Sun.Dec 16, 2012

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The 12 Days of Social Media; a Holiday Post


I don’t know if I am a great Christmas caroler, but I do like to play with words, and engage audiences with interesting posts. In the spirit of the holidays, and with inbound marketing and social media continuing to explode, here’s my take on the 12 Days of Christmas , social media style. On the 12 th Day of Christmas, my content gave to me…. . 12 Google Plus sharing and discussing. P.S.

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Twitter Introduces 'Negative Keyword Targeting,' and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


Happy Sunday, marketers! Get ready! We’re about to take you on a little journey through today’s latest marketing updates, which will carry you into 2013 and beyond. Before getting started, let’s make sure you have your 2013 marketing goals in order. What are you hoping to achieve this coming year? If you need help getting started with your 2013 goals, download this planning template.

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The 2 Reasons Why You Really Lose a Sale

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It’s a rare sales rep who’s never lost a deal. We have to lose sales at one point or another. It’s also easy to blame a loss on something out of our control. “Our product is inadequately priced,” you may say, or, “The prospect has no money.” ” You may even blame the product team – maybe they’re delivering products the way you think they should.

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Taking it half mast

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

At the top of this blog it says Marketing, Social Media, Humanity. grow} has never been a blog that is just about business. Today I need to take a time-out for the “humanity” side of the equation. I wrote a post for today but my heart isn’t it. Today {grow} is at half-mast. Peace on Earth. My love to all who are suffering. Let’s get excited! Personal

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure.