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The level playing field has turned into a content arms race

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Have I ever told you how much I love Gini Dietrich ? For me, she is such an amazing role model for dong it right on the social web. And if you’re one of the five people on earth not already following her Spin Sucks blog, go do that now. Gini is a smart and savvy friend and we don’t always see eye to eye, which makes her an even better friend. And it works. No longer. Agree?

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20 Stats Every Modern Marketer Should See

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If you were at Eloqua Experience last week, you probably heard a lot of stats cited. It’s inevitable. At every event we hear statistics rattled off as speakers and attendees attempt to quantify the world around them. It’s for good reason. Data is simply exploding as social, mobile and apps change the way we work, collaborate and deliver marketing campaigns. As marketers, we need to be able to represent these changes in an easily understandable way. That’s probably why I heard many requests for access to many of the stats cited at Eloqua Experience. Source ).

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5 Major Challenges Marketers Face (And How to Solve Them)


Every marketer faces different challenges. Although we typically share similar goals, some marketers are stuck on lead generation , while others are having trouble converting leads into customers, and some just aren’t generating the traffic to their site they need in the first place. Whatever it is, there’s always at least one area that any marketer can stand to improve. And hey -- that’s great!

Why B2B Marketers Are Slow To Invest In Data

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Good data is essential for B2B marketing organizations to excel. Sirius Decisions research indicates that good data can increase revenue driven through marketing by 70%. It isn’t hard to believe, just ask any B2B marketer that has tried marketing to a bad prospect list. Many participants simply assumed the data would be inaccurate. Burnt before, they are very slow to invest in new data.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

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Inbound Marketing 101: Get Your Customers To Listen And Buy [Infographic]

B2B Marketing Insider

The web and social media have forever changed the tactics of marketing. Sending more promotional messages through traditional push-based tactics doesn’t work any more. So leading businesses are using inbound marketing (or “Pull Marketing”) to more effectively  attract new customers. But simply “telling stories” about your products is not enough either. Your Web Site.

Tennyson Delivers Skyfall’s British Bulldog Moment

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To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. In her 7th and final role playing “M” in Skyfall – the latest in a series of 23 James Bond movies produced over the past 50 years – Dame Judi Dench appears before Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee to defend her record as head of MI6 – the government agency which supplies Her Majesty’s Government with foreign intelligence. Reil, Jr.’s

If it exists, there is porn of it, no exceptions


Tweet Are you or your clients convinced that your product or service is too niche for anyone to care about? That your appeal is so limited that investing in  social media  engagement or blogger outreach would be a shot in the dark? Well, that’s not only a pity but patently wrong. The  Seriously. It’s already a thing:  Rule 34 : ”If it  exists , there is porn of it. No exceptions.”

To Script Or Not To Script?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from one of our BDR's, Stephen Wolff. This is a question that I have asked myself and many others who have been teleprospecting over the past 4 years. Most of the scripts I have seen and used were for voicemails that are left as a message to a prospect. have received a lot of feedback regarding scripting and have found that while some people dislike having or using scripts, it may be a necessary evil for others in the early stages of their teleprospecting tenure. Teleprospecting is a different animal all together.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

The Pre-Call Research Checklist

Sales Intelligence View

Regardless of what you sell, the quality of the information you know about your prospects affects how effectively you close them. defined sales strategy and a solid pre-call research process will make the difference being winning and losing a sale. Instead, Kelley measures effective research by how intelligently you can communicate with your prospects about the key business issues they face.

Swag Marketing: Get Your Swagger in Check

Modern B2B Marketing

by Rick Siegfried I had an “apple falling on the head” sort of moment a week or so ago during my morning coffee. Before I go any further, let me provide some background. The below Twitter stream between myself ( @RickGrind ), sales intelligence and social selling tool, InsideView ( @insideview ), and their Director of Social Media Strategy, Koka Sexton ( @kokasexton ) will let you know what’s up.

All Your B2B Lead Generation Questions Answered

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Nearly 7,000 people are already registered for one of the largest marketing events ever – and we’re excited to be a leading sponsor, panel speaker and virtual booth host. There is still time to register for free and see all the fantastic presentations , visit the virtual trade show booths and participate in expert chats with ReachForce lead data experts and find out about customer implementations. We also have a very special guest joining us,  Brian Massey, The Conversion ScientistTM. ” Chats will start every 15 minutes, and you can see the full list of topics below.

