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Why Your Company Should Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency


In the past, this yearly process consisted of weighing the merits of various outbound marketing initiatives, which usually included some combination of trade shows, direct mail campaigns, internal cold calling, and outsourced telemarketing efforts, often coupled with a steady dose of print, radio, and television advertising. Today’s average consumer is inundated with thousands of marketing interruptions each day and is finding new ways to tune them out, including caller ID, email spam filtering, DVR, and satellite radio, to name a few. What is Inbound Marketing?

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015


What type of posts generate the most engagement on Facebook? Among “prestige” consumer brands, over the past four years, less than 0.25% of new customers were acquired through Facebook and less than.01% from Twitter; this compares to almost 10% for paid search and 7% for email marketing. Facebook Statistics. HubSpot ). HubSpot ). HubSpot ).

Tried and True Techniques for Fusing Offline and Online Marketing


InboundWisdom is a weekly amalgamation of tips from Twitter users based on a question posed by HubSpot. On February 10, HubSpot asked for tips marketers wish they could have given Super Bowl advertisers , and on February 27, we asked for tips to give event marketers to keep their efforts inbound. HubSpot #InboundWisdom Make a call to action. HubSpot. Great! Bling it up.

B2B Marketers Have Little Social Media Engagement

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Social Media Aids Customer Acquisition Many B2C and B2B companies are successfully using social media networks to acquire customers, according to the “State of Inbound Marketing Report&# from internet marketing firm Hubspot. The difference is most stark in customer acquisition figures for Facebook, which 68% of B2C companies have obtained a customer from but only 33% of B2B companies.

101 Signs You're an Inbound Marketer


You know exactly how many visitors, leads, and customers you got from Facebook. Even your personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts include calls-to-action. Your Facebook feed is more about work than friends. You have multiple monitors to monitor Twitter and Facebook as you work. You fight against killing kittens by not sending spam emails. Tweet this! ).

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