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Everything you wanted to know about Twitter Chats

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I’ve been very active on Twitter for about four years now and I would say the aspect that has changed the most in that time is the explosive popularity of Twitter Chats. Twitter Chats have become an important networking and sales tool. In fact, you can even make money off of Twitter chats.  So let’s take a deep dive into this important social media trend. So how do you get started?

Social Media’s Missing Ingredient

Digital B2B Marketing

View original on Pinterest You are ready for social media. You have staff, tools and resources. You have a clear strategy, well-defined goals and an execution plan. You have executive support. But how long will it last? How long will you have the resources and support you need? Your social media program needs time. The old-fashioned time that is measured on a calendar, not in staff hours.

A proud American company that never understood digital

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A long, long time ago I had to pick an online platform to store my photos. What better brand name to trust with your photos than Kodak, right? Wrong. For a century Kodak WAS photography. The tech. The fun. The innovation. I was saddened, but not surprised that Kodak announced yesterday that its photo-sharing site has been sold to Shutterfly as part of its Chapter 11 fire sale. The name.

Industrial Content Marketing with Purpose

Industrial Marketing Today

In my last post, I talked about using content to convert website traffic into leads and customers. In this post, I want to continue with a similar theme and talk about why your content marketing must have a purpose. With the abundance of content available on the Internet these days, it is difficult to rise above the noise and get noticed. Manufacturers and industrial companies cannot be content with just publishing content, their content marketing needs to drive the sales process. See Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher, Act Like an Investor ). What am I talking about?

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

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Biggest Dilemma for Men Using QR Code on Indoor Advertising?

Marketing Edge

So I’m standing at a urinal doing what guys do in that position, which is stare at indoor advertising and I’m faced with a dilemma, what to do with my other hand. You see as a geek. Hitting on a single topic in marketing, social media and business communications. Quick and to the point. advertising Blog Post Facebook mobile Facebook apps Indoor Advertising Mobile Contests QR Codes

The 10 Best Marketing Infographics of 2012 (So Far)


Visual content has taken 2012 by storm, and leading the pack is the much beloved (and sometimes bemoaned) infographic. What on earth is an infographic, you ask? Ha, just kidding. You know what infographics are! They're this , and this , and this. But those are all so 2011. What has 2012 delivered marketers in the way of awesome infographics? 10) Impact of Online Reviews From Marketing Tech Blog.

Does Automation Impact Lead Conversion Rates? [CHART]

It's All About Revenue

by Paul Teshima | Tweet this We have been tracking lead conversion rates from campaigns for the past 3 years, and when we did an analysis to compare  campaigns with automation , to those without, we were not surprised to see that automated campaigns on average have a >200% higher conversion rate. But you may be asking yourself why?  The answer is simple…time. So what should you do? 

11 Apps Every Marketer Should Download


Apps are everywhere these days, and not just on your iPhone. Apps are all over Android, mobile devices, desktops. even in your marketing software ! And the functionality of these apps is ever-expanding, which is good news for marketers, because it means you can now download an app that does more than just fling angry birds at little green pigs. With Evernote , of course! Enter Statigram !

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Top Four Ways to Convert Social Networkers into Customers


So you have thousands of followers on Twitter, hundreds of Facebook “Likes,” and millions of views on your YouTube channel. What’s the secret to turning all your social networkers into cash-buying customers you ask? What’s the magic pill you ask? It’s easy. You just have to understand one thing. Nobody cares about your product. So says Jeanne Walters, who is on the board of the Social Media Club of Chicago, has sage advice for businesses looking to capitalize on social media marketing efforts. Nobody cares about your product. Customers care about their experience first. Listen, don’t just talk.

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How to clean up a cluttered website? Content analytics is the answer


Panda (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Post Panda (Google’s one-year-old revolutionary search ranking algorithm that has upended old-style SEO), optimizing individual pages is more difficult and less effective than it was before Panda. Google now pays more attention to overall site cleanliness and architecture. And duplicate content is ever more problematic. You do the keyword research.

Give Your Customers Uplifting Content to Kick Off Each Monday

Content Marketing Today

Lynda McNutt Foster Delivers with Her Weekly Launch List.  . Lynda  overflows with brains, enthusiasm, creativity, and fun. So, I wasn’t surprised to find her new weekly newsletter unique in its approach to its recipients. The ‘Launch List’ is a quick read that delivers much-needed Monday morning inspiration. It’s all about her customers, colleagues, and friends.

Marketing Made Simple TV premiers this Thursday at noon

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This is the new weekly online show by Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. Thursday at noon ET is the premier, but this show will run weekly. You’ll find the show at and other sites, including. DBMEI and YouTube. We’ll have great guests on the show, such as: Mitch Joel of TwistImage  - global digital marketing evangelist. We really appreciate our sponsors.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

B2B Marketers: It’s Time to Claim Your Facebook Company Page

B2B Marketing Traction

You may not know it, but your company page already exists on Facebook. And, it’s blank. Because your employees are on Facebook, and when they created their personal profile, they said they worked at your company. If your company page did not exist, Facebook created a blank page for you. If an employee types in a variation of your company name, Facebook will create another company page.