B2B Tech Marketing: The Importance of Timing Your Content


Timing is everything – especially when it relates to tech marketing and nurturing the technology decision-maker with your online content. When UBM Tech Web asked technology buyers in their Buyers Research Study what would negatively affect their selection of a … Continue reading → The post B2B Tech Marketing: The Importance of Timing Your Content appeared first on Fathom. B2B Content Creation & Strategy Technology Industry

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

VIDEO: Winning Customers on Social Media

Client Bridge

From Entrepreneur.com, here's a video in which Frank Rimalovski of NYU Innovation Venture Fund talks about creative ways that startups can use social media to reach customers. View Original Article

eMagine Launches New Websites

EMagine B2B Blog

eMagine has a large portfolio of website designs, SEO engagements, PPC Campaign Management, Social Media Management and more. We use this bog to provide educational material for our visitors on these subjects. Below is a sampling of some new website launches, and the services eMagine provided: NJM Packaging NJM Packaging is the proven trusted packaging [.] The post eMagine Launches New Websites appeared first on B2B Web Strategy. Web Design

Should Social Media Marketers Worry About Privacy?

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“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”. –  Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable. Can we thank social media for the end of privacy? Are we trending away from concerns about what is public and what is off limits? And, OK yes, some just simply want to add (or sell) your contact information to yet another allegedly “targeted” direct email marketing database. George Orwell is snickering. 

Creating Your Big Rock Content Piece: 5 Must-Have Tips For Success


When determining your content marketing mix, you want to make sure that you have what we at Marketo call  “Big Rock Content Pieces”. These are your big kahunas, the large thought leadership pieces that not only illustrate your unique point of view, but that you can also break up and use to create smaller content pieces. At Marketo, our “Big Rocks” are in the form of our Definitive Guides, which can be 80+ pages jam packed full of awesome content and tips. But how do you create one of these crazy “Big Rock” pieces? Sounds like a lot of work. Well, it is! Always create an outline.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

eMagine Launches New Websites

EMagine B2B Blog

eMagine has a large portfolio of website designs, SEO engagements, PPC Campaign Management, Social Media Management and more. We use this blog to provide educational material for our visitors on these subjects. Below is a sampling of some new website launches, and the services eMagine provided: NJM Packaging. NJM Packaging is the proven trusted packaging systems  manufacturer, integrator and support resource. For 100 years, they’ve been unmatched for the innovation and quality of their packaging machines, solid dose solutions and expertise in  labeling. Galatea. Galatea Corp. BCN Telecom.

The Difference between Healthcare Content and Content Delivery


Quality content marketing for healthcare begins with understanding the difference between content and content delivery. While the terms are often used interchangeably, there’s a distinction that’s vital to understand as you strive for content leadership in the healthcare industry. Content … Continue reading → The post The Difference between Healthcare Content and Content Delivery appeared first on Fathom. Content Creation & Strategy Healthcare Industry

I Need A Plan for 200 Videos for the Channel, Chapter Five


Video Vignettes Channel Enablement Video vignettes

I Need A Plan for 200 Videos for the Channel, Chapter Five


Collaborating with the Channel    Max Wilson, Director of Marketing at WE-CAN Technologies,  has been asked by his executive team, (Chapter One), to develop an execution plan for delivering 200 videos for use in the channel.  He has responded with an email validating that 200 videos is approximately what is needed, (Chapter Two), and an email outlining a pragmatic production approach, (Chapter Three).   Max followed up with a recommended approach for evaluating the initiative investment, (Chapter Four).  In the evaluation he identified a potential channel partner adoption risk to be managed.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

I Need A Plan for 200 Videos for the Channel, Chapter Five


All change efforts are.  We know that we have to make this initiative easy to adopt and show results in the short term.  Our collaborative approach to deployment is outlined below.   I.  Pilot Deployment Phases:  There will be a pilot phase that will involve five partners we select for their marketing competency.  The pilot should last between four to six weeks.  The objective of the pilot deployment is to test the usefulness and effectiveness of the capabilities we developed to support the partners.  Content Publishing Uncategorized Video Vignettes Channel Enablement Video vignettes