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Should lead generation ignore current customers?

B2B Lead Generation Blog

”We know more about our prospects (leads) than we know about our current customers” was a shocking statement I heard from a client and it stuck with me. In fact, it's the impetus for this post. When you have a complex sale, it can be easy to think of lead generation as only a process for acquiring new customers rather than a process that can also be applied to generating new or more business from current customers. while back I was in a meeting with a marketing leader of a Global 100 software firm. He shared a story about their new CEO at the time. So, do you have a Customer First Plan

Argh - Twitter Going Crazy

PR Meets Marketing

At what point will people finally get tired of all the screw ups with Twitter

Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

an excellent panel sponsored by the minnesota interactive marketing association was convened last night, great crowd and questions. the central question of the night however, seemed to be elusive. the panel was billed as who controls

Demand Generation Systems Shift Focus to Tracking Behavior

Customer Experience Matrix

Over the past few months, I’ve had conversations with “demand generation” software vendors including Eloqua , Vtrenz and Manticore , and been on the receiving end of a drip marketing stream from yet another (Moonray Marketing, lately renamed OfficeAutoPilot ). What struck me was that each vendor stressed its ability to give a detailed view of prospects’ activities on the company Web site (pages visited, downloads requested, time spent, etc.) Even though I’ve long known it was technically possible for companies can track my visits in such detail, I’ll admit I still find it a bit spooky.

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Who Controls Social Media in the Corporation? No One and That’s a Problem

Marketing Edge

An excellent panel sponsored by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association was convened last night, great crowd and questions. The central question of the night however, seemed to be elusive. The panel was billed as Who Controls Social Media in the Enterprise, and it didn't seem to me that there was a clear answer. Wonderful anecdotes and ways to test social media internally and externally, but no clear answer to the central question, which for me also answers the question. There is a disconnect in either understanding or appreciation for social media across these large enterprises.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales & Marketing with Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

The issue of sales and marketing alignment has been floating in the corporate hallways for several years now. What I am finding most interesting is that the definitions surrounding the "sales & marketing alignment" conundrum are, to use the proverbial expression, all over the map. What prompted me to think about this was Dave Stein's post, Marketing's Knowledge of Salespeople , on his Commentary on Sales Leadership blog. " I am sure some will find this to be quite a provocative statement. Like Dave, I served as a VP in both sales and marketing.

What Email Marketers Need to Know


Three new how-to guides recently added to WebMarketCentral offer valuable guidance to email marketing practitioners. Since I don't know everything (as if that wasn't obvious!), these have been authored by some veteran professionals in the field: Dan Forootan, president, and Neil Anuskiewicz, sales director at hosted email marketing platform provider StreamSend. Price makes the list—at number 10.


PR Meets Marketing

Twitter going crazy

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Is US Health Care following the path of US Manufacturing?

Marketing Edge

Since marketing is about words and positioning, I'm going to remain neutral on this issue by saying that the advocates of global healthcare will use the term globalization and the opponents of global healthcare will use the term outsourcing. The issue outlines how the future of a US orthopedic surgeon (an other healthcare practitioners) may well follow that of the US assembly line worker in that both now have a larger pool of people who do what they do. The world is getting smaller and social media is contributing to the elimination of boundaries of information.

Why Doesn't eMarketing Seem to Work?

My Travels on the Net

My blog gets a lot of hits for search phrases like “eMarketing what works and what doesn't” and “internet marketing best practices.” I have a mental picture of the people using these search terms as nomads wandering across the desert that is the internet searching for answers they're probably not finding. wonder if these intrepid searchers find the answers they are looking for.

SEO - Why a Small Business Needs a Blog


The most difficult websites to search optimize are those of small or new companies, in a market with larger and more established players, focused on a highly competitive set of keywords. No matter how well the on-site optimization is done, it is tough to compete with the amount of content and external links that the established players have built up over time.

Are Americans Social-Media-Lazy?


In the latest installment of Outside the Inbox, Jared Reitzin of mobileStorm reviews some recent research studies and asks, when it comes to participation in social media (blogging, uploading videos to YouTube, etc.)—are Americans lazier than web users in other countries, or just busier? Jared mixes good humor, bad music and questionable statistics with his unique ability to offend about half of the planet's population. Check it out. As for Jared's take regarding American Idol and the U.S. What, like they could do worse? Sanjiya—creepy.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel