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12 Tips for Creating a Social Media Content Strategy


Having a content strategy is vital to the success of any social media strategy. Without a content strategy, it’s difficult to plan for and create great content. It is also difficult to create the right content for your audience. Define the needs & interests of all of your audiences. Content strategy is not about what you want to provide. What content do you already have?

The Marketing Technologist: Time has Come!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In a recent Brandweek article I saw a quote from Lynne Seid , a senior partner at Heidrick and Struggles – one of the top recruiting firms in the world – in which she said: “We’re seeing the emergence of the chief digital officer reporting into a global CMO.” Said differently, I think they are looking for Marketing Technologists! But we’ve clearly reached a tipping point.

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Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


Twitter came of age in 2010, growing at a scorching pace —from 75 million users at the beginning of the year to more than 190 million by the end of December. Twitter is used (officially) in 65 of the Fortune 100 companies , 63% of small to midsized businesses, and nearly half of all B2B enterprises. And that leads to questions, like: What are the best ways to attract more (relevant) followers?

Top 5 Things Not to Do on Facebook


Again and again, I see businesses and professionals making these mistakes on Facebook. As someone new to Facebook, these may seem like reasonable things to do, so I'm here to explain why you absolutely should NOT be making these mistakes. 1. Having 2 Profiles: Personal and Professional. Sure, you may not want your boss seeing photos of you drinking in college. Not Updating Your Business Page.

Lead Generation Checklist

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Case study: Fast-growing B2B expands social media exposure

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Drew Hawkins has become one of the most consistent contributors in the {grow} community. He recently commented that he could relate to the research on the explosive growth of social media in small businesses because he was witnessing it first hand. Within that time frame, we were listed on the Inc. Our social media growth has paralleled the rapid financial growth of our company. The Results.

Optimizing Pay-Per-Click; Real world examples


Pay per click , search marketing, and the issue of relevancy. Although I’m a Google certified professional and help clients manage and improve their pay-per-click efforts, I’m not going to do another “how to&# blog post. However, I am serious when it comes to optimizing campaigns; and that includes the ads themselves and conversion-friendly landing pages.  So, below I am reviewing various companies promoting software by category, with some opinions on how I would manage these … [ visit site to read more ]. Advertising Landing Pages Pay-Per-Click

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Visualize Social Media Data

Content Marketing for BI

If you know me, you know I’m a very visual person. learn by watching, I enjoy pictures so much I do photography in my spare time, and, the data geek in me loves infographics. So, I started poking around looking for some cool infographics and found some in the social media space. Facebook. While it looks a lot like a map of airline routes, its’ really a map of our human relationships. LinkedIn.

How Your Products Influence Your Brand


Other than advertising and marketing, products and services are how people experience your brand. It doesn’t matter how awesome your marketing and advertising is, if your products can’t live up to the hype, your brand is going to suffer. People Talk Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that people talk about what they buy and the service they receive.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

QR Codes Have the Beer Can Problem

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

There continues to be a steady buzz about QR codes, those bar code-looking thingys that can be scanned by a smart phone to link you to added content, a website or perhaps even a coupon at the point of purchase. One of my most interesting jobs was global marketing director for aluminum packaging products (like beverage cans).  While this may sound mundane, the opportunity to nurture $2.5

3 Tips for Better Blog Writing

Writing on the Web

I’m glad to see that there are more agencies focusing on content marketing for small businesses. stumbled upon The Content Factor and found their approach to blog writing and white papers refreshing: The Content Factor provides good advice for content marketing strategies: But to be successful with blogging , you have to recognize some key differences: The best blogs are personified. Readers like to feel like they know the blog writer and feel some of the blog writer’s personality and humanity come through. Blogs have to be kept up. Once you fall behind, you are dead. We should know.

Getting Beyond the Quora Hype

PR Meets Marketing

Over the past few weeks, there has been a wave of publicity about Quora, a service seeking to rival LinkedIn’s popular answers service. After After reading some of the coverage, I decided

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Great picture and post on the Information Overload Paradox : The post talks about the issue of overload: I can certainly consume more content than I could two decades ago, but no matter how much content is available, I can’t consume much more. And relative to the sheer volume of content available to me, I’m actually consuming a smaller percentage every day. Aggregation. Filtering. Curation. Images?

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

8 (of the) Best Web Analytics Guides of 2010


One of the great advantages of online marketing is that it’s measurable to far greater degree of precision and richness than older media like broadcast and print. How do you filter out that noise and focus on the measures that provide real guidance for improving online business results? Which tools and plugins are really useful for extending the capabilities of Google Analytics (GA)?

You’re Invited! The social media party of the year

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

A few months ago, {grow} community member Arminda Lindsay called me and said, “I want you to have a party for all the people in the {grow} community. When do I get to MEET these people? I’m a full-service blogger, so OK — Let’s do it! would like to invite all of you to my hometown for the social media party of the year. First let’s talk about VALUE!  Glen D. Amy D.

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A Lesson from the Digital Productivity Terrorists

B2B Memes

Doctorow: Productivity Terrorist? Some time ago I came across this comment from BoingBoing blogger Cory Doctorow that inspires both shock and awe: “As a co-parenting new father who writes at least a book per year, half-a-dozen columns a month, ten or more blog posts a day, plus assorted novellas and stories and speeches, I know just how short time can be and how dangerous distraction is.” Maybe so.

