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A fascinating “hardcore” B2B social media success

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

With many companies now engaged in social media marketing strategies for nearly two years or more, success stories are starting to emerge, even in the difficult marketing world of industrial B2B.  I discovered a great success story to share with you through a masters thesis being developed by Haakon Jenson of Norway. BACKGROUND. Limited marketing budget and employee resources. STRATEGY. RESULTS.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

Paul Gillin

This is a draft of chapter 10 of Social Marketing to the Business Customer by Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman. This chapter focuses on how to calculate ROI of social media and Internet marketing programs in general. I’m particularly interested in your feedback on this chapter because it presents some new ideas I’ve been playing with about how to calculate the ROI of almost anything.

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How to Produce and Promote Webinars Successfully [#B2Bchat Recap]


#B2BChat Thursday 8:00 PM Summary of June 17, 2010 #B2Bchat Session. Webinars are an important part of the B2B demand generation toolkit. What advice do marketers have when it comes to producing, promoting, and following up on webinars

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


On the web today, things change fast. New applications launch every day and existing applications continue to evolve and add new features. As we all learn about social media and inbound marketing and we teach others about it, having a resource that quickly and clearly explains all of the basic terms and applications is critically important. Social Media Marketing Dictionary: 101 Terms to Know.

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Lead Generation Checklist

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Mayday and Caffeine – Two Google Projects That Changed Your.


Mayday and Caffeine - Two Google Projects That Changed Your B2B Social Media And Content Marketing Decision From “If” To “When

How to Create a Facebook Page Vanity URL


If you don't already have a Facebook page or your business, go create one. With over 500 million active users, Facebook is a powerful network to tap into to expand the online footprint of your business. The next step in personalizing your business page is to get a username to create a vanity URL (customized web address). Here's How to Create a Facebook Page Vanity URL: 1.) Connect with HubSpot

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Groundswell Blook Report, Chapter 1: Why The Groundswell and Why Now?

MI6 Marketing Agency

Author: Chris Herbert, B2B Specialist & Founder of Mi6. Audience: Senior Executives, Marketing and Sales Professionals. Groundswell is broken down into three parts. Part one (chapters 1-3) focuses on understanding the groundswell. The authors ask and answer the questions why the groundswell and why now? FriendFeed Room: Chapter One references links and case studies from the book. Join the room and start a conversation. Feature Video: Rodney Rumford of FaceReviews , Interviews Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (note: works in Firefox but not Internet Explorer). Strength is created in numbers.

Five Benefits of Blogging for Business


Blogging provides business executives and marketers with opportunities beyond and distinct from a typical company website. Because they are less formal, more interactive, and  focused on industry issues—as opposed to just the company’s offerings—they provide a forum that is viewed much differently by readers than a vendor website. Here are five key benefits of blogging for businesses.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

B2B Marketing Resource Management [#B2Bchat]


#B2BChat Thursday 8 PM We are all faced with growing responsibility/client load, and not enough resources. Or having the resources, but not feeling that you are getting the best bang for your buck. It's all about setting expectations

Voice: The new – and mandatory – brand component

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Conversation. Response. Bi-Directional. Engage. We’ve heard them all.  Social media marketing requires us to think seriously about these aspects of our marketing campaigns.  You must engage in bi-directional conversation and respond to your audience and engage with them when they reach out to you.  With a focus on conversation and valuable content, brands literally must talk to their customers, both in private and in public. These concepts are new anymore.  Are we taking them seriously enough? But WE’RE NOT TAKING THEM SERIOUSLY ENOUGH. It is… your Voice Brand.

9 Reasons Why White Papers Still Matter

Savvy B2B Marketing

Paul Dunay of Avaya recently wrote a provocative post that fired up lots of folks. In Is The White Paper Dead for B2B Marketing? Paul summed up a conversation he had with the Bloom Group, which is telling its clients to stop producing white papers. Paul goes on to propose microsites and eBooks as alternatives to white papers. Eccolo Media 2009 B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report 3.

Steer Clear of Price-Only Positioning

Proteus B2B Marketing Blog

In another life, I worked in automotive marketing. domestic brand. Every time the market tanked, the client, along with their domestic rivals, would predictably do the inevitable. Slap on rebates, trump one another’s incentives, slash prices, sweeten the deal, give away the store, compromise the brand and train customers already accustomed to never paying [.].

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

What B2B Marketing Tactics Are Up, Down, Flat? (Survey Sneak Peek)

Everything Technology Marketing

Last week, we talked about the changing B2B marketing mix (" Is Traditional B2B Marketing Dead? which caused a heated debate about whether these changes are real and consequential). Let's take a look at some data. Here are the preliminary results for this question (click chart to enlarge | n = 176). Website activity is also up, with 56% of people using it more aggressively than 3 years ago.

