[Facebook] How to Consistently Keep Up With the Latest Social Media Trends
    There are always new features being added to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest -- and with all of the other responsibilities on your plate, staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest can feel like you''re running on a really fast on a tredmill while attempting to juggle. It''s hard. social media! Then check out your results!
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    [Facebook] We are young; what the Class of 2014 can teach us about Instagram
    'It seems we’re always trying to make predictions about the future: what tech company will rule them all; what social platform will the upcoming consumer generation latch onto; will Bolt’s open letter to Facebook pull at the tech giant’s (hopefully existent) heartstrings, etc. Facebook WINNER: Most Daily Users. The winners?
    [Facebook] Does Social Media Help You Meet Your Bottom Line?
    'Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, most marketing directors would agree that maintaining a strong social media presence has become a time consuming endeavor. According to Social Media Examiner, the majority of marketers devote 6 or more hours to social media each week. Increased Site Traffic. Building Email Lists.
    [Facebook] Guest Blogging is (Really) Dead! 4 Things to Do Instead
    By now you have a pretty good handle on Facebook and Twitter, but have you branched out to Google+ yet? 'It wasn’t too long ago, (a year or so) that nearly everyone working in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) would suggest using “high quality” guest blogging as part of a link building strategy. Create videos.
    [Facebook] Internet Trolls
    The space, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or within the blog and comments, should be a platform where your customers feel comfortable sharing, connecting, and receiving help. 'Clients often ask me “How do I deal with negative comments across social media?” I have even blogged about censorship in blogs. 
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    [Facebook] The Definitive Guide to Awkward LinkedIn Networking
    For me, Facebook is for friends. 'Even though "network" is in the name, I don''t think of most social networks as actual networking sites. Twitter is for sharing. Pinterest is for inspiration. YouTube is for videos. But LinkedIn? That''s the one social network that I actually use for networking. Take a look, and let me know if I missed any.
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    [Facebook] PPC for Higher Ed on a Budget:
    If you’re looking to go the route of LinkedIn or Facebook advertising, proceed with caution. 'What You Need to Know to Get the Biggest Bang for your SEM Dollars. Without fail, at the beginning of each fiscal year, my customers at colleges and universities come to me with a myriad of statements and questions. lot of money. Guess what?
    [Facebook] Three foundations of social selling (free eBook)
    Slideshare presentations Social Media and Sales sales on linkedin selling through facebook social media strategy social selling 'I’ve developed a brief eBook for you on three important aspects of social selling. “What’s that?” ” you might ask … “Selling on the social web? Hope you enjoy it! by Mark W.
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    [Facebook] How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth? An Inside Look at the Data Broker Industry [Infographic]
    Even if you''ve put your Facebook privacy settings up to the highest level, there''s a lot that people can find out about you on the web. 'Did you ever stop to think about how much of your personal information is out there on the web? In fact, it gets way creepier. Ever heard of data brokers? Curious about how you look to these data brokers?
    [Facebook] 7 Skills To Look For When Hiring A Content Marketing Strategist
    So look to see if they understand how to use content on social personally themselves (Twitter following, publishes regularly on a blog, active on Facebook or Instagram, etc). And please follow along on  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  and   Google+   or   Subscribe  to the   B2B Marketing Insider  Blog for regular updates. agree!
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    [Facebook] Commercial Misconduct: The Worst TV Ads Ever
    Facebook: Chairs Are Like Facebook. There''s really nothing I can say about this Facebook ad that this (NSFW) parody video didn''t already cover. 'It was a simpler time, back then … before the rise of DVRs and streaming video services. watching the programming that the TV stations were broadcasting. In no particular order.
    [Facebook] The sneaky method BuzzFeed uses to win the market research game
    If you access the Services through Facebook credentials, we may automatically collect certain information, such as your name, picture, and email address. We will use all information available through Facebook in accordance with Facebook’s policies and your preferences selected through Facebook. Horrified?
    [Facebook] Why Keyword Level Call Tracking?
    52% Facebook. 'Keyword level call tracking. You’ve heard it, you basically know what it means, but why is it such a big deal? Well, according to a recent Hanapin Marketing report 83 percent of marketing professionals are optimistic about their paid search campaigns, and 72 percent plan to spend more on PPC bids than they did in 2013.
