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Being Busy is Not Being Productive

Puzzle Marketer

One of the most misleading but commonly held beliefs is being “busy” means that you’re being productive and accomplishing a lot. The problem is that the busy work for most people isn’t focused on the things that need to be done. It’s just that, busy work. People get into a mindset that these things have to be done and there is no other way. Therefore, they get consumed by the same tasks over and over and because they are endless, the day is over and it’s time to check-out. The next day begins a new cycle of non-productivity. Social media is the future. Reply.

The Cost of Bad Content

B2B Marketing Insider

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs 2012 report on B2B Content Marketing , 90% of organizations are marketing with content! (I’d love to know what the “other 10%” are doing?). But does anyone have a handle on the costs? What are the costs of producing content that never gets used? What are the costs of publishing bad content in the form of lost revenue?

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Selfless Giving and Selfish Companies: A Social Media Conundrum

Digital B2B Marketing

Gifts. When we receive them, we feel special. When we receive them from people we don’t expect them from, they are a wonderful surprise and make a far larger impression. Gifts are special in part because they represent an investment of time or money someone did not need to make. When we receive these gifts, it makes an impact on us. In fact, we may even come to resent these gifts.

18 (of the) Best Web Analytics Guides of 2011


The measurability of the web can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the data should allow companies to monitor every activity, every campaign, to evaluate based on solid data what’s working, what’s not, and where to expend budget, time and effort to improve results. Fortunately, there is help. What You Can Learn from Bounce Rate & How to Improve It by KISSmetrics. Brilliant.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

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Why Pinterest Matters to Us Social Media Marketers


If you use images or photos on any of your sites, you’re already on Pinterest , whether you’ve registered on Pinterest or not. So, what’re you going to do about it? If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re already losing control of your visual brand as we speak by virtue of not participating. But you’re not going to be lame like that, right? Let’s move on.

7 Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Add Value


According to Inc. , it costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one -- and on average those current customers of yours spend 67% more than a new one. So, what are you doing to keep your customers coming back to your business? If you’re like 65% of marketers, your company has implemented a loyalty program. But is it working? Companies lose money on time and effort, and customers get no more value from the businesses to which they are "loyal.". So how do you keep your business out of that one-third segment? Image credit: joelogon.

B2B Lead Management – 6 Best Practices

Great B2B Marketing

Some companies are good at generating B2B sales leads , others are good at qualifying and closing those leads, but the top performing companies, are those that leverage B2B lead management techniques and can do both.  Here are six strategies you can implement to create your own unstoppable marketing and sales machine: Follow up every inbound inquiry within 48 hours – preferably 24 hours.  Leads have a short shelf and the person who was enthusiastic about your offer yesterday, may not remember who you are tomorrow.  Set-up a service level agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales. 

Optimizing your Videos for Search Engines

EMagine B2B Blog

In a recent article, a staggering statement has been made. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. The ramifications of that are big to your content development strategy. You should be making videos. And making them should be a priority. But there’s more to consider than the content and execution of these [.]. Online Marketing Search Engine Marketing Social Media YouTube

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

What is a business rebrand worth and why rebrand

Tomorrow People

A business rebrand – what’s it worth? The business rebrand is about a great deal more than making your business look good. It’s about making your bottom line look good, too. So what is it that makes a company rebrand such a valuable proposition for your business? Compete more. Rebranding your business is not simply about making it look appealing to potential customers.

Going to the Marketing Hybrid Network – New York Meet-up tonight? Look for Jeff.

Fearless Competitor

Thomson Reuters, 30th Floor, 3 Times Square, New York at 6:00pm tonight. Will you be there? If so, look for Jeff Ogden, President of the lead generation company and global marketing firm, Find New Customers there. He’s also the host of the online marketing show, Mad Marketing TV , a professional writer and speaker and author of this very popular blog. How can you find Jeff there?

Define Goals for B2B Social Media Success

Social Media B2B

One objective for a social media program is to build brand equity. When people are interested in a firm’s products and services, Facebook is a great place to check them out and discuss them. Twitter is perfect for keeping tabs on sales promotions and company news. Unfortunately, building brand equity via social media is not easy for B2B companies. First, their customer bases are far more limited than those of consumer brands. Second, brand awareness is often a much more important need, especially for small and midsize firms. B2B marketers too often miss this crucial distinction. Not at all.

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How to Create the Apple Store Experience for Your Own Brand

Junta 42

My youngest son Adam experiencing the Apple Store for the very first time. After going on the road for a workshop or a presentation, I usually check out of the hotel and cab it to the airport, trying to make it home for some quality family time. This Friday was a different story. None of us had ever been into an Apple store before, so we simply couldn’t resist. But we are not Apple.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

The Big Challenge for Content Marketing? Not Content or Marketing – Execution

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller I’m pleased to welcome Jeffrey Davis as a guest blogger. Jeffrey has spent the last 15 years covering technology’s overhaul of business and media as a founding editor of Business 2.0 magazine, executive editor of CBS Interactive’s BNET, and now as editorial director at Original9. 26% of overall B2B marketing budgets are going to content. In one word: wow. The Content Juggle.

Why Your Competitor’s High Google Ranking May be a Good Thing

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this It’s a simple equation. Your competitor rises in Google’s search results, you take the hit. Easy math. But a recent study on sponsored search suggests the opposite might be true; that competing high-ranking organic search results may actually boost the performance of your paid search ads. The results are found in the paper “ Sponsored Search: How Organic Results Impact Sponsored Search Advertising Performance ,” written by business professors at the University of Texas, the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University. What they found was surprising.

The Sales Game Has Changed: Here's How to Adapt


This is a guest post written by Dave Kurlan , a top rated speaker, best selling author, and sales development thought leader. His top-rated business blog, Understanding the Sales Force , is read by thousands of sales and marketing leaders. The sales profession has come a long way -- and I'll venture to say that much of the changes have occurred as recently as the last 5 years. The result?

