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Marketing Made Simple TV offers sponsors more value than ever!

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In 2012, Marketing Made Simple TV had sponsors like Eloqua and InsideView, but we offer more value than ever before – delivering marketing qualified sales leads. Why did Eloqua and InsideView stop sponsoring Marketing Made Simple TV? For instance, InsideView only sponsored a single show and only received one lead! Until now!

Marketing Made Simple TV now features “marketing qualified sales leads” a.k.a. sales leads

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The New and Greatly Improved Marketing Made Simple TV show now delivers marketing qualified leads (sales leads) for you. More than just a great video with a Call to Action and syndication, Marketing Made Simple delivers marketing qualified leads to you. sales leads). Eloqua/Oracle. That’s right. Act-On Software.

A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

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by Brian Kardon | Tweet this I was with a group of CMOs last week, all of whom were knee-deep in developing their marketing budgets for 2012. But now I look forward to the marketing budget process. And I know precisely what my Marketing team has to do to hit those targets. To explain, I created a sample marketing budget below. o Inquiry to MQL 10% ( Marketing Qualified Lead ). o MQL to SAL 20% ( Sales Accepted Lead ). o SAL to SQO 75% (Sales Qualified Opportunity). Here’s to your 2012 marketing budgets!

SQO 62

How Do Your Contact Engagement Initiatives Stack Up? [CHART]

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by Joel Rothman | Tweet this To make the most of every contact interaction, it’s critical for marketers to consider how activities transpire across the entire funnel. Contact activity is an important metric in terms of Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation and conversion. Then, we analyzed which of those contacts opened or clicked through an email.

European Markie Awards Finalists Announced

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by Eloqua | Tweet this It’s that time again! Winners will be revealed during Eloqua Experience Europe , 25-26 June in London. The Markies honor strategic, collaborative, and tactical marketing and sales innovation. Check out this year’s finalists: Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe. Best European Lead Scoring Programme. Cincom Systems Inc.

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How Social Sign-On Increases Conversions [CHART]

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Prospects x Conversion Rate) x Marketing Qualified Lead Acceptance Rate=Sales Accepted Leads. Improve Marketing Qualified Lead acceptance rates. Eloqua enables social sign on to be implemented with a few clicks. Generally, these buttons do several things for marketers. This weeks chart explores how to do that. Increase Conversion Rate.

Rules of B2B Lead Scoring – Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

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Lead scoring has become very important in today’s B2B marketing. Marketing’s role in interacting with prospects has expanded and goes further into the buy cycle than before. Lead scoring, a key component of lead nurturing and management, is an effective tool for aligning sales and marketing. In developing a lead scoring system, marketing has to make certain assumptions to classify prospects as hot or not. Sales uses its front-line experience and expertise to validate marketing’s lead scoring assumptions. 40.9%.

How to Measure Email Success in 2015: A Call to ROI

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No matter what your marketing resolutions this year – more content, better creative, etc. – Since email continues to be a dominant channel for most B2B marketers, let me suggest that a good candidate for #1 on your “to do” list for 2015 is to improve the way you measure email campaigns. Leads/Response Rate. Leads are at least a measure of genuine interest.

Introducing: The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Video

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by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Video marketing: You know you need it. But for many marketing organizations it’s difficult to strategize. These are pesky words that often seem to crush video marketing dreams. These KPIs – among others – are indicative of prospect interest and the effectiveness of your marketing. Need More Strategic Video Marketing Tips? Metrics!

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4 Lessons Social Media Pros Can Learn from DemandGen

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I run social media for a marketing automation vendor. I stand with one leg in the demand generation world and the other in social marketing. So this post is for my social marketing cronies. But these crazy lead generation guys, they are fully willing to promise an exact number of marketing qualified leads, sales accepted opportunities … right down to business closed. They know precisely what percentage of leads need to convert if the company is going to make its numbers. You’ve got a Posterous and a Tumblr blog. You say “epic” a lot.

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4 B2B Marketing Hurdles – And How to Jump Right Over Them

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Today’s post comes courtesy of Sean Callahan , Senior Manager, Content Marketing at LinkedIn. These days, B2B marketers are running hard just to stand still. They must run to stay up on new marketing technologies, and they hustle to stay ahead of their competitors – all the while trying to leap over the new hurdles that stand in their way. The digital world has made marketing more complex, but at the same time new marketing technologies have provided effective ways to reach prospects and customers as they self-educate through the buying process.