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    [Facebook] Google+ is an island of misfit toys
    Maybe the promise of Google+ is not reconnecting with everyone you have or will have ever know – Facebook is amazing at that – maybe Google+ is designed to be the most effecting olly olly oxen free ever to exist, potentially. 1) For whatever reason, people consider Facebook to be Goliath and Google+ to be little David. get it. get it.
    [Facebook] Pin for the Win: How to Market Your Brand on Pinterest
    But what sets Pinterest apart from Facebook and Twitter? The bottom line: Facebook and Twitter users visit those sites to socialize – to check in with friends and start conversations. Install a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page. 'Author: Noah Abelson If you’re marketing on social (and we hope you are!), Why Pinterest?
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    [Facebook] The Forgetful Person's Guide to Staying Organized at Work
    do this with any site I visit on a regular basis -- sites like Facebook, Twitter, our company wiki, and Pandora. 'At some point in our lives, we have to just accept who we are. forget names pretty much immediately after I meet people. forget where I parked my car. forget what groceries I was supposed to pick up when I get to the store.
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    [Facebook] 10 Times Personalization Makes You Feel Terrible About Yourself
    5) That Facebook seems determined to thoroughly freak out your boyfriend. 'Ever feel like technology is mocking you? Like algorithms are trying to ruin your relationships? That personalization tokens know more about you than you know about yourself? Me too. 1) When Google surfaces this ad for a one-person spam recipe. Inbound Marketing
    [Facebook] Life Enrichment: Passion
    On Friday I saw a video on Facebook of a 95 year old woman that actively dances and can still shovel snow! 'Life Enrichment: Passion. During the weekend a friend asked me where I had been recently, when I mentioned that in July I had been in San Diego, Washington DC, Ft. What Value We Bring. Tenets. know a woman that is almost 80 yrs.
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    [Facebook] Why Twitter just may be the better social marketing choice
    'Large and small businesses alike have spent the better part of the past half-decade trying to best leverage the marketing potential of Facebook – and rightly so. Facebook reports 1.23 People like Facebook – a lot – but it seems that just as marketers think they have the social network all figured out, the rules change.
    [Facebook] 9 Keys To Brand Publishing Success
    And so the business needs to earn its way onto platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more. 'Digital channels, social media networks, mobile platforms and apps have dramatically transformed the media landscape. Brands are struggling to connect with their audience using traditional marketing techniques.
    [Facebook] 4 Ways to Invest in Your Marketing Career
    Who did Facebook acquire this time? 'Author: Phillip Chen As our recent ebook about marketing career paths proves, you don’t need an expensive MBA to become a great marketer. You don’t need to read a pile of career advancement books, or spend every weekend at seminars, or update your LinkedIn profile every day. Take a Class. Ask for Help.
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    [Facebook] Delighting People in 140 Characters: An Inside Look at JetBlue's Customer Service Success
    We''re doing more with social media content, especially on Instagram and Facebook," she told me. She and her team will be experimenting with what resonates with customers on those platforms, so keep an eye on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. How helpful do you think their answer will be? Within three minutes, JetBlue had replied.
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    [Facebook] Got a Trade Show Coming Up? How to Use Instagram While You're There
    Sharing to a Facebook Page rather than an individual profile takes one extra step, too. 'Think about the last time you put together a booth for a trade show or conference. You probably made sure your signage was noticeable, brochures were printed far ahead of time, and you had enough people to staff your area during the entire conference.
    [Facebook] Creating an Engaging Customer Experience In A Socially Connected Marketplace
    Is it Facebook likes? 'What is an Engaging Customer Experience? Engaging has a nice ring to it. Marketers love to use the term frequently, and why not? It’s a noble aspiration, but what does it really mean? Twitter followers? In my experience, we use the term carelessly. Customer Experience Marketing
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    [Facebook] The Do's and Don'ts of Using Facebook for Business [Infographic]
    'You’ve heard all about the importance of using Facebook to grow your business. But actually doing marketing on Facebook is a whole other story. Wouldn''t it be nice to have a little pocket guide to navigating Facebook? 82% of people think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands. Tweetable Takeaways.