Stop the WordPress Madness!

What Works - What Doesn't

One month and hundreds of dollars worth of development help ago, I began consolidating my Web site and blog onto WordPress, the popular blog, Web site and content publishing system. My new site still isn’t up, I’ve lost dozens of hours of productive or leisure time (and will lose more) and my output of marketing posts (the aim of the whole exercise) is lower than ever. Isn’t “Skins” a TV show?

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

Best Content Marketing Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010


How many times have you heard the expression “content is king?&# That’s the case because, in an increasingly competitive and noisy market, buyers care not so much about what you sell as about what you know , and what you are passionate about. Great content fills a need for both the consumer and the producer. So how do you produce great content? Content Marketing Strategy and Tactics.

10 Tips For Twitter Success From A B2B Twitterer Of The Year

B2B Marketing Insider

On Thursday January 27th, while attending the #B2BChat on Twitter, I was honored and amazed to learn that I won the B2B Twitterer Of The Year award in the “Boss Tweet&# category. While I am truly humbled by the experience, I thought I should take my moment in the spotlight to describe how I think I got here: my “Twitter tips and tricks&# if you will. Now there’s some irony here.

Laugh and Learn featuring the Fearless Competitor – Episode 11

Fearless Competitor

Laugh and Learn – featuring the Fearless Competitor Engage with human needs. There is nothing so compelling as human to human connections. And if the world knocks you down, get up and try again. And again. And again. That’s the … Continue reading → Laugh and Learn Leadership Management best practices Marketing

What does Audience Development Really Mean to Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Content Marketing?

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. One of the interesting outcomes of the rise of Social Media , Demand Generation , and Content Marketing in 2010 was the increasing use of the term audience development.    This term has for years been associated with the arts and cultural communities as they sought ways to engage members and to increase subscriptions.    Let me start with the bad. 

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Savvy Toolkit: How to Get Your Press Release Seen - 68 Helpful Tips

Savvy B2B Marketing

I must admit I sometimes thing of "Time to issue a Press Release" in the same monotone braindead inflection as that old "Time to make the donuts" commercial. Most companies don't "get" why a press release is important and therefore they give it the time and attention they would an email to a co-worker. The Bad Language Blog has done a wonderful job of compiling 62 Ways to Improve Your Press Release. If you even use 10 of them your next press release will be light years ahead of most of I have read! Check out Write a Great Press Release - 6 Tips From a Journalist Who has Seen it All

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How One SaaS Company Doubled their Lead Volume from Paid Search

The Point

What does a software company do when their paid search program is working well but just not generating enough leads? That was the issue faced by Navicure , a leading Internet-based (SaaS) medical claims clearinghouse that helps physician practices increase profitability through improved claims reimbursement and staff productivity. The results? Improved landing page effectiveness.

B2B Lead Generation: Outsourced gives 43% better results than In-House

Fearless Competitor

Using outside professionals to help your company implement lead generation programs gives 43% better results than hiring your own lead generation person and it costs a lot less. Case closed! So many firms try to implement lead generation programs in-house, … Continue reading → Demand Generation Easy lead generation inbound marketing lead generation Lead Nurturing Leadership Management best practices Marketing marketing campaigns marketing funnel marketing sales Sales Leads sales-ready leads Simple lead generation

[Article Summary] HBR: Best Buy’s CEO on Learning to Love Social Media

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I’ve gotten a late start on my last issue of Harvard Business Review, which is focused on social media use for businesses.  There are, as always, some great articles in here, and because of the topic, I thought it would be good to summarize some of them for you over the course of the week. That’s the key point: You can’t just dabble in social media.  Fairly compelling, no?

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Six Key Steps to Successful Marketing Automation Adoption

CFOs Take More Control: Frugalnomics in Full Effect

Tom Pisello

According to a new Accenture study of 1,054 senior finance executives, in the wake of the recession, more chief financial officers (CFOs) are expanding their role beyond finance. This includes more CFO involvement in key decision making, including helping to set business strategy, deciding where to invest capital and even looking at product mix and go-to-market strategies.

Savvy Speaks: How Do You Use LinkedIn?

Savvy B2B Marketing

Recently, we've been looking at how businesses use social media for marketing. This week the Savvy Sisters reveal their secrets for using LinkedIn. Stephanie. Whenever you create a blog post, white paper, eBook, video, etc., post a summary and link to it within the relevant LinkedIn groups and within your profile. This helps your content spread farther. To Kate's point, coordinating efforts across your site, Twitter, and LinkedIn will give you the highest return. However, LinkedIn should be a smaller network with higher quality, albeit fewer, contacts. Jamie. Michele. Wendy. Heather.

Can you hear me now? Get the word out on your business!

Fearless Competitor

Are you looking to get the word out on your business? Do you feel invisible? We can help. Maybe you need a really big megaphone. We might be able to help. We’re something of rock stars and we can turn … Continue reading → Business relationships Demand Generation Leadership Leadership Lessons Management best practices Remarkable content Social Media