Sun.Nov 25, 2012

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Does it pay to be honest on Twitter?

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Does it pay to be honest on Twitter? Increasingly, the answer may be “no.” ” In the past, I’ve written a blog post about my life in social media each time I hit a milestone on Twitter. 10,000 followers , 20,000 followers , etc. Last week I hit 50,000 followers so I thought I would reflect on one of the philosophical issues I’m dealing with. I am not “automated.”

Emails That Say Thanks Get More Opens, Clicks [CHART]

It's All About Revenue

by Joel Rothman | Tweet this As we recover from turkey hangovers , I decided to look at how appreciated giving a simple thank you is. I took a look at about 875 million email sends looking for use of the word “Thanks” or “ Thank You ” in the subject line. I am pleased to see that good old fashioned etiquette is still a best practice! Why should we say thank you more often? My take on this?

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4 Ways to Find Top Digital Talent

Manhattan Marketing Maven

  The growth of digital, social and mobile communications has sparked a frenzied search for players with digital chops even though there are no consensus job definitions and no simple or common ways to assess digital talent. No two organizations are alike. Two digital producers or two digital strategists have disparate job descriptions, different skill sets plus radically or randomly different experience and technical knowledge. You’d think that finding great digitally savvy players is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.    Triangulate from the Ideal. Others don’t.