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Social Media and Revenue

Digital Body Language

When I gave a presentation on Social Media and Revenue at Eloqua Experience recently, I was blown away by the great reaction to it. We recorded the same presentation from Eloqua Experience in a better format to share, I hope you’ll enjoy it: (click the above presentation, or this link, to view). wanted to dig in a bit into where social media is in most of today’s businesses.

What Exactly IS Digital Body Language?

Digital Body Language

The best physical representation of digital body language that I can think of is as seen through Eloqua's Prospect Profiler tool (pictured), which shows the spikes and valleys of activity, across all digital media, from web and email to search and forms. I've been using the term "Digital Body Language" on this blog quite a lot for obvious reasons. So what is it?

Four Interesting Trends from Dreamforce

Digital Body Language

At Eloqua, we’ve been talking about Revenue Performance Management for a while now, and it was good to see that many of the themes that are driving that are common across other ISVs in the ecosystem. Last week I had the pleasure of wandering the floor at Dreamforce, ’s annual conference. With that possibility, revenue analytics jumps to the forefront as an extremely hot area.

Happy Holidays from all of your friends at Eloqua

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This holiday season, we invite you to view the Eloqua Holiday Cinema eMovie special release, ‘Career Day’ for a glimpse into youthful aspirations. Happy Holidays from all of your friends at Eloqua! Tags: Eloqua Ahh…the dreams of youth; so full of hope for the future. This eMovie was inspired by a scene from the award winning romantic comedy, Annie Hall, which was directed by Woody Allen in 1977. Watch ‘Career Day’ by clicking the player below.

Publicly Available Pricing: Theory and Practice

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Today, I want to look a very specific example of how this overall market transition affected us at Eloqua. Last week we made the pricing for Eloqua’s software product packages public on our website for the first time: The starting prices range from $1450 to $10,000 per month, depending on the level selected. Tags: Discovery Buying Process Eloqua Won’t this blow up deals?


Nurture Marketing vs Pachinko

Digital Body Language

If you're an Eloqua user, there is a more detailed view of how to build this here: [link]. Tags: lead nurturing marketing automation nurture marketing Eloqua nurture demand generation I had a great chat with a client the other week, and he had a very simple model for nurture marketing. The beauty of this approach though is that it is completely self-contained.

The Flywheel Effect

Digital Body Language

Eloqua users, here's how to track your own blogs this way ). I'm back to blogging after a rather spontaneous, two-week hiatus. My wife were expecting our daughter to arrive at the end of April, but were surprised and thrilled to welcome a happy and healthy Sejal Anya Woods, to the world on April 2nd, a full four weeks early.

Membership has its Privileges; Best Practices IP vs. Social CRM

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Today, I want to share with you a similar change in philosophy that we just made at Eloqua, that had equally passionate debates. Last week we opened up public access to Eloqua’s best practices community portal where the biggest and most vibrant community of marketers gets to work, tackles challenging business problems, and builds the lead management processes that power their businesses.

Dimensions of Lead Scoring

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Tags: Lead scoring sales and marketing alignment lead routing Eloqua

Lead Scoring; Points, Ranks, and Sales Handoff

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Tags: Lead scoring sales handoff lead ranking lead routing Eloqua demand generation

Deep Searches and Content Proliferation

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Similarly, when moving towards the final stages of validation of a purchase decision, the searches may involve specific brands or product names, along with capabilities, objections, or perspectives that the buyer is looking to learn more about (“ Eloqua email deliverability specifications ” or “ Eloqua marketing automation in financial services ”). Take, for example, search.

Is Foursquare Relevant for B2B Marketers?

Digital Body Language

Whereas I’m far from a power user, I have unlocked a few badges (sadly, one of my first was the “Jetsetter” badge that is given for checking in at 5 airports), and I’m in strong contention for the Mayorship of Eloqua. Recently, I’ve been playing around with foursquare to get a better understanding of it, and think about how it might have a significant impact on B2B marketers.

Data Management and Marketing Automation - Video

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In this quick but instructive video, Chris Petko, Eloqua’s Director of Marketing Operations talks about how we at Eloqua manage data, and how it is captured, cleansed, and analyzed. In order to successfully move beyond the most basic drip marketing, it’s crucial for B2B marketers to effectively manage the data that they are working with. First, it is with us for longer.

Social Media Buzz at a Live Event

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We just finished up Eloqua Experience 2009, which was a spectacular event all around. competition on the Eloqua Facebook page was created, with a Kindle as a prize, and that competition was then blogged and tweeted about, reinforcing the hashtag, and building awareness of the social media elements at the event itself. As an obvious step, wireless access was available to all.

Marketing Automation in Europe and Asia - for North American Marketers

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In this information-packed video, Stuart Wheldon, Eloqua’s Director of Client Services for EMEA and Asia-Pacific walks through some of the important factors to consider. Many organizations with a history in North America are legitimately concerned about what they need to consider when engaging with their European and Asian teams on the topic of marketing automation.

