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The New 4 P’s of Marketing

It's All About Revenue

by Brian Kardon | Tweet this You know the saying: You go to college for an education, and then spend years trying to un-learn everything you were taught. It’s hard to name a field that has faced as much disruption and change as marketing. It’s our attempt to spice up the stodgy principles of marketing. Here are the 4 New P’s of Marketing you’ll see throughout the syllabus. 1. Personality. Physics.

Influence of Buyer Perceived Value (BPV) on Buyer Behavior and Decisions

Tony Zambito

What Moneyball Teaches Digital Marketers About Winning

Buzz Marketing for Technology

“Adapt or Die” – Billy Beane. Moneyball , a book by Michael Lewis and now a movie starring Brad Pitt, is an amazing story of how Billy Beane, the then Oakland Athletics General Manager, chose to abandon baseball’s collective wisdom and applied what many considered to be “outsider” thinking to develop a winning team. When everyone’s way isn’t working for you, find your own path.

What is Thought Leadership and Why Do you Need It?

B2B Marketing Insider

These were some of the questions asked recently at the #profschat back on September 16 th by @MProfsEvents and the good folks @MarketingProfs. During the one-hour “tweetchat” that occurs every Friday from 12-1pm EST, there was a great dialogue on the definition, the need and the value of Thought Leadership. It can also include your unique perspective on hot topics relevant for your customers.

Lead Generation Checklist

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Savvy Toolkit - The Blog Tree Infographic

Savvy B2B Marketing

The Savvy Sisters are always flattered when another blogger takes the time to guest post, mention or engage with our site. So when we are included in a infographic like Eloqua's The Blog Tree: New Growth. Fruit for Your RSS Feed we are giddy as school girls! We agree that being able to visually synthasize concept for busy professionals via design elements is essential.

Buyers to Marketers: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

Digital B2B Marketing

“Why do you want my email and phone number again? So your sales consultant can contact me? No thanks, I’ll pass.” ” Most B2B marketers are still fixated on capturing registration data, and no wonder. The marketing automation machine lives on a diet of email and your sales process is built on the telephone. We are only willing to engage with you on our terms and timetable.

Slideshare ditches Flash. Moves to HTML5. Now mobile and search ready.

Fearless Competitor

B2B Demand Generation | Slideshare becoming a powerful mobile marketing tool. Do you use Slideshare for your marketing campaigns ? If you don’t, you should. Not only can you post presentations there, but you can add YouTube video or audio tracks. Highly recommended.) Then you can share on social networks, embed in a blog post and more. Slideshare has long been a useful tool for B2B marketers. But it is about to get a lot more powerful. The engineers have just totally re-written the product in HTML5. What does that mean? ” Dan McDade, Pointclear.

How to pitch a blogger


Image via Wikipedia. So last week, I told you how NOT to pitch a blogger in your PR outreach, so it raises the pregnant question of what exactly should you do? We at Abraham Harrison have been doing it successfully for almost five years now, so we think we know a thing or two about it. Just how do you pitch a blogger? Who is spitting mad? Who needs more information?  Time is of the essence. 

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

6 Instant B2B Social Media Lead Generation Improvements

Social Media B2B

Social media that doesn’t drive revenue doesn’t last. As B2B marketers, focusing on generating leads and revenue is our top priority. Social media can help. It can help reduce cost of customer acquisition and provide sustainable long-term lead flow. Instant B2B Social Media Lead Generation Improvements. 1. Have an upcoming webinar that you are using to drive leads? They are wrong.

B2B Marketers: Re-purpose Content with a Purpose

B2B Marketing Traction

Tweet. Now more than ever, optimized online content is the key to attracting prospects to your website. But how do you make time to create blog entries, videos, eBooks, whitepapers, podcasts, presentations and articles? The answer is re-purposing. When you notice that a particular blog entry on your site generated a lot of traffic and/or comments, create a video on the same subject.

Bytes from the PR Sphere: Distilling the Social Components of Public Relations

WindMill Networking

Social + media = engagement + information Vis-à-vis (corporate) public relations and social media, if I had my druthers at this stage the explanation would be reversed, although media social doesn’t trip off the tongue (or keyboard) nearly as easily. But it would be more accurate. Since time, I’ve adopted it as my own “tweetable” #PR definition. Plus used it, numerous times. Not own.

Is Lead Generation On Its Way Out? [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

by Maria Pergolino Data from Google Insights for Search suggests lead generation is starting to slide off the radar of marketers. Or is it? The truth is that marketers are becoming more focused on more specific topics like demand generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing. Take a look below to learn which marketing automation topics are becoming front of mind.

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

How to leverage Facebook for business – I

EMagine B2B Blog

This is the first of a three-part series aimed at helping our readers understand how best to use Facebook for their companies’ benefit.  It assumes some casual familiarity with Facebook, but nothing approaching wizard level.  The second part will appear here within 2 weeks. Many businesses – that is, among those that are attempting to [.]. B2B Web Strategy Social Media

Media 12

Longer Tweets Generate More Clicks on Twitter [New Data]


Over the course of the last few years of presenting data about Twitter , I've been asked a few common questions that, at the time, I didn't have the data to answer. One of the most common questions asked has been regarding click-through-rates (CTR). started by analyzing the length of 200,000 link-containing tweets as well as the CTR the links in those tweets generated. Did this data surprise you?