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    [Facebook] Foursquare Unbundles; Appeals to an Audience Exhausted by Social
    Frankly, I didn’t care what my friends were doing or where they were, because I had Facebook and Twitter for that (especially considering Facebook’s new “Nearby Friends” feature). 'I’ve never been big into Foursquare. just didn’t have time for it. Apps Get Focused. I could use it to check-in to restaurants, work, the gym, bars, etc.
  • SYNECORE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014
    [Facebook] Foursquare Unbundles; Appeals to a Audience Exhausted by Social
    Frankly, I didn’t care what my friends were doing or where they were, because I had Facebook and Twitter for that (especially considering Facebook’s new “Nearby Friends” feature). 'I’ve never been big into Foursquare. just didn’t have time for it. Apps Get Focused. I could use it to check-in to restaurants, work, the gym, bars, etc.
    [Facebook] Why Willy Wonka Should Not Be Your Business Model
    Some of these companies even engage in their version of Social Media: they have a Twitter or Facebook account, post semi-regularly, but don’t actually engage with any of the users. 'It’s important to get a few of the obvious things out of the way first: 1) Willy Wonka = the 70’s Gene Wilder version of the Roald Dahl book.
    [Facebook] Do B2B Companies Really Need to Be on Facebook?
    Step 2: Facebook. And marketers wonder if they should even be on all these platforms, especially Facebook, as organic reach has deteriorated. This approach ignores several important marketing questions that B2B marketers should be asking about Facebook. Are your customers on Facebook? Can a B2B company quit Facebook?
    [Facebook] 26 Reasons Digital Marketing Matters So Much to the C-Suite
    Related Stories Executives long for “customer-activated company” but social media is a stumbling block If I were the King of Facebook … Would you conduct this experiment on your mother? 'By Rob Petersen, {grow} Community Member. It is now #2 behind TV. By the end of the decade, many expect is to be ahead of TV.
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    [Facebook] How to Get More People to Register for Your Next Event
    The image below is an example of one we created to post on our Facebook page promoting INBOUND 14. 'According to a recent HubSpot and Eventbrite survey of event organizers and attendees, 84% of respondents feel that attending events is an important part of their job, with 79% going to events specifically to learn something. Social. Email.
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    [Facebook] How To Use Social Media for Recruiting Young Talent
    Facebook for Branding. Having a company Facebook page is a great way to build and cultivate relationships, not only with your current customers and employees, but also potential employees. Social Media content Facebook LinkedIn How do you attract qualified employees ? Do they exist? Where to begin? LinkedIn for Pursuing.
    [Facebook] 12 Best Slideshares of 2014 (So Far)
    Let me know what you think n the comments below and please follow me on  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  or  Google+  and Subscribe  to the  B2B Marketing Insider  Blog for regular updates. 'Late last year I shared the 25 best presentations  of the year on slideshare. Here are some of my top picks: 1.  Garyvee is Awesome!). ”).
    [Facebook] 5 Reasons LinkedIn Has Lost Its Luster
    notifications on Facebook and the firehose of updates on Twitter, LinkedIn was a quiet and peaceful place. LinkedIn is going Facebook now! With large header images, the ability to tag users and even prompts to share your birthdate and marital status, there are more and more similarities between LinkedIn and Facebook. ” 4.
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    [Facebook] Guide Campaigns in Assisted Living Marketing: A Case Study
    Many of those are via Facebook and other social media.). 'Can a Guide Campaign jump-start your senior living company’s digital marketing efforts? You bet! Cut to the Chase: What Were the Results? So what’s the value in producing a Senior Living Guide? good investment of this client’s marketing dollars? think so.
    [Facebook] Facebook Introduces “Buy” Button – What It Means for Your Biz
    'Facebook is trying to take the e-commerce bull by the horns by introducing and testing its new “buy” button. With the release, Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is determining whether it can help businesses drive sales. And without ever leaving Facebook. Want more marketing new, tips and advice?
    [Facebook] ROI for content marketing
    The visitor has the option to download via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. 'That old debate of Return on investment (ROI) will get applied to everything and anything in business and rightly so. Business owners and investors alike are not in their fortunate positions without asking these kinds of questions daily. Events
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    [Facebook] Google+ is an antisocial network
    Even Facebook Has Humble (though Haughty) Beginnings. Even Facebook adapted its apps, algorithms, priorities, and attractions based on what it learned from its users as it quickly took over the entire world. ” The Light at the End of the Tunnel is … Facebook? Same thing with Facebook. Raymond. Hello World!