The Longevity of Fun in B2B Social Media

Digital Body Language

After seeing David Meerman Scott speak at Eloqua Experience this year about the concept of a World Wide Rave, and seeing this data from an actual campaign, I’ve become more convinced that we as marketers need to revisit how to add humor and entertainment into our B2B marketing campaigns. We would all agree that fun content is more shareable, and infinitely more likely to go viral.

Lead Handoff and Sales Measurement - Video

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Scoring leads to determine which are qualified for sales is only valuable if the sales team works with those leads appropriately when they are handed off. This is complicated by the fact that in many cases, a sales attempt to connect with a lead can result in ambiguous outcomes, like leaving a voicemail, or discovering that the prospect is interested, but suggests speaking again in three months.

Digital Body Language: Our B2B Facebook Marketing Strategy

Digital Body Language

At Eloqua, we are lucky to have some of the most interesting, fun, and social customers around (they are marketers, after all), so when we started talking about what one might do with Facebook from a B2B marketing perspective, an obvious answer came up. We wanted to explore and expose the social side of Eloqua. Tags: Facebook Social media Eloqua Keep it friendly.

Lead Scoring Best Practices

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I sat down with various folks on the Eloqua Customer Success team to hear their experiences on what it took to build out a highly successful lead scoring system.

Marketing Automation Reliability

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Engineering with Eloqua talks about what he would look at if investigating a marketing automation or demand generation software investment. Having worked with his team at Eloqua to build the most reliable and scalable marketing automation platform on the market, Abe knows what to look for in making an evaluation.

Is Good-Enough-Marketing-Automation Really Good Enough?

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Today's post is a guest post from Paul Teshima, Eloqua's Senior Vice President of Customer Service. Paul is the person responsible for the team that drives the success of our clients, and is very hands on in working with clients big and small. I'm thrilled to have Paul post as the insights he brings are without parallel. Let me give you a couple of examples: 1. IBM, I.B.M. IBM Corp., etc.).

A/B Testing; What Result are you Testing Against?

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At Eloqua, our own marketing team does A/B testing on almost every piece that is sent out. Most B2B marketers today understand the importance of testing. quick change in a subject line, some copy, or an offer can dramatically alter the performance of a campaign. However, the question we all face as marketers, is what result we should be testing against.

Strategy and Tactics in B2B Marketing with Social Media

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Here's what we're doing at Eloqua which is working well in terms of engagement, understanding, and awareness, but as a general direction, not an exact destination strategy. The world of B2B marketing is changing. A lot. Many of us have been in conversations where we discuss the tactics we are using, and how they add up to an overall marketing strategy. The honest truth is we don't know.

Four Practices to Increase Webinar Effectiveness

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See here for details on how to do this in Eloqua. See here for details on how to do this in Eloqua. Are you using webinars as a lead-generation tactic in your marketing efforts? According to MarketingSherpa , webinars are "one of the top two lead-generation tactics for B-to-B technology marketing". This is a great way to capture your audiences' attention. Leverage offline channels.

The Book: Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language

In it, Steven Woods, industry expert and CTO of Eloqua discusses best practices for analyzing and understanding customer intent through analyzing their Digital Body Language. Marketing is undergoing a major shift that has been brought on by the change in the way people find and consume information. As this transition happens, marketing and sales teams must react.

The Contact Washing Machine

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For Eloqua users, I'll talk about some of the pieces of a good Contact Washing Machine on this blog's sister blog - Eloqua Artisan ( [link] ). Tags: marketing automation data management data cleansing Eloqua demand generation I think we can all agree that B2B marketing has shifted from a purely creative discipline to a much more operational, process-oriented, data-centric, analytical discipline. It's a long road though, as the data we get to work with is often. terrible. Data comes in through so many sources, most of which are not controlled in any way - free-form text.


Giving Sales an "Out"

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Laura Ramos at Forrester talks about it a lot, as do most other luminaries in B2B, and at Eloqua, it's one of the most common things our clients ask us about. Tags: lead nurturing Lead scoring sales and marketing alignment Eloqua Any of us who work with longer sales cycles have experienced the leaky funnel. So, as marketers, what can we do to "plug" it. not a simple task, as leads leak out of the funnel for so many reasons; interest wanes, priorities shift, or sales connect too early or with someone without enough pull to get something done. Mostly, these leads just go quiet.

6 Really Simple Marketing Metrics for your Execs

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If you already provide this, fantastic, but I suspect there might be more than a few execs who don't have this data about marketing, and who would truly appreciate it. I get the pleasure of chatting with lots of present and future Eloqua clients, and from them I commonly hear that even high level data like this is very much appreciated. If you're already an Eloqua client and just want to build this out, there's some info on dashboarding on Eloqua Artisan - the user blog: [link]. We've all seen a similar cycle. Great goals, for sure, but not exactly quick wins.

