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Four Incredibly Naive Things People Say About Online Marketing

Tomorrow People

Working as the editorial manager here at inbound marketing agency Tomorrow People , I can’t believe the naive comments about online marketing I hear people state as gospel. Here are some of the worst offenders. This news just in : people in pubs talk very confidently about topics they know nothing about. And there’s no topic people dismiss as foolishly as the world wide web. But that’s all changed.

Three lessons I learned from being homeless

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

A few years ago, Nancy Davis started hanging around the {grow} community and became one of its most popular contributors to the comment section. I had a chance to meet her in New Jersey and strongly encouraged her to begin blogging. She did — and her openness and authentic helpfulness caught on with a lot of people. Soon, she was contributing to many leading marketing blogs. When I read your.

How to Create Top-Notch Visual Content in PowerPoint [Tutorial]


Want to hear a secret? Almost every image associated with my recent blog posts has been made in PowerPoint. Yep, whether starting from scratch or purchasing a photo to build off of, PowerPoint is my secret design weapon. I've even used it to create, and write tutorials on traditionally "designed" things like CTAs and infographics. Let's get started. Visual 1: Creating a Landing Page Visual. Voila!

Enhance your Site's Content with Microformats

Confluent Forms

It is time to become aware of the place microformats have in your site structure. Microformats are attributes present in the markup of your pages that grant an explicit deceleration (eg "this is a Blog Post") as to the role of the content present in the document. small time investment adding microformatting to your website content may yield large returns to your site and its content strategy.

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How to Leverage Content Marketing to Power Your B2B Marketing Automation Funnel

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8 Content Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

It's All About Revenue

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post was written by  Amanda F. Batista , a freelance writer, editor and content developer.   As the former Managing Editor of DemandGen Report, Amanda covered the latest technology, trends and development in the marketing automation technology space, as well as the sales and marketing strategies central to demand generation. Have you flawlessly planned and executed white paper campaigns? Maybe even driven real results by garnering click-throughs and page views galore? Tap the wisdom of your company’s own crowd. CMO, sales person, etc.)

Four Incredibly Naive Things People Say About Online Marketing

Tomorrow People

Working as the editorial manager here at inbound marketing agency Tomorrow People , I can’t believe the naive comments about online marketing I hear people state as gospel. Here are some of the worst offenders. This news just in : people in pubs talk very confidently about topics they know nothing about. And there’s no topic people dismiss as foolishly as the world wide web. Your How-To Guide''.

Nine Expert Marketing Strategy Guides


January is a great time to take a step back from day-to-day tactics and ask the Big Questions; or in cliché form, to look at the forest rather than the trees. Who are (really) your best customers? Why do they (really) buy from you? How has the way buyers in your market make procurement decisions changed? What is the secret to success (really!)? ” Is happiness the secret of success? by CNN.

[Video] How To: Establishing Your Brand's Online Presence


As consumers flock to the Internet, social, and mobile, your brand must go digital or go home.To develop a truly integrated digital marketing strategy, you must begin by establishing a digital presence over web, social, and mobile that reflects your brand's core values, supports your business goals, and resolves the wants and needs of your target audience. Follow @chrshorton Follow @SyneCoreTech

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Living In The Shadow Of Procurement

Buyer Insights

In one way or another what is happening in procurement will shape your future sales success. That applies even if you don’t have to interact with procurement today. The reality is that we are all selling in the shadow of procurement.  Have You Escaped Procurement Thus Far? Many salespeople are oblivious to the role and [.].

How to think about differentiation for your business


Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL). read about this last summer, but one of my daughters called it to my attention again–a restaurant in Los Angeles that offers a 5% discount for tables that turn in all their cell phones for the duration of the dinner. Think about what problem most of these other restaurants are trying to solve. What’s wrong with that?

28 Quick Tips for Customizing Your Email Preference Center


Sure, the email subscription preference center may seem like a boring, utilitarian part of your email marketing , but things aren't always what they seem, are they? In reality, the email subscription preference center (phew. say that five times fast) is actually a fantastic piece of marketing real estate! No marketer likes losing subscribers. So why not let your subscribers control those factors?

The Six Keys to Small Business Social Media Marketing Success on Facebook

WindMill Networking

Have you generated 50% of your website traffic from Facebook? Ciaran Connolly, co-founder of Profile Tree, has. Many small businesses spend time on Facebook without realizing what they perceive to be a good return on their investment. On the other hand, there are many other small businesses who are afraid to invest more resources into the platform fearing that it will be a waste of time.

The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

Inside Sales Manager's: You Can't Always Be Right!

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Now that the holidays and New Year are behind us, I have to imagine most of us have begun focusing on making good with our New Year's resolutions. One of my close friends mentioned his focus this year was going to be around better ways of resolving conflict in his life. This probably had to do with the fact that he spent a week home with his family trying to get along with everyone. Inevitably he found that within a few days he was back in the same old groove; arguing with his parents and siblings over the same things they always seemed to disagree on. So how do you resolve conflict?

6 New Year Resolutions for Employees and Employers Regarding Social Media

WindMill Networking

Are you an employer and need to make some resolutions about social media ? Here’s some quick tips. Eat healthier.  Ger more exercise.  Spend more time with the kids. Do you make resolutions for the new year?  If so, you probably focus on the items that focus on your family, health and prosperity.  Below are some commonsense, New Year resolutions that will help employees and employers alike.