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    [Facebook] The Power of Unsubscribe
    Rather, it is an opportunity to offer additional methods for the subscriber to stay engaged with your brand, either through a preferences center with different subscription options, or by pointing to your presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Preference 'The unsubscribe link is a crucial tool for every email marketer.
    [Facebook] 23 Outstanding Social PR Guides
    'As noted in several of the posts highlighted below, the PR professional has changed considerably over the past few years. The audiences, topics, tools, and tactics employed in PR have evolved. Image credit: PRNews. This shift has led to today’s emphasis on “social” PR. What role do press releases play in PR today?
    [Facebook] The ROI of Twitter, Explained
    If I were the King of Facebook … 25 ideas for your social media network strategy. 'Twitter is a mystery to many. It’s understandable. You see, to really understand your return on Twitter, you might have to put away your spreadsheet … and that freaks a lot of people out. Let me explain through an example. Hello Kitty.
    [Facebook] ? 5 Tips for Marketing in a Highly Regulated Industry
    Channels like Google , Twitter , and Facebook also have their own sets of rules for financial organizations. Google and Microsoft have policies that restrict or outlaw the promotion of alcohol and tobacco products on their advertising networks, as does Facebook. In the new world of marketing, the rules are changing every day. Ed. ).
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    [Facebook] A 3-Step Framework for Leading a World-Class Marketing Team
    According to a Wall Street Journal article by Suzanne Vranica : “Marketers are juggling an onslaught of new marketing channels from Facebook to Pinterest as well as dealing with the proliferation of new devices from tablets to smartphones. When it comes to building a world-class team, they need to get creative. Final Thoughts.
    [Facebook] Content Marketing ROI – More Than A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole
    Let me know what you think n the comments below and please follow me on  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  or  Google+  and Subscribe  to the  B2B Marketing Insider  Blog for regular updates. If the rabbit hole is content marketing, then the rabbit is the search for ROI. But he doesn’t know why these things are important.
    [Facebook] What Every Managing Partner Needs to Know About Social Media
    It is a wide range of public platforms (think LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that use vastly different formats (limited text characters to full motion video) for very difficult purposes. 'As managing partners of professional services firms, social media is typically not at the top of our priority list. Not so much. So what changed my mind?
  • VIRALLY BLOG  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Facebook] New feature – Email Notifications
    Other features coming soon include: Facebook page creation – Create Facebook pages to host your content using Virally. 'Its exciting getting a lead right? Someone who maybe is interested in learning more about your product or service. You want to jump on it right away like a fish on a hook right! Email Notifications. Events
    [Facebook] Listen Up: 9 Amusing, Info-Packed Business Podcasts You Should Hear
    Guests have included the likes of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. 'You face unique challenges and opportunities as a small business owner, so why not tune into a podcast to help you navigate the waters and learn from other people’s successes and challenges? Here are nine podcasts we think can help.
    [Facebook] Advice from a Social Pro: Are Facebook Promoted Posts Valuable? [VIDEO]
    McDonald shares his perspective on Facebook promoted posts and the value they can bring to small businesses. The post Advice from a Social Pro: Are Facebook Promoted Posts Valuable? Social Media Facebook Huffington Post promoted posts Tim McDonald Get more fresh marketing tips and advice delivered daily with the VR Buzz.
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    [Facebook] 12 Reasons to Integrate Visual Content Into Your Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]
    Facebook continues to modify its News Feed to include larger and more prominently displayed images and videos, Pinterest is now the fourth most popular social networking site , and Twitter now pulls pictures and videos right into its timeline -- and has used its recent profile pages update to allow for larger header photos and profile pictures.
    [Facebook] 5 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
    That’s great, but your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ followers don’t want to hear about it ten times in an hour, especially if any of them follow you on more than one platform. If you post a Facebook status and someone comments with a question, there is no reason that you shouldn’t respond to it. Just published a blog post?
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Facebook] How Your Brand Can Avoid These 5 Social Media Mistakes
    Remember, you’re competing with the friends and family of your Facebook and Twitter followers for their attention, and you won’t capture it if you’re blending in. 'Oreo. Starbucks. Coca-Cola. Social media envy, anyone? All of these big brands are known for having a spectacular social media presence. Mistake #1: Building on rented land.
