Sun.Feb 24, 2013

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What comes after content marketing? Here are four ideas.

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I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about the evolving role of content in the marketing world — from the challenges of the “physics” of social media marketing , to Coke’s bold vision for a content-based marketing strategy.

Rebuilding a sales lead generation business after a crisis

Fearless Competitor

Buffer Recently I joined a marketing firm to manage a huge global client. Great job. High salary. Big responsibilities. I was thrilled. My sales lead generation firm Find New Customers was left behind. But the best-laid plans… go awry. After just one month I was thrown out on the street.

Targeting Audiences Not Looking for You; Advertising Options for B2B


Marketing Strategy: You Still Need to Persuade with Content ; Before Search and Social. With so much marketing noise out there talking about inbound marketing, social media, and SEO, sometimes we forget one mission-critical component to marketing strategy; advertising. I have recently been engaged with some regional b2b firms, and have been asked to help generate leads and conversions.

Vine is Open for Business


Today marks the 1 month anniversary of the new mobile app, Vine. Since its release, it has received a lot of buzz as well as dealt with a variety of issues.

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

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How many content sources does your buyer consult?


With the never ending rise of new communication channels, the shift from selling to buying, the rise of the ‘empowered’ and connected buyer, and the fragmentation of the media landscape, the attention of the (prospective) customer is not that easy to get. People proactively look for information themselves. Depending on the sources, it seems that […]. B2B marketing Content marketing content marketing personas content sources Forrester Michael Gale PulsePoint Group

Encore: “Secrets of Great Leaders” Robert Murray author of It’s Already Inside on Marketing Made Simple TV

Fearless Competitor

Buffer. In this encore show, Robert Murray, author of It’s Already Inside shares key leadership tips with the show host, Jeff Ogden , of the digital marketing firm, Find New Customers. What you’ll learn in this show: Why forgetting the basics hurts many companies.