Dominating the First 100 Days in a Foreign Market [Infographic]

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller Expanding into new regions is an essential growth strategy for many B2B companies, but it’s not easy to get it right. There are many factors to consider, from finding the right skills to getting your marketing activities aligned to local cultures and customer needs. Entering a foreign market is a risky endeavor as it requires extensive time and a lot of money.

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Grow Your Email Marketing List

Marketing Action

Email remains the most potent, popular, and productive marketing tool, with the highest ROI ($40.56 for every $1 invested in 2011). 77% of buyers say they’d rather get promotional messages by email (77%) than any other medium. Over the course of 12 surveys we did in 2012, when we asked Which are your top two sales pipeline contributors? More people answered “email” than any other tactic. Receipts.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Best Books on Creating Snappy Sales Presentations

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

In my previous post, I highlighted some presentation strategies from SNAP Selling which BTW, I highly recommend. But honestly, I don't write about it in enough depth to address all the factors that impact presentation success. That's why I thought you'd be interested in checking out my favorite books on the topic. Strategic Sales Presentations Jack Malcolm. Find out more. Resonate Nancy Duarte.

The Power of the Freebie in B2B Sales

Sales Intelligence View

While it isn’t big news that customers like to get things for free, sales pros take note: a new survey conducted by MagicFreebiesUK  has found that 60% of consumers purchase a product after they’ve sampled it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product or service, a free trial can be a significant source of sales. Up to a certain point, the power of the freebie compounds.

Are You Wasting Too Much Time On Social Media Marketing?


Did you know the average user spends almost 7 hours every month on Facebook? The average tumblr and Pinterest users devote 1.5 hours a month to each of those sites. All told, we each spend about 7 hours a month on various social networking platforms. As a marketer, it can become very easy for us to spend too much time on social networking and social media marketing. More specifically, it can become very easy for us to not use our time efficiently. Admit it, you’ve wasted time doing things on Facebook and Twitter that had nothing to do with your overall marketing goals. by Eric Brantner.

INFOGRAPHIC: Using Social Media for Customer Service

Client Bridge

Forty seven percent of social media users "actively seek" customer service through social media. As a result, 80% of companies have plans to use social media for customer service. From ClickSoftware, here's an infographic that shows the growing importance of social media in customer service. View Original Article

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

How to Measure the Two Dimensions that Have the Greatest Impact on Improving Brand Equity


Recently we’ve been asked about measuring brand equity. This metric is increasingly important given the brand impact of social media, word of mouth, social networks, etc. As are result, we turned to some of the pioneers in the brand measurement space to provide a foundation for how to measure brand equity in a customer-driven environment. Proprietary brand assets (such as patents, trademarks, channel partners, etc.). According to Aaker, brand loyalty adds considerable value to a firm because it provides a set of habitual buyers for a long period of time. In 1993, Kevin Lane (K.L.)


5 Promises Every Living Marketer Should Make to Themselves

The New Strategist

Marketers, I hate to say this, but we kinda suck. There’s an awful lot of stuff that we’re doing every day that is simply no good. It’s awful, in fact, and we’re better than this. At this point in time, we should be WAY better than this. We have the ability to connect to our customers in real-time, and understand them on a unprecedented level. Stop fibbing. Stop embellishing. Stop over-promising.

It is Time To Re-think Procurement!

Buyer Insights

Why the companies you love, love procurement. Featured Selling To Procurement The Buying Revolution Globalization Re-thinking Procurement Supply Chain Management

2013: No Marketing Goals This Year, Just One Word

Writing on the Web

No goals for 2013. I’m not setting any marketing goals this year. Goals are bad. I am not kidding, and there’s research to prove it. This isn’t just me trying to avoid feelings of failure when I’m not seeing immediate results. It’s just that they come with a number of side effects that suggest you may be better off without them. Did this motivate employees? It worked.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

How Good Procurement Improves The Balance Sheet

Buyer Insights

Procurement wins friends because it can deliver additional profit to the bottom line, but that is not enough. To satisfy investors procurement goes one step further. This is important for sellers to understand, it can help transform a sales proposal into a compelling business proposal. Why Investors Love Procurement To understand the full impact of [.].

Refresh Your Best Marketing Content


At the beginning of the year, your content marketing plans are likely focused on new, new, new: New white papers, sales brochures, Web articles, and customer case studies. But equally valuable marketing opportunities may await you in the old--through a relatively simple, fast, and inexpensive refresh of your best existing materials. What factors are you considering in your marcom plans for 2012?

Social Media and Interactive Content: Why Businesses Need to Engage


Imagine a brick and mortar store without sales associates helping customers. Imagine a restaurant without a wait staff catering to its clientele. It just seems wrong, doesn't it? We expect people to be there as needed when we're shopping, and part of the whole allure of dining out is the convenience of being waited on. Five to ten years from now, however, it will probably be just as difficult to imagine a company operating online without some sort of social media or interactive strategy. Because We Can, We Must. success, it became undeniably clear. It's Measurable and Scalable.