    [Facebook] How to Build Your Email List [GUIDE]
    Add an opt-in/sign-up form to your Facebook page, or include a link to your hosted opt-in form and write a Facebook status to your fans every now and again, asking them to join your email list. Feel free to message your friends from your personal Facebook account as well to notify them of the email list. Voila! .
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    [Facebook] Are These the Smartest Marketing Campaigns of the Past Year?
    “Small Business Saturday” won a Blue award at the inaugural Facebook Studio Awards, and the New York Festivals International Awards deemed it the “World’s Best Idea.” 'This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post. 1) Vodafone Fakka. 6) Daily Twist.
    [Facebook] WTF Does Kevin Spacey Know About Content Marketing?
    Facebook. Let me know what you think n the comments below and please follow me on  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  or  Google+  and Subscribe  to the  B2B Marketing Insider  Blog for regular updates. 'The audience has spoken. They want stories. What does Kevin Spacey know about content marketing? It turns out, quite a bit! Tweet.
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    [Facebook] 35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English
    'Ever seen the movie The Social Network about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook? In the movie, people kept saying "he''s wired in" or "they''re wired in" over and over again in reference to people coding intensely with their headphones on. or something weird that us non-programmers would never understand. 301 Redirect. Alt Text.
    [Facebook] Facebook Mobile Ad Management – NEW User Friendly Tool
    'Today Facebook announced the launch of a mobile ads manager that allows for greater management of accounts on the go. The new Facebook Ads Manager will do all of that while allowing users to view insights and even respond to alerts. Need help getting started in using Facebook ads? Advertising Facebook Facebook advertising
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    [Facebook] Rand Fishkin Discusses the Future of SEO & Inbound Marketing
    10) "Imagine seeing that people who were first touched by advertising on Facebook vs. an organic follow/click on Twitter had 10% less CLTV.". 'You likely know Rand Fishkin as the cofounder of Moz. Below are some of the highlights from the AMA, which will likely help answer many of your questions about inbound marketing, SEO, and analytics.
    [Facebook] 4 Steps to Content Curation for Inside Sales Reps
    If your buyers aren’t on Facebook, then don’t bother sharing your content there. 'Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Dave Howe , Principal at Sales for Life. As social sellers, it is imperative that we constantly share valuable information and insights with our networks. Step 1: Create a List.
    [Facebook] How B2B Marketers Can Win with Facebook Contests and Sweepstakes
    'By its very nature, Facebook is a more natural channel for business-to-consumer communications than it is for business-to-business communications. And while data suggests that B2B marketers don’t use Facebook as much B2Cs do, I think B2Bs are missing out. Facebook
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014
    [Facebook] 8 Simple Hacks to "Undo" Those Embarrassing Tech Mistakes
    Edit a Facebook Post, Status, or Caption. If you write a post, status, or caption on Facebook that you want to change later, you can edit it via an internet browser. Unfortunately, you can''t yet change it via Facebook''s mobile app.) We''re all trying to maintain control of our online footprint as best we can. Click OK.
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    [Facebook] 6 Principles of Persuasion for an Amazing Copy
    Consider creating an exclusive forum or secret Facebook group for your fans. 'What’s the best marketing you’ve ever encountered? Maybe it’s T-Mobile’s “can you hear me now?” campaign. Or the ever-so-catchy “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” that’s helped the jeweler sell loads of diamonds. It was probably really persuasive. Reciprocity. Likability.
    [Facebook] The Future of Digital Marketing According to the Giants
    Virtual reality seems to be one of the hottest trends: Google has Google Glass , Facebook bought Oculus VR (which makes the virtual reality gaming headset Oculus Rift), and Yahoo! Facebook Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing digital marketing Google Sony Yahoo 'Guest post by Clayton Wood. Google, Yahoo! Let’s have a look.
    [Facebook] If I were the King of Facebook …
    'Complaining about Facebook has become one of the web’s favorite spectator sports. But if you were the king of Facebook, what would you do to fix it? We appointed ourselves the potentate and caliph of Facebook for a day and solved all of the company’s problems in 30 minutes. Is Facebook lacking data or insight?