Books, Blogs, and Demand Generation

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We were chatting about what each client was doing, how they were using our product (Eloqua), and what interesting things they were doing to do campaigns, score leads, automate marketing processes, manage data, coordinate with sales, measure effectiveness, etc. And, of course, the more people we can educate about Demand Generation, the more people may want to talk with us about how Eloqua can help. Tags: Digital Body Language books Eloqua demand generation So, I should probably explain that, me, this blog, and the book. So, the book. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Holiday Time: Top 10 Wish List for Sales

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Tags: lead nurturing Lead scoring Outlook CRM Integration sales and marketing alignment Eloqua Visitor Alerts

Interesting Times in The Demand Generation Space

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When we started Eloqua back at the end of 1999, Google was still 10 months away from launching adwords, blogs only existed in primitive form as frequently updated web pages, and most B2B websites were barely more than brochure-ware. Tags: lead nurturing SAS 70 Lead scoring inbound marketing B2B Marketing Eloqua demand generation I spent a bit of time this weekend reading (okay, more like skimming, I admit) a report on our recent SAS-70 audit. But, it did get me thinking about the ongoing evolution of the Demand Generation space. It's an excellent benefit of the SaaS model.

B2B 2

Fresh off the presses

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October 6, 2008: We had Eloqua Experience, our international user group in Las Vegas, and the goal was to have copies of the book for everyone there. Tags: Digital Body Language books Eloqua I just received the final, final, final proof copy of the layout for my upcoming book - Digital Body Language. We're sending it to the print on demand presses tonight, and I should have a copy in hand within a week. Exciting times, to be sure. November 20, 2007: original idea formulated and discussed. Really vague discussions, where I think I said "yeah, that sounds like a good idea".

All You Never Cared to Know About Deliverability

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I'm very happy that we have Dennis Dayman on the Eloqua team - a man who lives and breathes email deliverability. That means I don't have to, and to be honest, I'm very much okay with that. I did have an interesting time the other week though, trying to explain what email deliverability was all about to a not-so-technical audience. They employ a variety of techniques and technologies to identify individuals who are not welcome to cross the borders, while allowing legitimate visitors into the country with minimal headache. Let's look through a few of the approaches that are used.

Emotional Unsubscribes

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heard someone at Eloqua call this an "emotional unsubscribe" and I like that term for it. I get asked a lot about unsubscribe rates as an indication of buyers losing interest. always caution people not to look to hard at that number. If you think of your own behaviour when you lose interest in a particular sender, you'll see why (most of you). You just ignore them. That's it, no unsubscribe, nothing. The trouble is, this is much harder to detect and react to. If you look at your world this way, the question is, how do you react. Next is re-engaging.

High noon at the web form

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In fact, I might try that with the Eloqua team right now. Quickest draw wins. well not quite, but speed is more important than many B2B marketers realize (or at least act upon). Fine tuning your response to inbound inquiries can have a significant impact on your success without requiring much of an investment. Leigh Anne Wallace at Reachforce had a blog entry recently that was a good reminder for all of us of the studies that show the real benefits to responding quickly to inbound inquiries: [link]. reason after the fact if you leave it to the individual callers.

What I Learned in Kindergarten about B2B Marketing

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We at Eloqua have called it "Equitable Exchange of Information", but at the end of the day, it's really about sharing, and the same principles apply to information as to chocolate bars. There's a lot about B2B marketing that can be learned in kindergarten. Like sharing. It's all the same except that the currency has changed from chocolate bars and those little packages of cheese and crackers to information. This is a significant ask, and many potential buyers are hesitant to give it for good reason. Don't ask for 15 fields of information because you "might" need it. That's healthy.

Engagement and Eloqua Experience


For the Eloqua Experience preparation webinar sponsored by Televerde, I was asked to speak to the topic of Engagement. This is one of six topics that comprise the agenda for Eloqua Experience. Webinar Engagement Poll This webinar format consisted of a question for participants on each Eloqua Experience topic. For the modern marketer, everything emanates from changes in the.

How To Strategize For The New Eloqua Release


This week I attended the Atlanta Eloqua User Group at Oracle’s Atlanta offices. It was a great meetup, as we had Thamina Christenson with the Eloqua Product Marketing team presenting Eloqua’s latest features and future roadmap. Author: Leah Brenner @LeahRBrenner is Lead Eloqua Architect, Technology at ANNUITIES. Improve your speed to lead. Keep innovating, always.

Battle of the Conferences: Silverpop v Eloqua.


A week apart from each other, the two big marketing automation players have been battling it out in customer and partner conferences – Silverpop Amplify and Eloqua Experience Europe 2013. I’ve gone, I’ve seen and I’ve observed and thought it might be interesting to compare how they went. Most of us know their products and how they compare. Here we go…

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Oracle Buys Eloqua: Winners and Losers for B2B Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

Oracle announced today that it has agreed to purchase B2B marketing automation leader Eloqua for $23.50 per share, which comes to $871 million. This was a bit of a surprise, given that Eloqua just went public in August. It suggests that neither Oracle nor Eloqua management felt the company was substantially undervalued. The stock had been hovering around $17.50

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