CTR 11

Increase Your Company’s Productivity With Social Media


A growing number of companies talk about the benefits of adopting web 2.0 tools inside the organization, but the list is short for companies that are using them for increased business results. Unisys, the 138-year old tech firm, has quickly made “going social” part of its culture. Here’s how they did it, and how they’re using social media tools to become more agile, to share knowledge, and to increase the speed of innovation. Unisys CEO Ed Coleman addressed this through leading by example. – Increase Your Company’s Productivity With Social Media.

Social Sharing Increases Blog Page Views 160% [New Data!]


Blogging is key to any inbound marketing plan. Not only is it a great way to add pages to your site and increase your footprint, it also improves your search rankings and helps get more inbound links. However, by writing and publishing blog articles, you aren't getting the most out of all your efforts, you also need to promote your content. 149% More Inbound Links. 55% More Comments.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Buyers to Marketers: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

Digital B2B Marketing

“Why do you want my email and phone number again? So your sales consultant can contact me? No thanks, I’ll pass.” ” Most B2B marketers are still fixated on capturing registration data, and no wonder. The marketing automation machine lives on a diet of email and your sales process is built on the telephone. We are only willing to engage with you on our terms and timetable.

5 Tips for Managing LinkedIn Groups


In B2B marketing, creating and managing your own LinkedIn group for your brand is a great lead generation strategy. LinkedIn groups draw prospects to you in several ways: 1. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. By engaging in the discussions your group members have and answering questions, you show how you're a resource. 2. Grow a community of advocates. Get ideas for content.

How to make your 2012 sales quota (or look for a new job)

Fearless Competitor

B2B Lead Generation | How to Find New Customers. Here are a few facts to cause deep concerns (Data from CSO Insights): (For a related post, check out Why Sales Needs Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.). Over 9 out 10 companies (95%) raised sales quotas in 2011. They will undoubtedly go up again in 2012. Quota increases are accelerating too. Out of 10 salespeople, only 6 made quota in 2010. With higher quotas, fewer than 6 will make quota next year – unless something changes. The economy is a disaster and it looks like it will stay that way for some time. ” The Funnelholic.

Buyers to Marketers: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

Digital B2B Marketing

“Why do you want my email and phone number again? So your sales consultant can contact me? No thanks, I’ll pass.” ” Most B2B marketers are still fixated on capturing registration data, and no wonder. The marketing automation machine lives on a diet of email and your sales process is built on the telephone. The problem [.]. Content Demand Generation Social Media B2B marketing demand generation Facebook Google lead generation LinkedIn registration social media twitter

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

A website solution for a tough economy

Confluent Forms

Our company headquarters is in Northampton, Massachusetts, a town with a very strong culture of " buy local " ingrained in the social fabric. Walking down Main Street you can count on one hand the number of chain stores found here and the local banks greatly outnumber the Big Bank entities. Small businesses dominate. Flash-back to a year ago: we had very few local clients.

B2B Social Media Success Formula Mixes Business with Pleasure

B2B Ideas @ Work

I enjoy business-to-business marketing, and I’ve discovered many others with the same mindset through social media. When I began blogging and engaging on Twitter and LinkedIn , the first thing I realized is how much I have to learn regardless of my decades of experience. Through social media, I have also connected with thousands of other marketing, PR and creative professionals who share ideas and insights at a pace I could never achieve on my own. Social media is a very important part of an inbound marketing program and it can certainly help drive conversions and leads. Wednesday, Oct.

6 Steps to Conducting a Successful Content Brainstorming Session


Creating fresh, valuable content takes creativity. But creativity can be a scary, demoralizing thing. Are my ideas different? Will prospects and customers find them appealing? Oftentimes, just coming up with ideas can be even more daunting than creating the content that completes the ideas themselves. Identify Your Goal(s). Decide Who Should Attend Your Brainstorming Session. Get Brainstorming!

5 Productivity Killers For Your Cold Calling Team

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

From what I’ve seen over the years making cold calls, it can be customary to place blame on your inside sales folks when they’re having difficulty uncovering solid leads. Believe me, your reps skill-set can be a primary driving factor in their success, but at times we can lose sight of other factors that are out of their control. When I see my most talented folks putting in the overtime with low results, generally I know it’s time we start looking at the other factors beyond their inability to uncover opportunities. It shouldn’t take much longer than that.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Generating Leads from Your Blog

Client Bridge

Entrepreneur.com has ten tips for increasing your company's digital presence and converting blog traffic into qualified leads. Make your blog an extension of your main website" For many visitors, your blog might be their first and only experience with your company. As such, have your blog as a sub-domain of your main page and make sure it mirrors the design of your main site. Solve or share, don't shill" Focus on helping your customers to solve problems instead of trying to sell to them. Show up" Blog on a regular, sustainable schedule. Use an editorial calendar to plan a posting schedule.

A Marketer's Guide to the Google News Standout Tag


Have you ever imagined a world where you could talk to Google? Well now you can. Sort of. Representatives from Google News, during a session at this years Online News Association conference in Boston, announced a new meta tag that will allow its over 50,000 subscribers to send a message to Google News. The tag’s syntax is as followed: Now, why should marketers care about this? 1.

Tone-deaf companies

Fearless Competitor

B2B Demand Generation | Companies who fail to listen. I’m astounded at the number of companies who are tone-deaf today. Case in point, after an egregious email by a sales rep at Avaya , we were astounded that all efforts to reach a responsible party fell on deaf ears. Despite weeks of trying, no one ever responded. would NEVER buy an Avaya product – period. And I’ve also told that to the 67,000 readers of my blog. And my 4,000+ Twitter followers too. It’s not just me. After explaining what I was looking for and a partial response by email, nothing. Avaya gets an F.