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
    [Facebook] This Week in Content: Turning Content Marketing On Its Head
    With so many people publishing so many opinions, it’s easier than ever to find great content (or at least, great starting points) by cruising your most vocal customers’ social media accounts (Facebook posts, Instagram photos, tweets) and blogs.  Why You Don’t Need a 24-Hour Newsroom to Be a Content Company. ZD Net. Harvard Business Review.
    [Facebook] The 3-Step Guide to Better Blogging
    At Marketo, we look at “vanity metrics” like shares, Likes on Facebook, and tweets, but we also look at bigger sets of data. 'Author: Maggie Jones Having a blog for your business used to be a “nice to have”– great if you needed a project for your summer intern, or a centralized location for SEO-boosting content. Your audience expects more.
    [Facebook] 25 ideas for your social media network strategy
    Connect with contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. On your Facebook page include a link to your Twitter profile in the Websites section. 'Behind every social media strategy you have to have a content plan and a network plan. Most businesses are starting to understand the content part. But a network plan?
    [Facebook] SIGMA at the PiMA Mid-Year Meeting & Trade Show
    Keep a close eye on our LinkedIn , Twitter and Facebook profiles leading up to and during the event for chronicles of all we’re doing to provide an amazing marketing experience at the event. Look for photos and videos from the panel discussion, and the rest of the event on Facebook. How You Can Get Involved. Affinity Marketing
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014
    [Facebook] Interesting Infographics: Why You Need to Embrace LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Right Now
    When you compare LinkedIn with other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this is a massive percentage; Facebook and Twitter have been calculated at a little over 6% and 12.73% in conversions respectively. 'If you need to know the best lead generation tool for generating B2B leads, your answer is LinkedIn.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014
    [Facebook] The Death of the Social Media Guy
    This person would be on call to show people how use Twitter, set up a Facebook brand page, and ultimately, be responsible for single-handedly carrying out a “social media strategy” with elbow grease as the exclusive item in his budget. we have a Facebook page!,” Social media is easy. My niece started her own blog.”.
  • WRITTENT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014
    [Facebook] 9 Content Metrics to Keep an Eye On
    high number of comments on a blog post (or any type of content that supports comments, e.g. a YouTube video or Facebook post) symbolizes a high level of user engagement on the post. 'Content marketing sometimes gets a bad rep because its benefits are not exactly the most measurable of any marketing activity around. Sales. Time on Page. Costs.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014
    [Facebook] Your Ultimate To-Do List for Your First 100 Days as an Inbound Marketer
    At this stage, track your follower count and measure engagement (retweets and @replies on Twitter; Likes and comments on Facebook and LinkedIn). 'So, you''ve decided to become an inbound marketer. Woohoo! Okay, so where do you start? We''re here to make that transition easier for you. Ready to start this whole inbound thing? Let''s do it.
    [Facebook] Ann Handley and Atri Chatteree Talk: Content Marketing for Small Teams, Part 2
    Consistently every year we’ve seen LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. 'An Act-On Conversation. Editor’s Note: Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs. Ann co-founded ClickZ.com , one of the first sources of interactive marketing news and commentary. Atri Chatterjee is Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer. link].
    [Facebook] Would you conduct this experiment on your mother?
    'I think the debate on the recent Facebook experiment on user emotions has been beaten into the ground but in a recent Harvard Business Review article titled Ethics for Technologists and Facebook , author Michael Schrage brings up an important and nuanced point worthy of discussion. Most of the times people won’t mind or won’t care….but
    [Facebook] Why it’s Important For B2B Marketers to Get on The Google+ Bandwagon
    It’s a Good Cross Between Facebook and LinkedIn. Google+ isn’t as casual as Facebook because many of the users on it are using it for business or school (or because they feel like they should be on there). However, it’s not as professionally-slanted as LinkedIn. Authorship For Employees Has Far-Reaching Benefits.
    [Facebook] Content Marketing? Just Deliver Content People Want
    It doesn’t mean people buy ball bearings on Facebook. But the people who do, use Facebook. If you want more information on this topic, reach out to me via  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  or  Google+  and   Subscribe  to the  B2B Marketing Insider  Blog for regular updates. But creating and delivering that content isn’t enough.