How to Practice Sales Enablement That Helps Reps Rock

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Marketing also has an integral role in the success of sales. It’s more than just sharing research and consumption behaviors, classifying someone as a marketing qualified lead (MQL), and then graduating contacts to sales accepted leads (SALs). She’s a mini marketer. . And you lead with that information. Now, let’s all do the wave.

5 Ways To Unite Sales And Marketing For Increased Revenues

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Companies with strong alignment between marketing and sales achieve 20% revenue growth. A similar, counterproductive rivalry still exists in many companies today between the sales and marketing departments. According to a Corporate Executive Board study, 87% of the terms marketing and sales people use to describe the other are negative. They need to be quality leads.

How To Predict Conversion Rates From Lead to Close With an ‘Exit Criteria’

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This dynamic has always been the same: Marketing is frustrated by Sales not following up on their hard-won marketing qualified leads (MQLs), while sales complains that there aren’t enough “good” leads worthy of their attention. The solution may lie in creating a more defining language for both Sales and Marketing. Why You Now?™”, Sound familiar?

4 Back to Basics Tips to Improve Lead Quality

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by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Brenda Stoltz, the CEO and founder of Ariad Partners , which provides provides creative, practical, sales-driven integrated inbound marketing, lead generation and strategy services. Sales complaining they’re getting bad leads from Marketing? Lead Quality

MQL 80

Define and Conquer: Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Sam Boush, the President of Lead Lizard , a marketing automation agency based in Portland, Oregon that delivers world-class demand generation strategy, lead nurturing and lead scoring programs, lead management processes, and sales enablement programs. 1 – Define a Sales-Ready Lead.

6 Ways Marketing Can Help Generate Early Leads for Sales

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by Shawn Cook | Tweet this A marketer posed a perplexing question to me recently. What does sales want more,” he asked, “qualified leads or early leads?”. Getting to prospects is paramount, but so is focusing on the most qualified leads. Here are 6 ways that marketing can help make that possible. Marketers need to include a capabilities matrix, competitive matrix and an FAQ document as early in the lead nurturing process as possible. Schedule Calls for Sales Throughout the Lead Nurturing Process. My answer: Both. Sound off.

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What’s Behind the Resurgence for Account-Based Marketing


For B2B marketing and sales professionals, the term Account- Marketing (ABM) has been cropping up more and more in conversations, media articles and blogs, vendors, and event presentations. 1 Research by LeanData last Fall revealed similar results with over 85 percent stating that they are beginning or continuing to invest in account based marketing initiatives. ABM Metrics.

Marketing automation starves without a Content Marketing strategy

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B2B Demand Generation | The Importance of Content Marketing. Marketing Automation without great content is a like a Ferrari sitting in the garage. If you’ve invested in Eloqua , Marketo , Silverpop , Pardot or the like, this post is for you. Find New Customers is a Gold partner for Silverpop and closely aligned with Eloqua and Marketo.). I asked Jim for an example of why great content is so important in B2B lead generation. They didn’t define what a lead was, for example. You can check out content marketing expertise by visiting Avitage.

The 6 Stages of Successful Lead Management

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What makes a lead management process successful? In the real world implementing lead management requires a degree of science, art and consensus. If you are considering implementing a lead management process, here are 6 Stages of Lead Management Implementation to give you a sense of what to expect. A crucial stage within any lead management system is an ongoing one.

Live From The Marketing Nation Summit Sessions: ABM, Content Marketing, Women In Tech and More

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Ellen Gomes Throughout The Marketing Nation Summit, we’ve not only had amazing, insightful, and inspiring keynote speakers, but speakers who rocked the smaller stages in our breakout sessions. His conclusion—as a marketer, you need to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal, which is to drive revenue, so his answer is “ and”. Modern Marketing b2b Consumer


5 Tips For Sponsoring Virtual Events

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billion by 2015, according to Market Research Media. Absent a past relationship with partners it’s best to ask if the brand throwing the event has credibility with your market. MarketingProfs has a history for attracting digitally savvy marketers, which is why Eloqua is taking part in its Digital Marking World summit today. Tailor your content marketing to the audience by looking at what topics are being addressed by studying the panel discussions and keynotes on the agenda. How many of those leads became marketing qualified leads?

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management

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Like Dorthy, most B2B marketers also find themselves on an undesirable journey in a foreign place- swept away by a cyclone of channel proliferation, 24×7 access to information, and a highly competitive environment. Sales and marketing leaders still struggle with wrapping their arms around these challenges and effectively leveraging the right tools, tactics, and strategies.

