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LinkedIn Recommendations: Why Less is More

B2B Marketing Traction

What is the right number of LinkedIn recommendations on your profile? Should you have 5? Most professionals I know suggest fewer quality recommendations over quantity. Of course, this depends on your level of experience and the number of positions you’ve held. We had a great discussion on this very topic at an Institute of Management Consultants Los Angeles breakfast meeting.

Is Thought Leadership The Future of Marketing?

B2B Marketing Insider

In our last interview, Steve McKee asked if Big Data was the future of marketing. In previous interviews, Doug Kessler talked about creating a  content culture , Todd Wheatland predicted that  content and technology  would combine to drive the future of marketing. Mark Schaefer discussed culture and  the future of search. Marcus Starke predicted the rise of the  science of marketing. Ann

Mobile vs. Social – Round 1: Ding! Ding! Ding!

Puzzle Marketer

This year is off to a roaring start for digital marketing. Corporations and small businesses alike are investing heavily into digital marketing and we’d like to pose a debate question… Where are you spending your digital dollars? Mobile or Social? In the blue corner we have Mobile! This includes mobile app development, responsive web design, push notifications, and mobile targeted paid advertising. We’ve seen why your business should go mobile recently with mobile devices overtaking PCs. Is this where you’re spending your marketing dollars? Vote by clicking here!

PowerViews with Bob Perkins: Inside Sales is Here to Stay


My guest today is Bob Perkins, Founder of AA-ISP and Vice President of Inside Sales at Merrill Datasite. Bob shared his perspective on how inside sales strategies have grown in popularity as companies strive to improve customer service and boost sales as efficiently as possible. Customer Demands Blur the Line Between Inside Sales and Field Sales. mail communication. Stay Tuned

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150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more.

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SEO: 3 Things Journalists and Bloggers Can Learn

Writing on the Web

From what I see, many bloggers aren’t using hyperlinks when they publish blog posts. Worse, in some cases, they aren’t teaching writers about this in online writing courses. just attended a week-long writer’s conference in San Miguel. and although there were a few workshops on blogging and online creative non-fiction writing, not one word about keywords or linking!

How Your A/E/C Firm Can Build a Rewarding Presence on Pinterest


Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so if your architecture, engineering, or construction firm is not marketing itself on the photo-based social network Pinterest, you’re missing out on the opportunity to say volumes to potential customers. Lay a Strong Foundation. Before you begin creating boards on Pinterest, it’s important to optimize your Pinterest profile. Add and verify your website.

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How to Make a Splash With Twitter At Your Next Big Event

Modern B2B Marketing

by Dayna Rothman Being active on social networks before, during, and after your event is critical for optimal engagement. Since events are in real time, attendees often use social networks to get updates and to communicate with other participants in a live environment. If you need some help, check out our brand new Sample Social Media for Events Template. Before an Event. Build Twitter Lists.

8 Useful Tools for Identifying and Connecting With Prospects


Ah, the elusive prospect. You know they're out there in need of your service or product, but it can be tough to uncover them at the right time in their search. So how do you find them ? And once you find them, what the heck do you do with them? Just poke 'em with a stick? First of all, that's a veritable "no" to the stick thing. That way, the first call you make to them doesn’t have to be so cold.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

We surveyed 2016's content marketing leaders on their biggest issues, hurdles, and goals.

Digital Marketing on a Vine–Twitter’s New Video Venue


Image via CrunchBase. Twitter’s new Vine has some social media and marketing experts tumbling with excitement. Within a month of its launch, it’s already being declared the next big thing in digital media marketing. But is it, really? How long does it take you to tell your brand’s story? Can you do it in just six-seconds? In video? With sound? Does 140 characters suddenly seem excessive? Welcome Welcome to Twitter’s visual challenge. But Vine has also gathered its share of detractors – and faced its first scandal, if you will. Within a week of launch, porn video clips started to appear.

Not All Responsive Web Design is Created Equal


If you’re considering a website redesign or planning to build a website for the first time, it is my hope as a designer that you have some understanding of what Responsive Web Design (RWD) is and why you need it. RWD is an amazing way to design your website that makes it possible for visitors to access your content anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device. Usability Trumps All. thinking).

The Ultimate Hack. A {growtoon}.

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Join the growtoonists each Friday for a humorous take on marketing, social media, and current business events. Joey  Strawn  is a social media strategist who loves enjoying a good book and then drawing in it. Check him out on Twitter:  @joey_strawn. Related Stories Soup Or Bowl. A {growtoon}. Analysis paralysis. A {growtoon}. Dress for Success. A {growtoon}. Marketing MD. A {growtoon}.

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“Secrets of Great Leaders” Robert Murray author of It’s Already Inside on Marketing Made Simple TV

Fearless Competitor

Buffer. In this show, Robert Murray, author of It’s Already Inside shares key leadership tips with the show host, Jeff Ogden. What you’ll learn in this show: Why forgetting the basics hurts many companies. How to avoid “shiny object syndrome” and stick to the basics. How the best focus on clear competitive differentiation and “dial it up to 11″ Marketing Made Simple T V is a weekly show delivering the best business thought leaders in a fun and engaging format. The Producer and Director of the show is Craig Yaris  and it is edited by Kevin Ogden.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

745 marketers told us how effective their content marketing is. Between November 5 and November 17, we surveyed 601 marketers with an 18-question online survey. A few weeks later, Adweek sent the questionnaire to 144 additional marketers. As the survey was answered by nearly our entire population target, the calculated margin of error was approximately 1 percent. Here's what we learned.

