Sun.Apr 22, 2012

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Using Klout and social scoring for sales and marketing teams

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

One of the things I have been interested in is examining practical applications of Klout and social scoring to an internal enterprise. If you are unclear about social scoring systems and what they attempt to measure, it might be useful to start with this blog post about Why Klout Matters. I began with an overview of the basics behind these systems and what we can really learn from them.

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Free Keyword Research and Landing Page Tools for Paid Search; Google Adwords Campaigns


Google Adwords has some great tools for keyword research, but missing are many tools that can help build strategic keyword lists and ad groups. For my clients I use many tools; some of my own; and some from others, to ensure I begin paid search campaigns as strategic and relevant as possible. I think you’ll find this interesting… what tools do you use? Pay-Per-Click Tactical Services Video Posts

B2B Sales and Marketing Integration

Digital B2B Marketing

Last week Danny Hanssel ( @dannyhanssel ) us as the guest moderator and leader for #B2Bchat. Danny lined up a great set of provocative questions for the group on aligning B2B sales and marketing. As always, the #B2Bchat participants shared a range of perspectives from both sales and marketing experiences. Follow @B2B_chat for announcements of the topic each week.

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Teleprospecting: When cutting response time is a priority (and when it’s not)

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet When you’re converting inquiries into qualified leads, it’s widely believed that time is of the essence. Even research published in the Harvard Business Review says you’re almost seven times more likely to qualify a lead if you respond by phone within five minutes than if you respond an hour later. The results were surprising, as you’ll see in a moment. Absolutely not.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.

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Nike Goes Social: RSVP - #NikeShoeXYZ


Nike has somewhat of a cult following,?especially?when especially?when when it comes to their limited edition shoe releases. ?In In the past, fans have waited in line for days trying to get first dibs on their desired size and style. ?But But now, Nike has moved to Twitter to sell the latest batch of exclusive kicks. The RSVP system is quite simple. ?Nike Nike stores will send out a tweet with a hashtag related to a certain shoe being released. ?Users Users then have an hour to tweet back at Nike with the hashtag, the last 4 digits of their. driver's license, passport, or government issued I.D.