6 Content Marketing Channels Missing From Your Plan

The Effective Marketer

Although much deserved attention is given to Blogs, eBooks, Webinars, Data Sheets, Press Releases, Videos, and other typical channels when talking about content creation, you shouldn’t forget to include the following touchpoints in your content marketing plan. 1. On-Hold Messages: Ditch the on-hold music and the typical sales pitch for something your customers, prospects, and partners will actually enjoy listening to. Customize the message for each department. Bonus points if you can actually get customers to ask to put them back on hold to finish listening to the message. 2.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

8 Ways to Optimize Your Tweets

Manhattan Marketing Maven

Twitter is an always-on constantly moving information-sharing device hosting over 230 million tweets a day and 400 million unique visitors in a month. Separating the signal from the noise on Twitter is a serious challenge. Similarly finding the right combination of 140 characters and links then timing your tweet to have any effect in the on-going conversation or to engage your followers is a shot in the dark. The objective of tweeting is to attract followers who will interact and engage with your tweets. To optimize your tweets, try these eight tactics, inspired by Heidi Cohen. Be a source.

6 in 10 Senior Marketers Say Social Media Key to Company Survival

Fearless Competitor

This article is based on a report by MarketingCharts. Read the original here. 59% of senior marketers either agree (39%) or strongly agree (20%) that companies that do not fully embrace social media will not survive, according to  [pdf] a recently-released study commissioned by Facebook and conducted by Forrester Consulting. Only about 1/3 have started long-term planning on social media.

Viral Video vs. Social Video

WindMill Networking

The goal of many companies that set out to create an online video is for that video to go “viral”; i.e., to be rapidly passed from one person to many, much like a cold or flu virus spreads. Many marketers believe that having a viral video on YouTube is the golden key to success; they assume that a viral video will spread knowledge of their product or services. competent producer can help. VIDEO].

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Find New Customers salutes the “20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management”

Fearless Competitor

The Sales Lead Management Association yesterday announced the winners of the “ 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.” ” Find New Customers congratulates all of the winners. Great job, ladies! Lisa Arthur, Aprimo, Inc. Trish Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group, Inc. Karla Blalock, PointClear, LLC. Lisa J. Cramer, LeadLife Solutions. Christine Crandell, NBS Consulting Group. Robyn Davis, When I Need Help (WINH). Kristin Hambelton, Neolane, Inc. Jennifer Horton, Eloqua, Inc. Diane Mayer, CodeBaby®. Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools. Maria Pergolino, Marketo, Inc. Ruth P.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Websites Have to Get Better


As Anil Dash pointed out this weekend, arguments about the ethics and functionality of save-for-later apps like Instapaper and Readability have reached the same fever pitch as Blogger-vs.-WordPress-vs.-Tumblr WordPress-vs.-Tumblr Tumblr had a few years ago. It’s a matter of passion and honor (and name-calling) for industry leaders, but users just go on using the apps they like. That’s as it should be, but there’s definitely something worth arguing about for people who publish on the Web. Read-later apps are competition for noisy, ad-ridden websites. What should we do?

Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers helps you grow your business with social media at the BMA NJ Social Media Symposium

Fearless Competitor

BMA-NJ’s B2B Social Media Symposium (SMS), April 10th, 2012, Weehaukin, NJ. Hope you can make it to this event and hear the keynote by Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. Also, check out the SCORE Demand Generation program offered by Find New Customers. Learn how to leverage the key social media strategies and platforms for a truly integrated business-to-business marketing campaign. But now what?


The Growing Chasm of Sales

Sales Intelligence View

I was at the opening day of the Sales 2.0 conference in San Francisco yesterday and had a great talk with Jim Keenan, you may know him as @keenan. He sent a tweet during the keynote session with his thoughts on why sales people are not embracing social media though all of the data is showing that leveraging social media for sales intelligence increases revenue. My thoughts on why sales people aren’t embracing social faster – We’re too linear if it doesn’t get a sale NOW,we’re not interested! s20c. — Jim Keenan (@keenan) April 2, 2012. and sales person 2.0. Sales 2.0

Content Marketing Strategy: Interact with your neighborhood

Connect the Docs

insta. Normal. sap. 2. 2012-04-02T07:08:00Z. 2012-04-02T07:08:00Z. 1. 26. 7. 10.2625. Clean. Clean. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. Among the diverse resources which you can find befitting to content marketing and promoting your business online, some can score over the others. However, these resource tools have their own significance, and implementing them appropriately can ensure success. Other

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

The Growing Chasm of Sales

Sales Intelligence View

I was at the opening day of the Sales 2.0 conference in San Francisco yesterday and had a great talk with Jim Keenan, you may know him as @keenan. He sent a tweet during the keynote session with his thoughts on why sales people are not embracing social media though all of the data is showing that leveraging social media for sales intelligence increases revenue. My thoughts on why sales people aren’t embracing social faster – We’re too linear if it doesn’t get a sale NOW,we’re not interested! s20c. — Jim Keenan (@keenan) April 2, 2012. and sales person 2.0. Sales 2.0

VIDEO: Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Business

Client Bridge

From Ask the Esquire Guy and Entrepreneur.com, here's a short video with some of the best and most sensible guidelines we've seen for corporate social media. Your company's social media personality should be your company's corporate personality, after exactly one beer.". View Original Article

“Enchantment” by Guy Kawasaki


I am an avid reader, but I have to admit to reading more novels than non-fiction. However, there was something about the description of Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment that intrigued me. So, I ordered it and read it in just a couple of sittings. liked the book because it is well written, enlightening, personal and has an intimacy I find missing in many business books. recommend it