Use Social Media Statistics to Find Your B2B Audience

Social Media B2B

B2B marketers often use statistics for their social media presentations. Whether these are educational decks for internal or external audiences, or slides to prove the need for an investment in social media, this is a very limited use for all the statistics that are available online. The latest version of the survey was just released, so let’s look at some other ways to use this survey.

Social Media 2013: What Sites Are Most Important to Marketers This Year, Part 2

Marketing Action

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Ninety-one percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing tactics to grow their business, and 87 percent of those businesses are leveraging social media. Jeanniey Mullen, Global EVP & CMO of Zinio , joined Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing in a webinar to discuss Social Media 2013: What Sites Are Most Important to Marketers This Year.

Understanding How Buyers Make Decisions

Sales Intelligence View

Many salespeople make a critical error when approaching prospects; they assume that the prospect wants to buy their product and is unlikely to say “no” to their offer. In reality, the opposite is true: most peoples’ brains are wired to reject sales and are not likely to buy unless the salesperson overcomes their natural resistance to it. This is actually good news.

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VisualIQ Connects Attribution to Media Buys

Customer Experience Matrix

As I threatened – I mean, promised – a couple of weeks ago , I’ll be writing about marketing measurement systems over the next month or two. The hottest topic within this segment is probably algorithmic attribution, which uses advanced statistics to calculate the incremental impact of each marketing contact on final results. Any difference in outcomes would be attributed to that fourth impression.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

If you're concerned that your organization's content marketing isn't as effective as it could be, this report is for you.

Being a Successful Freelancer: 25 Things I Learned the Hard Way

Stories that Sell

Normal. 0. false. false. false. EN-US. mso-add-space:auto;line-height:normal">. mso-add-space:auto;line-height:normal">. mso-add-space:auto;line-height:normal"> “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” ” mso-add-space:auto;line-height:normal">. mso-add-space:auto;line-height:normal"> I’m not sure who said that, but file it under quotes that are wise, but still hard to accept.

Doctors, Patients and Online Confidentiality: What Medical Boards Care About


Naturally, physicians worry about the repercussions of divulging certain information online, whether on their own hospital/practice websites or separate social media profiles. Healthcare Industry Reputation Management Social Media Annals of Internal Medicine state medical boards

Are You Using The IKEA Effect To Help Them Buy?

Buyer Insights

The IKEA Effect provides a clear warning to sellers – ensure the buyer is involved in the process of defining, building, or tailoring your product, or at least in the process of purchase and justification. Buyer Psychology Buyer Involvement Buying Process Consultative Sale IKEA Effect purchase decision Purchase Justification

The B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist by Velocity Partners UK is here!

Fearless Competitor

Buffer Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners joined Jim Burns of Avitage and Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute on Marketing Made Simple TV for a great content marketing roundtable. Terrific show. Watch it here. Our great friends in the UK at Velocity Partners released an awesome piece of new content to help B2B marketers everywhere. What does this mean for you? WHAT’S INSIDE. Why use it?

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

Brand voice? Editorial calendar? Approval workflow? Learn how to craft the crucial parts of a content marketing program. In the third installment of our five-part playbook series, discover the necessary steps to execute a content marketing program.

The 5 Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes


If you use Facebook right, it can be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools in your company's public relations arsenal. If you use it wrong, the popular social media platform might reach nobody at all -- or worse still, reach thousands with a poorly conceived message. Make the most of your Facebook fan page by avoiding these common Facebook marketing mistakes. 1.

What eMagine Customers are Saying: Client Recommendations

EMagine B2B Blog

eMagine is proud to have worked with some of the best and brightest clients on Website Design, Hosting, and Online Marketing in the technology, health care, medical device and other B2B industries. Today we take a look at some client testimonials on our hosting work with them: Sherry Wyatt, Principal at Wheless-Wyatt Communications, LLC, Greenville, South Carolina Area. Greater New York City Area.

Top 13 Must-Read Books for Bloggers


When you’re constantly creating content for your business blog, the wells of inspiration can dry up pretty quickly. It’s crucial to fill them up again by consuming quality content yourself. This list of the top 13 must-read books for bloggers is designed to help you build a better blog, create better content, and find more [.]. Blogging

Tips for Keyword Selection

Client Bridge

Keyword selection is an important part of SEO for content marketers. Without doing proper research and analysis, your content marketing efforts may largely be wasted. The Content Marketing Institute has a list of twelve questions to ask yourself when selecting keywords for SEO purposes. Have I mined keyword research resources? AdWords, Keyword Discovery, WordTracker and similar tools are good sources for possible keywords, and can show you how many monthly searches are done on targeted keyword phrases. Is the keyword phrase relevant? Your keyword phrase needs to match what your business does.

2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

To build a world-class marketing program, it's crucial to compare yourself to the best performers - but competitor data can be scarce.