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5 Ways to Get Readers to Respond

Writing on the Web

You spend a lot of time writing content on your blog but if the only comments you get are from people looking for free marketing, maybe it’s time to revise your content strategies. Here’s a guest post from Chris Peterson at Straight North integrated marketing services in Chicago. 1. Your Blog as an Interactive Tool. Polls. Make them feel as if they are a part of the blog.

New Marketing Automation Report: Venture Funding is Key to Success

Customer Experience Matrix

I released the 2012 edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) report today, an event that deserves more hoopla that I’ve given it. The VEST provides by far the most detailed, objective information available on industry vendors. It’s also interactive: you can change the weights assigned to different items and watch the vendors zoom around the quadrant as a result.

How B2B brands approach Twitter

The B2B Research Blog

Social media has become a bit of an obsession for me. Not so much as a participant, but as an observer. I’m the technology equivalent of a bird watcher. I’ve been observing B2B marketers in their natural habitat. Noting their behaviours. Sketching and documenting the different species I see. call them ‘Twitologies’ and I’d like to share an outline of them here. It all began with a study Circle Research conducted for B2B Marketing late in 2011 to establish the ‘state of the nation’ in B2B social media. And after more than 250 interviews with client-side readers we had a solid benchmark.

What Social Data can Teach You about Audiences

Buzz Marketing for Technology

My son is a senior in high school and I am beginning to help him with his search for the right school.  One of the aspects of college life that he is looking forward to is belonging to a university with strong school spirit. So to help with this, I suggested that we use football teams as a proxy to find the right environment. Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

Lead Generation Checklist

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My February Challenge: 10 Tweets a Day

B2B Memes

It’s somewhat sad, I suppose, that my only effective mode of self-improvement is to set arbitrary goals. But it works. Last November, I challenged myself to write a blog post a day. I am happy to say I met my goal. Although I subsequently fell off the wagon in December (8 posts) and January (5 posts), it still feels like a significant achievement. This month, I’m setting my sights on Twitter.  I think of myself as an active and enthusiastic user of the platform, but when I actually calculate my daily tweets, the number is unimpressive. visit to How Often Do You Tweet? tweets a day. Perhaps not.

10 Fast Facts About Facebook

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this We all knew the day was coming. Now it’s here. Today, Facebook filed its intention to be traded on the public markets in an IPO that could value it at $100 billion. Being the resident financial document nerd, I’ve pored through the filing to pull some fascinating Facebook facts. Here they are in all their glory. Oh, and you can read the filing yourself here. Everyday We’re Facebookin’. We knew Facebook had a lot of users. The network has 845 million monthly active users. Social Has Gone Mobile. Facebook has gone deep into the mobile field. Billion Dollar Baby.

Are You a Content Curator? 5 Great Tools for Content Curation and Sharing


Like me, you may be a “content curator” and not even know it. Lately, I have noticed a number of articles and blog posts with headlines referencing the concept of content curation. You can imagine my surprise after researching this topic, only to discover that I was already curating content on a regular basis! So what exactly is this practice? It essentially curates content for you!

Savvy Speaks: B2B Blogs - Yes, No, or Maybe?

Savvy B2B Marketing

Our Savvy friend Mark Schaefer recently reported on his blog, {grow}, about a study done by the Center for Marketing Research that seems to indicate blogging is on the decline with America's fastest growing companies. In today's Savvy Speaks, we give our two cents on how we think blogging is stacking up against other B2B marketing tactics and where it's headed in 2012 and beyond. Wendy.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

February Fan of the Month – Christina “CK” Kerley

Fearless Competitor

The B2B demand generatio n company Find New Customers is proud to announce our “Fan of the Month” winner for February 2012 – Mobile Marketing guru Christina “CK” Kerley. This young lady is a dynamo and passionate marketing expert. cannot wait to have her as my guest on Mad Marketing TV. Check out her website and awesome content at  [link]. Congrats, CK!

People Insights: It’s Like for B2B Sales

Sales Intelligence View

Selling to people has not changed dramatically over the past hundred years. You have a product or service, identify a pool of prospects and then discover how many of them you can help. Sure thats over simplified but when it bols down, those are some of the key components. What has changed a great dea over the past few years is not so much the overall process but the details of how to sell to people. Most sales people do not have the opportunity to walk into the offices of their prospects, see the awards on the wall, photos on the desk and bag of golf clubs in the corner. People buy from people.

Google’s new privacy policy is definitely good for Google


Image via CrunchBase. Many of you probably got an e-mail last week from Google announcing its new privacy policy. Every site has a privacy policy, and as a marketer, I understand the need to make some use of the information. After all, Google gives a lot of stuff for nothing–I depend on Gmail, Google Calendar, and many other free functions–so it is only fair that we give something back.

How to Distinguish Between PPC Pros and PPC Posers


Hiring a paid search manager is easy. Hiring a great paid search manager is not. First, let's briefly review this specialty. Paid search managers, of which I am one, are notorious for living in their heads. They are some of the oddest people I have ever met. The unfortunate thing about paid search is that it's one of the easiest skills to fake. Passion. Passion about what? Tireless Work Ethic.

PPC 20

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

Is It Really All About Relationships? Yes, It Is!

WindMill Networking

As a lifelong networker and alliance marketer, I find that the fact that these ideas are now getting focus is a bit backward.  Relationships should ALWAYS be the focus of our interactions.  However, I understand the “Mad Men” mentality. Convincing people to buy through the use of advertisements was the pervasive philosophy back in the day, and worked for years and years. Use the tools properly. 