Dell Launches Social Media Training for B2B Channel Partners

Social Media B2B

Dell recently launched a social media training program for its B2B channel partners “to help our partners fully leverage social media tools to improve the lines of communication while elevating their own marketing efforts.” ” The first session will be May 8 at the Dell Storage Forum and will cover the following topics: What is social media and how does it affect the channel.

Stats to think about when putting together a great tweet

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I was plowing through the May issue of Harvard Business Review and came across some good statistics on Twitter that can help us all make better tweets. The full article is worth a read (it’s a quick one, so why not!), here are a few highlights: New Twitter accounts are being added at a rate of 11 per second! 36% of tweets are “Worth Reading.”

How to Conduct a B2B Marketing Content Audit

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In my research I find many companies with content on their websites for their lead generation programs – white papers, e-books, webinars, etc.  Those companies are undoubtedly asking themselves…. Is our content really working for b2b lead generation ? Is it engaging our target audience?  Is it helping us win business? To answer these questions, we need to first go back to the goals of Content Marketing.  I see three key goals: To get the attention of prospects. To earn their trust. To move them though the buying cycle to purchase. Hence, these companies need to do a Content Audit.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016


Client Bridge

AdAge defines "social video" as the use of video as the central organizing element for social interaction and storytelling online. Today, social video accounts for 51% of all Internet traffic. From ViralTracker, here's an infographic that shows why marketers should embrace the social video trend by moving away from the push model with video that is engaging, likeable and sharable. View Original Article

Give Your Social Media Campaign a Face with Video

WindMill Networking

Social media has brought the idea of personal branding for executives more into the forefront today than in years past. The TV show “ Undercover Boss ” is a perfect example of personal branding. For those who haven’t seen the show, here’s the gist: An executive, usually the CEO, works for a day or so in a variety of positions within his own company. This is where Executive Profile Videos come in.

Niche vs General Marketing: What's the Difference?


Successful businesses generally use one of two marketing strategies. They can try to appeal to everybody -- like Walmart or McDonald's -- or they can aim for a small but dedicated core group. This second approach, called niche marketing, has successfully created businesses focusing on customers ranging from scrapbooking aficionados to Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts. Finding your niche market means focusing your efforts on a very targeted group. Photo by Richard_of_England). Definitions. Customer interest: General marketing ?reaches reaches many people with no interest in a product.

How Does Your Inside Sales Team Deliver A Message?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

A lot has been written lately on the AG Salesworks Blog about different approaches to inside sales/teleprospecting and specifically about having “business conversations” with the right people within our target audiences. Recently, I was reading a number of articles from various sources on the web, and I stumbled upon an article posted on Inc. by Tom Searcy titled, “ What a 9-Year-Old Can Teach you about selling ” The message in Tom’s article can not only be leveraged in selling, but also in managing an inside sales team. Why do people decide to hire us?

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Social Business: Where It’s Been & Where It’s Going


“Chasing the past, I stumbled into the future” – T A Sachs. I’ve always been a firm believer that in order to look to the future, we must look back to and fully grasp the past (and the present). Having had several recent engaging conversations with smart people who I respect, I’ve picked up a hint of exhaustion around usage of the word “social” Could it be that some who saw the “change” coming years ago are weary of having carried that torch for so many years as we move into the heavy lifting? News & Notes

Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012

Your Sales Management Guru

Top Sales Magazine Names Consultant to Cisco and Microsoft Partner Programs a Top 50 Sales/Marketing Influencer.  **revised Posting. KNOXVILLE , Tenn., May 7, 2012— Ken Thoreson , author of the award-winning Your Sales Management Guru blog, articles and book series for sales leaders, renowned consultant, columnist and speaker, and Acumen Management Group Principal, was named to Top Sales ’ “ Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012 “ list. The magazine describes this elite group as “resources that can assist companies in becoming the best that they can possibly be.”

In Social Media -- Timing is Everything

Manhattan Marketing Maven

Nielsen recently released State of the Media Advertising & Audiences. It got me thinking about timing and digital media. While time has been a critical planning factor in traditional media, digital marketers don’t think in terms of prime time, roadblocks or time triggered communications as much as their offline counterparts.    That strikes me, as a missed opportunity since timing is everything in life and in marketing. Perhaps the reason is a lack of data on behavior or the absence of consensus on digital, social and mobile media use.  Most Facebook shares happen at Noon.


The Results Are in! Takeaways from VR Email Tests: Offer Edition

Vertical Response

We’ve given you quite a few ideas lately on the different components of your email campaigns that you could test ( CTAs , Personalization , etc.), but had yet to give you any tips on how to could mix up your copy/content itself to generate better results. Time to remedy that! Tale of the Tape. revenue. Offer B: 8,627 recipients, 10.21% open rate, 0.34% CTR, 6 conversions, $104.55 revenue.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

E-Quip Blog: Harnessing the Power of Change


Harnessing the Power of Change. If you plot the pace of societal and technological change over the course of human history, you see a generally linear pattern of growth over centuries until you reach the post-World War II era