6 Steps to Prepare for the Mobile Revolution

B2B Marketing Insider

Michael Brenner mobile4 Earlier this week, I defined the 10 Reasons Why Mobile is Hot. By summarizing Morgan Stanley's latest research, I demonstrated the tremendous growth of the mobile internet channel and suggested that mobile is the

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7 More B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of

Social Media B2B

Based on the positive feedback from the first 7 B2B Social Media Tools You Haven’t Heard Of article, we felt we’d highlight several more tools that may be helpful for B2B social media marketers. 1. Spredfast. link]. Cost: Free trial, $50/month for Standard plan, $100 for Enterprise. Spreadfast is a Social Media Management System (SMMS) that allows you to manage, monitor and measure your social media activity. Maximize your efforts by distributing and tracking your content on many social media channels via a single integrated dashboard. 2. Samepoint. link]. Cost: Free. Howsociable.

Why it’s ridiculous to argue about ghost blogging

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

It seems like “ghost blogging&# — the practice of penning posts for others –  is always under attack. Jon Buscall wrote a fine piece about it recently as did Mitch Joel. Philosophically I agree with them.  In a pure and perfect world executives should write their own copy. But practically speaking I don’t agree. Here’s why. It’s not a pure and perfect world.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

Top 5 Google Search Tips for B2B Sales Prospecting

Sales Intelligence View

How many Google searches do you perform each day as part of your lead generation and qualification process? And how often do you have to change your search to find what you were really looking for? For those sales people who don’t have access to an enterprise sales intelligence application and rely on free resources [.]. Technology sales prospecting sales techniques SEO

10 Reasons Why Mobile is Hot!

B2B Marketing Insider

Michael Brenner post on mobile thumb According to a recent post by Justin Kistner we are in “the era of social media” a trend that he proposes will peak in 2012 before the next era of the web begins in 2015

Factoids: How to Tweet Multiple Times About the Same Offer

The Point

So you just launched a new white paper. How do you tweet about the content multiple times without seeming repetitive? Try factoids. Factoids are brief glimpses into the content on offer. They can be excerpts, but they also stand alone as facts or tips or news or opinion in their own right, even outside the context of the content as a whole.


What is a Twitter Chat and HOW TO: Easily Join a Twitter Chat Using TweetGrid

WindMill Networking

There are many reasons why people use hashtags (#) on Twitter : categorizing a tweet, joining a trending topic conversation, or tweeting about a live event while virtually networking with attendees. Without your knowing it, some of those using hashtags may even be engaging in Twitter Chats: You can safely assume that anyone using a hashtag that ends in “chat&# is doing so.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

In social media, no one knows you’re an introvert

Chris Koch

Image via Wikipedia. Two interesting posts this week on how our personalities affect our online behavior. First, Paul Dunay (did I mention that Paul is my favorite B2B blogger yet today?) expresses shock that he turned out to be an extrovert on the Myers-Briggs personality test and wonders if you need to be an extrovert to be in social media. and, of course, came up with a theory. Doubtful.

Sazcast Episode 30 – Launching & Building a community using the social web with Dave Peckens & Matt Eder from


Launching & Building a community using the social web with Dave Peckens & Matt Eder from Show notes. Here are the links we discussed in the podcast: Michigan Dads on Twitter. Michigan Dads on Facebook. Michigan Dads on YouTube. Dave’s Twitter. Matt’s Twitter. Subscribe to the Sazcast podcast: Subscribe in iTunes. Subscribe to the feed.

Savvy Week in Review - June 25

Savvy B2B Marketing

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you are enjoying some time in the sun, but when you have a few minutes, there is a lot of great reading around the blogospere. Enjoy! Fascinating Hardcore B2B Social Media Success - by @markwschaefer You can't get much more B2B than ShipServ - a global software company focused on solutions for the shipping industry. Go forth and be social, B2B! Kudos to the MLT team.

Social Media with Email Marketing – is it the Super Combo?

Industrial Marketing Today

Lately, social media seems to garner all the attention in the media and blog posts with very little mention about email marketing. This long time staple has become the Rodney “No Respect” Dangerfield of B2B and industrial marketing

B2B 2

Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

3 Tips for Finding Your Next Case Study Customer

Stories that Sell

Several times a week, an appeal for funds from a charity (or alma mater) arrives in my mailbox or inbox. The same organizations contact me over and over. It’s annoying, but if they don’t ask for contributions, they usually don’t get them. That’s just how it works. We have too much going through our heads. To start, make sure your wish list is current and specific.

New HootSuite 5 Improves Speed & Adds Features


HootSuite just released a new version of their social media application/dashboard/platform programmed in HTML5 for increased speed and performance. Additional features like 2 new themes, geo-search capability, support for Twitter’s retweet and Google Analytics improve the overall usefulness of the app for social media marketing, monitoring and conversations.

Advice to the Re-Employed: Think Freelance

B2B Memes

Imagine for a moment (and this may not be a stretch for many readers) that you’ve been self-employed for a year or so after a layoff put you out on the streets. You’ve put a decent freelance or consulting career together, gotten hip to the value of personal branding, and learned or relearned the enormous value of autonomy in your work life.