    [Facebook] 5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Engagement with Mobile Apps
    Include a link to a ‘Sign Up / In with Facebook’ page within your app. Let your friends know on Facebook and get 10% off your next purchase!” 'Author: Adam Marchick Convincing consumers to download your mobile app is difficult — but losing their engagement with that app is easy. Build Trust to Onboard Effectively. Key Takeaways.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014
    [Facebook] How to Please Google in a Post-Hummingbird World
    All of these are far more interactive and require more engagement from a user than merely reading a blog post, commenting in the forum section, and sharing content on Facebook and Twitter. The mystery is understandable, considering that the search landscape is in the midst of tremendous change and volatility. But that is no longer the case.
    [Facebook] 9 B2B Marketing Lessons from Judging Online Campaigns
    Can you get more people to like your Facebook? Nobody cares how many people like your Facebook page. But if you are growing your audience on Facebook and other platforms as a means better serve your customers and drive prospect traffic to your website, that makes sense. Marketing Goals Must Align with Business Goals. Measurable.
    [Facebook] Where does Google+ fit into your B2B Marketing plans? [infographic]
    Advertising Facebook Innovation Search SEO Social Media Social Networking Strategy Web Analytics Audience Authorship B2B Marketing Google Google Plus Marketing Strategy Social Networks 'Have you made Google Plus a part of your marketing strategy yet? If not, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to grow your audience.
    [Facebook] A Day In The Life: Contextualizing Multi-Screen Device Use
    Why do I need to check Instagram or Facebook while I’m in line at the bank? Then I check Facebook for my social life updates. Facebook isn’t loading. Check my email, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, AP News, etc. Mobile now accounts for 12% of all American’s media consumption time (Digiday, April 2013). Take your pick).
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 2014
    [Facebook] Why You Should Wait to Add Social Media Elements to Your Manufacturing Website
    'Digital marketers love telling businesses across a wide spectrum of verticals that they need to become engaged on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Having a polished, comprehensive digital presence that allows you to showcase products and services to potential customers is a good thing, obviously.
    [Facebook] How My Blog Homepage Redesign Increased Email Signups by 300%
    Back in 2005, when I worked as employee #30 at Facebook , I would bring all kinds of new ideas and different product features to Mark Zuckerberg. ” He proclaimed to the entire team that we would not entertain ANY idea unless it helped Facebook grow by total number of “users.” Where to even begin? Via an email popup.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2014
    [Facebook] No Photoshop? No Problem: 10 Visual Content Tools for Beginners
    Crop your images to dimensions for Twitter, Facebook, or really any size you want. 'Design isn''t something that every marketer feels comfortable doing, but the reality is every one of us will need to design something at some point in our careers. But here''s a little secret, marketers: You don''t need Photoshop to create great designs.
    [Facebook] Damage Control: 3 Steps to Handling a Company Mishap
    The continual updates were also posted on Facebook and Twitter, including both steps to take and updates on progress being made on the company’s end. 'In a world rife with technological glitches – and one in which simply clicking a button can have far-reaching impact – making mistakes is inevitable. There’s no excuse.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 8, 2014
    [Facebook] The History of Our Social Media Obsession [Infographic]
    Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the top three social media sites used by marketers. Facebook. billion Facebook users. 70% of marketers have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers. One million web pages are accessed using a Facebook login. 23% of Facebook users login at least five time a day.
    [Facebook] B2B Demand Generation Experts—A Call to Arms
    Pay to play models in social media channels such as Facebook. 'Time to Declare Independence and Take Control!  . When we review our B2B demand generation campaigns, it is common to have a ready list of factors to blame for non-performance or under-performance. Frequent changes in Google’s algorithms. And so on…. The social networks? Google?
    [Facebook] How to Grow Your List with Email Sign up Forms
    tab on your Facebook page (link and/or form). You should frequently share the link to your email sign up form on social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook page. 'A sign up form is one of the single most powerful tools you can use to grow your email list. Need a refresher? So let’s get to it! Less is more.
    [Facebook] How to be a Google+ success
    It’s a bona fide online community along the lines of The Well, Slashdot, and Reddit more than it’s like LinkedIn , Pinterest, or Facebook. Leave Facebook (goodbye friends and family) and commit to Google Plus, your new online home. If you want to succeed, you need to forget about your friends and your family. Goodbye !