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Hard Data to Justify Your Marketing Automation Investment

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: So you want some hard numbers to prove the value of marketing automation? A client asked yesterday if I had some benchmark information to justify the cost of her marketing automation project. Neolane “ Making the Business Case for Enterprise Marketing Software ”. The Heart of Growing Conversion Rates," 2008): Best in Class Average % higher Inquires to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) nearly 10% 3.9% Eloqua “ The Business Case for Integrated Demand Generation ” offers data from Forrester, CSO Insights and several Eloqua clients.


Infer Launches New Predictive Behavior Scoring for Pardot; Expands Sales Intelligence Capabilities


a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced several enhancements to its product portfolio. Infer’s open architecture makes it easier than ever for sales reps and marketers to infuse predictive intelligence into their decision-making in order to grow revenue more quickly. “ the next three weeks). About Infer.

Infer Launches New Predictive Behavior Scoring; Expands Sales Intelligence Capabilities


a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced several enhancements to its product portfolio. Infer’s open architecture makes it easy for sales reps and marketers to infuse predictive intelligence into their decision-making in order to close deals more quickly. “ Infer Inc. , the next three weeks). About Infer.

Quality Matters – Analyzing the Effect of Quality on the Lead Handoff Process


We are glad to have Steve Woods, CTO of Eloqua as a guest contributor to The Annuitas Group blog. Steve is a thought leader in the world of marketing automation and lead management and is also a prolific writer on topics related to demand generation and the current transitions within the marketing profession. Steve is also deeply involved with the Eloqua user community, with whom he regularly interacts through the discussions on his Eloqua Artisan blog. While all of these are MQLs, there is a clear difference between an A1 lead and a C2 lead.

Highlights from Growth Hackers AMA with Paul Albright


Growth marketers of the world, we heard your cries and we’re here to help! Here are just a few of the great questions he received from the growth marketing community: Sales enablement is a crucial part of scaling and growing a marketing technology company. Sales and marketing technologies that impact the above are worth their weight in gold! It all starts with marketing.


Survey Finds Growth in Pipelines and Sales Cycles for B2B Lead.

Industrial Marketing Today

A vast majority of the survey respondents reported that outbound tactics outperformed inbound initiatives for generating qualified leads. I am wondering if it is a result of the age-old disagreement between sales and marketing on the definition of a qualified lead. An article I read on Eloqua’s blog “It’s All About Revenue,” shed some light on this.


Beyond Financials: VC & IPO Due Diligence on Sales & Marketing Metrics


Lauren Carlson, an analyst at Marketing Automation Software Guide , recently wrote an article that looks at marketing automation vendors like Marketo and Eloqua who are considering IPOs, their recent venture capital funding, and the type of financial performance they may need to warrant shareholder valuations comparable to publicly-held SaaS companies. In a sense, three cloud application companies at a combined average of five years after going public are all spending nearly half of their revenue on sales and marketing. Sales and marketing activity.

PowerViews with Christopher Hosford – CRM/Marketing Automation/Social Convergence


He is former editor-in-chief of Sales & Marketing Management magazine, and has written for Architectural Record, Inc. Click to start video at this point — Christopher notes the importance of the maturing of social media marketing in the last year by saying, “It’s no longer a hobby. It’s becoming a marketing automation platform, if it hasn’t already.”

PowerViews with Chris Hosford – CRM/Marketing Automation/Social Convergence


He is former editor-in-chief of Sales & Marketing Management magazine, and has written for Architectural Record, Inc. Click to start video at this point —Chris notes the importance of the maturing of social media marketing in the last year by saying, “It’s no longer a hobby. They’re doing what a lot of the marketing automation platforms have been doing.

Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success

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Home Forrester Research « We’re renaming the blog | Main | New networks in the news » April 16, 2008 Numeric Scoring: The Key To Lead Management Success [Posted by Laura Ramos ] Recently I saw a preview of Eloqua’s spring release and it got me thinking about the role lead scoring plays in determining campaign effectiveness. I hadn’t seen the product in a while and was impressed with the UI improvements the Eloqua team has produced. And this is where I think the marketing rubber hits the sales road. In my view, these marketers live by four best practices.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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Home Forrester Research « I was recently briefed by | Main | Going Corporate » August 26, 2008 Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market [Posted by Laura Ramos ] In a recent survey of over 2100 IT professionals who buy or recommend telecom and networking solutions, we found buyers turn to peers and colleagues first, followed by vendor, industry trade, or professional Web sites, to inform their purchase decisions. B2B marketers looking for ways to turn their Web sites into demand generation tools have some new solutions to consider. Among other stuff.