Managing Content Marketing: Expert Interview with Joe Pulizzi

Content Marketing Today

What is content marketing?What What makes it different from other types of business communications, and why should local businesses adopt a content marketing… See the video interview below to learn from content marketing guru, Joe Pulizzi: Via Content Marketing Marketing Basics News

Video 18

What in the Heck Is Going on With Privacy at Google


The web has lit up about Google's updated privacy policy, and (shockingly) not all the feedback is super positive. Privacy on the internet has been a hot topic these days, especially considering Facebook's ever-changing levels of users' control over their information. So what's all the hulabaloo around Google's privacy updates? What You Need to Know About the Google Privacy Updates.

What’s Happening to EU Privacy Law? An FAQ

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Privacy law in the European Union was back in the headlines recently. That’s due to proposed changes to EU privacy protections that were released by The European Commission. A lot of people were likely scratching their heads, wondering how the proposed changes to EU privacy law would impact them and their business. Well, our own Chief Security and Privacy Officer, Dennis Dayman , follows this news the way some follow celebrity gossip. Dennis tackled some of the most frequently asked questions about the proposed changes to EU privacy laws. Is this true?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

How to Align Sales and Marketing for Results (Not Just Harmony)


SMarketing is the alignment and connection between sales and marketing. Since Sales and Marketing work closely together in most organizations, it’s often typical for these two revenue generating groups to be in conflict with one another. But if you improve SMarketing at your company, you’ll spend less time bickering and more time closing business. Measure and Hold Teams Accountable.

This is the week that was: Looking ahead

Earnest about B2B

As the end of January looms, we have begun to forget what a new year’s resolution is and are looking confused as to why we signed up for that 24 month gym contract. With six months to go to the Olympic games, we look back at a week in which old Harry is getting more than a finger wagging for his money issues and the RBS big cheese, Mr Hester , enjoyed a near £million bonus. The lesson? Let us kno

Go On Get Your Blog On: How to Empower Employees as Blogging Champions

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Marketo launched a company wide initiative to train employees on all things social media last month by declaring December as Social Media Month. series of workshops and luncheons open to all employees interested in participating and learning more about social media was put together and celebrated throughout the month. The Marketo blogging basics. We didn’t stop there.

B2B 9

The Problem with Reliance on Junior Marketing Folks

Fearless Competitor

A typical young lady in marketing. Had an interesting chat with Todd Lebo, Senior Director of Content & Business Development at MECLABS Primary Research. He observed one of the most common mistakes made by B2B companies – excessive reliance on junior marketing team members. That rang true. I’ve observed the lack of marketing leadership affecting a lot of companies. It’s been confirmed by many other marketing experts too. While these junior members handle day-to-day responsibilities, they lack the leadership and strategic planning skills a marketing department really needs.

Sales 13

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

I Wish Every Year Was An Election Year!!

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

With the non-stop press coverage of the coming election I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share some election year related data with all of you. We just concluded the best January in our almost a decade of being in business. know that the main reason for our great sales and client retention performance last month is our people and processes, but for some reason I felt that there may be other forces at play as well. took a quick dive into our historical performance as a company and found some interesting stats. In short, we build sales pipeline for them.

Why Blogging Isn’t Growing Your Business (and What to Do About It)


I joined a couple other B2B Marketers for a meal a few weeks ago, and the topic of content marketing and blogging came up.  This came as no surprise – I know they occasionally read our blog and can see that we are passionate on the topic.  They recounted some of their challenges with blogging, including some common challenges: Getting content from subject matter experts, when these experts are also required to focus their energy on billable hours. Occasional missed deadlines and the need to build a backlog of content before this happens. Varying levels of commitment from different authors.

This is the week that was: Looking ahead

Earnest about B2B

As the end of January looms, we have begun to forget what a new year’s resolution is and are looking confused as to why we signed up for that 24 month gym contract. With six months to go to the Olympic games, we look back at a week in which old Harry is getting more than a finger wagging for his money issues and the RBS big cheese, Mr Hester , enjoyed a near £million bonus. Sales cycle shift of the week: The sales cycle is the ultimate map for marketers to follow. If your activities hit the right people at the right time during their sales journey then you are on to a sure winner.  The lesson?

3 Risks of Using Traditional Telemarketing Services

Tomorrow People

What’s wrong with traditional telemarketing services? Telemarketing services have probably been around not long after the first phones were installed. Yet it seems that, both in B2B telemarketing and in B2C telemarketing, not a great deal has changed since those first early days of Alexander Bell’s great invention.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: SEO Audit Checklist

Client Bridge

From Search Engine Journal, here's an infographic about how to optimize a website for search engines, in no more than 20 minutes. View Original Article

What Does Google+ Bring to the Social Media Table?

Tomorrow People

In the latter half of 2011, Google rolled out its own social network. Dubbed Google+, the service is Google's second attempt at a social network. With many similarities to Facebook, Google+ feels familiar and fresh at the same time. Delving deeper into the service, there are a few sharp differences between the two competitors. The competition between the two has already been fierce, with more sure to follow. Some of the immediate similarities that one notices when comparing the two services are: Similarly formatted profile pages and news feeds. Ability to add friends and share status updates.

Cracking the RPM Code: A Look at Our Customers’ Growth

Modern B2B Marketing

by Phil Fernandez Everyone here at Marketo was pretty pumped when we announced our record-breaking results for 2011. But, what our team was most excited about was the growing list of Marketo customers – 1600 strong, from global enterprises to young companies – that have achieved unparalleled revenue performance and growth by embracing Revenue Performance Management (RPM). Plain and simple.