    [Facebook] US Supreme Court Case Impacts Social Media and Employment Law
    Related Stories Former Employee Sanctioned for Deleting Posts on Facebook The Biggest Social Media Risk for Employers. 'Back in February 2013, I wrote about an appellate court that ruled that President Obama’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) were unconstitutional.  … Continue Reading.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
    [Facebook] A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Better Facebook Ads [Infographic]
    'Don''t think you have an audience on Facebook? Facebook has 1.3 Most brands can develop an audience on Facebook -- they just need to figure out who their audience is and how to reach them. And with the decline in organic reach , more and more companies are using Facebook advertising to do just that. PPC Social Media
    [Facebook] Content Marketing Objectives And KPIs
    If you want more information on this topic, reach out to me via  Twitter ,  LinkedIn ,  Facebook  or  Google+  and   Subscribe  to the  B2B Marketing Insider  Blog for regular updates. One of the biggest content marketing and content strategy questions I get is around objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Share of Conversation.
    [Facebook] 7 Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell
    LinkedIn really is Facebook for business professionals, so get on there, join some groups, and start some conversations. 'Every sales team has an arsenal of tried and true methods that they rely on to close the deal when it counts. But not every habit is a good one. 1) Bad Habit: Making Cold Calls Between 11am and 2pm. It’s true. But why?
    [Facebook] 7 Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell
    LinkedIn really is Facebook for business professionals, so get on there, join some groups, and start some conversations. 'Every sales team has an arsenal of tried and true methods that they rely on to close the deal when it counts. But not every habit is a good one. 1) Bad Habit: Making Cold Calls Between 11am and 2pm. It’s true. But why?
    [Facebook] Content Marketing Mysteries – How to Find Your ROI Yeti!
    Here is an example of a Facebook campaign in Marketo, which shows the components we designed the campaign to measure – new names, and form fill-outs. Marketers are dedicating more and more technology, headcount, and budget to content marketing. But as these investments grow, the question arises: What’s the best way to measure that investment?
    [Facebook] 20 Expert LinkedIn Guides
    Among other changes, the addition of showcase pages for businesses, expanded content publishing and media sharing capabilities, and changes to group email updates are all designed to make LinkedIn into a business-oriented version of Facebook. Guides to Using LinkedIn for Career or Networking. Making LinkedIn Work for You by NoddlePlace.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, JULY 6, 2014
    [Facebook] Got a Few Minutes? Catch Up on the Posts You Missed This Week
    As we have been doing for the past few weeks, we''ve complied our top socially shared blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for this week''s roundup. 'For those of us in the U.S., this week has been a shorter week than normal thanks to the Fourth of July holiday on Friday. Tweet. Want to get noticed online? Tweet. Tweet. Infographic].
    [Facebook] Advice from a Social Pro: The Best Content to Share on Social [VIDEO]
    Social Media Dunkin'' Brands Facebook Jessica Gioglio pictures pinterest The Power of Visual Storytelling Twitter 'In this episode of “The Magic @ Ball of Social Media,” our video series where experts answer small business social media questions, we sit down with Jessica Gioglio, Social Media Manager at Dunkin’ Brands.
    [Facebook] The Panini Sticker: Probably the best content marketing in the World
    You turn to Facebook Swap Groups. 'A look at the sticker phenomenon that''s taken the world by storm. You may not have noticed but an epidemic has been sweeping the globe these last few weeks. It’s afflicted children and adults alike – in fact a surprising number of grown men. And it will all pass in no less than a month. With 2.87
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2014
    [Facebook] 9 Brands That Totally Nailed Their Fourth of July Marketing
    Zappos did a great job with this picture on Facebook, also including a simple "Happy 4th of July" message as opposed to linking to a specific sale or promotion. 'Fourth of July is finally here -- happy long weekend, everyone! What does excellent Fourth of July marketing look like? Lowes. Happy 4th of July! Vine #loop https://t.co/1UllbqpjVk.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 3, 2014
    [Facebook] How to Create a Link to Jump to a Specific Part of a Page [Quick Tip]
    Let''s say we wanted to link to an example of a company using Facebook ads in a post. Here''s what I''d use as my object''s name: facebook_ads_example. <a id="facebook_ads_example"> This is the Facebook ad example I want to link to. But that''s not all hyperlinks can do. Want to see what I mean? Just click here.
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