hide some information which is only interesting for people paying through installments. Landing Pages for PPC. Facebook.

How to Create a Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide


Depending on what you want to get out of your campaign, your goals might look something like this: Generate 1,000 leads who are interested in our annual holiday sale by December 5, 2015. Interesting visuals. If you already have a list of people you know will be interested in your offer, that's great. Interested in Google AdWords? or maybe that's just me. Don't panic.

8 Ready-Made Job Descriptions to Recruit an All-Star Marketing Team


Ideally, candidates will meet these requirements and have prior experience or interest in your industry. According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing , 43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies have acquired a customer Facebook, and 40% of B2B companies and 55% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Twitter. Content samples that demonstrate writing skills.

A Year in Review: The Biggest Social Media Updates of 2013


Yes, we''ve got big stories -- remember when Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion ? -- but it''s the updates to our favorite platforms, the ones we use all the time for our marketing, that matter the most. The 3 Most Important Facebook Updates of 2013. 1) Facebook introduced social search with Graph Search. 2) Facebook launched clickable #hashtags. Ebooks?

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You |

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It’s not the best paragraph ever written, but it’s definitely clear in explaining my core interests. The Social Media 100 is a project by Chris Brogan dedicated to writing 100 useful blog posts in a row about the tools, techniques, and strategies behind using social media for your business, your organization, or your own personal interests. The great thing about these king of groups is that invites are welcomed and you can introduce yourself to a lot of interesting people. I found your sample profile… er… dry. Interesting Read :).

2011 B2B Marketing Trends


The summary reveals no shocking surprises but a few interesting trends: 78% of marketers identified “generating high-quality leads&# as their top priority, while 44% said the same for “generating a high volume of leads&# (so generating low-quality leads is a priority for some marketers? Share this on Facebook. Strange.). Want to know more? Share this on Bebo. Digg this!

Confessions of a Google Spammer


We're helping our customers--the little guy--win the battle against a big, bad, evil empire that wants to enslave them to paying PPC costs! Some examples of my “work”: Some Samples of My Automated Article Creation "Work" c. 9:30am: Check in with my partner and employees, Facebook, and chat with my two journalist friends in Beijing. I worked a maximum of 10 hours a week.

Why Niche Social Networks Like Empire Avenue Matter to Social Media Marketers

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Social media websites are filled with communities and large numbers of people, and most businesses decide to strategically market to the largest websites that exist: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 2) Empire Avenue is Sticky Facebook is exciting for social media marketers for many reasons, including the fact that the site is sticky and people spend a lot of time there. I was hooked.

7 Expert Email Marketing Tips You're Probably Missing Out On


Interest-Based: Create an evolving list of everyone who downloaded content on a particular topic, then make sure your emails to that list match that interest area. email, social, ppc, etc.). For Facebook: [link] [link]. Choose a List Segment: Think of this as your sample size. You’ve conquered the click-through. You’re sultan of the subject line.

40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


Having links to your site in social bookmarking sites is a sign to crawlers that your website content is interesting to people. This is often displayed on search engine results pages below the page title as a sample of the content on the page. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter are popular social media websites. 40 SEO Terms You Must Know! Directory and Dmoz.

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A great example from a drop-down menu in a Royal Opera House web form: That’s just a small sample. But Plato, the pick of Greece’s golden generation… Read more… Neil Stoneman | October 14th, 2008 | no comments Good Reasons to do Social Networking in a B2B Environment Social networks are extremely interesting things. They give an online home to folks with common interests and hobbies - like staying in touch with one another or following Metallica. Interestingly, only two of them are driven by rational decision-making. Come and get it!

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Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

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We’ve all created our own personal filters to help us sort through the mess to find content we consider valuable and, most important, relevant to our interests. Facebook vs. 7 More B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of - Social Media B2B , June 21, 2010 Based on the positive feedback from the first 7 B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of article, we felt we’d highlight several more tools that may be helpful for B2B social media marketers. What’s a Facebook fan worth? I’ve had a few clients ask me recently what a Facebook fan is worth.